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November 1998

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Monday, November 30

Klamath maps by Miroslav
Well, I must say that playing as a melee and unarmed char is no longer so easy as it was in Fallout 1. But still, when I hit someone with Super Sledge, I must stand and wait for several seconds for opponent to finish his "flying" animation. And striking with that mega power fist rocks! I was attacked by seven aliens, and I finished combat in two turns. Six of them were lying down unconscious (hit them in the head), and Cassidy kicked some ass with his Gauss rifle... Well, enough of that...
I have added Klamath maps, and with some luck, I should be able to add Den maps as well as first Mini quests page.

Sunday, November 29

M60 and Sawed-Off Shotgun by Miroslav
Two new weapons added, one is M60 and other one is Sawed-Off Shotgun.
Well, I started a new game so I can write down all quests. Yeah, I have every quest from Den, Klamath, Modoc, Vault City and Gecko. I have all the maps too, all I have to do is transfer them into html format. I'll do it tomorrow, so I won;t be playing and Fallout....
IMPORTANT: About Walkthrough! This walkthrough is creation of a man who is not in any way affiliated with NMA. Therefor, I have no intention to update this Walkthrough, cause I'll be violating some copyrights. Do not send me mail about what is wrong in there (I got 178 emails about "correct" location of that book in Den). I hope you wont bug me anymore with this, cause I'm wasting my time getting these messages, reading them and what else... I could use this time for something else... let's say Fallout Online

Saturday, November 28

Easter Eggs, Arroyo, Weapons... by Miroslav
Well, today's update is somewhat huge. Fist, I have completed Arroyo map. Then, I have added more Big and Melee weapons. You should check Easter Eggs page, and expect a lot of additions (since I need to read about 200 emails with Easter Eggs).
Now, I'm going to create a map for Enclave base and that infamous nine room puzzle. Yeah, I know that lot of people et stuck there, so I consider that #1 priority. Check later...
About Guestbook. I'll edit it and delete all questions. If you wan't to ask me something, use Feedback forms or use message board. There are really nice comments in there, check it out. If you don't want to read it, at least you can do is sign it. Thanx for visiting. No Mutants Allowed prevails, Visitor :)

Friday, November 27

Armors, Weapons by Miroslav
I have added more armors, and weapons. And I'll add some more tomorrow, along with redesigns (mainly that menu bar at the left side). I have finished every single map for towns (those big pictures), and now, I'll start adding pip boy maps with descriptions. I'll add soon another walkthrough.

Thursday, November 26

New Patch, Walkthrough by Miroslav
Interplay released new patch. It's still beta, but as they say, is more stable than the first one. Read that update in here or download patch from here. Thanx to A-Team Captain, Turin and David Walleser for this.
Al Giovetti sent me a walkthrough. It's very nice, and very easy to understand, so if you ever get stuck somewhere, head over here. One note: I haven't read it, because I'm playing the game without any help. It's nicer that way... I'll correct some reported mistakes soon.

Wensday, November 25

More Maps by Miroslav
I'm back! yes, I had several Windows and personal problems, but I'm back. I have started doing maps. I'll do constant upload as soon as I finish one. I have stopped playing the game, so you could have your damn maps. I also have a walkthrough, which will be available soon. Maybe in a few hours or something like that. Check back...

Saturday, November 21

Beta Patch Released by Miroslav
Interplay released beta patch for Fallout 2. I haven't tried it our yet, but I know I won't play much with this beta. Get patches here or here. Or click here for list of changes.

Friday, November 20

Misc by Miroslav
I have uplaoded more Random Encounters, Easter Eggs and who knows what more. It's so many work, and little time

Thursday, November 19

Patch Delayed Again! by Miroslav
Well, feargus did another update. Yes, you ain't gonna see much of that patch today. Read here!.
Huh.. I've been playing it for about 12 hours... it's 2.21 am over here... need to catch some sleep. Thanx for the stuff everyone sent me in email (I have about 260 messages)... I'm writing very detailed FAQ.. I'm in San Francisco now... and too tired to send a newsletter... sorry :(

Wensday, November 18

Patch News, World Map by Miroslav
First, I must say that finaly, after many days, I'm playing Fallout 2! Yeepee! I'm almost done creating maps for Arroyo, Klamath and Den. I have World Map thanx to Coon_Dog. See it in Maps section.
Patch is almost finished, but it won't fix load problems for 600mb install. Read here!

Tuesday, November 17

Pathc Delayed by Miroslav
Feargus Urquhart posted some really interesting stuff (where to but the Official Fallout 2 page). Yes, patch was schedulled to ship today (or yesterday), but you'll have to wait a little bit longer. Why? Read Here!. Huh... patch is almost out and I don't even have the ^$%@&* game...
I don't need why would you need this... but here. IGN and OGR poster their Fallout 2 reviews. I don't know why would you need that, if you already have the game. So,click here for OGR's review, and here for IGN's review.
Since NMA's messege board got really big, I'm gonna set up new ones. "Ones"? Yes, I'll split them to Fallout and Fallout 2...

Monday, November 16

Let's Kick Some Ass! by Miroslav
Yes, I'm back with tons of stuff! Talking heads, Weapons, Armors, Easter Eggs and much more than I can remember! Yes, I'm here to waste your time! Stop going to school! Play Fallout and surf the best site on the net - No Mutants Allowed!
Really, I was just joking about not going to school, but no, not at all, all other stuff I said :)
I'm here because of you. Enjoy.
PS. Beside this update sucks, not by it's content, but it's announcment, here's something else. I should get Fallout 2 tomorrow, so expect much more maps, game tips from Fallout Guru!
PPS. Here is 95.000 counter image. If you are number 100.000, save it and send it. Thanx

Saturday, November 14

Patch News by Miroslav
This is an official update:
Well, I can see that the fact that Save Games are incompatible in the patch, has not made BIS anymore friends, so I am looking for a compromise. A user E-mailed me with an idea last night that we are currently looking into. We are seeing if we can create a utility that will take your character from an old Save Game and start him at the beginning of the patched game. He wouldn't have his items or reputations (these can potentially screw up scripts), but would have all his other stats. We are also thinking of giving the character an Extra $500 or $1000 in cash per level he has to make buying stuff easy.
We'll try to get that done this weekend as well, so it can release with the patch early next week.
I have tons and tons of stuff to upload, but I cannot do that now. I don't have ftp access to my site, and I can only edit this page. I'll try to resolve that problem as soon as possible.

Thursday, November 12

Chat Log by Miroslav
Feargus and other members of the Fallout team, answered some questions yesterday. Read complete chat log over here.
And don't forget to send your stuff!

Wensday, November 11

Patch NewsNew Items, More Files by Miroslav
Feargus said something about the patch. What? Oh, read here.
More Weapons in melee and energy weapons sections! Advanced Power Armor added in Armors section.
New Wallpaper and WinAmp skin added in completly redesigned Files section. And yet more to come!
Tonight is a chat with Feargus Urquhart and Matt Norton. I'll post a chat log in a few hours.