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October 2002

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Sunday, October 27

FOT Sprites by Odin - 19:15 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've posted all the Fallout Tactics sprites I had gotten, so grab your gear and get downloading those Fallout Tactics Sprites...

Saturday, October 26

Fot Sprite Section by Odin - 14:36 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
As you guys have noticed I've posted a Fallout Tactics Sprite Section, I've got several new ones which I hope to post this weekend (sorry that I haven't posted them earlier guys..)

Day of The Mutant by Odin - 14:33 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: Day Of The Mutant
Do you guys remember the game I reported earlier called Day Of The Mutant, it's a post-apocalyptic FPS made by Techland. Here's some info:
In the post-apocalyptic world, full of blood-thirsty mutants, survival is the superior goal.

But shooting fast and accurately is not enough to stay alive. Every day is an endless search for food, fuel, weapons and ammunition. Every new day brings new dangers. The adequate survival strategy becomes more and more important.
You're not a hero. You're not a hunter. You're the prey. Survive, if you can and don't let them eat you alive.

  • Innovative gameplay and unique atmosphere

  • Over 20 different locations spread over 50 sq. miles of destroyed land giving a silent testimony of the terrible annihilation

  • 35 kind of weapons and over 40 elements of equipment

  • Radioactive deserts, decay and countless creepy mutants

  • The Last V8 and over 60 miles of sun burnt highways.
  • Sounds like a lot of fun, go here for some screenshots..

    Friday, October 25

    Roadrage Carnage by Odin - 9:24 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bandits Phoenix Rising
    I remembered the game Kreegle mentioned earlier called Bandits Phoenix Rising. Here's a little bit about it:
    BANDITS is the game where your cannon mounted combat car takes you on an adventure across green fields, desert canyons and deep snow, bombing and blasting all sorts of enemies and cargo trucks, defending your gang and your glory!
    Sounds snazzy, they've also posted a demo for you guys to try out.
    Link: Bandits Demo, Bandits.

    Pumpkin Madness by Odin - 9:13 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Black Isle
    Jikes, well here's final proof what the gals and guys at Black Isle is doing at work, it's what we pay them to do...erm..well..
    Link: Pumpkin Madness

    Tuesday, October 22

    Interplay Webmaster makes another Flash 6 test: by Rosh - 6:18 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    Oh, I'm sorry. I meant to say "yet another useless poll at". The candidates this time include:
  • Fallout
  • Diablo [sic]
  • Metroid [sic]
  • Icewind Dale
  • So go on over and if it matters or has some relevancy to something, with Fallout predictably leading at 48%. I'm guessing the Interplay polling system is akin to the direction of Un Chien Andalou.

    Sunday, October 20

    Mapper Updated by Odin - 22:30 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: TeamX
    Dims has yet again updated his Fallout Mapper, we're now up to version 0.97a and this time around he's added:
  • Work with inventory.
  • Snazzy, great work Dims!
    Download link:   Mapper v0.97a

    Friday, October 18

    Bis/IPLY vs Fans by Odin - 15:30 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Remember kids, today is the day we fight the evil hord that is called Black Isle/IPLY in Battlefield 1942, I'll post more info on server IP and Password later today..

    Update: It's seems we might just jump on a server, keep a tab on this thread and you'll know where to join..

    Happy birthday! by Odin - 1:23 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: Briosafreak
    I got word from Briosafreak that The French Vault recently had it's "birthday", their site is now 2 years old. They even posted screenshots and a video of XLA's cat doing a jig for them (well..almost a jig)..
    Congrats guys !!
    Link: The French Vault

    New Files by Odin - 1:16 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    I've received several files, that I haven't had time to post yet. Well I took the time and posted these now, they are:
  • Fallout 1 Character mod by Necaradan
  • Fallout 2 Character mod by Necaradan
  • The Den mod by James Zergeater
  • Fallout Bootup Screens by mrmodem
  • Remember to check out those in the download section

    Post Nuclear by Odin - 0:29 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: KriS
    I got an email from a fellow calling himself KriS, who turns out to be the project manager, programmer and work coordinator on a game called Post Nuclear. It's a new Post-Apocalyptic game, here's the background story, some features and a couple of screenshots:
    Story: After a few strange incidents in the whole world, that has taken thousand lives the international relationship has come to a critical spot. Countries needed only a push. And such push was a new decease epidemic that spread in the world in a flash. Nobody ever knew who was behind the scene. And soon nobody cared.
    26 of July 201x the CHIEF of the US ARMED FORCES has said his final speech: "There will be no more negotiation. It's enough that USA, as the only super state, position would be defended by politics. Now its time for weapons to speak". It was the time that the first wave of destruction reached Russia, China and the Arabian countries. The war was waged for 4 days. At the morning of 30- of July, nobody could launch another missile. Skies of dust lifted high above the ground and the world disappeared into darkness. The nuclear winter was deadly. In Canada and Sibear where the bombing was rather weak, people died from cold. This was the age of cold and death.
    An age has passed. The survivors tried to gather and create their world from aches. Most of the knowledge destroyed. People rooming across the steppes, hunting animals with spears. Those who rebuilded cities had walls to protect from severe and unfriendly environment which surrounded them....

    Some of the features:
  • 3d graphics 32 bit color, resolution up to 1600*1200

  • Positional 3d sound

  • Lots of real guns and items

  • Lots of blood and gore (N14 at least)

  • Cars, boat, helicopter - fully functional

  • Character with a lot of abilities - can swim, climb, duck, lie down.
  • Link: Post Nuclear

    Tuesday, October 15

    Another poll to win by Odin - 21:27 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: Interplay
    Interplay have posted yet another poll, this time they want to know which RPG series is their best work, here's the different choices:
  • The Baldur's Gate Series

  • The Icewind Dale Series

  • The Fallout Series

  • The Bard's Tale Series
  • What are you doing still reading this, get on over and vote!!
    Remember that you have to have the latest Macromedia Flash Player installed to view the poll (topright corner).

    The Bis/Fans War by Odin - 0:59 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    There have been some discussion lately about a Bis vs the Fans battle in Battlefield 1942, so I took it upon myself and contacted Doug Avery (Associate Producer) and here's the plan:
    Time & Date: 9:00 PM PST, Friday 18 October
    Bis/IP rooster:
  • Doug Avery - [BIS]Wolf

  • Chris Heidari - [BIS]Equinox

  • Ed Hyland - [IP]Agent Johnson

  • Feargus Urquhart [BIS]SPORK MAGNET

  • Darren Monahan - [BIS]Major Dillz

  • Chad Nicholas - [BIS]Briareus

  • Scott Everts - [BIS]Private Zac

  • Bernie Weir - [BIS]Maximoose

  • Carlos Cheek - [BIS]Ribking

  • Matt Phillips - [IP]Private Joker

  • Dennis Presnell - [BIS]Dloc

  • Jake Devore - [BIS]willow
  • Read more about it here, Stay tuned for some more info on which server to choose etc..

    Monday, October 14

    Real Story by Odin - 23:05 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Vault Of The Future
    DJ Slam�k have posted a new The Real Story and posted the winner to the old one, lookie here:

    New one

    Old one (winner Wifi)
    Gotta love that Real Story..

    VotF's Tim Cain Interview by Odin - 23:01 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Vault Of The Future
    I was going to see if DJ Slam�k had posted the winner for the The Real Story and I spotted that he had posted the interview with Tim Cain. Here's some goodies:
    DJS: Since the hope always dies last, what would be the perfect Fallout 3 to you? Should it be a probe into the ethics of a post-nuclear world (as you suggested earlier), a study of the development of culture in the unique situation Fallout presents (technically advanced 1940s/50s society after a nuclear holocaust), a bit more action-and-joke oriented like Fallout 2, or a fine blend of all? Or? Should it be made in the first place?

    TC: I would use FO3 to explore more of the world we created. Both the ethics of such a place, with the all of the reactions to the choices you make, plus an examination of how different cultures would arise. And I think humor has its place, but it should be dark and subtle most of the time. I think some of the jokes and references in FO2 were over the top. I like Monthy Python, but I didn't expect to see the famous three-question bridge in FO2.
    Read it all here

    WHL Update by Odin - 15:19 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Wasteland Half-Life
    Well now, Gage found some time to post some news about the WHL project, here's what he said:
    Ahh, I see I almost surpassed the 2 month timespan between news posts. Alot of work has been going on. VGUI is nearing completion, and alot of the spectator code is being worked on and tweaked out. I will try to put in the 2.3 SDK code for spectators (I'm fairly sure its the same coolass spectator code that CS and DoD use for spectating matches) sometime soon.

    This news posts has some good news, and some bad news. For starters, I'm going to college this Thursday! So this weekend has been occupying myself packing up boxes and getting ready to move out on Tuesday. I'm sure I'll have fun out of the house and get a little piece of paper in 2 years saying I am now a junior programmer. The bad news is, until I get my first paycheck (and probably a week or two after that), I will be without internet for the most part. I can browse the forums during my hour break at school, but otherwise I cant really have a presence online. I will STILL code my butt off while I'm gone, so do not worry please. I made a thread on the forums about this if you wanna talk to me shortly before I leave or anything of that nature.

    What news post would be complete without pics! Maso has been working on another map, this time called tw_ramshackle, and while it is still a bit away from the testing stage, he did show me some current pics of the map in progress, and I am already anticipating this map. Sadly I won't be able to play it for the next long while. :(
    You can watch the pictures here..

    Saturday, October 12

    FO Editor Poll done by Odin - 14:15 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    The Poll about which editor to release first is done and the votes were of course in favior of releasing the Fallout 2 editor first, then the Fallout 1 editor. Here's what CA said:
    Poll's over - F2, then F1. Give us some time.
    Sounds good, Chris Jones, get your ass in gear and get that done! (oh and thanks for doing it )

    Interview with Inon Zur by Odin - 14:11 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
    Kreegle of DAC spotted that the guy behind the music in Fallout Tactics, Inon Zur, had been interviewd by a site called Gamedaily. There are alot of stuff about how he started, what he's done etc..etc..
    Link: Gamedaily's interview with Inon Zur

    New Community Comic by Odin - 14:07 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
    There's a new Community Comic out, this time around it's drawn by a guy calling himself bluepencil, and this one is actually quite good drawn, great job BP.
    Link: GG's Community Comic

    New FOT Map by Odin - 14:05 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Max-Violence
    Good Old Max-Violence has made a new Single Player map called "Revenge", this one isn't a campaign but rather a series of Single Player maps. Sounds good, remember to grab the first part here at NMA (look at the top).

    Tactics Expansion Pack (MP) by Odin - 14:02 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
    ZeD, the guy who headed up the World War 2 mod for Fallout Tactics has released a new Fallout Tactics mod called "Fallout Tactics Expansion Pack", here's ZeD's own description:
    Fallout Tactics Expansion Pack

    This is a Multiplayer "mod" that has been sitting on the back burner for some time now.

    It adds some old-school Fallout 1-2 weapons to multiplayer as well as 4 Fallout armors. (sorry no leather jacket, there's no FOT armor sprite that it would work for!) It also adds new ammo types for a variety of weapons, and adds some of the Fallout Tactics single player items that were left out: The Super Soaker, Brahmin Armor, etc...

    Some teasers are:
  • Red Ryder LE BB gun

  • Pipe Rifle

  • Solar Scorcher

  • CZ53 Minigun

  • Bozar

  • Combat Armor

  • 12 Guage Incindiary Shells :)

  • It is taking the FOT community on GSA by storm! get it now!
    Sounds good, remember to grab that!

    Revenge Screenies by Odin - 13:03 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Revenge
    Anyone remember the new Post-Apocalyptic game called Revenge, well since their site is in russian I can't understand much, but they've posted some screenies of their game, lookie here:
    Well, I've emailed them for some more info about the game..

    Friday, October 11

    Poll Which FO Editor first? by Odin - 10:39 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Chris Avellon posted a new poll about the release of the Fallout Editors, this time around he wants to have your opinion on:
    Brand new poll based on the following information:

    1. Files and material created with the Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 editor are not compatible with each other.

    2. There is different critters and stats in both (i.e., there is no "Master" in the F1 editors, for example).

    The thought was we would release the F2 editors since they have more "stuff," but I thought I would ask you guys and see what you thought. We could eventually release the F1 editors, too, but who knows - you may just want the F1 stuff.

    I'll let this run for a few days or until the total number of votes is 50.
    So get on over and vote on which editor you'd like to see first.

    Wednesday, October 9

    New FOT SP Map by Odin - 20:51 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Forty-six & Two
    Forty-six & Two just sent me his new Fallout Tactics Single Player map called "Shrine", here's what Forty-six & Two said himself:
    "A technological shrine lies waiting beneath a mountain.....

    The combat in this map is a very experimentel modification for FOT. If you download please take time to read the readme about Stimpacks and weapons."
    Oh, sounds cool. Remember to download this little beauty (1.8MB)

    Win a german Fallout 1 by Odin - 20:34 - Comment Me (5) - News Source: Glowbewohner
    Glowbewohner is running a german Fallout site and is in need of a new logo, the prize for the best logo is....a german version of Fallout 1, here's what he said:
    I'm searching for a new logo for my page ! If you can paint really good, you can send me a logo for my page! You can win a german Fallout 1 cd! I know it's not the best, but i don't have another price to give!
    Send your entry to Glowbewohner

    Interplay delisted by Odin - 20:05 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Dan & Yahoo
    Today Interplay announced that it would be delisted from the Nasdaq SmallCap Market after today's close. This is due to the fact that IPLY didn't meet the minimum listing requirements ($1 per share), it looks like the share is now at $0.069 per share (ouch)..

    What this can mean for Interplay/BlackIsle and Fallout, we don't know yet. Even tho I remember that Feargus/JE posted a message on the Bis forums about what would happen if they got delisted, as I recall he said that Interplay wouldn't die even if they did got delisted, but this can't be good..I'll update more when I know more...
    Link: Yahoo Finance - Interplay Delisting News
    Kudos goes out to Rex for letting Dan know (who in turn told me)

    Fallout 3 survey by Odin - 19:42 - Comment Me (3) - News Source: Vault of the Future
    I forgot to post about this one, DJ Slam�k posted a surey in light of the 5 year celebration of Fallout 1. The survey will end on November 7, and then the results will be processed and presented.
    Link: Fallout 3 Survey

    New 3D Engine by Odin - 19:28 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Puuk posted a note on the Bis Forums stating that Bis is working on a new 3D engine, which in here:
    We already mentioned that there is plenty of room for a new D&D game, and that we'll be making quite a bit more between now and when our contract is up in 2005 (we can even start new D&D projects in 2005). We also already mentioned that we are working on a new 3D engine. In fact, the engine looks so good, it exceeds the crispness found in most 2D, anti-aliased engines. We're not throwing out what worked in the IE, we are using what worked, and adding even better things. Can't give specifics right now, but it's coming together great.
    Puuk is a BIS employee (Game Designer/Programmer I believe), so this could very well be the engine they are going to use on Fallout 3..

    And to show you how much these Bis guys lub Fallout, Puuk said this:
    I'd dance in the streets wearing nothing but a speedo if that's what it took to get FO3 up and running now.
    That's the spirit, but remember to do it California (cause I'm far away!!)..

    Monday, October 7

    Interview with good old ChrisT by Odin - 14:24 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: Vault of the Future
    DJ Slam�k interviewed good old Chris Taylor (you should know who he is by now!) and he serves some goodies,'s a quote:
    DJS: Are all those Fallout Dev Quotes (you know, the Shift+Credits thing) for real?

    CT: Oh, most certainly. Especially the ones by ScottE. Most of them are taking out of context, which is the whole point of them I suppose.
    You can see these quotes right here on NMA, to your right...moving on:
    DJS: Did you somehow celebrate the 15th anniversary of Wasteland in January? Are you going to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Fallout in October?

    CT: Wasteland: No.
    Fallout: I'll drink a beer in honor of my fallen Dogmeat.
    Sounds good, I'll drink to that..
    Stay tune to next week, when DJ Slam�k posts an interview with Tim Cain.
    link: VotF interview with ChrisT

    Friday, October 4

    Yep, new Red!Viewer by Odin - 16:40 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    Red made some minor bugfixes to his beloved Viewer, here's what's been fixed:
  • Fixed some tooltips, added error messages

  • ZAR Fixed bug which might crash version 3 display because they have no shadow index and the program would try and display it's value anyway

  • Fixed bug which added a null pointer to ZAR clipboard if no layer was selected while adding from a sprite to it

  • ZAR Fixed bug which didn't update the caption when you saved it

  • ZAR TIL Fixed bug which wouldn't take the name provided by the caption in when saving and displaying an empty field instead

  • GIF Removed support of it in Quick Open... and internal code, oops

  • SPR Fixed bug which actually only exported the first layer of a sprite

  • SPR Fixed bug which would crash if no valid layers were selected when exporting it to TGA

  • ZAR Changed saving procedure so you can't save empty ones
  • ZAR TIL Save option on new files now use the name supplied by the application as the default

  • ZAR When exporting from another ZAR, TIL or SPR, the name of the new file is changed in relation to the original name of the image

  • Icon lost again; I really don't know why it keeps getting dissociated
  • Rembember to grab this thing...

    Take that.. by Odin - 0:16 - Comment Me (3) - News Source:
    I was so excited and just had to post this, my hometown's soccer team, Viking, beat Chelsea 4-2 in the UEFA Cup today. Making the total score 5-4 to Viking and kicking Chelsea off the UEFA cup.
    Link: Viking Football Club

    Thursday, October 3

    New Mapper and Red!Viewer by Odin - 20:33 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    Well the most active programmers out there have both updated their software (Mapper and Red!Viewer), let's take the Red!Viewer first:
  • Shortened the file description of the associations since it was too long

  • Fixed missing credits in version history and fixed typos and some text, added link to download DirectX 8.1, also reordered FAQ and added cookie

  • SPR Fixed the sequence animation so that the invalid frames are really skipped

  • SPR Changed "Throw" to "Fire" in sequences

  • Added New -> ZAR option in File menu (Jimmyjay86)

  • Fixed bug which checked for the file name in Save option on new Tiles

  • Fixed bug which generated the wrong name when using new Tiles/ZARs and exporting the image into TGAs

  • Fixed crash when trying to export empty Tile frame

  • Configuration: Fixed bug which caused the ZAR clipboard option not to be saved properly when disabled (and when enabled sometimes making it too small)

  • Configuration: Added option so that the QuickOpen gets updated to the current file's path when you use "Open" or you open the file through file association
  • So this is version, moving along...The Mapper has gotten to version 0.96h, here's what's new:
  • Up DirectX interface to 7.0 (test)
  • Ah, remember to grab these two (yes on the top of this page)

    Wednesday, October 2

    Fallout Bible #8 by Odin - 21:48 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Dan
    Chris Avellone have posted the next Fallout Bible update, we're up to number 8 and here's what this one's about:
    Here's Fallout Bible #8. This exciting update contains an interview with Fallout designer Scott Bennie, a crapload of questions, the original draft of the EPA, the fury and flurry of nuclear winters, a little bit about the old Wasteland "sequel" Meantime, why the Corvega Highwayman has a fat ass, a bit on tribal societies, a new mind-bending contest, the winners of two others, and more random irradiated crap from the Fallout universe.
    Sound snazzy, go to our Fallout Bible section to download it.
    Thanks to Dan for informing me!!

    Fallout Bible #8 soon by Odin - 20:09 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Chris posted this little post about the next installation of the Fallout Bible:
    Fallout Bible #8 should be ready to go sometime in the next few days. It'll contain an interview with Fallout designer Scott Bennie, a crapload of questions, the original draft of the EPA, the fury and flurry of nuclear winters, a little bit about the old Wasteland "sequel" Meantime, why the Corvega Highwayman has a fat ass, a bit on tribal societies, a new mind-bending contest, the winners of two others, and more random irradiated crap from the Fallout universe.

    Shouldn't be too much longer
    Oh, can't wait!!

    Interplay Stocks by Odin - 10:32 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: Saint P - DAC
    Saint icq'ed me about Interplay and their stocks, it seemed that IPLY closed at a record low $0.10/share, and this is after they've sent out a request to stay of delisting where they wanted to tell NASDAQ that they had a plan to get their stocks over the required $1/share mark... Sounds like a good plan indeed..
    Thanks Saint !

    Tuesday, October 1

    Mapper updated (yes again) by Odin - 17:18 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Dims
    Dims let me know he had posted a newer version of the Mapper at his site, now we're up to version 0.96g (works fast doesn't he!!) Here's what's new:
  • Advanced Log. (If you have problem with DirectX.)

  • Put item from inventory tab into map.

  • Show object description from MSG file.
  • Well, remember to grab this little thing..
    Download link:

    Vote for Fallout 3 by Odin - 13:39 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Legonkov posted that there is a poll on the Interplay site (I can't see it, even tho I've got Flash installed), the poll reads: "Which title is the most anticipated?", choices are:
  • EverQuest 2
  • DOOM3
  • UT2003
  • Fallout 3
  • So get on over and vote for Fallout 3!!

    Happy Birthday Fallout by Odin - 10:53 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
    Well, today is the day Fallout went gold 5 years ago, I can still remember playing the Fallout demo and actually was quite dissapointed. But when I got the game, it was all I dreamt about. Quote from the makers:
    Project Update: Well, it's done. We shipped Fallout!

    Actually, we silvered today, which means that we should be in major stores by Oct 10. So, it hasn't really shipped yet, but the duplication and manufacturing has begun! Shipped, silver - hey, we're done! -- 1 Oct 1997 @ 1615 PST
    If you haven't tried Fallout yet, today is a good day to go out and buy a copy. Heck, everyone go out and buy a copy!!
    Link: Fallout Development Log