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September 1999

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Thursday, September 30

Pen & Paper by Miroslav - 14:24 EST
Grampy Bone informed me that he's not continuing his work on Pen & Paper Rules. I still have one document to add, weapons list. If you want to finish that, feel free to do so. I'm waiting you!

Wednesday, September 29

Polls by Miroslav - 04:03 EST
That polls got messed up again. I've fixed it, but lost some 10 votes. I'll see what I can do with it to prevent that things from happening, or just simply, replace the poll program.

Sunday, September 26

Heroes of Fallout Feedback by Miroslav - 17:27 EST
Here's an update from Matt Huston:
Microsoft DirectX 7 came out Wednesday. We currently have the DirectX 7 SDK cdroms being shipped to us. They should be here late Friday afternoon. In the meantime, we have been finishing up some graphics and design concepts.
In addition, I'll add another poll in a matter of hour. What kind of game you want Heroes of Fallout to be? Stay tuned and vote!

Mailing List Update by Miroslav - 16:44 EST
Newsletter is dead. I'm no longer available to send you these mail. Why?
1. My ISP do not allow more than 20 recipients per email. With basic calculation, that means that I need to do 280x copy/paste and send 280 emails.
2. I do not have a credit card (since I'm economically isolated) to pay for professional services.
So, until I find a solution, newsletter is down.

Friday, September 24

Poll at Vault Network by Miroslav - 20:28 EST
Just saw this one. There is a poll at Vault Network which ask you do you like CRGPs as a single player games, multiplayer or mixed. So head over there and vote!

Fallout the Movie by Miroslav - 20:20 EST
A few days ago "Interplay Interplay Films announced that Columbia Pictures has optioned the motion picture rights to the computer game Redneck Rampage" (from press release). And with this info, I'm giving you a bit of news from the Official Fallout 2 Message Board:
Yes, making Fallout into a movie is still being looked into. It might even have been started, but we'll be the last to hear. ;)
That goes how well informed Dave Handee is :)