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October 2000

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Tuesday, October 31

Russian Fallout Quest Game by Odin - 9:53 -
It seems there's a group of russians who have made a Russian Fallout-based quest game, the only problem is that it's in russian.
But according to APTYP it's "Skillfully written, with excellent background music for every situation."

Thanks to APTYP for informing me about this.

Check it out here.

Update at Fallout Tactics Official Site by Odin - 8:37 -
Seems Krazikatt has updated the links section again, this time with interviews of Chris Taylor and Dan Levin. Nothing new to us, but just though I'd mention it.

Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 8:27 -
Ah lookie, lookie seems Beta 2 is almost finished. They've also update the 'Scenarios' section, go check it out.
We've finally updated the 'Scenarios' section (which you can find in the 'About' portion of the site) to reflect some long awaited code. As you can see by the progress bars, we've tackled a sizable chunk of goals we had set forth for ourselves, and are now in the true final stages of adjustment and addition for Beta 2. Release is drawing nearer and nearer, and it's looking GOOD.

Due to the nature of the testing and additions we are now incorporating, we have decided to close down testing from outside sources, condensing it into purely team-based adjustments and playtesting. We'd like to thank those that assisted us in various bug hunting and tweaking, and salute them now in waiting for the final results of our labors. I'll end this update with saying, quite simply, gameplay is like something you've never seen before ;)

--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Monday, October 30

Tidbits at Message Board by Miroslav - 23:18 -
Chris, again, answered several questions, nothing of which is important to an average game player :)
on gameplay time - We're _estimating_ 30-40 hours of gameplay for the single-player game.

on translation - We have someone in-house who coordinates the translation process, we have native speakers for French, German and Spanish to verify the translation, but we use "local" translation services for the actual translations.
I'm not sure who will be doing the French translation this time around.
I'll see if I can find out and post here with the answer. I do know that we're starting that process shortly, so we should have an answer already.
Tried buzzing the localization producer, but he's out to lunch.

on "buttocks" shots - I'm not sure if I would agree with you that shooting someone in the buttocks was "sorely missing" from the Fallout series. Groin shots are better, IMHO.

That being said, no, we don't allow buttock shooting.(1)

(1) You can simulate being shoot in the buttocks by placing a thumbtack in your chair before sitting down to player.(2)

(2) Pointy side up, of course.(3)

(3) Thumbtacks have inherently neutral karma. It's the use of thumbtacks that makes them tools for good or evil.
See you tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have more free time as I am going on some medic tests, and won't have to work for a few days :) Luck in misfortune if like it that way :)

Article about Fallout by Odin - 8:57 -
GamesDomain have in light of the three year anniversary of the Fallout release released an article about Fallout and it's affect on the gaming world of RPG.
Go check it out here.

Spotted at Duck And Cover

Sunday, October 29

Beta Testing by Miroslav - 15:49 -
Much has been said and many times asked about this beta testing. One more time, and I can bet not the last time, Chris answered about it (official forums):
At this time, we don't plan on doing a formal external beta-test. The demos will be our technical tests, and they will reach a far larger portion of the population than an external beta test can.

We also plan on some in-house focus groups. We will bring people in off the street and let them try out the game. I'll announce something here when that happens. Some of the focus group testers will be Fallout fans, some will be fans of the genre and some will be just game players.

This is in addition to our QA testing and Micro-Fort�'s QA department.
Interplay is located in Irvine, California. They accept beta tests, but you must be a resident over there, and must go over there personally to apply. At least that was the policy one year ago... :)

Saturday, October 28

Forum Tidbits by Miroslav - 23:07 -
Who said I don't visit the official forums anymore ;) Anyway here are some tidbits from the last few days:
on running a game in windowed mode - A while ago, I tested this and it worked. I don't know if it will work in the final, but I'll try it again today.
Game res is either 800x600 or 1024x768.

on targeted shots - Yes, Tactics has targeted shots.
Similar to the previous Fallout games, but the critical hit table is tweaked slightly (more multiplayer friendly).
Hotkey support for targeted shots.

on future Fallout titles - We don't comment on games that are not in development and haven't been announced yet. From what I've been told, we legally can't (since we are a public company and there are all sorts of "future promises" regulations we have to worry about).

As such, I certainly hope we get the chance to do more Fallout games, of all sorts of different genres.(1)

As for marketing Tactics: We try very hard not to overhype the title. That means not advertising too soon. We're learning... :)
(1) Dogmeat On Typing, coming, er, well, never.
Here, I've done my part of the job, see you in a year :) j/k, I'll see to update some things on page, I've got my access back few days ago...

Friday, October 27

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 9:03 -
It seems Gaist over at Wasteland Half-Life have updated their site, the info is mainly about them updating their maps etc..
Enter the Gaistman after a 10 day hiatus- with new information on the progression of the apocalypse. We've been overhauling some of the older maps to bring them up to par with newer architecture and code capabilities, and have added even more beautiful locales to the fold. Now confirmed for beta 2 are two impressively large and intricate versions of the city of needles-- One an elaborate skirmish scenario, with all fending for themselves; The other, an intense large scale three-way war. Believe me folks, this one's definately going to provide some long rumbles.

Alongside the success of needles with our testing expeditions, Death Hag's produced a rather tasty little map - Bronx. And speaking of all these map shenanigans, we will be releasing a comprehensive Atlas to Clan-Zone within the coming week, which will sport everything from eyecandy to scenario information for beta 2-- something I know you've all been waiting for. Without further adieu, I present to you a comparison of Beta 1 and Beta 2's colt models. As we keep saying, we've been improving things immensely....

--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life

Thursday, October 26

New Update at Freelancer by Odin - 22:21 -
Yurg from Freelancer have updated some of the Fallout Tactics sections he has. The weapon list is updated and the vehicle section, and of course the new screenshots from the Micro-Fort� site.
Go check them out..

The weapon list is here.
And the vehicle list is here.

Spotted at Freelancer

New Platform for Online Gaming by Odin - 10:59 -
I know this is a little off topic, but just had to let you guys know.
It seems that Micro-Fort� has developed a new platform for online gaming that will revolutionize online gaming, by allowing up to 500,000 players to co-exist on a single shard. Now this new BigWorld Technology will:
"eliminate the multiple shard restrictions that have plagued existing massively multiplayer online roleplaying games (or MMORPGs) by increasing the number of players that can co-exist on a single shard by a factor of 100. In addition, the 55 member Micro Fort� team has created a set of tools that make it easier than ever before for developers to create online 3D worlds for the PC, PS2 and X-Box."
Maybe that's why Interplay started working with Mirco-Fort�, and Interplay/BiS has also posted a new job opening at BiS.
What is this job , you may ask.... well...guess what! It's Multi-Player programmer!
Does any of this ring a bell to someone ??
*chough....BIS is going to make a MMORPG...chough*
(Ok, it's just speculations...)

Here is the press release from Micro-Fort� on the BigWorld technology.

And here is the job opening from the news at Black Isle Studios.

New Fallout Tactics Screenshots!! by Odin - 10:22 -
Seems the beloved guys over at Micro-Fort� have updated their site, with some awesome never-before-seen screenshots...
There are also pictures from the tools they use to make maps etc..
Now get over there and check them out !!

The screenshots are here.

Spotted at Micro-Fort�

Wednesday, October 25

New Poll:Would You Like a Fallout Action Figure? by Odin - 20:15 -
I just posted a new poll:"Would you like a Fallout Action Figure?", just go to the polls section to vote..

Fallout Action Figures!! by Odin - 8:50 -
Sounds good?! Of course!! We talked about this on the board and the respons we got was that it had been looked into, but didn't seem like a likely thing to do.
Now Chris posted this:
Hey! Got a question for the fanbase:

IF, and that's a big IF, we did some action figures, what would be the most popular characters you would like to see done?

B. BOS Power Armor
C. Leather Armor Male
D. Leather Armor Female
E. Tribal Male
F. Tribal Female
G. Steel Armor Male
H. Steel Armor Female
I. Environmental Armor Male
J. Environmental Armor Female
K. Super Mutant
L. Armored Super Mutant
M. Deathclaw
N. Ghoul
O. Brahmin
P. Radscorpion
Q. Dog
R. Mr. Handy
S. Robots
T. Raider Female
U. Raider Female
V. Specific Characters (like Gizmo, The Master and so on...)

Feel free to add something if I missed it.

Vote for one or two.

The dev team has their own list on what we'd like to see, I'll post it after we hear your comments.

This is _mostly_ for fun.

-Chris "Be gentle unto others, you never know if they're packing heat..." Taylor
So if you got a great idea for an Fallout Action Figure, go on the board and post your Action Figur of choice...
(Mine are Dogmeat,Guy in Power Armour and Brahim, maybe a ghoul..ahh what the hell, I'll take'em all...)

Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Just a little thanks by Miroslav - 4:00 -
To all the people who blocked my email with birthday cards :) Thanks guys! and a big thanks to Kreegle of DaC!

Tuesday, October 24

New Logo at 14� East by Odin - 12:19 -
I just stumbled onto this logo, can't seem remember seeing it anywhere before.

Spotted at 14� East

New Guide to Modding by Odin - 12:12 -
It seems those nifty guys over at Pipboy 2000LE have been quite busy lately, two new members have been added (JC from and Kreegle from Duck and Cover).
They've also added a new guide to modding called "Modding Tips" and also a new fix for their utils (when you get an General Protection Fault or an Invalid Page Fault at the very moment you double click the EXE file).

Spotted at Pipboy 2000LE

Rant about Poll by Odin - 11:32 -
Well I just gotta say, damn you guys are great.
Thanks to your effort Fallout is now no.1, in the "Best Game Music" poll over at It's currently got 66.7% followed by Tourment (18.4%) and Baldurs Gate (11.4%).

Nice work people..!!

New Interview at Gamecenter by Odin - 9:02 -
Seems Gamecenter has landed themself a new Interview with Chris Taylor, some interesting bits there.
G. S.: What's the multiplayer going to be like?
C. T.: It will work a lot like the FPS in terms game types--deathmatch, [capture the flag, and] Dogmeat. (One person is Dogmeat [a dog that appeared in the games] and he bites people--he's actually a dog--and he kills others and gets points by biting them. Kill Dogmeat and you become the dog and can score points.) The game will support up to 18 players with a total of 36 characters in game, though with no more than 6 characters per player.
Dogmeat match, wow I just gotta try that one...
some of the other important info is that the core mission has been set down to 25 from 30.

Check the interview out here.

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Monday, October 23

FT Messageboard Update Oct 23 by Odin - 21:59 -
Not much activity on the board these days, so if you have a question just post it on the official Messageboard. Just remember to check the FAQ first.

Will we be able to save multiplayer games we have played, and in so doing save our team experience for later games ?
I honestly don't know at this point, I would say that it is unlikely.
When a vehicle is destroyed, will the items in the vehicle be destroyed too?
Inventory remains, just like you looting dead bodies.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

New Poll:Which Game has the Best Music? by Odin - 15:09 -
Those people over at have posted a poll:"Which Game has the best music?", so gitt on down and vote for our very own beloved Fallout. It's currently only third with 19.4%, beaten by Tourment (41,9%) and Baldurs Gate (32.3%).

Vote here.

Spotted at Interplay Games.Com.

Sunday, October 22

Info From Jet (TeamX) by Odin - 17:47 -
It's seems TeamX (Programmers making mods/utils) have finally spoken, Jet posted this on the NMA forum.
We want to issue demo-version of our game somewhere in 3-4 months.

What in it will be included?

1) ALL weapon will be replaced.
2) New drug! Cigarettes!
3) New skill - streetwise (instead of energy gun).
4) New AI NPC (in fight).
5) In city Klamath will be a lot of new quest and characters.
6) Attack always, and not just at movement.
7) And small surprise.

Jet Myronovich
So It seems they're deep in the works on a mod for Fallout..

VIPP Preview Delayed by Odin - 17:33 -
Smackrazor posted that the VIPP (Visual INT Plus Plus) preview for the VIPP program they're making have been delayed.
The VIPP preview is going to have to be delayed since Windows suddenly became extremely unstable (half of my DLLs and OCX files became corrupt). So hopefully I can have Windows 98 up and running by the end of today as well as have most of the important programs reinstalled so that I might begin the preview and work on it for most of Sunday.
Spotted at Pipboy 2000LE.

Saturday, October 21

New Interview and Screenshots by Odin - 19:17 -
Seems our buds over at have been busy, their blackmailing and incriminating photos strategy have finally paid off. They've landed a new interview, this time with Dan Levin from Micro-Fort�.
There are also three new screenshots..

Check it out here.

Spotted at

New Screenshots at Freelancer by Odin - 19:07 -
Seems Yurg from Freelancer have obtained some new screenshots, looks great.And he has also updated the weapon list.

Check the Screenshots out here.
Here's the Weapon list.

Spotted at Freelancer

3 New Screenshots by Miroslav - 3:08 -
Gamespy released 3 new screenshots... These are taken at the same place... you could say with just a few frames difference.
Link: Screenshots at Gamespy.

Interview at Gamers Pulse by Miroslav - 2:35 -
Gamers Pulse published an interview with... whom? I don't know, there is no word on that, it just says "interview". Although I give my hand if these are not the answers of almighty Chris Taylor! Anyway, an interesting article and a must read! Here's a quote where our "unknown" friend speaks about the story line"
Set between the events of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, in a devastated post-nuclear world, the Brotherhood of Steel is going through some growing pains. Some of their members are sent to the east, to chase a defeated army of super-mutants. Their expedition crashes, and many are killed or lost. The player is a local, recruited to their ranks. He is a new-comer to the politics of the Brotherhood, but quickly rises to become a squad-leader. Now the lost Brotherhood must do two things: find the super-mutant army and find their way home.
Interview covers most of the game aspects, so one more time, read it ;) Here's a link:
Gamer's Pulse Interview
Spotted at RPG Vault

Friday, October 20

Update at Pipboy 2000 LE by Odin - 9:14 -
It seems some of the info Dr.95 had was somewhat "wrong". Matux updated their Pipboy 2000 LE site, thanks to Smackrazor for emailing me about this:
TMS is working on a full-scale preview for VIPP (Visual INT Plus Plus) this weekend. Once complete, you will be able to download this teaser and preview the new VIPP experience!
Fallout Visual INT++ is a fully-featured development environment for INT Compiler (from TeamX), which enables you to create INT source codes, otherwise known as scripts, and compile them.

Are you ready...?
An INT Script is (Taken from Duck And Cover):
"INT Scripts are the files which make everything in Fallout work. They can make people walk, talk, die, teleport; make items appear as if from nowhere and disappear just as quickly. The INT Scripts can do anything you can dream of (except make Fallout work on a network or online)."
Check their site at here.

Thursday, October 19

Infobits from MatuX and Jet by Odin - 14:23 -
Dr.W95 emailed me about an update over at his site, The Vats. It seems he's obtained some info about the Visual INT++ and some info on the project TeamX is working on.
For those of you who don't know who these groups are, they're programmers who's making utils and mods for Fallout.
MatuX[TMS], regarding Visual INT++:

We will be doing a full-scale first-world's preview :O in the weekend, we will post all the features and screenshots, Smack wanted to make a small trailer in Flash, hehe, but that was too much :)

Fallout Visual INT++ is a fully-featured development environment to create INT source codes that will be compiled using Heinz's INT Compiler (why would I create a compiler and linker if there is already one and works very well?).
All the copyrights are totally stated, so, no one will have problems.

Did you ever used VC++, VB or Delphi? Well, that is VIPP (all the features included).

Wait for the weekend and you will see...... ;)

Jet[TeamX], regarding TeamX's Fallout add-on:

We will release a demo soon. It will have three changes.

1. Unlinear storyline of Klamath.
2. Completely new weapons.
3. New NPC AI algorythms.
Big thanks to Dr.95 for the email, also check out his site The Vats

Video Games Bigger Than Movies by Odin - 8:37 -
I know this is not really Fallout news, but just though you should know this.
A new book titled “Trigger Happy: Video Games and the Entertainment Revolution” by journalist and writer Steven Poole postulates that video games are on track to supercede movies as the most popular and innovative form of entertainment in the new century
Total video game software and hardware sales in the United States reached $8.9 billion last year, versus $7.3 billion for movie box-office receipts. Of that, $6.6 billion of the videogame receipts were from software sales, retail and online

According to The Wall Street Journal, Americans named video games as their favorite form of entertainment for the third year in a row in l999
Spotted at The Adrenaline Vault

Tuesday, October 17

New Logo at Fallout Tactics site by Odin - 15:45 -
I spotted this a few days ago, but wasn't really sure if I saw correct. Is it just me or has the Fallout Tactics Logo changed on the official Fallout Tactics site, the Pipboy has been added..

Check it out here.

New Fallout Tactics Concept Art by Odin - 10:28 -
Just spotted this over at the Micro-Fort� site, some new concept art pictures..

Check them out here.

Spotted at Micro-fort�

FT Messageboard Update Oct 17 by Odin - 10:06 -
Will we be able to find/connect to games via Gamespy's software?
At this time, no.

-Chris "+10 Style Points for Vagueness" Taylor
Why not release some info on new material?
We don't plan on releasing a spoiler list for the new material (or, heck, even for the old material).

They will be listed in the manual.
Regarding the different versions, why etc?
Yes, different language versions should be compatible.

And JC hit it right on the head. If we don't make changes, we cannot sell in some countries.

Trust us, we would prefer not to do additional versions of the game. It would save us time and money. Leaving us more time for EQ... :)

No one said what version you're getting. The point is, and it's been stated before, that we do have to make changes for some countries in order to sell there -- according to that countries local laws and buying practices.

AFAIK, these are the countries we are making content changes, based on censorship issues:

* Germany
* South Korea

We might have to make some changes for some other countries, but I don't know, off the top of my head, of any others that are planned.

Now, let me get a little more specific, we don't handle all of the localized versions. For many terroritories, we license the game to a local manufacturer (Israel is one example, so is Poland, Japan, China, and a few of the smaller (in terms of sales) terroritories). We do not control _how_ they localize it, and we shouldn't (since we don't know that territory as well as they do, right?).

We do not have children, in any version of the game, for several reasons (US politics, distribution channel worries, team feelings and so on). The story did not require them, and we felt there would be a smaller cost (in time, money and resources for both primary production and localization) to not include them at all.

I don't think we have to change the mature language for any versions. There might be an Asian country that requested language changes, but they would handle that when they localize the text and audio files.

The German and SK versions will have no gore. If we don't make this change -- we cannot be sold at the consumer level. If you are in one of those terroritories and would like to see us change that, contact your local politician and work on it from your end. We cannot force our changes into the way business is done in those countries, nor should we. By Locals, For Locals.

Under no circumstances should you get the image that we here at Interplay sit around and decide what content will and won't go into a specific localized version -- we are held to the standards and laws of that territory. Again, the least amount of changes for us -- the better. There are no arbitrary changes.
How's doing what? And why not announce FO3?
Micro-Fort� is doing the programming, art, principal design and QA.

Interplay is doing sound, design and QA.
Plus marketing, PR and production.

Myself, Dan Levin, Steve Baldoni and Brian Christian are working on the game here for 14� East. Heather McLaughlin is doing the PR and the new guy is doing marketing (dangit, forgot his name, Allen Somethingoranother).

AFAIK, there is nothing prohibiting BIS from announcing a FO3 except, of course, they are not working on one.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Fallout Tactics Demo Pushed Back! by Odin - 9:49 -
Just found this at the forum, seems like the Fallout Tactics demo has been pushed back (*cryies out in agony*....noooo).
Well, you heard it here first:

We're going to push back our estimated release date for the single-player demo.(1)

The new release date is roughly the end of November to mid-December, but it's not final.(2)

The multiplayer demo will follow the single-player demo, so it's also getting pushed back.

This hasn't yet affected the estimated release date for the full game (Q1, 2001) -- mostly since that release date is vague, and what is changing in the demo doesn't necessarily delay the full.

We're not particularly satisfied with the way the demo missions are turning out (to be honestly fair to all parties involved, Micro-Fort� did warn us several months back about these same issues, but we wanted to explore them in detail). The tutorials are also getting some work.

We're trying to make sure that the demo is a fair and honest representation of the full game. We do not want to repeat the original Fallout's demo mistake.

Things are moving a little slower than we would all like, so we want to make sure we have the additional time to fix as many of the current issues as possible.

The game code is pretty stable, the art is there -- these are issues in gameplay, balance, audio and design. Part of the delay is that we are trying to get final recording scripts so we can go the recording studio, and haven't been able to do so at this time.

This will be a dev update sometime this week.

-Chris - Senior Game Designer - 14� East
Life is good, play more games!

Fallout Tactics: Coming Q1, 2001!

(1) Hard release dates should never, ever be given out until you're sitting there with a burned CD, signed release paperwork and a warm Guiness in your hand. The appropriate people will be whipped.

(2) I wouldn't even give this as a time-frame, but I feel kind of obligated to do so after the original estimated release date was given as a hard date.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 9:41 -
Got a mail from Kagath (thanks man), he told me there had been a new update at the Wasteland Half-Life site.
There are also two new pictures..
Back with another update for the masses; The majority of what we've been up to the past week or so is tweaking and fine tuning of maps and animations, as well as reverse functionality with the akimbo code. It's gotten to the point that we have unravelled things that many mods proclaimed impossible to do, and we've found simple sollutions to them. I'd rather not say what exactly, at this time, as we'd like to surprise you when Beta 2 is released, but it is very safe to say that our past feature lists were mere glimpses at what we have truly accomplished. Look forward to some of the most versatile combat in an -FPS- yet.

In the meantime, all you TRUE veterens of the Genre, a short while ago we received the following e-mail from someone you should find rather familiar....

Hi. My name is Alan Pavlish, creator of the original Wasteland game on the Apple II and IBM PC. I saw your Wasteland Half-Life and thought how cool is that. I haven't downloaded it yet to check it out, but just wanted to say how cool I think it is that you guys are doing this. Looks like you are putting A LOT of work into it.

--Gaist Heidegger

Monday, October 16

LithTech Engine 2.0 - FO3 Engine ? by Odin - 15:52 -
For those of you interested in the possible engine for Fallout 3, nothing official of course , check it out here.
Gamespy is running an article about the future engines..

Spotted at Gamespy

New Fallout Tactics Clan by Odin - 8:48 -
Seems like there is a new Clan in Town, they're called The Mutant Army (*gasp* aren't those the ones we're supposed to hunt down in FT?..).
So for those of you who wants to join a clan and really haven't found your "soulmates", check it out...
Thanks to Voytek for emailing me this info...

Link: The Mutant Army

Sunday, October 15

WebSite Updates by Miroslav - 17:06 -
That "send news" option in the upper right corner thingy is enabled, so You can send me and Odin some news if you find them. You shall be given full credit on this page.

Tactics weapons database is ready to be published as soon as I get more info on items :) Anyway, it's much better than the old one, I just need to finish the compare function, although I'm not sure if it's needed after all.

Web server was down again last day for several hours. My mail is not working, I'm not sure why (I get messages with one day delay, it's annoying). Everything is soon to be resolved. Stay tuned (I'd suggest to subscribe to newsletter, I'm not bugging you with recent updates over there, just major site news, for now...)

Friday, October 13

FT Messageboard Update Oct 13 by Odin - 8:33 -
Has Final Fantasy Tactics been an influence on Fallout Tactics?
FFT is one of the influences on Tactics.
How will the height levels, crouching and crawling etc influence the accuracy?
Some weapons cannot be used while prone. For the most part, accuracy goes up while crouched or prone.
Is it possible to destroy walls, vehicles etc?
For some, yes. For others, no. Walls -- no. Vehicles -- yes.
Doors -- yes.

-Chris "Zing!" Taylor
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Updated Links Section at FT site by Odin - 8:18 -
Krazikatt have updated the links section at the official site for Fallout Tactics, nothing new but just though I mention it..

New Goodies!

I've added a few new goodies to the link section for you!

There are 2 new interviews with Chris Taylor, one from No Mutants Allowed and the other from GA Strategy. There's also a new preview from Freelancer, and 2 new links to screenshots from Freelancer and Daily Radar.

Fallout Tactics Link Section.

Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Thursday, October 12

Interview with Chris Taylor at Ga-Strategy by Odin - 19:48 -
Seems Ga-Strategy have interviewed Chris Taylor, some good bits there but no spoilers (dang!).There are also two exclusive screenshots, here's a bit from the interview:
Who is this game being developed for?

People who like Fallout, Jagged Alliance and X-com games and/or two-headed cows. We're not sure about that last part.
We love Two-headed cows, don't we?...erm..well..

Here's the interview.
Exclusive screenshot 1.
Exclusive screenshot 2.

Spotted at Ga-Strategy

Wednesday, October 11

FT Messageboard Update Oct 11 by Odin - 12:31 -
Question regarding armor color:
Yes, you can change your armor colors. The colors used in those screenshots are from multiplayer.
Question regarding the CTB:
MAX2 did not have a CTB mode. MAX and MAX2 both had simultaneous turn-based (MAX2 also added a true real-time mode). In STB, everyone could move any of their units at the same time, but the unit would stop after using all of it's action points. Once all units were moved, the turn was over and all action points were restored at the same time.

CTB works a little different.

Honestly, we're mostly playing the game in CTB at this time. It's a new mode, it needs the most testing. It also works better for multiplayer, in our opinion.

I think it needs some tweaking still (movement vs. firing, action point regeneration rate).
How does a character know he's radiated?
There will be geiger counters and other indicators of radiation, both localised to the character and in an area :)

Is the demo gonna be good or "shitty" (not my words!!) like FO1?
The first Fallout demo was all my fault. I had never really designed a demo before. I wish we had not released it, after all was said and done -- it did not represent the actual game in a good manner at all.

Seemed okay when we tested it, however. And we were a bit rushed, in our defense (okay, I'm officially whining now -- shoot me)

-Chris "Bang!" Taylor
This answer came from a discussion over why FO3 hasn't been begun yet.
Where Ishan Amtey felt that Interplay should start spending money on FO3 istead of all these fantasy/AD&D RPG's.
Well, personal opinions aside, our fantasy RPGs outsell the Fallout ones -- and they get just as good of reviews (or right around them).

Fantasy may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure sells more. That's a little bit of a shame, since I would like to see more RPG genres covered (sci-fi, wild west, historical, alternate history).(1)

But from a purely pragmatic point of view (2), the D&D games are more profitable and better for the company in the long run. Of course, we don't want to pigeon-hole ourselves.(3)

And I would disagree with you about D&D 3rd edition -- I think it's pretty darn keen. Hey, they got Perks in there, right? :)

-Chris "My Gnome Monk can kick yer buttocks!" Taylor

(1) Wuuu, Arcanum, wuuuu!

(2) Not always the funnest point of view to take, but we got to pay the bills.

(3) Not that I think we have. Interplay, through it's different divisions, makes a wide variety of games. I'm really proud of Fallout and SFC (of course), but Torment, MDK2, BG2 are cool games. I'm looking forward to Sacrifice and Giants.
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

New Age Update by Odin - 10:17 -
Our buds over at have updated their New Age site, with new characters, new tech, RPG Conference chapters for the Deliverer files have been put up and also some new quotes...

Check it out here.

Spottet at

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 8:40 -
Aahhh, looks like it just around the corner. Gaist from Wasteland Half-Life site updated their site with some news and some new pictures, a nice picture with a headshot. Go and check it out...
Yet again we've managed to whip up some more goodness into our neverending quest for immerseful details. Now every character has their own style of fighting, most visible through their usage of akimbo weapons-- while the Wanderer may elect to fire from the hip during a gunfight, you'll find dieter contently shooting hand over hand for that extra bit of nastiness. What does this mean? It means unique animations per character, ladies and gents. Tasty stuff. See this thread in our forums for dieter in action.

The akimbo code has been improved drastically from what you saw in beta 1, and it shows quite evidently when you're playing. Gone are the times when you scroll through weapons to find what you want-- now it's a matter of a keystroke to alternate your armaments. Be vultures hovering over the forums, for the wastes have plenty of juicy carrion to be found there. Check out Clan Zone for some of the best Wasteland material we've released-- they've got the renderings of our player models up.

--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Tuesday, October 10

New Poll over at Pipboy 2000 LE by Odin - 10:16 -
Smackrazor just put up a new poll over at Pipboy 2000 LE, where you can vote over their guides..So to all you "smalltime" modders, get over there and vote..
New Poll
We have a new poll; "Do You Find Our Guides Thorough?".
So go and vote now! The poll is located under the news section.
Spotted at Pipboy 2000 LE.

Monday, October 9

Update at Pipboy 2000 LE by Odin - 10:00 -
MatuX from Pipboy 2000 LE have updated their site and posted some news..
Fallout Visual INT++ Delayed
Yup... It got delayed, but it will come full of surprises!
Soon, making scripts for Fallout will be a piece of cake.

The features are top secret at the moment, but it will be a fully featured Development Environment for building up your own INT scripts for Fallout. If you've ever used Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi, then you'll get the general idea of how it will look and work.
Spotted at Pipboy 2000 LE.

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 9:37 -
Aahh, it's been a great weekend, but once again it's back to reality.. errm.. well... something like that...
Spotted this over at Wasteland Half-Life Update...And two new pictures....
We're proud to announce the launch of our German headquarters,! If you can read german, or even if you can't, give it a lookaround and a warm welcome. More network sites will be launched along the next few days, in an effort to continue the best coverage and information on the forthcoming beta we can :)

Code wise we've finished some very nice visual goodies, from player reloading to the proper usage of melee weapons via some rather beautiful animations. For those curious, our mix and match akimbo system functions through a command system, where you begin with the first weapon you'd like to use, and then cycle through it's counterparts until you've got yourself tuned up for dishing out the damage. Be it sawed-off and desert eagle, or colt and beretta, you've got quite a few possibilities. Again, be sure to check out our weapons page, located in the About section of this site, for some nice renderings of our models.

--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Friday, October 6

New Developer Update by Miroslav - 20:52 -
Chris Taylor posted a new developer update just a few seconds ago!

Developer Update for Fallout Tactics

Testing and playing the single-player demo tutorials and missions remains the order of the day. We've started localizing the demo text as well. We are doing German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Just had a sales meeting the other day. This is where we demo the game to our own sales force, so that they will know how to sell it to the distributors and retailers. These meetings are kind of fun, since you get to see what all the other dev teams are up to in a friendly competitive sort of way. You also get a chance to see what marketing and sales have planned for promoting and supporting your game. I don't know, but I kind of like that for some reason.

Parrish, the lead artist from Micro-Fort�, passed on the following statistics, in case you are interested: We have made 27,056 tiles and over 300,000 frames of animation.

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer - Interplay Entertainment Corp
Spotted at the official message boards.

FT Messageboard Update Oct 6 by Odin - 8:02 -
Finally some action on the board.... These are all multiplayer questions...

Can you play with as many characters as you want in multiplayer?
Yes. The number and type of characters in your squad is up to you, and the number of character points in the game.
Can you name your character?
Yes. Silly question!
If and when you die in multiplayer do you get to watch the remainder of the game? If yes, can you talk to players?
Not a silly question. Probably can stay in the game, but you wouldn't have a character to generate LOS, so you can't see anything. You would be able to chat.
What kind of machine do you have to use in order not to get lag on this game?
Not quite a multiplayer question, so you must be sneaking this one in! :)

It'll take a machine from the last couple of years to play. That's about right in my opinion. Something decent, but not state of the art.
Can you shoot anywhere you want?
Yes. It's called Force Fire. CTRL-click.
In multiplayer do you select a single character? Can the character be a different race then the rest of your team-mates?
Er. Don't really understand this question. In multiplayer, you select all the characters in your squad. We'll provide a full pre-generated characters for multiplayer, but it's really up to you to create them. They can be of a variety of races (yes, you can have super mutants fighting along side humans and ghouls -- hey, it's multiplayer -- you make the rules!)
Do you get to choose your color?
Is FO:T's multiplayer service going to be "clan friendly"?
Nothing special for clans. Mplayer is the service, but we'll allow you to use direct TCP/IP connections and we're looking into supporting another matching service.
Will interplay condone/host tournament?
I would expect so, but no specific plans at this time.
Will there be weapons and ammo scattered about/hidden (on shelves etc)?If not, what happens when you run out of ammo?
Yes. Ammo may respawn.
Is there a time limit on games? If so will we have the option to disable the time limit?
Up to you, and yes.
How long will an a multiplayer game last (guess)?
Depends on lots of factors: number of players, number of characters, what game mode (turn based or CTB), map size, multiplayer game type.
Do stats get saved from one game to the next? (i.e. if you get/buy good armor and weapons, are they gone the next game?) Do/can you have more HP/AP then others if you play more? Can higher ranked play lower ranked? If so how will you balance it out?
Possible to Mutiny?
Within a single squad? No.

Possible to Ally with other players?
Will Fallout Tactics use Auto-update (to update the version)?
No auto-updater.

I'd really like to have one, but as a company, we have not made the decision to use auto-updaters.
Will you see areas your characters don't see (like Fallout 1&2)?
Tactically, we felt is was necessary to show the player as much about the static structures of each mission as possible. This means that you'll be able to pan the camera around the entire map and get a reasonable picture of the overall layout.

BUT you won't be able to see any entities that change state[NPCs, critters, items on the ground]unless you actually have a character within visual range. AND you won't be able to see inside buildings until you get a character in there to look around.

-Chris "Points down..." Taylor & Ed Orman
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.
For those of you who read the board, yes i have seen the movie Gladiator 3 times....kewl movie!!!

New Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 7:42 -
Spotted a new update over at the Wasteland Half-Life site, it's seems it coming along nicely. There are also two new pictures there..
Great can't wait to play it....
Things are wrapping up quite nicely, and we've got a rather hefty bundle of surprises up our sleeves for you folks-- things that we've not even hinted at in any of our past posts or news announcements. The maps are undergoing their final tweaks, and soon will be inserted with all the proper entities and properties. Also, the vgui's character system is in it's final stages, stay tuned for screens of such. Below, if you check out the picture of tony and his sledgehammer, you may be able to figure out just what the surprise is we've got in store for you...

We've been experimenting with various explosives, and may indeed end up with more then we originally planned (beyond just the molotov and pipebomb even). Also, oncemore we've been able to conquer the tradition of mod huds, and are now able to display some rather impressive weapon selection goodies ;) Check out the about section's weapon page, as 3dsmax renderings will be sprouting up as I finish them. Vigilance, wastelanders! Beta 2 cometh within the month!

--Gaist Heidegger
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Rant by Miroslav - 1:41 -
Sorry about this, because it has nothing to do with Fallout.
As some of you might now, I'm from Yugoslavia, Belgrade. Today we fought a great victory, we are now free. I'm hoping that economic embargo shall be no more, and that I could preorder Fallout: Tactics from here.

Cheers to everyone! I'm going to sleep, I'll be visiting forums tomorrow. I'm glad that this is over and that I can get back into the community.

Thursday, October 5

New Wasteland HL Pictures by Odin - 9:01 -
I found some new Wasteland HL pictures, these where on the messageboard of Wasteland Half-Life.

Metro Pictures

Weapon Pictures

Early Metro Pictures

Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life Messageboard.

Wednesday, October 4

FT Messageboard Update Oct 4 by Odin - 8:01 -
Where can you obtain weapons in FT (aside from corpses and BOS Base)?
There will be caravans and merchants, as well as people to trade with during or after missions at each location.
Will there Be Currency in Fallout Tactics?
Are the vehicles available on all the missions ?
While there will be some restrictions on vehicle availability, it will be up to the player to choose whether a vehicle is appropriate or even necessary for a specific mission.
Any Jimmy Hats, blow up dolls, or anything of that nature in Tactics?
As many as we can jam in there.
Since it takes place in the time frame of Fallout 2 will there be any cross game NPC appearances? (Bishop's Men have some business in the midwest)?
FT takes place before Fallout 2, so no cross game appearances, sorry.
What kind of variations will we see with the characters specifically on multiplayer aside from the diff colors for the diff teams?
You'll have access to most of the different humanoid races from Fallout, as well as some other characters. Not sure if you'll be able to play as critters . . .


Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Tuesday, October 3

FT Messageboard Update Oct 3 by Odin - 8:06 -
Will Fallout Tactics be developed with WINE ( in mind?
No, we haven't tested it on WINE. We don't do any formal testing on that platform, either.

I have seen a WINE environment run SFC, which was pretty cool.
Will you be able to capture people and interrogate them?
Hard to tell how much of this will be in the game. Scripting these events is kind of a nightmare. We're concentrating on other parts of the game currently. There are some game events which called for capturing of enemies, but we've toned it down some.

The brotherhood makes some references to some "events" which are questionable to those outside the order, but the player isn't forced into any torturing positions (not that the player can't be a jerk to people, but it's beyond the scope of the game to play Inquistor Bob).
Will there be different versions of Fallout Tactics?
Yes, some of the localized versions will have different content. Off the top of my head, the UK (which is the general European version) will not be different than the US version.

German version will have reduced violence. This is required to the German laws.

On the Asian versions will have reduced violence as well (I want to say Korean, but I'm not sure off the top of my head).

Other than some possible localized language issues, all other versions will be the same.

It's not my call, but I'm a big believer in conforming to the local legal system. And at the same time, I think it should be up to the locals to change their laws depending on their desire to do so.

Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Two new Screenshots at Daily Telefrag by Odin - 7:32 -
Spottet this over at Freelancer, there are two new screenshots of Fallout Tactics at Daily Telefrag.
Seems like all the new screenshots on the net are from the demo, can't wait for it...

Here are the pictures.

Spottet at Freelancer.

Update over at Freelancer by Odin - 7:26 -
Yurg emailed me about his site, he's updated the weapon list and also has two exclusive screenshots from Fallout Tactics.

Here's the weapon List.
Here are the screenshots (Nr.53 and 54..).

Check out his excellent site here.

A Record by Miroslav - 0:27 -
Cheers people! Just had to rant about the total record of pages served last WEEK - 305.000! Last record was 304.000 and that was when Fallout 2 hit the shelves. A big thanks to all of you for giving us a visit! I've started working on a new items database for Fallout: Tactics, now with easier navigation, much faster access and compare function. If you ever wanted to see something in there, just give me a mail!
Let's keep rocking!

Monday, October 2

FT Messageboard Update Okt 2 by Odin - 7:59 -
As i said before, there's not alot happening at the board. Seems like everyone's waiting for the demo (as am I).

How specific will you be able to fire in Fallout Tactics?
You can fire at anything under the mouse cursor. Not everything under the mouse cursor can be damaged, however.

But this does allow you to drop a grenade between two people, for example. But if you drop it on a tree, it won't blow up the tree (but it will attack the two people standing under the tree).
Spotted at The Official Messageboard.

Sunday, October 1

NMA Interview with Chris by Miroslav - 22:42 -
Odin prepared me an interview with Chris Taylor! And 5 new screenshots.
Link: NMA Interview with Chris Taylor

Program Repacks over at Pipboy 2000 LE by Odin - 15:22 -
Those nifty guys over at Pipboy 2000 LE have repacked some of their utils for modding.
MatuX has spent all night optimizing all of the code for all of our programs so that they are smaller, execute faster, and only require the MSVBVM60.dll file.
Here are the specs:

DATMan Light
Doesn't require any extra Dll/OCX or the execution of the "RunMe First!.exe" file!
You don't need to download MSCOMCTL.OCX (1mb) file anymore!
Increased extraction speed by... 1 second (it's better than nothing)
Reduced zip/exe's size 50%!
Increased execution speed

There's no need for MSCOMCTL.OCX either!
Increased execution speed

New font layout and other small graphical changes
Increased execution speed
Decreased file size by 60%!

So download these files now! They can all be found in the utilities section.
Check their site out.
Spotted at Pipboy 2000 LE.

Update at Wasteland Half-Life Site by Odin - 15:20 -
New update at the Wasteland Half-Life mod homepage
Hark! Another update on the progress of the apocalypse. We've been touching up the arm skins a bit more, and it looks to be that we're going to set it up so skinners can customize various portions of each arm. This should allow for some... 'interesting' skin adjustments ;) In other news, we're pondering a move from ezboard to UBB-- what do you folks think?

In the world of testing, all goes well with various ballistics and damage tweaks that should make skilled players feel very comfortable. Our aim and intent is to, rather then create a pyramid of weapon strengths, allow each weapon to be just as deadly as the next in the hands of one who takes the time to master it. In other words, experience will pay off--- big time. Feast your eyes on the final new wanderer skin below, as well as a stylish action shot from a recent test!

--Gaist Heidegger
There are also a couple of new pictures over there..

Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Fallout Tactics Preview at Freelancer by Odin - 15:19 -
I spotted on the messageboard that Yuri from Freelancer has posted a preview of Fallout Tactics.
Here's the preview.

Spotted at Freelancer.