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October 2001

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Wednesday, October 31

Feedback: by Rosh - 13:42 -
I've recieved a few emails over the last few days that have mentioned the rebuilding of NMA over the change. That brought a thought to me, of asking for a little feedback, because our visitors mean a LOT to us. We cherish our fellow glowing fanatics. We do have forums for such, but for those who do not wish to utilize such, I offer my email, if you want to offer some feedback on this site and to give suggestions. Not everything can be implemented, but we can try to offer what we can, and also provide the post-nuclear glow goodness that our readers like. agree that I tend to go off into a loquacious rant every now and then, and the mockery of human life is anathema to myself (e.g. PETA rant), I wish to ask for some feedback on this site in lieu for Miroslav, as I want to keep things to the standards that you folk enjoy.

If anything means the most to us, it's our readers. We're here for you, what do you think? My email is here for you to comment, and soon we might have a comment script in our news section.

Finally: by Rosh - 6:47 -
Both Fallout and Fallout 2's items databases are up and running. When I announced that the Fo1's was up, I had forgotten to change the link and it was still pointing to the temp placeholder I had in it's place.

They are up and running, and I did some checks on them. Any errors you see (aside from the occasional 500 hiccup when the script should work), or possible additions, email me and I'll see about changing them.

Thanks once again for your patience, and finally I found a way that the scripts would work right and look like part of the site - like how our newsletter subscription has to be on another page from the index.

Update to the Update to the Update to the oh no, I've gone cross-eyed... by Rosh - 6:06 -
Well, according the the menu on the left, the Fallout 1 item database is back! If the Fallout 2 database is the same way, it too will be up in an hour or so, perhaps less. Perhaps some of the other features like the concentration game.

Then, I'm onto fleshing out a few more sections, including the rather belated Fan-Fic section that I will admit I lost a bit of will to do once the WTC and other incidents happened. Don't worry, it should be up soon after I try to fix everything else.

On behalf of Odin, Miroslav, and myself, I would like to thank the patrons of NMA for their help in aiding us with finding what's broke, and also for their patience while we work on things. It's taken a bit of time to find all of the nuances and things we've needed to change to comply with the new file system, and undoubtedly some cleaning up to do afterwards, but it's coming along. Thanks once again.

Updates: by Rosh - 3:14 -
Our downloads are in middle of being repaired from having to rescript them, and currently our Fallout 1 and Movies section works. I'll be working on the others to get them fully up and working over the next couple of days, and I will let you know when it's done. Thanks for your patience!

On a side note, about the um...rant, yesterday. The main reason it was brought up is that there is a possibility that you may not be able to buy a new Fallout or Fallout 2 CD in the future if this project sees the light of day. Interplay may very well decide that non-MMOG "pay for play" might be the way to go, and to avoid piracy, whatever. Enough speculation for now until further official word is released, but a possibility of that does look grim.

I went and checked, and all of the downloads do work (local ones, at least). If you happen to get a 500 error, please try again in a while, because it seems like Perl is occasionally refusing to work and I'll talk to our hosts about that soon. If you've been a regular on our forums and seen the occasional [an error has occured while processing this directive] on the pages, then you can tell it's kind of hiccuped there. Otherwise, the downloads do work, they are good for local (checked quite a few, myself, and I could d/l the files). I do have a request since I'm busy working on the items pages for Fallout and Fallout 2. If you find a link after the pop-up page opens with the black background and blue link, and it doesn't work, let me know. The download scripts will work no matter if you used or

Thanks again, and enjoy basking in a nice healthy lime glow...

Tuesday, October 30

Cold Fusion, and other failed theories: (Rant, long) by Rosh - 6:08 -
A possible reason as to why IPLY stock has risen lately, is the announcement of "streaming games".

You can take a look at the games listing here.

(Speculation follows):

I can't really claim to be a rocket scientist, but I don't see why anyone would pay $5.99 a MONTH for Fallout (and Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics separate), when you can buy Fallout 1 and 2 together in some places for about $9 US. FOT might be at a lower price in a couple of what's with this? Interplay does have enough titles and such to offer a selection but in today's day and age, if someone has the broadband required for this...forgive the pipe-dream, they certainly would have enough disk space that installing Fallout or Fallout 2 and many other games - would be a mere sneeze to install.

Who, then, would pay that much money to play a game for a month versus owning the thing as long as the CD lasts? True, it may work for new-releases and people wishing to try a game before they buy it, but most of their line-up is already in the bargain bin! At most, they may be able to get a small bit of money on top of a CD purchase after someone has tried the game though all estimations are that it would not be a recurring subscription unless someone was playing at work. They can't really offer this with new titles, as they only get $5.99 before someone decides they don't like the game and doesn't renew subscription - versus the ~$50 they could get for a CD sale. Nevermind the charge that is going to give Interplay for such matters like bandwidth (which is not cheap), I think this isn't boding well for Interplay when they are grasping for another venture like this that has the potential to flop and flop hard.

I don't think AOL exactly meets the definition of 'broadband', so I don't think too many people are going to subscribe for it to be even remotely profitable. The prices don't warrant a coninual scalping of the pocketbook, versus the price of having the game on CD for an indefinite amount of time.

The bad news - the thing that they could do that could make this profit, is stop offering those titles via CD sales. That means, get Fallout or a back-up while you can. Get your friends to get it if you can, etc.

Let's do some math. $5.99 per month, a generous $19.99 bargain-bin price. That means at most Interplay would get (not counting the charge), would be $25.98 for a game if a person tried the game and liked it and then went out to buy the CD. It would be $19.99 if someone just tried the CD version. It would be $5.99 if a person didn't like the game or ran into severe bugs by games that still weren't completely patched (*coughFallout2coughFalloutTacticscoughcough*), nevermind the fact that who knows how this 1.9MB Stream Theory program can affect the running of said programs. Oh, here's another thing...try playing FOT on Gamespy while also playing it streaming. Perhaps a nice conflict there, or perhaps a nice choking through bandwidth? After all, according to the release, no files are downloaded to your computer. Then again, I guess someone who can shell out loads of cash for broadband (and not using it to make money so that they have the full bandwidth - I know of *few* people who fit into this range) can also afford to pay $5.99 a month for Fleeceware instead of installing a couple hundred MBs to their 80GB drive off of a $20 CD they own (or in Fallout's case, paying $5.99 a month for each game in subsequential order instead of installing it off of a $9 CD).

Call me funny, but this doesn't make any sense at all. At most, it might introduce more people to games (but not much, or introduce scads more people to our message boards with BRAND NEW bugs to contend and help for), but overall, I don't see how this could work.


Oh, my favorite part....

"Unique to the software industry is the ability for developers and publishers to sell or rent their own products into the marketplace without the consumer taking physical possession. The ultimate indulgence for consumers, they now just point, click and run full version PC game software over the Internet almost instantly and without installation or downloading product software. With the convenience of browsing online, consumers of all ages can instantly play a greater variety of games now that an effective rental solution has been developed."

In other words, it might be easier to use, but at the end, you don't own a damn thing. They should change "The ultimate indulgence for consumers" to "The ultimate fleecing of consumers", because that's what it seems like. They pay money through the nose over own nothing unless they go out and buy a CD (again, considering if they will still offer CD versions as well).

I'm here, looking at a stack of games in my archive I play now and then. You know the kind, where you look through and blow the dust off and slip the CD in for some gooey gaming goodness, right? Even my old MS-DOS games and the like. Now, imagine that you have this and after you play the game via paying out the nose for it, you stop paying and playing. In order to play again, you need to shell out more money instead of doing the tradition "blowing off the dust".

Let's hope this dies before it spreads, or it can be a very scary thing for the gaming world if it became widespread. This is ludicrous compared to MMOGs, because those have various other reasons why you pay per-month. Why should I pay $5.99 a month for a single-player game, using up my bandwidth (and likely getting charged for excesses), and ultimately not owning a thing aside from a possible saved character on my hard drive?

I shouldn't, and neither should anyone else who posesses a lick of sense. Save your $5.99 a month and get a bigger hard drive instead. At least you'll own a copy of the game you can play for as long as the CD lasts.

Spotted over at V13

Friday, October 12

Rant.. by Odin - 15:34 -
Well, I just wanted to say that I'm leaving for a week. Me and my girl are going to Mallorca for a week, anything is better than the weather here in Norway. So hopefully Rosh will update a bit, won't you Rosh ?!... Cya !!

Thursday, October 11

Fallout Trivia Content Results by Odin - 10:45 -
I actually forgot about this mail (sorry Briosafreak!!), Briosafreak informed me about the Fallout trivia contest at Vault of the Future.The results are in and guess what, the winner is a goold old NMA fan! Great job Lockout!!
Link: Fallout Trivia Results
Thanks to Briosafreak!

Another FOT Review by Odin - 10:40 -
Would you look at that, according to Kreegle, our good old upside-down guy (cause he's from Australia), the australian newspaper The Herald Sun have printed a review of Fallout Tactics. And here's their verdict:
This classy, if somewhat bleak, game is worth considering if you are after something with a little substance.
It got 4 stars out of 5 possible, don't you just love it ?!
Kudos goes out to Duck And Cover.

Thursday, October 4

Fallout letter at G-Spot! by Odin - 10:35 -
Today at Gamespot Timothy G mailed in his letter about his love for the Fallout series and the hopes he had for seeing a Fallout 3.His question was: Will there be a Fallout 3, if not why? Here's what Greg at G-Spot said:
Hey Timothy, I'm as big a fan of Fallout as you are. In addition to a couple of choice games in the Ultima series, the original Fallout stands as my all-time favorite RPG and one of my favorite games of all time. Needless to say, then, that I'm also hoping there will be a sequel. While I can't say for sure that we'll ever see another Fallout game--the fact is there's been no official announcement of one--my Magic 8-Ball says chances are good that we'll get another Fallout soon enough.

There's plenty of evidence to support this guess, not the least of which is the fact that Fallout Tactics actually sold pretty well, especially compared with a lot of Interplay's other games. So if nothing else, it's highly probable that the Fallout franchise will continue to exist--even if it does continue to spin off like Fallout Tactics did. Other games based on Fallout could be pretty cool--dare I suggest an online RPG? Maybe an action/RPG similar to Diablo? Fallout's setting was one of the best things about it, so just about any type of game would work well in that universe. But I agree that a pure role-playing sequel would be best.

Black Isle has stated that it's got two projects in the works right now, even though Torn was canceled. I wouldn't be surprised if both of these were based on pre-existing Black Isle franchises. I'm one of those people who was pretty disappointed when Torn was canceled--it was being designed by the guys who did Planescape: Torment, another one of the all-time greatest RPGs. Black Isle hasn't really gone on record, but presumably Torn was canned in part because there was no brand recognition of any kind. It's hard for a new game series to establish itself--consider that Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics apparently both sold much better than the original game.

Interplay's in a tough financial situation right now. It needs to be producing hits. And the Fallout franchise is one of its best opportunities to have one. Keep your fingers crossed.
So there you have it, quite a good answer too.But nay on the Fallout ala Diablo style!!!Ack! Don't ruin it! (Remember if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Link: G-Spot Letters

Wednesday, October 3

2 New Games in Progress at BIS! by Odin - 13:22 -
The Dragon's Breath Forge did an interview with Jason Manley (artist at Black Isle Studios) and here's a great new info snibblet (well we can hope can't we?), lookie here:
2. Black Isle has been very silent since the cancellation of TORN. What are you guys up to now?
Currently we have two games in development. I am helping with all sorts of different things on one of the two...everything from the box art and the logo illustration to character and landscape art. For the project I am on, things are coming along very well. I am seeing new art daily and everything is looking as good as it possibly can.

I'd bet that you will be hearing some things about the project I am working with very soon. I have seen the website concepts and designs as well as the ad and box stuff. All are near completion. Everyone is doing a great job. What that date is...I really am not sure. Sooner rather than later I imagine.
I'll just say like my other Fallout Fansite buddies say: PLEASE LET ONE OF THEM BE FALLOUT 3!!!!!
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

A new FOT review by Odin - 13:16 -
Well I didn't think I'd see this, erm..except for the one I intended to do (since no one else here at NMA did). But a site called Gamitopia have posted a review of Fallout Tactics,it got an overall score of 84% and here's a what they said:
Interplay's Fallout series has been hugely popular in the past and has a big fan base, plus it has been quite a few years since the last game, so having the ability to play in the Fallout world again has been a great experience. With three full action-packed CDs, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is really an awesome RPG-tactical combat hybrid that I have really enjoyed. However there were a few problems with the game like crashing once in a while which were easily fixed with the available patches. Still, the patch was huge at over 76MB, and as always we just wish these problems had been fixed before they released the game. But all in all, this is a must have for any Fallout fans.
Link: FOT Review at Gamitopia
Spotted at Blue's News.

Further Fan-Fic Fun! by Rosh - 2:19 -
Got this in my email by True Raven:

First off is the Annunaki has relaunched our site with a more graphical look to it. Slinky Avenger is the designer behind it.

Secondly the Illuminati has been Annexed by the Annunaki, who will keep it as an Affiliate, much like the Archives currently is. The Illuminati will continue to run as a guild but will have influence by the Annunaki in key areas to help it stay alive and well during its recent times of trouble.

All that, and a bag of chimps...or whatever it is you hip people say... Still planning out the Fan-Fic section on this site, writing up the script backend, etc. No ETA of completion of that, as of yet.