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September 2000

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Saturday, September 30

New Concept Art by Odin - 15:43 -
Spottet this over at the Micro Fort� site, some new concept art..
Consept art are here.

Spotted at Micro Fort�.

FT Messageboard Update Sep 30 by Odin - 15:39 -
Will F: Tac have some story or is it a hack and slash game?

*fiddles with fingers for a moment*

Er, yes, it will have a story.
Question about Fallout 3 (*sigh* again...)

1st and foremost -- this is not a Fallout 3 forum.

Fallout 3 does not exist.

It is not being worked on.

If/when it does get worked on, I will not be working on it.

Thus, I cannot answer _anything_ regarding said mythical Fallout 3.

Now, that being said, I want to play it, if/when they do it.

Ob3D: The quote from previous discussions is that the game would naturally go to 3D, since they can do more with a 3D engine. It would remain 3rd person perspective. In other words, it would look like previous Fallout titles, but it would have the ability to zoom, rotate and do other things. Plus character models could have more animation. 3D != FPS (programmer speak for 3D doesn't equal first person shooter)
Question regarding Wasteland and if Fallout is Wastelands Successor:
No, Interplay does not have the rights to Wasteland. That's in EA's hands.

We consider Fallout to be the spiritual successor to Wasteland (ie, high quality, similar setting), but it is not a sequel nor is it related to Wasteland.

Different monsters: Well, we weren't trying to duplicate Wasteland, so there was no need for us to make those WL specific mobs.

-Chris "Cranky Little Muffin" Taylor
Spotted at The Official Messageboard

Friday, September 29

Newsbits From Chris by Odin - 8:48 -
Found some Newsbits from the Freelancer site,of course it's Chris Taylor answering questions, nothing biggie but worth a look....

Chris, last news told Fallout Tactics demo will be localized. Can you tell which languages it will support?
At this time, and this is subject to change, we are planning on supporting: English, German, French, Spanish and quite possibly Italian. Asian language conversions are not done by us, so I'm not sure what we'll be supporting there (but we are double-byte enabled, so conversion is possible and highly likely, depending on our local distributors there).
Does it mean what each localized demo version will have official release localization? I mean French demo -> French release, Spanish demo -> Spanish release.
That should be the case, yes.
Do you plane make levels of the game difficulty? If yes can we change it during the game or only at start?
This should work the same as Fallout 1 and 2.
Many times you said we will have 6 vehicles in game. Last news telling about 4 vehicles. Can you clarify how many vehicles will be in the game and how many vehicles we can hold in same time?
Around 6 in the game, but only 4 or so will be playable. Three or four different types of playable vehicles (not sure yet), and there can be multiple versions (so you can have up to six vehicles on a side). Vehicles that are too large or too specialized we be used by the game for special scenarios only and will be under computer control only.
How many weapons will be available in the first demo?
Nope. Sorry. No spoilers (okay, small spoiler -- demo will have three different weapon _types_.)
Spottet at Freelancer.

Thursday, September 28

FT Messageboard Update Sep 28 by Odin - 8:31 -
1. What are the differences between the new CTB system to RTS system in games like commando?
Actions in CTB are still limited by Action Points. APs regenerate over time. All players make their actions at the same time, based on AP use.
2. Will this CTB system allow things like suppression fire?
Characters can be switched to Guard mode, which allows them to fire as soon as they see an enemy (you can bet there are both good and bad reasons for doing this). We do nothing, mechanically, to specifically model suppression fire against player characters (that player would have to pull them back, stand there, or charge through it, since the PCs are _always_ player controlled, with the exception of Guard).
3. Can you give us few examples of things we can do in CTB that we couldn't with traditional turn-based system?
* 2+ players moving simultaneously
* Move and Fire
* Flanking/Surprise works a little better (especially in multiplayer)
* Return fire
4. Are there any gameplay clips that we watch to get some idea of how the game will play?
Not yet. *sigh* We've been trying to put some together, but for various reasons, we haven't been successful yet. Soon, I hope.
5. When will the demo be released?
Mid November is the time-frame we are shooting for.
6. Will there be dogmeat?
We haven't given specific spoilers for what NPCs that you will gain into your party, sorry.
-Chris "Woof!" Taylor

Someone asked if there wouldn't be mutant bunnies, since there where so many other mutant creatures.
Kung Fu Bunny Bikers From Hell... Sorry, wrong game.

Er, no bunnies in Tactics. I would assume most of them would:

a) be eaten for food -or-
b) gain intelligence, go on a murderous rampage for all those years of being used as a poster child for easter and colored eggs and eventually get taken down by big, fat, jolly guys dressed in red power armor...

Take yer pick.

-Chris "My great-grandfather used to get me to say 'Happy Easter!'... on Christmas day..." Taylor
Other than that it's pretty quite on the board and the net. But don't forget, Inteview + Exclusive pictures of FT-Bos right here, soon !!!

Spotted at The Official Messageboard

New Guide To Modding by Odin - 8:20 -
Smackrazor have put up a new guide to modding, this time it's "A Guide To Modding: Critters"
"I have added some new offset info to the Guide to Modding: Critters - Experience gained when the critter is slayed."
Spottet at Pipboy 2000 LE

Wednesday, September 27

Fallout Tactics Tidbit by Odin - 8:21 -
Matt sent me an email regarding some info about Fallout Tactics.It's not much, but worth a peek.It's regarding the progress on FT, here's what Chris said:
Working on the demo, about ready to record the audio for it. We're also working on the localized versions of the demo, so it will be available in other languages when it is released. Should have the rest of the primary game interfaces (PIPBoy, conversations, save/load and so on) in shortly.
Spottet at

Messageboard bits:

Question regarding the creature on this picture.
I don't plan on giving any more information about screenshots. Trying to remain spoiler free.
Meaning it's not a Deathclaw, i guess. Probably a new race..

In the demo, will we be able to see the intro to the whole game ?
The full intro will probably not be in the demo. It's 40megs or so in size, just for the first part. We plan on releasing the E3 version of that intro as a separate download (probably BINKED!).
Will the inventory remain as it was in previous Fallouts, in the sense that there is no inventory space limits, but there is an inventory weight limit?
No space limit, but weight limit.
Also, it appears that the shotgun ammo are not stocked on top of another, but in separate spaces.Why?
Items do stack. Those are probably temp shotgun shell artworks.
Also a question regarding weapon balancing:
Weapons may be modified to be more balanced.
Will you be able to modify the world map with the editor?
ICATATT.(I can't answer this at this time)
-Chris "I'll take a scoop of chocolate, please" Taylor

Spotted at The Official Messageboard

Tuesday, September 26

Interview with Jet from TeamX by Odin - 20:43 -
Dr. W95 (From The Vats)have completed the translation of the interview of Jet(leader of TeamX Game Design group).
The interview is here.

Spottet at The Vats

A Note from Gamestats Main by Miroslav - 10:33 -
Here's one planned downtime. Leo, our CEO, indicated that this server would be shutdown for an upgrade occurring on "Tuesday, September 26th @ 9AM". Leo has stated, the total downtime should be no more than 10 minutes. Interview with Robin Maddock by Odin - 8:57 -
Those guys over at have posted an interview with Robin Maddock (Senior Programmer for Micro-Fort� working on Fallout Tactics). Here's a bit from the interview, thanks to JC ( for the heads-up.
JC: You stated that pretty much anything in the game world can be a trap. Can we expect some surprises in terms of the types of traps in the game?

RM: Definately...I decided yesterday that 'the game is all about traps'....been doing 14 hour days making them as cool as possible :) Ever played Spy Vs Spy?
Link to the interview is here.

Spottet at

Preview in Computer Gaming World by Miroslav - 0:33 -
I was informed some week ago (maybe two) that the Computer Gaming World magazine, in their last issue, published a preview of Fallout: Tactics. The article is also available online, but without some kewl pictures - several cut scenes and two art work. I'll try to get my hands on this issue (although I cannot guarantee anything, I don't even know where I could get it over here), but I have a pretty decent scanner at work to scan these pictures (HP Scanjet 6300C). But for now, here's a quote:
We confess: When we first saw this game at E3, we wondered, "Why?" After spending more time with the game, we unbegrudgingly have to admit that Microforte and Interplay may be on to something—with a robust multiplayer mode (you can even pick Deathclaws and ghouls for your squad), deep RPG elements, and a personality all its own, Fallout Tactics could capture that chronically obsessive part of our brains that had us playing X-Com for months and months and months. We'll let you know if they've pulled it off when the game ships early next year.
Link: Computer Gaming World - Preview

Monday, September 25

TeamX Info/Update by Odin - 17:46 -
Dr. W95 (From The Vats) have translated new info from TeamX (a group of programmers making mods and utils for Fallout), info from Heinz (leader of TeamX R&D group and assistant webmaster) is here.
The translation of the interview of Jet(leader of TeamX Game Design group) on the forum is here.
Great job by Dr. W95....

Spottet at The Vats News by Odin - 12:00 -
Just found this over at and their forum, which is the site for Team Torment's new project. It's not really Fallout related, but it mentions the use of Fallout's SPECIAL System in this new game..(Scott Warner from Interplay has written this)
"the article also discusses our use of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system from the Fallout series. We certainly toyed with the idea of incorporating a number of different systems, both established and of our own design, but at the end of the day we all pretty much realized how much we enjoyed using the system within Fallout. It allows us to explore classless game play and put a new twist on how the world of high fantasy is approached. The main portions of SPECIAL, like the attributes, skill system, and perks have certainly been retained, with some elements of the system being refined and retooled for use within a more high fantasy-tinged game. We are extremely happy with the incorporation of the SPECIAL system with our title."

"Regarding the SPECIAL system - I think this has always been our intention to use the system. It's pretty much one of the first things we settled on when began our discussions for this project. Most of us here hold the system in high regard, and it's a relatively well-known entity."
Spotted at Dirty.Org

Weekend Update by Odin - 9:22 -
Our buds over at have been busy this weekend, they've updated their Weapon List, they got some Concept art from the Computer Gaming World issue (magazine) and they also have had an interview/talk with Robin and Damien of Micro fort�.

Gamers Pulse also has a poll over most anticipated game of 2001, it's got Fallout Tactics currently at the top. Go and vote here.

Spotted at

We here at NMA also have a treat for you soon, Exclusive Screenshots from Fallout Tactics and an interview with Chris Taylor, coming soon..

Also those nifty guys over at Pipboy 2000 LE have added some new things over the weekend. They've fixed some links, added the VB 6 Runtimes (Which you need for some mods) and a new guide: "Guide to Modding: Item Offsets".

Spotted at Pipboy 2000 LE

Also Dims[TeamX] has posted something regarding Mapper at forum.
I'm the leader of the mapper programming group at the moment, and I can positively say that the results are already present. It's actually more of a map viewer then a mapper at the moment, and I don't want to give out the raw version.
Mapper is a editor for Fallout being developed by TeamX.

Spotted at The Vats

Freelancer has also updated their Fallout Tactics section, Vehical list, Weapon list and also their Screenshots. Great looking !

Spottet at Freelancer

Saturday, September 23

Preview at Gamecenter by Miroslav - 12:05 -
Boys at Gamecenter published a preview of Tactics. Here's an interesting paragraph from this article:
Gamers familiar with Fallout's way of doing business won't be disappointed. They'll take control of a fresh Brotherhood of Steel recruit and his squadmates, with up to six "entities" comprising the squad. There will be nine creature classes for players to choose from, including such esoteric selections as Ghouls, Dogs, Brahmins, Deathclaws, and Radscorpions. As for character abilities, it's questionable whether the game will introduce psionics. "It's my personal opinion that while psionics are cool, they really don't have room in the Fallout world except as some sort of drug-deranged psychosis," replied Taylor. RPGers used to customizing their characters have a nice surprise coming, however. Not only will they be able to determine the characteristics of the squad leader, but--in multiplayer--those of his teammates as well.
Don't forget to check screenshots over there!
Link: Gamecenter: Tactics preview

Friday, September 22

Messageboard Update Sep 22 by Odin - 23:42 -
Just a few things this time, guess people don't have that much to ask these days..If you have a good question for Chris, go to the Official Messageboard and post it, he'll answer it...

Do you get more experience points if you choose fewer men in your squad?
Taking less characters implies more risk, thus the reward is greater (more XP).
What color depth are the movies in FO:T gonna be? 256 or 16 bit?
16-bit for us, sira.
Question about the tutorial missions and what's gonna replace rats in the game:
The tutorial missions will be set in the game universe, but with different toys than what you start with. You will be able to select them separately from the rest of the missions.

What replaces rats? Hmmm. Big freaking dolphins in wheelchairs. With cattle prods.

-Chris "Ding!" Taylor
I'd really like to see those dolphins in wheelchairs....hehe =)
Spotted at Official Message Boards

DiMeNsIoN 7 Clan Site Update by Odin - 15:54 -
Our friends over at have just updated their DiMeNsIoN 7 Clan site.

Check it out here

Spotted at

Thursday, September 21

Messageboard Update Sep 21 by Odin - 22:52 -
Not much on the messageboard these days, but i guess Chris and tha gang is busy making our much wanted Fallout Tactics game...

When you finish a mission, do you have the option to keep playing on that map until you are ready to quit?
Aye. Once you complete your goals, you can still wander around the map -- HOWEVER, some goals require you to exit the map (ie, retrieve this item and return it safely to the Bunker and the like).
Spotted at Official Message Boards

Fallout Mod Enabler (FaME) Released!! by Odin - 12:34 -
Those nifty guys over at PipBoy 2000 LE just released the FaME utility.
MatuX has been slaving away at FaME for a while now, but it has finally been completed. This excellently programmed utility allows the user to select which patches (DATs) they want to play Fallout 2 with simultaneously (note, the number of mods you run simulatneously cannot surpass more than 2 billion). So you could play a nice game of Fallout 2 with the Frank Horrigan armour mod, the Paint Job mod, and the original Fallout 2 patch.

This program works especially well with FIME, FUCK, and DATMan Light, so now budding beginner modders can make their own patches without having to worry about which files go where or what the file permissions should be set to.
FaME Util

Spotted at PipBoy 2000 LE

New Development Update +++ by Odin - 12:11 -
Chris has posted a new development update on the official FT-BOS Site.
Krazi Katt has also updated the FAQ and the Features and Specs...
20 September 2000

Developer Update for Fallout Tactics

We just got a new version of the game here at Interplay. We're playtesting the tutorials and early single-player missions.

Some of the gameplay mechanics are being tweaked, as we continue to play the game. Movement in the CTB mode keeps changing, but we're close to nailing it down. We'll talk about it some more once we get something we're really happy with. The object is to come up with something that plays very well, remains truthful to the turn-based mode and is isn't unbalanced.

Ed is hard at work on the final mission design and scripts. Tony just sent in some tutorial script changes. Parrish has some great renders, that we'll be using for [CENSORED] and [CENSORED].

Vehicles are starting to look very good. We had to increase the number of frames used when the vehicle turns, and tweak the way they move. Much better!

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer
Fallout Tactics FAQ

Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Site

Tuesday, September 19

New Mod and guide to modding for FO2 by Odin - 19:10 -
Those great guys over at PipBoy 2000 LE just made a new mod for Fallout 2, it replaces your Highwayman (car) into either a sleek black one or a rusty beaten up one.
They also added a new guide to modding: Converting BMPs to FRMs.
Visit their site for more info, it's excellent.

Highwayman mod
Guide to converting BMPs to FRMs

Spotted at PipBoy 2000 LE

Messageboard Update Sep 19 by Odin - 18:57 -
In multiplayer, is it possible for people to control one person each ?
That's doable.
When driving will you use your action points or the cars(if there is anything like that)?
Is it possible for the passengers fire their weapons through the windows or they can only use the car weapons?
Out the windows.
Is it possible to run a car against other?
-Chris "Vroom! Vrooom! Vroooom!" Taylor
Spotted at Official Message Boards

Interview with Chris at Gamesmania by Odin - 10:12 -
Gamesmania have released a new interview with Chris Taylor, regarding Fallout Tactics. There are some new info on check it out here.
Spotted at Gamesmania

Monday, September 18

Messageboard Update Sep 18 by Odin - 22:53 -
Regarding if you create a squad each time you play or have campaign based squads:
Create (should be able to pre-create and save) at this time.

Ed may have more information.
Question regarding the ability to drag unconscious squad members or objects:
There is no drag.
Question regarding moral/shell shock of squad members, aka will members of your squad get scared if they're injured enough etc..:
There is no shell shock, morale or anything that would take the character out of the player's control. This was an intentional design decision.
Question regarding weapon look (on character), ammo and animation:
Weapon designs: We can't have a weapon that uses two different types of ammo. Not supported by the engine.

Magic Hands: The generic "use" animation is called magic hands. It remains pretty much the same. It is not feasible to store a lot of extra animation for specific purposes, sorry. We're running really low on RAM as it is.
"With this Continuous Turn Based Combat, will we be able to have better, more realistic Fist Fights, like different animations for punches and kicks or faster HtH battles, as opposed to the previous 2 Fallout's ?":
The HtH system is similar to previous Fallouts. CTB would have nothing to do with that.
"Will this map editor be released in-box with the actual game or will it be seperate or downloadable?":
Unknown at this time. A lot of depends on whether the editors will be ready for public consumption at the time of release and whether or not we have the available disc space.
"Since there will be elevations in this game, will we be able to fall/be knocked off the tops of buildings ?":
Yes. Be knocked off.
Spotted at Official Message Boards

Release Date for FT-BOS, 27 February 2001?? by Odin - 19:27 -
I just noticed this over at The Adrenaline Vault, in their preview section it says the Fallout Tactics will be released on the 27th of February of 2001.
Now remember that this doesn't have to be accurate, but it's tempting to hope...
Ok, i would reeeeally like to have it now, like all of you. But I guess we have to wait. (Just wished they would release it on my birthday,2 February)
Spotted at The Adrenaline Vault

Sunday, September 17

New Voting Topic by Miroslav - 21:31 -
Last day I spoke to some people about Tactics. Most of them are anticipating Demo to be released and see whether Interplay made a good choice of doing a strategy game based on Fallout's Wasteland world. But none of them actually thought about how it would be playing Tactics multiplayer demo! This is why I was upset because I haven't actually heard anyone being eager to play in this, first ever in Fallout world, multiplayer mode. Submit your vote and assure me that I'll have someone to play with :)

More Exclusive Screenshots from Wasteland Half-Life Mod by Odin - 18:35 -
Total-Reload released som new exclusive screenshots from the Wasteland Half-life mod. Screenshots
Spotted at Total-Reload

Saturday, September 16

Site Updates by Miroslav - 0:30 -
I've been redesigning some things on the site. As a result, page is now fixed in all resolutions, but I would recommend using 800x600 and higher res. Page loading is faster as there is no need to load the entire page before seeing the results (it'll show somewhat faster). I'll mess around the site more frequently as Odin is doing a hell of a work delivering you news. Send him a welcome mail and a note that you appreciate it! At least I do.

Friday, September 15

Exclusive Wasteland Half-Life mod Screenshots by Odin - 21:36 -
Clan-Zone have just released some exclusive screenshots from the Wasteland Half-life mod. Screenshots
Spotted at Clan-Zone

Messageboard Update Sep 15 by Odin - 9:31 -
Question regarding a request for an random encounter where you would stumble upon a wishing well, which you could throw coins in and gain experience (depending on your luck):
I don't see enough of a drawback. It looks a little too much like free experience on the extreme end of the Luck stat.(1)

There needs to be some balance. Some choice on the players part (like if it was always good with a high luck and always bad with a low luck, it wouldn't be much of a choice).

Third, it also seems like a lot of coins.

Now, if there was a drawback like -- hmmm, the only way to get these coins was by killing the peaceful villagers who were allied with the really big and nasty biker gang of GMAKLV(2). Each dead villager only dropped one coin. Killing one villager reduced your faction with GMAKLV so that they hated you within just a few kills.

Now the player has a decision. Much better.

Fourth, I would make work something like this (note that this is highly unbalanced here, I'm just making crack up without going through the full design process):

If a coin is USED on the LUCKY WELL by a character without the BLESSED BY THE WELL perk, roll (2d6 - 5 + Luck) and consult the following table:

2-: Jumped by GMAKLV
3-5: Random poof of gas attack from well...
6-7: Nothing but a tinkle of sound as the coin hits the bottom of the well
8-9: A random 1d6-4, min 1 to a random stat until the next mission is complete (if this had been an RPG, it would have been for the next 1d6-2, min 1 weeks)
10-11: Same as 8-9, and +1d6�100 XP (if you really wanted to give extra XP)
12+: +1000XP. Given BLESSED BY THE WELL special Perk. This Perk gives a permanent +1 to Luck and Charisma.

If a COIN is USED on the LUCKY WELL by a character with the BLESSED BY THE WELL special Perk, that character immediately takes 2�Luck hit point damage (no armor save). Remove the BLESSED BY THE WELL perk.


-Chris "That'll make 'em pay for being greedy lil' sons of, er, what was that bird sound?" Taylor
Will there be "Easter Eggs"?
Some, not as much as FO2.
Will your character be able to obtain Champion/Child killer etc.. status?
Not, really, no.
In multiplayer can you and another player in the game play co op through the missions from solo play,or is only deathmatch?
Not sure. We are not going to make the single-player game suffer to try and force multiplayer into it. We'll see.
Will there even be a beta test of some sort with Fallout Tactics?
I hope so, but I don't control that. We are doing more and more beta tests, but I don't know the specific plans for FT.
Regarding the saving system in FT-BOS:
You can save whenever you want, as long as it is not in the middle of combat. This is very similar to previous Fallout games, with that one caveat.

You can have multiple save games.

It's a nice save system(1)

(1) It's gentle with kids, too.
Spotted at Official Message Boards

Thursday, September 14

Vault Dweller in WHL by Miroslav - 16:17 -
illien sent me a note that he uploaded the first ever picture of Vaultdweller in a FPS game. That FPS game is Wasteland Halflife mod, and the pictures are over here. Actually one is Vault Dweller 3d rendered and the other one is just a simple art work (if you can call it simple, since that picture is great!).

Wasteland Mod Delayed by Odin - 9:53 -
Those guys over at Wasteland Half-Life have delayed the release of the much awaited Half-Life mod, Wasteland.
We had a big discussion about mid-September, and we decided that an incomplete and probably buggy version wouldn't cut it. Sure, we could give you what we have now, and I'm sure you'd like it at first, but then you'd feel cheated and dirty, kind of like anyone I know who saw Highlander 4.

We're right now discussing if it'd be a good idea to release some sort of "interim" release, maybe a DM-only version then simply patch in the teamplay when that's done, or maybe a beta 2 without all the weapons but WITH teamplay. It depends on how the coders are working things out.

Just remember these things:
1. We aren't on a 40-hour week for this mod, it's our free time.
2. We had to start from scratch.
3. We're pretty close to done.
4. I'm listening to Irish punk rock.
Spotted at Duck and Cover

Interview with Dan Levin by Odin - 8:49 -
Our buds over at Duck and Cover have just released an interview with Dan Levin.

Important info in the interview:
"Fighting the bad guys doesn't always make you a hero and the end can justify the means. How you go through the game can determine the ending and even who will join your squad pool (hint hint)."

"There won't be any rats in the tutorial. I promise."

"Each mission is kind of a chapter in a book. The big difference is that you can go back to past mission/locations to see how some NPC's are doing. You have to have one eye facing the future and one eye facing the past. The player isn't going to be happy if villagers are still cheering from being saved in mission 1 when you killed all of their elders in mission 5. You have to remember that each event triggers many different character states."
Spotted at Duck and Cover

Messageboard Update Sep 14 by Odin - 8:41 -
Chris answered some questions regarding how linear the game is, what the official name was and about complex dialogue. Read on....
About how linear the game is:
The game has linear chapters with some non-linear missions within a chapter. You can also revisit old maps within a chapter (but not previous chapters).
It's a combination of both -- missions on maps within a world map, but a sectioned world map (due to the chapters). Within each chapter (which could be from 3-6 missions) you can cruise back and forth (a lot like, but not quite the same as, previous Fallout games).


No complex dialogue: In many respects I agree. Some of the Fallout dialogue was really rather nifty. However, it doesn't fit well with our goal for Tactics, and it's something that really helps us draw a line in the sand between us and the RPGs. The current dialogue is pretty funny and to the point, which has both good and bad points. It will be different, but I think it works quite well for us.
Regarding the Official name of Fallout Tactics:
Fallout Tactics
The Brotherhood of Steel
A Post-Nuclear Tactical Combat Game

Fallout Tactics <- series name (hopefully!)
The Brotherhood of Steel <- chapter name (again, hopefully!)
A Post-Nuclear Tactical Combat Game <- our tag-line, as opposed to the RPGs "A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game"

-Chris "Say that 10 times fast!" Taylor
Spotted at Official Message Boards

Wednesday, September 13

Messageboard Update Sep 13 by Odin - 8:45 -
Will vehicles explode ?
Will we have a `jump` command?
Will it be possible to destroy buildings or open new windows ?
Magic 8-Ball(1) sez:

"Question is asked and understood, but answer is too big to fit on this tiny little pyramid."

(1) Eghad! It's the return of the Magic 8-Ball(2).

(2) Magic 8-Ball is the trademark of some other company. I'm just using it as a reference to my childhood. If you're a lawyer from some other company, my name is Kim Raylor, and I work for Activision.
Spotted at Official Message Boards

Tuesday, September 12

Messageboard Update Sep 12 by Odin - 22:05 -
Chris answered some questions on the messageboard:

On Mission vs Quest (meaning will the player be able to stop in the middle of a mission and go somewhere else, does he have that freedom?)
A mix of both. Certainly the primary goals (the "missions") of the BoS, once started, need to be accomplished within a period of time (or, to be more specific, you cannot leave the map without finishing the primary goals of the mission).

"Quests", on the other hand, giving to you within some of the missions, do not need to be solved immediately.

As for time limits, no -- FT has no time limits. I happened to really like the first time limit in Fallout, btw, it was the second time limit that we should have canned before shipping (and did so with the patch).
On the ability of vehicles, defence, is the vehicle targetable etc:
Vehicular Smoke Grenades: No.

Personal Smoke Grenades: Not decided.

People can enter and exit vehicles during a mission.

Vehicles are used in specific missions, and have limitations of where they can travel (ie, people can get to more places then vehicles -- just not in as much style).

Vehicles are indeed targetable.
On the Official Messageboard's problems:
They are continuing to work on the forum speed, it's the top priority of the webteam currently (but they can't stop updating sites and so on, so it's not getting 100% of their time I would imagine).

The forum server does nothing but run the forum software, and it's pretty hefty (dual pentium, lots of RAM), but there are just more people on it then expected at this time.

Latest rumor is that we may be switching to something else.
On ammo type or amount of damage the weapons (from the gamespy picture) will inflict?
Hmm. No. That would be a major spoiler. Besides, many of those things _may_ change before the game is done.
Spotted at Official Message Boards

New Developer Profile by Odin - 21:53 -
Our friends over at Duck and Cover have just released a new developer profile, this time it's Dan Levin.
Spotted at Duck and Cover

New Patch for DatManL (for modding FO) by Odin - 9:51 -
Those nifty guys over at PipBoy 2000 LE just made a new patch for the DatManL (The fastest DAT unpacker and the only DAT maker)
Here's a patch for DatManL, it will fix the "RunMe First!.exe" problem with MFC42d.dll. Just re-extract DatMan's ZIP to wherever you want and replace the file "RunMe First!.exe" with the one inside this patch. (Size: 4kb)
Spotted at PipBoy 2000 LE

Regarding Weapons on Gamespy picture by Odin - 8:26 -
Chris answered my question about what kind of weapons that where on the gamespy picture
Hmmm. IIRC, a flamer and a laser or plasma pistol.
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Monday, September 11

A few bits from Messageboard by Odin - 22:11 -
Is there Cyborgs in Fallout Tactics ?
Erm, easy answer is no.
Will FT - BOS use the same font as Fallout 1 & 2 ?
Not sure.
Will it be possible to have feet weapons (aka brass knuckles for hand)in BOS ?
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New Tactics Logo by Miroslav - 16:58 -
I was just checking the official Tactics web site, when I spotted "the" new logo. It's not much of a change but it'll take you just a few seconds to peak at it.
Link: Fallout: Tactics Official Web Site

Bits from the Messageboard by Odin - 15:40 -
Chris cleared up any misunderstandings about the chainsaw comment on the video interview:
I was referring to the Ripper. Probably should have made that more clear. I was in a rambling sort of mood (I hate being put under the microscope, or the camera as the case may be, on less than 10 minutes notice...)

I don't actually remember saying "chainsaw", actually, but it must have been about the Ripper.(1)

(1) My mind was probably going "okay, what should I talk about next, oh, yes, the weapon thingees, and what kind of weapons we have, and other weapon related stuff, and will people understand what a Ripper is if they have never played Fallout and what am I doing here anyways and if I can just imagine the camera guy in plaid I'll be okay, and does he have to shine that camera right at me, and those other weapon things I should probably mention, so it would probably best to substitute chainsaw, which more people will recognize, for Ripper, but oh, heck, what was I talking about..." or something like that.
And also about the transparent view oval:
No chance of doing the circle view thingee (we call it a "transparent view oval") under the mouse cursor. For one technical reason (that I can imagine) and two gameplay reasons.

We like what D2 with a key to highlight all items that are visible, however.
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Hello people... by Odin - 15:35 -
There's a new guy in town..

Hello people, my name is Odin and I'm gonna help Miroslav out with the news. I'll try and keep you all up todate on all the Fallout news.

Friday, September 8

Demo Tidbits by Miroslav - 22:41 -
Chris Taylor gave some answers which may be interesting to most of you:
on demo - The multiplayer demo will be a separate release. We will probably do a combined single-player and multiplayer demo at the same time as the multiplayer demo, but the combined demo will be mostly intended for cover mounts.

on demo size - We don't have an exact size yet, but we're trying to make it as small as possible. There is a lot of art, but we're being smart about exactly what animations go into it (ie, don't add the minigun anims if there is no minigun).
Under 100 is what we are shooting for. We'd like to bring it in around 50-60 megs...
Fallout: Tactics demo should hit the web in November (somewhere around 15th to be more precise, according to Gamespot, read the article below).

Interview with Chris Taylor - Movie! by Miroslav - 0:08 -
Gamespot, a ZDnet service, just released this 59 Megs movie which is actually an interview with Chris Taylor. I don't know it's contents, but I've started downloading it (at 0.9 kbs/s, crapy connection, what can I say).
Link: Gamespot: Chris Taylor Interview (Mpeg or WM ziped)
Spotted at Official Message Boards, post by Odin

Thursday, September 7

Files by Miroslav - 23:15 -
I did a very stupid thing last day. I accidentally chosen the wrong drive to partition (fdisk) and I lost all my files :) Somehow, I managed to return my mail and some of the documents, but my mail backup was two weeks old! So, if you sent me a file (and I received 2 fan-fics and one wallpaper), please send them again. I apologize for this inconvenience.

Tactics Demo Announced on Gamespot by Miroslav - 1:29 -
Gamespot released a small development update of Fallout: Tactics. They received this report from Dan Levin (designer), in which they also indicate the release date of Tactics demo: November 15th.
The demo design is now complete, and it will consist of three tutorials and two missions with random encounters. The estimated demo release date is November 15th.

The development team is currently focusing on the sound and music in the game. The team is listening to demo tapes from voice actors, and discussing options for ambient music. The rest of the game is coming along as planned, and according to Dan, "the missions for the full version are right on track and looking really good. So far, I believe we managed to keep [the RPG] feel in a game that has increased strategy and multiplayer function [but still] totally belongs in the Fallout universe."
Link: Gamespot: Tactics Development Update

Friday, September 1

Free Game Guide at Gamespot by Miroslav - 18:52 -
Gamespot decided that they should give away free game guides. Yep, if you recently paid for one of those, you made a mistake :) Now you can download each one of them. Fallout 2 game guide is also available for download.
Link: Gamespot - Free Game Guides

3 Screenshots at Gamespy by Miroslav - 18:22 -
Gamespy has 3 new screenshots of Fallout: Tactics available at their web site (where else). Nice looking, must admit. Check them out!
Link: Gamespy - 3 New Screenshots

Tactics Preview by Miroslav - 18:02 -
I just noticed this on RPG Vault (and while searching their archives!). Here's a quote from a preview of Tactics on Action Trip:
In each mission, the player will lead 6 characters. After the mission, you will be able to pick new teammates. Each of the characters will have a personality of his own, as well as special skills that will come useful in combat. An option will be available by which the player gives orders such as: locate, patrol, attack, defend, destroy, follow, ambush, retrieve, scout, etc. Since the same combat system is used as in Fallout, it means the player can aim at certain parts of the body on his opponent (head, torso, arms, legs). The so-called 'critical hits' option will enable permanent damaging of the opponents such as crippling, incapacitation, or disabling him to use two-handed weapons. So, a veteran missing a leg won't contribute to the mission a lot, unless he is on a distance from the actual meelee.
Link: Tactics Preview - Action Trip

Official Update! by Miroslav - 17:44 -
Chris Taylor just updated the official Tactics web site:
Developer Update for Fallout Tactics

Where has the time gone? If it's like the chicken, it probably crossed the road.

Sorry. Strange humor. I'm getting ready for a short vacation, so I'm just getting ready to blow off some steam and relax for a while.

This last week has been interesting. We're almost finished with the design and dialogue for the tutorials and the demo missions. Ed, Dan, Tony and myself have been working on the missions, getting them in shape for a studio recording. Lots of voice work coming up. The tutorials are nifty. Dan put some nice shine on the dialogue. All I can say is that it's bad to be a brahmin in a Fallout Tactics tutorial. The first three tutorials will be in the first demo, the single-player demo. You'll see what I mean then.

For the last three or so weeks, we've been having weekly marketing meetings (if you can't reach me from 10:30 to 11:30 on Thursday mornings, I'm in a meeting!) to talk about Fallout Tactics marketing and PR plans. Lots of funky stuff coming up on the horizon. Some of this also has to do with keeping the website up to date and some special online promotions, so if you have any ideas or comments, please post them in the Forum.

Things that we will be dealing with the near future: music, voice over dialogue, mission design, vehicles and the demos. Lots of things to do, just enough time to do it and still be able to take some time off... :) I'm going to game convention this weekend. Nothing like gaming to revitalize a gamer.

Have a good one!

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer
A DEMO!!! I can't wait to see it! Although, I'd rather prefer a Fallout 3 demo... ah, gimme what'ya got Interplay!

New Interview With Chris Taylor by Miroslav - 17:32 -
I just received a note that published an interview with Chris Taylor, big man of Fallout: Tactics. Article is rather long, but what I find interesting is how Chris commented a possibility of massively multiplayer Fallout.
Of course it would be possible. All things are possible, giving enough time, money and talent. It would be a different game from previous Fallout RPGs. You would need to take into account the whole quest structure, for one. Also, I think you would need to see a strong division in character and character types in order to promote player character interactions and move away from a min-maxed "perfect character solution". And a lot of work would have to go into PvP solutions, since Fallout is such a deadly world. Would it still be Fallout with such modifications? Sure, but it would be different and have a different feel. Fallout 1 and 2 worked very well since they were a return to the old-school RPG experience combined with a strong paper and pencil gaming feel. MMORPGs are a different beast.
Link: Vault 13: Chris Taylor Interview