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October 1999

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Monday, October 4

Wallpaper by Miroslav - 18:19 EST
Take a look at this wallpaper. Created by Arthur Nugmanov. One more is coming tomorrow (ChosenOne did it).

Sunday, October 3

Actors in Fallout by Miroslav - 08:24 EST
Matt Huston aka Cerial sent me two list of actors in Fallout. Who gave it's voice for talking heads and list of their movies can be seen in talking heads pages (use the menu bar, both Fallout 1 and 2 talking head pages).

Saturday, October 2

Clan Report by Miroslav - 08:01 EST
It is my pleasure to inform you of a new Fallout clan. "The Order" was established in February, but I was unaware of their existence until last week. Just like the Unwashed Villagers, the order has it's own small community (ok, Unwashed aren't small, I lied). Official home page is also available. Currently they have 60 members (few more or less, I'm not sure). Like any other clan, the oder also have it's own rules. If you wish to join, feel free to do so. Message Board is also available among other things.
Link: The Order Clan Home Page

Friday, October 1

Newsletter by Miroslav - 12:51 EST
I said I'll think of something. Well, not by myself, but thanx to Xotor, who gave the first idea about Egroups service (many followed him).
People who were subscribed before should receive a new invitation soon (48 hours). If you do not get it, you should enter your email address into the form to your left (below the menu bar).