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November 2000

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Thursday, November 30

FT Messageboard Update Nov 30 by Odin - 9:59 -
Updated!!! Chris answered my question regarding the possible delay of the single player demo...
Oh...It seems I gotta go out and buy a beer to JC, brb....*Odin hands JC a beer....*
Is the demo delayed and when will it be released?
I will not give an exact day until we know the exact day, which we do not know yet.

We have been getting new revs from Micro-Fort�, they are looking good, but there are still issues.

We still have to record the demo dialogue audio, but the scripts are complete.

Balance, balance, balance.

Removal of all bunnies.

The tutorials seem about done, it's down to teaking the two demo missions.

The demo is very stable. None of us here at Interplay have been able to get the darn thing to crash, AFAIK. Not for a lack of trying.

Performance is good, too.

Close, but not done.

Will the demo's mission give an insight into the plot of FT?
The demo has completely separate missions from the game.

The demo missions are just "Fallout-y"...

Discussion regarding the realism of the effects of grenades and weapons:
Odin hits it right on the head.

Greandes need to be balanced against everything else.

We're already not a very realistic game, if you want to look at reality versus gameplay. The range on these weapons is artificially small, for example. We are far more concerned about how the game plays than if it is realistic.

But we try to keep things in relative to each other, so shotguns do less damage than .50 machine guns but more damage than small caliber pistols. And so on.

Grenades have seen some improvements over their FO1/2 counterparts. Arc, increased damage, increased area of effect. Against un-armored, low level critters they are very effective. Against high level mutants and power-armor guys, they aren't as effective. As it should be.

Cooperative play in Fallout Tactics?
You can have multiplayer missions where you have teams of humans versus teams of computer players.

When is the multiplayer demo coming, and how many characters can single player control?
Multiplayer comes later.

18 players, 36 characters max. A single player can have a maximum of six characters.

Since the manual will be a BoS Bible, will the Pip boy and vault tech stuff be in there too?
PIPBoy -- Yes.

Vault-Tec -- Probably not. Not in there so far.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Fallout Tactics Demo delayed? by Odin - 9:14 -
According to Daily Radar, the Fallout Tactics demo might get pushed back a little, more specific early January.. Here's a quote:
The single-player, interactive demo for Fallout Tactics is in the final stages of production and may be available at the end of December. According to one spokesperson for the publisher, Interplay, there is some possibility that the demo will slip behind schedule, leading to a release in early January. A multiplayer demo will also be released in January, followed by the complete game, scheduled for Q1 2001. The single-player demo will follow a squad through two missions and some random encounters.
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Fallout Tactics Report at RPGVault.ign by Odin - 8:54 -
Well, well it seems the RPGvault.ign have finally opened it's eyes for Fallout Tactics. They've posted a report about Fallout Tactics, nothin new info but worth a look because they have 7, yes 7 not 8 new pictures....(The first one in the upperleft corner is an old one).
Here's the only quote worth having a look at:
Opponents: While details are somewhat sparse, the selection of opponents is expected to include various humans plus a number of mutated creatures types spawned by the conflict such as Deathclaws, Super Mutants, Ghouls and sundry beasts, insects et al.
Here are some of the screenshots.

Check out the rest of the Report here.
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Wednesday, November 29

FT Messageboard Update Nov 29 by Odin - 9:57 -
Here are the usual bits from the messageboard, there have been some discussions over resolution and why we like Fallout 2
Are there restrictions on weapons/Armor on different races?
The different races have armor and weaponry restrictions.

Are certain classes (Sniper, commando etc..) restricted on armour?
No classes! No classes! You can put whatever armor you like on your sniper, but some armors will be better suited to stealthing around than others.

Can you create your own world in FT-BOS with the editor?
With the editor you should be able to make missions and build those missions into your very own campaign :)

Why setttle on two resolutions (Won't it be outdated within 12months?)?
Three very good reasons:

1) At the higher resolutions, it becomes very, very difficult to pick things up and interact with the enviornment in a timely, meaningful manner. In addition, all the interfaces become difficult to manage at higher resolutions (buttons are smaller, more difficult to press; interface doesn't stretch far enough across the screen, driving the artists nuts.

2) More so than a 3D game, higher resolutions require drastically higher system standards.

3) Game balance in a multiplayer setting is very important. Having a host restriction is one very good solution. However, what if the host has the ability to play at a higher resolution than the others? You are also segregating a larger number of players _from_ games if they do not have enough horsepower in their computer.

Frankly, the game looks great. Resolution, beyond a certain point, has little to do with the quality of the graphics. Especially at 800x600 and 1024x768, which by any stretch of the imagination will hold us for a couple of years _for the vast majority of the players_. You are overestimating the standard by calling 1024x768 "dated" within 12 months.

Do explosions cause criticals?
Explosions do not do critical hits, IIRC.

What's different with the grenades in FT-BoS compared to FO?
The diameter of the explosive blast is a little larger -- plus grenades can be thrown in an arc, over obstacles that would block firearms.

Grenades are nifty... We need to make sure they are neither too nifty or not nifty enough.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

Mod Pictures at The Vats by Odin - 8:55 -
Dr. W95 have obtained some pictures from some of the mods avaliable to Fallout 2, mainly the Fun with drugs, Narg Replacement and Horrigan Armour MODs (You gotta love that Frank Horrigan Armour).
You can check them out here.

Spotted at The Vats.

Fallout Tactics Update at Gamespot by Odin - 8:48 -
I spotted this yesterday, but didn't bother to post it because.....well almost all of it has been posted in the last update.
But it seems all the other guys (Vault13 and DAC) have posted it, so I'll guess I'll post it too.
Here's a quote from gamespot:
Several single-player missions are nearing completion and Interplay will start focus-group testing next week, with more missions scheduled to be built next month.
Spotted at Gamespot.

New Fallout Tactics Logo at 14�East by Odin - 8:41 -
Seems Yurg have found a new Fallout Tactics Logo, this was at the 14�East site...

Spotted at Freelancer.

Tuesday, November 28

RPGPlanet Holiday Giftguide by Odin - 12:20 -
RPGPlanet have written an article about presents for christmas, based on RPGs that were released in 1999 and prior. There are a bit on Fallout 1 & 2 Bundle pack..
Fallout 2 was also larger and longer, with a bigger game world, more items, and new party members to join your struggle. It was highly praised upon release, and won many awards from the gaming press. It's also dirt cheap now, and an ideal bargain packaged with its predecessor.

Read the rest here.
Spotted at RPGPlanet

So if you don't have it, go and get it!!!!!

New Concept Art at Rpgvault.ign by Odin - 10:34 -
It's seems the guys over at have gotten ahold of some new and old concept art pictures.And also check out this quote:
The player's quest is to re-activate various dormant technological systems around the country in order that they might assist in the defeat of a powerful, newly emerged enemy.
So get over and check them out here.

Here are some from the intro, it seems...

Note! It seems Gamer's Pulse also have obtained these pictures, and you can check them out here.

Spotted at

FT Messageboard Update Nov 28 by Odin - 10:07 -
Some bits from the forum...
Shooting through walls?
No shooting through walls.

Will we be able to destroy walls?
No destroyable walls. I can't quite remember the thread, but I think our response was pointing out it would be hard to figure out what walls are destroyable/shootable and so on.

Can you use Doctor/First aid in combat, and are there restrictions on using it?
Correct. Doctor and First Aid are usable in combat, there is no "3 per day" restriction. We've tweaked them.

There was a developer update about 3-4 weeks ago that dealt with Doctor/First Aid.

Will there be instant kill?
It all depends. There is nothing that says "target dies immediately now", but there are some very strong critical hits and you are more likely to get strong critical hits by making targeted shots.

Especially to the head.

Range never ever has anything to do with damage (except if your target is out of range, then the damage is 0).

In the Editor will you be able to pre select 'wounded' NPCs, to put in the maps?
We can do wounded, crippled, unconscious, sleeping and more!

Will NPCs have, for lack of a better term, 'factions' which will determine how they react to PCs?
Each mission has a Team Alignment Matrix, which is a fancy way of saying who hates who and how much. That allows us to do the kind of factioning that you're after.

Will Armor come in different peaces instead of one suite? Will there be helmets, pants, vests etc?
Armor is one piece.

Will all the armor the enemy is wearing be shown on the main screen?
You can see what armor people are wearing, for the most part.

How will the play and install cd work?
You'll be able to install the whole game to your hard drive, but the play CD will still be required (at least at launch, you might be able to swap it out after starting the game up...)

Will Fallout Tactics (with Mplayer) work using DSL, Cable etc?
Hmm. I had a problem playing SFC over Mplayer on my home machine (which is using DSL).

I'll be trying FOT over Mplayer using DSL when we get to that stage. If it doesn't work, I'll be reporting it as a bug...

So, don't know yet, but we'll be able to test it before we release.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Messageboard.

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 10:02 -
Now I can really taste the new Wasteland Half-Life mod, erm...well almost...
So for those of you that don't have Half-Life installed, get out and buy yerself Half-Life and let's rumble... well soon that is...
The Debugging section is up to 74%
11 - 28 - 57


--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

New Fallout Tactics Chat by Odin - 9:55 -
Ooohh, there's gonna be a new chat. Seems the Rpgvault.ign is behind this one...

Hey everyone, it's another Fallout:Tactics Chat!

Come join the next Fallout Tactics chat and discuss the universe that will revolutionize the strategy genre!

Please join members from the Interplay and MicroForte Fallout Tactics team and discuss this exciting new strategy game which takes place in the Fallout universe.

When: December 14, 2000 at 5 p.m. PST
Where: in channel #ignvault or for fans (and team members) who prefer to use a regular IRC client can connect to, #ignvault
Who will be in attendance from the Fallout Tactics Team:

Chris Taylor - Senior Designer (Interplay Entertainment Corp.)
Tony Oakden - Producer (MicroForte)
Ed Orman - Lead Game Designer (MicroForte)
Karl Burdack - Lead Programmer (MicroForte)
Parrish Rodgers - Lead Artist (MicroForte)
You Guys and Dolls all better be there... especially if you missed the last one!
^..^ Krazikatt
Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

Monday, November 27

New Layout at by Odin - 16:04 -
Seems JC and tha gang have given the a new look, looks quite kewl!!
So go and check it out here.

Spotted at

FT Messageboard Update Nov 27 by Odin - 8:54 -
Ahh...I'm back from a great weekend, seems there have been little news this weekend..
Here are some bits from the official messageboard..
What about to put some minigames into the pipboy?
Not planned.

Will you be able to hurt NPC's who are inside tanks or other vehicles?
Targeting and hurting: Yes.

If you get close enough can you pull them out of the vehicle?
Pulling people out: Nope.

How many applications can you run while playing FT-BOS?
I play FT with winamp running [two sets of music going at once], plus a butt-load of other applications. No problems :)

It will be possible to choose the skin and hair color, when creating our character?
Yes, plus one other possible color [the team color reserved for multiplayer].
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Friday, November 24

WHL Debug Goes On by Miroslav - 14:54 -
As the debugging process slowly comes to an end (it's at 68% now), we can hope to see the beta version soon. I really hope so.
Cheers to Steven Rudin for spotting this one for me.

Thursday, November 23

WHL Beta Still in the Dark by Miroslav - 15:36 -
Wasteland mod for Halflife beta isn't out yet. I'm checking both the official site and the UK ClanZone site (this web site supposed to have the first beta review), but so far nothing. Although I almost missed this, but there was a bit of an update on WHL site. Debugging process bar is now at 63% (45% if my memory serves me well). Stay tuned...

Odin: actually I saw it at 53% the other day, I think it was... (so there've been 2 "updates")

ps. I've always wondered how they calculate these percent thingies... :)

Wednesday, November 22

Tactics Marketing by Miroslav - 23:29 -
In one of the discussions on our forums, 8-ball mentioned that Tactics is being advertised in some magazines. And after a few days, briosafreak sent me a note that he scanned the picture. So now I bring it to you.
Link: Tactics Ads
If you have a chance to scan Interplay's ads of Fallout merchandise, just send a scan to me.
Note: the picture was originally scanned in 150dpi, but I did a little "handy work" on it and it looks much much better.
No wonder why they want me as a chief :) later about that...

FT Messageboard Update Nov 22 by Odin - 22:33 -
Here are the usual bits from the messageboard, nothing biggie but worth the read...
How will the dialogues/chat in the game work?
Some NPC dialogue will pause the game (actual dialogue will, it's modal, but floating text will not).

Players can "chat" which is broadcast to all or team.

Players can also "whisper" which is displayed over their heads, like NPC floating text.

How are the copyrights handled with regards of mods and fan-made campaigns/levels?
The rules haven't changed:

* You cannot collect or exchange money
* You cannot harm the license (make intentionally bad stuff, use other copyrighted material, yadda-yadda)
* You must display: "Some portions copyright 2000 Interplay Entertainment Corp. Used with permission."
* A link back to would be really nice of you

We support _fan_ material. Unauthorized consumer expansions and the like are right out.

Are Jagged Alliance worth to buy (Since FT-BoS is based on it)?
JA2 is a sweet game.

I'm still partial to JA1 (but not Deadly Games) myself.

And there is, ah-hmm, a product called Jagged Alliance: Unfinished Business for even more JA goodness. Here's that URL:

Totally and completely biased.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Tuesday, November 21

FT Messageboard update Nov 21 part 2 by Odin - 20:16 -
Chris answered some more questions on the messageboard today, here are they....
What's the official name of the game?
Odin is correct.

Fallout Tactics is the name of the game line.

The Brotherhood of Steel is the name of this chapter.

And, no, this doesn't mean that there will be more FOT games -- it's just a plan of what we would _like_ to do in the future. We're also differentiating us from the RPG line, which will keep the straight Fallout name.

We also have the tag-line: "A Post-Nuclear Tactical Combat Game"

The RPGs will remain: "A Post-Nuclear Role Playing Game"

Multiplayer, how many squad members, etc?
The maximum number of characters any one play can control is six.

The maximum number of characters in any one game is 36. The maximum number of players is therefore 18 (with up to two characters each).

Players cannot control members of the same squad. Every player has to have their own squad, but squads can be "teamed".

How is the Line of Sight used?
Characters that you can't exactly see, but you can sense are displayed in one darkened color.

Characters that are sneaking are translucent.

There is no immediate display for cover. It's something you have to gauge for yourself.

Are there gonna be Weather effects in FT-BOS?

-Chris "I like my answers like I like me donuts - short and sweet" Taylor
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

New Screenshots at Gamespy by Odin - 9:53 -
Seems Gamespy has gotten ahold of some "new" screenshots, four to be specific...



Spotted at Gamespy

FT Messageboard Update Nov 21 by Odin - 9:18 -
Here are some bits from the Messageboard, not much... guess we all let the steam out at the chat...
What is the switch on the bottom right side on some of the "new" screenshots from Gamespy?
That switch is part of the extension to the UI that gets tacked on either end when you're playing in 1024x768 [instead of 800x600].

Will the characters have a realistic amount of hit points?
Chris: Well, critical hits can certainly do a world of hit. People can take some damage, however.

HPs represent more than just physical damage, they also represent fatigue, ability to dodge, luck, heroness and other DnD dodges that I think work pretty well.

Any Vault suits in the game?
Chris: Da, no vault jumpsuit.

-Chris "Insane by the age of 12 and loving it!" Taylor
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

New Developer Update Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:31 -
Oooohh, the official site for Fallout Tactics have had a BIG new update, check it out.
...... Well we finally have a playable single player demo which is fun. Originally we were going to a have a cut down version of the world map with two missions in it and some random encounters, but that plan was a tad ambitious. Now we have two separate missions and the basic tutorials. The tutorials work pretty well although they may seem a bit superficial to Fallout Fans. The missions are pretty typical of the missions you will find in the beginning of the game. There was a great sense of relief when we sent the new demo to Interplay and everyone agreed that it was fun! Always a good start to have a game that is fun to play............
Meaning the demo is complete ???
There are plenty more where that came from, so go check it out here.

Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

WHL Beta Status Update by Miroslav - 0:57 -
If you read the last WHL post, you saw that guys mentioned about beta being reviewed today. I've been reloading my browser entire day, but it seems that the ClanZone server is down for me. In search for more info I found this:
First of all, we overshot our preview with clanzone because construction workers cut blonde's cable line. (For those of you unaware, blonde's the coder, and thus would have provided me with the bugfixed build, which I would have then packaged, shipped to clanzone, and run their preview with them). We were scheduled to run it with this Sunday afternoon, it didn't happen.

Right now we're debugging, as it says on the page. Again, we are -on schedule- people. We finished the code this weekend, and everything else to boot. But you know what these extra days are? We're making the mod kick ass. Let me elaborate on just how much of a difference these delays make.

wlt_raid, for example, has been transformed from a mere 2 way team deathmatch map into a scenario shmorgasborg. Blow up bridges, shut down generators, hold breach points, the works. wlc_sump has been made into an awesome push for a subway traincar; a last stand for the scavengers against the military might of the USMC raiders. wlc_depot has been slipped into the map lineup, a search for the last pipboy in a weapons storage facility in east needles.

We're making what would be nothing but team deathmatch into a masterful array of story and gameplay. Would you rather we didn't? If so I'll tell the mappers, and I'll get the QA team to stop doing their job-- Quality Assurance.

Gentlemen, we're trying to deliver the best possible mod we can to you. We're spending over 18 hours a day right now between us making sure EVERY little detail is toned to perfection. We're only talking about a few more days here, so lighten up eh?

Gaist out.
This was posted on the WHL forums, but the credit goes to Kreegle for spotting this.

Monday, November 20

Whoila! New Design by Miroslav - 18:05 -
Last design of NMA was a little bit unfriendly towards Netscape users, so I decided that it is time for equal rights! :) I hope you like the new design, I've also added a poll topic on that subject so tell me what You think!

The ex-community section is now moved on the horizontal bar, and I've also added two links for news. One, "Current News" takes you to this page, and Archive leads you to.. well you get the point :)

Links section is kicked out as the link script refused to work (last 2 months).

Some Cgi based pages may not work yet with new design, but I'll be back to fix the problem as soon as I get something to eat... hmmm, donuts... j/k, I'll be back!

News from Freelancer! by Odin - 16:20 -
Yurg have posted a new interview with Chris Taylor, regarding the weapons in Fallout Tactics and the CTB System. He have also updated the weapon list, with the ripper featured on the pictures from my preview of Fallout Tactics...

The interview is here.
The updated Weapon list is here.

Spotted at Freelancer

News about the upcoming TeamX Mod by Odin - 16:14 -
Dr.W95 sent me notice that he had updated his site with some new info about the mod TeamX is currently making.
Well guys, yesterday I felt the wish to know everything at once about the TeamX mod. :) So I caught Jet online and asked him a couple of questions. He appeared to be much more talkative than I had thought and gave me a huge interview in which he have even included some discussions from the TeamX Game Design mail list. It was really interesting, imagine, only ater that interview I started to really wait for the mod to be released. I'll upload the interview as soon as I translate it, but one thing I can say for sure: these guys are preparing a bi-i-ig surprise for us ;).
Go check it out, because there are pictures also....
Thanks Dr.W95! (Great new look on yer site also)

Check it out here.

FT Messageboard Update Nov 20 by Odin - 9:53 -
Some bits from the messageboard...
Will Fallout Tactics include a feature that will automatically switch the game into a random foreign language after a given length of time?
Chris: Only in the Esperanto version.

Will you be able to recruit an NPC whose head is shaped like a geodesic dome?
Chris: We're shipping an OEM version with Loony Tunes(tm) Kill-O-Rama 2000 that will allow this.

Will Fallout tactics feature uncooked vegetables in a starring role?
Chris: ICATATT, but I will say that a piece of broccoli makes a very *special* appearance.

Will your FoT character have 'reflexes' (Will your squad defend themselfs)?
Ed: We are tinkering with the number and properties of different sentry modes that you will be able to place your characters in.

At this stage, yes, you will be able to set your characters up and expect them to defend themselves or fire on enemy targets, but they will not move from their positions.

How Bad can you be in Fallout Tactics, and what are the concequences?
Chris: There are _certain_ things that you can do that will annoy the BOS, but for the most part -- you can be bad.

Being bad and getting away with it doesn't include being hostile against the BOS -- that will pretty much end the game quickly (it's the equivalent of giving the vault away to the Master)...

While crawling on the roof, will the enemy see me?
Ed: If they don't have line of sight on your character, they won't be able to see it. But if they can see the tip of your character's head, then they'll be able to target it[although your character will be behind some pretty serious cover in that case].
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Sunday, November 19

News from ModSquad by Miroslav - 18:39 -
Smackrazor posted some news on ModSquad web page (and btw, I'm a member of the mod squad some 2-3 weeks already):
HKTC Alpha Mod Update - Yes, that legendary mod has been yet again revised by Grendelin. If you're a fan of HKTC Alpha then be sure to download this latest release.

FaME Patch - Well, for the few of you out there who have been having trouble with FaME, MatuX has spent all night fixing it. Anyway, you can find this file right under the FaME download in the Utilities section.

New Mod - Well, I decided to make a new mod this morning, and here it is.
Basically what it does is it changes the script Klint, the guy outside the temple of Arroyo, uses and makes him give you lots of goodies.
Plus, there are two new items: The Black Hole, an idea which sparked on the Fallout 1 & 2 question forum - it enables you to carry up to 9999 tons, and Frank Horrigan's Armour, ok this isn't really new but I've made it work for both males and females as well as really easy to find (you don't know how many emails I get a day asking me where that is).
And just for an idea of how long a mod like this takes, it took me about 10 hours.
Link : PipBoy2000le Web Site

Wasteland in HalfLife by Miroslav - 18:38 -
Wasteland mod for HalfLife is nearly finished. The official web site was updated, giving a developer update and status report update.
11 - 18 - 57
As a sudden surprise, the screenshots page has been COMPLETELY revamped, now sporting 30 brand new recent screenshots! Be sure to check it out! Also, ClanZone UK will be sporting the -first- Wasteland Beta 2 Preview tomorrow (Sunday), so be sure to pay our friends a visit at
Everything is -done-, and right now we are in our final debugging stages to ensure that you, the long waiting player, don't meet any insidious badness that stops your playing experience. We've removed nearly all sources of lag inherent in the Half-Life code, and I am proud to say that if we had a Singleplayer portion at this point, Wasteland would be a TC.
We're warming up the nuclear silos. Is your bomb shelter ready?
And to the status report:
Maps 100%
Models 100%
Code: Core 100%
Code: Scenario 100%
Debugging 45%
As you can see, final beta is finished, we just need to wait a couple more days for this debugging process to be finished.
Link: Wasteland HalfLife Web Site
Thanks to red_dwarf_guy for the heads up on this one.

Saturday, November 18

Chat Finished by Miroslav - 4:34 -
Who, after 2 hours and 10 minutes, the chat has finished. For now here's just an unedited log. it's huge. I'll roll over it tomorrow and point out to you only the important facts... See you later
Link: Chat Log

Friday, November 17

Odin's Preview: Fallout Tactics by Miroslav - 21:00 -
Our super duper Newsie fellow (one and only) by the nickname of Odin, wrote a PREVIEW of Fallout: Tactics for you guys! This is a fantastic article, a must read for all of you, because, because we have a 7 BRAND NEW SCREENSHOTS just for you! What are you waiting for?
Link: Odin's Fallout Tactics Preview

Reminder: Chat Today....! by Odin - 15:26 -
Just thought I post a little reminder about the chat today:
What: Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Chat

When: November 17, 2000 at 5 p.m. PST

Where:, #vault13

Confused about times? Well, here ya go:

5:00 p.m. PST
1:00 A.M. GMT, next day
11:00 A.M. EST, next day
Thanx to Kreegle (DAC) for his info!

FT Messageboard Update Nov 17 by Odin - 12:26 -
Seems people are heating up, seeing that the demo is just around the corner....
Where is the world map?
Chris: The world map will not be in the demo, but it will be in the final game. You will travel on the world map to get to your missions, there are random encounters, and you can visit previous maps.
Ed: There is a world map, with random encounters, that you have to progress through to get to the missions.

Why do you have to go through missions to proceed?
Chris: Because it's a strategy game where you take the role in a very military organization which has very specific goals. As compared to the lone-wolf scenario of the RPGs. This is not an RPG.

Where is the sense of being alone and fighting the hordes of super enemies?
Chris: It's in the RPG series. This is a different game. The RPG series will continue at some point, and I'm betting the BIS guys will keep the very same flavor as FO1/FO2.
Ed: We have a different feel there, yes. You are a member of a group, but this is a post-war military outfit with limited resources. You'll still need to rely on your own skills and resourcefulness to get through.

Now you will have tanks helis and other units?
Chris: Not helicopters, but tanks, yes.
Ed: No helicopters. No flying units during the missions.

Why are they messing up with the turnbased battles?
Chris: You have both turn-based and continuous-turn-based. Your call. The CTB game is intended for multiplayer, so everyone can be active, but the game plays well in both TB and CTB for both single and multiplayer.
Ed: Not sure what you mean here. We're implementing Turn Based combat as seen in the previous Fallouts, and Continuous Turn-Based combat.

They altered FALLOUT to the Jagged Alliance 2=Fallout Tactics
Chris: Fallout was very heavily based on Jagged Alliance 1.
Ed: We've certainly examined the genre. Jagged Alliance 2, Xcom, even back to Syndicate Wars. They have served as inspiration, but we are making a distinctly different game to all of them

Why make Fallout Tactics into "Fallout Jagged Alliance Tactics"?
Chris: This game _isn't_ for everyone. If you like JA/JA2/X-com, we hope you will like FOT. We think _most_ Fallout RPG players will like FOT, but we sure that not all of them will. Best thing to do is try the demo and see for yourself.

Why the need for P2 266 128mb?
Chris: It's a new engine, a modern engine. Certainly as time goes on, we must upgrade our system requirements so we can deliver a modern gaming experience.

We would get flamed alive by a (large?) percentage of the gaming population for releasing a 640x480 256-color game in today's market (let alone 2001). FOT needs to be able to run at higher resolutions, with higher bit-depth. We're also doing more behind the scenes (more AI processing, pathing, and other calculation intensive processes).
Ed: We have a higher min-spec than the previous games, but we're doing a lot more with a totally new engine, including anti-aliased sprites, dynamic lighting, color-swapping, real 3D collision, etc.

Concern about Fallout Tactics beeing any good
Chris: Well, I hope you try the demo. If not or if you don't like it, I hope you are looking forward to the next Fallout RPG.

The Fallout universe is quite large and quite wonderful. I think more than one game type can exist in it, and I hope to see more Fallout games (RPGs, strategy/tactical and others) in the future.(1)

I'm proud of the work I did on Fallout 1, I'm enjoying Fallout Tactics and I hope to be able to work on future Fallout games.

(1) Dogmeat on Typing! Woof! Woof! Bang!
Ed: I'm a big fan of the Fallout universe [obviously] and I think we've captured the soul of the game, while doing something new and [most importantly] fun to play. I hope everyone else will feel the same way when they finally get to see it :)
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Thursday, November 16

More 3D Art Images by Miroslav - 21:54 -
Hey people, we just got 5 more images from Tactics! They're all 3D rendered, check them out!



Link: Tactics Art Page
Thanks JC of Vault13.Net for tidbit!

FT Messageboard Update Nov 16 Part 2 by Odin - 20:29 -
Chris answered some more questions:
Will there be sex in FT-BOS?
Not as much as FO2.

Any Famous people doing the voices?
Still working on that.

Will there be Money?
Yes, two kinds, actually.

Any comment on the release date?
No comment on release dates until we have finaled.

When will the demo be released?
No comment on demo releases until we upload it.

Who's the opposing Force?
No spoilers.

Mplayer Stats on yer own site?
Not sure, sorry.

Fallout team: Programmers or Prophets?
A little of both, with a dash of Martha Stewart.

If I die before playing FO:BoS or FO3 for the first time... then will I go to hell?
No, not as long as you played FO1/FO2.

Concern about the game beeing buggie
There really isn't a whole heck of lot I can say about this subject, except that none of the team members are happy about shipping a buggy product. We do try to find and fix as many bugs as possible before we ship. We are hampered by:

* large, complex games
* diverse OSs/drivers
* hardware differences

(Okay, I'm saying more about this than I expected...)

But I agree - it's been a long standing concern of mine. I was a big proponent of the open beta test on SFC, and it really helped (yes, the game still had problems, but that was by far the most complex game I've ever worked on, and it could have easily been far worse).

Micro-Fort� is doing their own QA, we have our QA department on it, the demo will give us lots of good technical feedback before we ever ship the final (it's taking the place of the open beta test this time around).

(Weee, way more than I expected...)

-Chris "Signing off" Taylor
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

FT Messageboard Update Nov 16 by Odin - 15:32 -
Argh!!Damn Messageboard, it kept hanging up my internet explorer windows!!But at last I came in, here are the bits from the messageboard.
Question about the distribution of the demo, where can we download it (any special places or magazines)?
I don't know the answer to that question. We've done some "special" deals before with some other services, but I don't know if we still do that.

So, I guess, yes, we could do something to restrict who gets the demo for a period of time (not realistically, however) or we could make it freely available.

Hmmm, that wasn't an answer either.

How many people (individual players, not the # of people per squad) will the multiplayer games support?
Up to 18 players (2 characters each, 36 characters total maximum) -- you might want to play that turn-based, however or have spiffy machines.

Will there be any advanced support for new Graphics cards (explosions, smoke, water, lighting, etc)
Yes, some.

Will we be able to blow up portions of buildings at all (ie, blow a hole in the wall and walk in)

In multiplayer, when choosing a team, will all players have the same number of team members or can the number be chosen by the player? If I want to have only 4 instead of the 6 max. allowed can I(Quality over quantity)?

About the 3D Pipboy (Since many didn't like it)
UC: *sigh* Taken way out of context and blown way out of proportion. The 3D PIPBoy is not used in the game in place of the 2D PIPBoy. The 3D PIPBoy was done for a rough draft of the CGW magazine cover. It was a toy the artists played with, which I thought you guys might want to see. Period. He does not replace the 2d PIPBoy.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Minor Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 8:14 -
The Wasteland Half-Life has had a minor update.
11 - 15 - 57

Quick update, now resolution friendly above 640x480. Release imminent, watch forums for details. It's finally up-- the final FGD for Wasteland, as well as instructions for how to use the objective engine. Much thanks to Jason of Desert Crisis for his assistance. What're you waiting for? Go check it out! :D

--Gaist Heidegger

Maps: 100%
Models: 100%
Code Core : 98%
Code Scenario: 97%
Almost there.....and I'm still waiting for it!!

Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Developer Update by Miroslav - 0:37 -
Anyway, I was waiting for Odin to post this, I'm busy with... ur, other things right now. But why the wait since it toakes me a couple of seconds to post it.

Developer Update for Fallout Tactics

Finished recording some gameplay in the video room this week. Going through and marking timecodes and such to make a script for a trailer and some teaser clips. Yay! Just don't ask me they will be available... :)

Just got a new version of the demo from Micro-Fort�. The demo is really starting to come together. The new streamlined tutorials play very well.

New to this version is an operational Options screen. That was one of the last major components required in the demo. We're play-balancing, tweaking and fixing bugs (as usual).

The size of the demo is creeping up. With all the good stuff in it, and the spoken audio for the tutorials and missions, we're expecting around 120MB (100MB without dialogue audio).

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer - Interplay Entertainment Corp
Spotted at the Official Site.

Wednesday, November 15

Falcon Northwest Ad! by Odin - 9:50 -
Seems JC from have scanned the ad we talked about on NMA's forum.
This is an ad running in different computer magazines across the globe.

Addition from Miroslav:
JC of Vault13.Net just sent me this new link where you can find a much much much better version of this ad.

Rant about the demo! by Odin - 9:14 -
Well guys, just think about it: This should have been the day when we got our awaited demo, it's the 15th of November 2000!!!!
But seeing that it's been delayed, I guess it's about a month away. Maybe we should put up a counter, 30 days to go!

Tidbits from the Messageboard Nov.15 by Odin - 9:10 -
Not much on the forum these days, we are all waiting for the demo!!
Will FT keep the 10 or 11 AP limit from FO?
Actually, there is no limit to the number of APs you could have. There was a _graphical_ limit of 10. But your character could have more where it mattered - internally in the game logic code.

Fallout Tactics uses the same rules as FO1/FO2 in this regard.

Turnbased or CTB?
It's both.

It's a options switch: Turn-based (TB) or Continuous Turn-Based (CTB).

TB plays exactly like it did in FO1/FO2.

CTB plays more like, erm, X-Com 3 did, but not quite.

-Chris "Who is our president again?" Taylor
There are also some rant about wanted-features on FO3, so if your interested go check it out on the official forum.

Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Tuesday, November 14

New Interview at RpgHeaven (German) by Odin - 8:42 -
Well it seems Kreegle works alot, he got word that the second part of an interview with Chris Avellone (Senior Designer, Black Isle Studios) had been posted at RpgHeaven (a german site).

You can check out the first interview here.
The Second one is here.

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Monday, November 13

New Poll at Gamespot by Odin - 11:12 -
Aahh...I've had a long weekend, had Thursday and Friday off...
But back to reality, here's a new poll I spotted over at Gamespot.
The topic is "What gameworld would you like to visit", so get over and vote for Fallout! (erm..)
They also mentioned Fallout in this article, check it out here.

Vote here.

Spotted at Gamespot.

Sunday, November 12

News from the Official Forum by Miroslav - 13:59 -
Here's another dose of Forum tidbits.
on releasing music mp3's - Nein!
Not ready, and besides with the new soundtracks being done -- slappy-slappy-slap on my wrists.
Tho', I will suggest it to marketing/pr/webbies.

will there be a zoom option - no

Can I fly? - Depends on your definition of fly.

will I know what is my 'inventory' in FoBOS (bag or something) - Your inventory is intentionally vaguely defined -- otherwise people would rag on us for being able to store a suit of power armor in a backpack.

on humor - The humor is there. A little toned down from FO2. It's more like Fallout 1 than Fallout 2.

on Linux version and running Tactics on Wine - At this time, we don't support native Linux conversions. It's really hard to tell the size of the Linux market, and that scares the sales staff, I think.

I haven't run FOT under WINE, and I don't know if anyone else has. We are releasing a demo, so you will be able to try it out before the final ships.

I would be hard pressed to say that Linux will become a viable platform for commercial entertainment software support within the near future. I know Loki is doing some good stuff.

The problem is (a) getting some realistic sales numbers, (b) changing people's minds and perceptions about Linux as a gaming platform.

I'm interested to see what Indrema does.

More Crit Animations?Sorry, no.

More exploring?Yes, you can explore quite a bit.
Spotted at the official Message board.

Fallout Music and Napster by Miroslav - 13:44 -
Once upon a time there was an ACM converter on this site. Evil queen, by the name of Interplay, politly reminded us that the use of that file is a copyright violation. So, the good old NMA had to remove it.
Disclaimer: ACM convertor is used to convert Interplay's ACM sound file format to WAV (and then by free will it could be converted to MP3). And no, Interplay is not evil :)
Anyway, since that time, I've gotten some 1000 mails regarding this matter. If you cannot find ACM somewhere on the net, and you need a Fallout music, try Napster. Check the following tread from the NMA forums: Fallout Music Post
Not much info can be found there, just a proof that you can find it on the net ;)

New Screenshots by Miroslav - 11:57 -
Just spotted this at Kreegle's Place. GamersEd.Com released 3 new screenshot of Tactics. Three new pictures of great quality, you can clearly see the new interface.
Link: GamersEd Screenshots

Saturday, November 11

DirectX 8.0 by Miroslav - 10:12 -
This has a little to do with Fallout, but is more than of a impornt news for all of you out there.
Microsoft released DirectX 8.0 last night. Win95/98/ME version grab from over here, or go to the DirectX home page.

Friday, November 10

Wasteland HalfLife Site Update by Miroslav - 13:51 -
Just when I was thinking of killing myself because of that last post, new update shined in my browser showing the new Wasteland HalfLife site! If you haven't seen the new design, go check it out! And yes, it looks like the beta is almost finished (check the progress at end of the post).
11 - 9 - 57

This update marks a rather massive change which you've undoubtedly already noticed-- the site has been relaunched, in preparation for beta 2. We're aiming to release said beta, which has been under production for over half a year (and it sure as hell shows!) within a week, week and a half. Keep the forums buzzing, the bombs are being prepped for launch ;) Sorry, but no more images with the news-- too much size contraints. Hopefully you low rez folks will enjoy this design-- and the high rezzers as well. Cheers, comrades!

--Gaist Heidegger
In addition, here's the current progress of the mod development:
Maps 100%
Models 100%
Code: Core 98%
Code: Scenario 95%

Cheers to the developers of this mod!
Link: Wasteland HalfLife Mod official Site

Tidbits from the Message Board by Miroslav - 13:44 -
In my daily visit to the official message board, I've gathered some tidbits from, as usually, Chris Taylor.
birds in the sky in Tactics - Camera isn't at the right angle. You could have bird shadows, but that has several problems (angle of lightsource, movement of shadow, shape of shadow over objects, scale of shadow over heightened objects)

Sand storms - Yeah, that'd be nice.

Nice sound effects (wind and such) - We plan on it.

Innocent animals, and lots of them - Each animal needs a certain range of animations (death anims, mostly, but walk, run, breathe, stand, fallback, fallforward, getupback, getupforward, recoil), which take up space (RAM, hard drive and CD) plus take time to generate. You basically sacrifice other critters. The Brahmin is innocent.(1)
(1) Well, _most_ of the Brahmin are innocent. One is being tried in Texas for indecent acts with a llama.

Fish in the sea - No sea.

Flies in the air - Too small to see.
Very insteresting. I hope you were bored just as I was while posting this...

Official Site Updated by Miroslav - 13:13 -
There's been another update at the official Tactics site.
Hey Everyone! How about a jigsaw puzzle with your favorite Fallout characters?
It's only a click away... and these things are pretty fun. Well, either fun or addicting, but either way... I'm telling you, I get on that thing and I'll just keep playing.
All you've got to do is is go to the Games page, and find the jigsaw city link for a little of the action. If the Fallout pictures aren't the first to pop-up on the page all you have to do is just click on the little thumbnail to the left and choose. There's one Fallout2 puzzle and 2 Fallout Tactics puzzles!
Have Fun! ^..^ Krazikatt
He, very interesting and addictive! Remember, click here to play!

Update Finished by Miroslav - 11:49 -
I've just finished updating the message board. Feel free to use it. I'm going there and check to see it everything working. If not, please mail me!

Thursday, November 9

Site Upgrades by Miroslav - 14:26 -
Starting tomorrow morning, I'll be upgrading Message Board to a newer version (Roshambo, thanks again!). I would recommend to skip using it at that time. Anyway I'll post notices over here so you can check for status right here on this page.

And the other thing is about that freakin' poll! It started behaving crazy, closing topics on it's own. I don't know here's the problem, it all started when we encountered some server problems here, one or two months ago. I'll see if I can isolate the problem and eventually fix it, but I have no promises.

Wednesday, November 8

IRC Chat - Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:35 -
At last there will be a new chat, read on:
Hey all you Fallout fans! Here's your chance to talk to the Fallout Tactics team directly... yep, that's right, it's an IRC Chat!

What: Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Chat

When: November 17, 2000 at 5 p.m. PST

Where:, #vault13

Who will be in attendance from the Fallout Tactics Team:

Chris Taylor - Senior Designer
Tony Oakden - Producer
Ed Orman - Lead Game Designer
Karl Burdack - Lead Programmer
Parrish Rodgers - Lead Artist
Seems's blackmailing campaign succeeded, nice going guys!!!

Minor Update at Freelancer by Odin - 8:32 -
Yurg sent me a message that he had updated the Armour Section of his Fallout Tactics section.Nothing biggie, but you can always check it out, seeing that his page is really kewl!!

Check it out here.

Thanks to Yurg for emailing me!!!

Tuesday, November 7

WOW!! That's all I can say!!! by Odin - 12:53 -
Just spotted this at Duck and Cover, nice work Kreegle!!
Just read this guys:
During an interview with Micro Forte CEO and AGDC initiator John De Margheriti on Sunday it was cooly revealed that Micro Forte that morning received a letter of intent from a very large US publisher for a yet to be announced Massively Online Game (MOG). All that John would say was that it was not MF's current MOG Big World but "a major brand with a major publisher", which his company had been secretly working on for the past six months. As a result Micro Forte will be opening a US office from where it will run its own game servers. I gleaned a little more confidential information about the title, and although I can't say anything yet I can tell you there will be a lot of excited gamers when it is announced - hence the "major brand" hint. Stay tuned...
I'll leave you to your imagination on this one !!
But it's safe to say that me and Kreegle have our fingers crossed!!!

Spotted at Duck and Cover.

FT Messageboard Update Nov 7 by Odin - 8:29 -
Well just a couple of things this time, but seeing it's election time in the US, people are busy....I guess....
Regarding cooperative multiplayer gaming?
Something we discussed, but could not schedule the time to implement

Will there be diseases and what is the use for doctor skill?
Diseases are beyond the scope of this game.

The Doctor skill will be used for treating crippled limbs.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Monday, November 6

New Programmer for The Mod Squad by Odin - 8:35 -
Well, well, well....It seems good,old Miroslav (the one and only) have joined The Mod Squad (programmers who make utils and mods for Fallout) as a programmer. So expect to see many (we hope) utils from him..

Spotted at PipBoy 2000LE

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 8:25 -
Ah, yet again has the briliant guys over at Wasteland Half-Life updated their site with news on the upcoming Beta2
In this update we present the new Atlas section, currently sporting a hefty chunk of material for two of Beta 2's release maps. Be sure to check it out, as additional maps and their attached scenarios shall be presented as the week progresses. We've been tweaking various adjustments for the capture objective scenario, and have come up with a few different setups that should make both capture the flag and canal zone fans feel right at home, with a hefty number of new twists that'll provide a sum of team oriented strategies.

We've noticed a recent boom of clans forming in preparation for the new beta, and are quite pleasently surprised to see such. To show our appreciation for this support, we're working out a number of nifty boons for these brave wastelanders. We do, however, recommend that you clan leaders pay Wasteland German HQ a visit and provide them your clan information to make it onto their listing. Perhaps we will be providing a similar service (in english) here in the near future.

--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Sunday, November 5

Fallout Tactics bits from BigKid by Odin - 16:41 -
Those guys over at BigKid got to see Fallout Tactics in action at the Australian Game Developers Conference.
Anyway, when I heard Microforte were showing off Fallout Tactics: BOS, I made beeline for their booth. I ended up spending close to 2 hours chatting with Ed Orman, Associate Producer, and Karl Burdack, Lead Programmer on the title. We covered a vast amount of information, far too much to post here I'm afraid, so you'll have to wait till my articles done next week.

I can say that the build I looked at was pre-alpha. Considering the game is still quite young in terms of development cycle it's looking very mature in terms of gameplay and visuals. One of the major issues the guys are spending a lot off time on at the moment is player balancing. This is crucial, especially for the multi-player element of the game.

As I'm sure you're all aware the demo was pushed back to 15 December 2000. The main reason for this is that the guys felt it just wasn't quite ready to be presented to the public. When the demo is available however the 2 single player levels in the demo will be gold master standard. That is, they will be a very good representation of final gameplay. There will also be a second demo early in 2001 containing 2 multi-player maps as well as the two initial single player levels.
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Three new Screenshots at Freelancer by Odin - 16:37 -
Seems Yurg has gotten ahold of some new screenshots, and I just have to say that the game looks better and better for every new screenshot I see..
Go check them out here.
Also check out his Armour List which also have been updated.

Spotted at Freelancer

Saturday, November 4

More Downloads! by Miroslav - 9:40 -
In addition to the developers update Chris Taylor posted, Krazikatt added one movie and several cool pictures... Let's take it one at the time. ps. I was writing this last night and they shut down my electric power! bastards, what can I say...

First there is a PIP boy movie for download. Exactly one second in length showing our boy walking (it's a 3d rendered). Download is 269kb, AVI file (you can use Windows Media player to play it).
Link: PIP Boy Walking Animation

In addition to this movie, they also released four pictures of PIP Boy. Also 3D rendered.


Wait! This is not over yet! The best is about to come! Four pictures of rendered vehicles are also available! This is an awesome work!


Friday, November 3

Official Update by Miroslav - 23:27 -
Chris Taylor posted a developers update on the official web site:
The conversion from a turn-based only single-player, single-character game to a multi-character, multi-player game that supports both turn-based and real-time play (through the CTB system) is interesting at times. One of the most "interesting" systems that needs some tweaking are the First Aid and Doctor skills. We've spent a fair bit of time recently going over them, and I thought you might be interested in where we are going. Nothing is final, so things could change between here, the demo and the final release - please keep that in mind.

In the original Fallout games, First Aid and Doctor were used to heal damage (both Hit Point damage, and in the case of Doctor, crippled limbs). To limit their use, there was an arbitrary limit of three uses per skill per game-day. This was to keep the player from simply skilling his health back to full. First Aid took 30 game-minutes, and Doctor took several game-hours. Neither skill could be used in combat, where the only healing was provided by items, like the trusty Stimpak. These skills had items that could improve the skill, but were not required for use.

This model fails under multiplayer conditions, since it basically means these two skills are useless. Your doctor character becomes nothing more than a repository for Stims, which can be interesting, but wasn't interesting enough for us.

We played around with several options, including one where the skills healed a percentage of damage over time (with Doctor healing a larger percentage than First Aid). This did not please us!

We're currently trying a system much closer to the original. First Aid and Doctor still heal damage based on small random dice rolls, but they can be used in the middle of combat (without some specialization and Perks, they could easily take longer than a single turn to accomplish anything, however). The higher your skill, the lower the AP cost and the more likely you are of being able to recover if wounded while healing your target. This gives a good reason to continue to improve the skill past 100%, like all the other skills. There will probably be a new Perk ("Stat!") that lowers the AP cost of using First Aid and Doctor in combat.

First Aid will not require an item for use, but Doctor will and there is a chance that your Doctor's Bag could run out after each use.

But we needed to limit the skills, and make healing items useful, so we capped the amount of health that these skills can restore to a person. First Aid cannot be used on someone who has more than 50% of their Hit Points. Doctor can go all the way up to 75%.

Playtesting will prove to use if these changes are worthwhile and interesting.

There is more, of course, but that's enough for this update. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the forum messageboards.

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer - Interplay Entertainment Corp
Thanks to Chris for keeping us informed. Keep it going!

Thursday, November 2

New Interview With Micro-Fort� by Odin - 13:58 -
Yurg sent me a mail about his newest addition to his Fallout Tactics work, he's interviewed the Micro-Fort� team.Here's a bit from the interview:
[Yurg] Can you say what side effects possible because of critical hits? It was repeatedly mentioned before the table of critical hit effects is completely changed. Some examples, maybe?

[Robin] Old Ones: bypass armor, double damage, knockover, knock unconscious, body injuries (some new ones here too), New Ones: weapon damage/explode, weapon drop, SPECIAL :)
Kewl! You can shoot a guy's weapon off, nice!!
Thanks to Yurg for the heads-up!

Here's the interview.
So get on over there and check it out!!

FT Messageboard Update Nov 2 by Odin - 8:19 -
Ahh, Chris answered my questions about the Global ranking system and how the demo is coming along, read for yourself:
Can you confirm that Fallout Tactics will use the Global Ranking System:

How's the demo coming along?
It's moving forward. The tutorials are getting a major re-design (the opinion is that they covered the interface in too much detail, but didn't discuss how to use the interface to actually play the game (ie, strategy)). So, they are getting a re-work. We're planning on two tutorials for the game: one to explain the interface and another tutorial to cover strategy (with short movies showing an example of gameplay, and then a small map to let the player re-create the gameplay). We're exploring this avenue now, so expect some changes. This caused us to bump the world map and the two random encounters from the demo (it was also adding another 10 megs or so, but not enough gameplay to justify it).

The missions are looking good now. I like the way the PIPBoy has the mission map and goal index on it. Neat.

Demolitions got rolled back into Traps. Not enough difference between the two skills to justify spending skill points on it.

Doctor and First Aid are getting re-worked. We're still discussing it now. We needed to make changes to make them work better in multiplayer, and ensure enough difference between the two skills.

The weapon interface buttons will be more explicit about what modes are available and how you select them.

Tony was up here for almost a week. Very productive. We walked through the demo numerous times, clarified the tutorials, planned other things and generally fine-tuned some issues.

-Chris "Way, way too much candy" Taylor

Video with In-Game action from FT?
Man, we have been trying to put together a good movie for a while.

Various things, a conspiracy if you like, have stopped us from doing so.

Our marketing/pr department has been whipping us for a while.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard

Wednesday, November 1

Downloading a Demo by Miroslav - 23:03 -
There was an interesting question on official forum about the demo download size.
No plans to do a split demo like that. We're talking about having two files, one with the demo and one with optional audio. It'll probably be around 90megs + 25megs.

We will be getting the demo in the hands of magazines for covermounts ASAP.
Now for those little experienced users... If you're downloading large files from the internet, I'd suggest in using one of the "Download managers". Two most popular ones are Download Accelerator and Get Right. They can speed up your download speed because they use multiple simultaneous connections to one server, downloading one file in several fragments. Another great this is that they support a "resume" feature, if you somehow get disconnected from the internet, you could easily resume your download later.
As for my advice, I'd suggest using Download Accelerator. GetRight caused me problems several times when downloading large files in fragments, it simply goes above 100%, so the file becomes corrupted.
I would suggest is to start downloading the demo (when it comes out) is to leave it over the night (or over the day).
Here are two useful links:
Download Accelerator

Fallout Tactics - Global Ranking system by Odin - 8:25 -
Got an email from good old Kreegle from Duck and Cover regarding this news, thanks man!!.
It seems Fallout Tactics will use Global Ranking system, when you play a game using Mplayer it will log your wins and losses and put up a ranking system (if you want to).
About "Global Rankings" Designed to provide a unified set of Web-accessible rankings and statistics for any game, the "Global Rankings" system tracks game play statistics regardless of a game player's geographical location or platform (console, PC, Mac, Linux or Java). When a developer builds the "Global Rankings" technology into their game, it will automatically track and record each player's scores in a central rankings database ( Once entered, this information is tracked against other players from around the world, giving gamers an inside glimpse at their skill level. Gamers can run games either independently, utilizing player matching from within the game, or through any third party on-line gaming service
Kreegle spotted this over at Voodooextreme, so go on and check it out here.