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November 1999

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Monday, November 29

Games of Ecouragement 1999 by Miroslav - 8:55 -
I don't think I need to say anything about this. If you want to help The Ronald McDonald House at Stanford's CLIK (Computer Learning for Ill Kids) program, then please go here. Thank you if you decide to help.

Headlines Fixed by Miroslav - 8:45 -
Well if You haven't noticed already, latest headlines are now displayed again at the top of the page. Archives haven't been archived yet, I'll do that today...

Sunday, November 28

Bundle Pack Mystery Revealed by Miroslav - 8:18 -
Well, it looks like Interplay is now, actually for some time, including a copy of Fallout 1 IN Fallout 2 Box! Yes, I had no idea of this, so if you buy Fallout 2, you'll get Fallout 1 for free. Although you won't get manual and other goodies that shipped with the legend (legend is the first part). Thanx to Alan Mastriani, Jim and ZWille for this info.

Huh... by Miroslav - 8:11 -
Well, I must apologize for this big whole in updates. First my news script went crazy, I couldn't fix it so had to install a new one and customize it. It's working ok now, but not quite. You won't be able to see latest headlines for some few days. I'm sorry about this.

Next, I have a new modem, and I've reinstalled everything I have, so it'll take a day maybe for me to get at the full strength and continue updating. Oh yes, updates. I have info on Bundle pack and on Fallout 3 development :) Hey, wait just a second, check back later for this :)