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August 2001

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Friday, August 31

New poll, and a request: by Rosh - 7:18 -
I put a new poll up already, but for fairness' sake, wait until you see the new fan-fic system I'm putting in before voting. Ah, what the hey, I'll outline it here.

From the intro page of the Entertainment page, the fanfics and other work will be displayed in categories. Of course, our fan-fic section will be the largest, and up top (naturally) of the list. We're looking for a few more submissions as well. Art, skins for programs, whatever - it's all good.

Now, in each page of the subcategories, you will have two lists like the following:


Bubba in the Cornfield
Solomon Grundy Picks His Nose
Things Involving Sheep and Not Set in Rural Farm Country

Joking titles aside, I think you can get the general gist of the format I'm working on. It will list the authors, then all the work below that. That's not all...

Author Page:

Author's Name, Info, Homepage URL, Pic, etc.
Author's Works

In the author's works area, you will have a choice to see what materials they have worked on, of all categories.

Entry Page:

Title of work, Author, and link to Author's info at NMA.

(fanfic or whatever, divided into pages or whatever)

That way, when a person reads one piece of work, they can go onto the next of the series or even take a look at what other porojects the author has worked on.

Give it a few days, and it should be a bit more fleshed out. Currently, there's my working bit at here, where you can see a little of the work-in progress. Another announcement will be made when it's fully up and ready for submissions for people to be added to the list. For fairness, it will all be listed alphabetically.

Oh, before I forget. 427 of you probably subscribe to
and frankly, you scare us.
(both spoof joke newsgroups, but having existed in reality at some time)

Just kidding, of course. But seriously...ghoul pr0n?! ;-P
I'd rather have Arcanum!

Thursday, August 30

A bit of late news from EuroGamer: by Rosh - 22:35 -
EuroGamer has a bit about the financial details behind Interplay lately, and it's worse than I even imagined.

The rest of their line-up isn't likely to do them any good this year though, with Galleon, Hunter, Neverwinter Nights and the Matrix game all expected to appear some time next year. All of which may be too little too late - as of June 30th Interplay had just $677,000 in its bank account and had already chewed up $14.8m of a $15m credit line which it is now in danger of forfeiting. The company admits that it is "not in compliance" with the terms of the credit line, and if it is withdrawn it "would have a material adverse effect on the company's ability to continue as a going concern". The quarterly report mentions the possibility of Interplay being forced into bankruptcy or having to liquidate some of its assets if it can't find sufficient financing.

Just to make things even worse, the company was apparently late in filing a share registration statement back in April which has forced it to pay a $254,000 a month penalty to some of its stockholders. According to Interplay, "if the registration statement .. is not declared effective, we will continue to accrue a two percent penalty each month that [it] is not declared effective and there is no limit on the amount payable". Given the already fragile state of the publisher's finances, "we may be unable to pay the total penalty due to the investors". It's not a pretty picture.

Millions of dollars owed, and little in the bank. It is to be wondered if Titus will sugar-daddy them through this, or will Vivendi, but since the market recently is in a slump I do not think that the future looks good. I don't think that a company would risk that much to gain the rights to a few licenses that have proven to take a bit of time in regards to titles made. That's my opinion, but we'll all have to wait and see what becomes of the situation. That debt doesn't look good, and the future looks grim.

Currently of this news post, IPLY stock is worth $0.55, and raised 0.04 since previous closing. Kind of harsh when Yahoo Financial's graph cuts off at the 0.50 line and the line dips below briefly. A really far mark from their highest point of the year at $4.03 a share back in the November-December time frame and even further from their spot at the mid-point of '98.

Tuesday, August 28

Fan-Fic and more! by Rosh - 17:39 -
Coming soon as we wait for a few kinks to be worked, not THOSE kinds of kinks. You and your sick mind, bleh. Well, as we wait for things to work out for the opening of No Mages Allowed, we're going to be working on some parts of the existing site.

Namely, the fan-fiction.

There's going to be additions of stories, plus a new category system by-author...should be interesting to see how it turns out.

Uh...that's after I fix the items database Odin's been hounding me about. :-P


The Plot Thickens... by Odin - 16:09 -
Bluesnews reports that more on the Interplay trouble, well just read here:
According to a report on MCV:
"The veteran US publisher has appointed Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing as its distributor in North America, although it appears that at present Titus will continue to handle the firm's line-up in Europe."
The report goes on with a quote from Titus:
"Titus' joint founder Eric Caen has confirmed to MCV that Interplay will retain its development and publishing autonomy within the group."
Meanwhile EuroGamer reports that CBS and Reuters incorrectly stated the deal mentioned yesterday was between Titus and Vivendi, when it was actually between Vivendi and Interplay (the business world can be so exciting), which means Titus will have a contract to honor, even if it manages to take control of Interplay's board next month (which is pretty much a given, as they are now the majority shareholder in the company). The EuroGamer story goes on with some apparently informed speculation that there is another possible twist in this case that could till give Interplay a spiteful last laugh:
Obviously not content with this spoiling move, our sources are now reporting that Interplay has filed to say that its shareholders want the company wound up! This could mean that when Titus gets hold of the reins in September the company will already be in Chapter 11 receivership. Somebody at Interplay obviously doesn't like the fox...
Well...I haven't got word for this, let's just see what happens before we make any hasty conclusions.

Updated Savegame editor by Odin - 10:44 -
Andre Detto's savegame editor for FOT have been updated and is supposed to feature new kewl additions (haven't tried it yet). Here's what Andre said:
It's even smaller than before and a lot nicer to use (i.e. the character names are actually given instead of a stupid number and it has a nice GUI now too). Far from perfect, but improved.
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

WHL Updated... by Odin - 10:39 -
Gaist is updating like crazy over at Wasteland Half-life,here's the info this time:
Heads up from the wastes; In our ever vigilant quest for immersive combat and common-sense goodies, we're now prepping various weapons, such as the pump-action shotgun, so that when one crouches or aims one actually raises & braces their buttstock against ones shoulder, thus actually steadying their shot. Hard to visualize? Picture normal firing as from the hip. Now imagine in-game on a whim bringing it up to shoulder-level for a more accurate and less recoil shot. Voila. I'm sure you gun enthusiasts will love it.

Nirrad is hard at work on technical drawings for character armor designs. We're going all-out hardcore with this, and what it basically means is that the number of player models is tripled; Three for each character to represent light, medium, and heavily-armored conditions. Bon apetit my fair wastelanders, because it's looking damn awesome. Check out Gustavo's light gear here.

Oh, and I updated the Art De Wastes section quite a bit. Check out more sexiness within ;)
Beta 3 of WHL is getting closer and closer, here's their progress:
Maps: 94% , Models: 94%, Animations: 97%, Code: 73% and debugging: 10%.

Spr2gif Source Code.. by Odin - 10:34 -
Abel from TeamX have released the source code to TeamX's Spr2gif utility. You can grab them here.

Fallout named 4th Best Game Ever! by Odin - 7:20 -
Nick Steffel emailed me that Fallout 1 and 2 had been made the fourth best game ever at PCGamers Top 50 list. Here's the scoop:
In 1997, if you wanted to play a new RPG, Diablo was about the only game in town, and many felt that it wasn't really representative of "true" role-playing. When the original Fallout burst onto the scene later that same year with post-apocalyptic imagery that flew in the face of established "trolls and fairy dust" convention, it reinvigorated the then-sickly genre. In 1998, Interplay followed up on the game's success with a sequel that was every bit as brilliant and powerful as the original.
Thanks to Nick for this info, I'm sorry I haven't posted it before.

New Fanfic Guild: by Rosh - 6:12 -
Spotted over at V13, here is Fallout's newest Fan-Fic guild!

Hello and Greetings from the newest FanFic Guild around!

We are the Annunaki FanFic and Theory Guild, a series of fans who are dedicated to providing the masses with quality Fan Fiction of all types. We can provide guidance to all kinds of writers in any style, and won't give you any of that fluffy bullshit. You get straight, honest help and answers to your questions and Fiction. Please visit us at:

True Raven
Webmaster and Counciler of the Annunaki
Best wishes and good luck, also looks like there might be some Arcanum fan-fiction going on there too. When No Mages Allowed is brought up (some few details left to work out), share! :)

Update by Odin:True Raven also sent this email to me, but I too slow posting it. Thanks True Raven!

Monday, August 27

More on Titus, Interplay, Vivendi, and a partridge in a pear tree: by Rosh - 21:28 -
Okay, since I made a few mistakes in the last news bit, and some took exception to me pointing out the obvious - today's news post will be just a link.


- Rosh

Sunday, August 26

Time to pick out a casket? by Rosh - 22:14 -
Well, looks like the casket is Titus, and it's definitely looking like curtains for Interplay now according to Yahoo Finance.

It seems that within a week stock shares have gone from the already-low ~$1.50 a share to as low as 60 cents a share (currently around 73 cents a share now). We're talking a shade away from toilet paper in a fast plummet.

It's been quite a ride, seeing the games Interplay has produced and actually made in the past. The crippling factor that seemed to be their poison was going towards console which didn't return as much as their PC releases, and their recent lack of customer support (bug-fixes, continual patching support, cursory QA). Along this, is a number of failed projects in a sort of "musical chairs" as one project gets put into focus and taken back out of focus like with the recent demise of Torn and IWD2 being likely in the works (though I doubt simply another AD&D title would save them in a quick-fix). One can only wonder why they went the way they did, but it's cost them their reputation and in the long run, their company. Also, Titus is just about fully a console company. Which means, if Interplay isn't dissolved, it will be focusing on consoles. Fallout on console? Not going to happen - take a look at the relatively poor sales of Conker's for an idea of an adult console game. XBox and others are coming out with some mature-rated games, but will Fallout join them if it's preserved? Doesn't look hopeful.

Of course, you can't really patch console games...

*sigh* How the mighty have fallen. See, kiddies? This is what chasing trends does to you. The objective is to SET trends like Alone in the Dark, Diablo, and Fallout. It's asking for death to FOLLOW them a la the AD&D 'clones' and jumping on bandwagons like going completely 3D-Multiplayer-MMO-Pokecrap.

[Edit note: Some don't see that more and more are getting tired of the same old thing, and that applies heavily to AD&D as I've seen many are getting jaded by it. Plus, one of the things that hurt MANY of Interplay's recent titles like (of a sample) SFC2, Giants, and of note FOT, was poor state of release and then later patched 'until the money ran out'. That, combined with ludicrous release-scheduals. Word of mouth spread at places like and others, and people hate buggy software, so it's no suprise what has happened.]

I'll miss IPLY not for what it gave, but for what it used to be. Pardon me as I go break out one of my old ammo cases and ruffle through some nostalgia...

I hear Wasteland calling.


Spotted over at V13

Thursday, August 23

New Post-Apocalyptic Game.. by Odin - 22:05 -
I got an email from Voytek where he told me about a new game made by Liquid Software called The Aftermath.It's kinda like the good old Wasteland, so go and grab it here.
Thanks Voytek!

New FOT Mod by Odin - 22:01 -
Sats and Go-Go-Ghoul from The Mutant Army (GRRR!) have finished their mod for Fallout Tactics. Here's what it's all about:
The Squad warfare mod finally brings tactics to the wasteland. Replacing the default characters with more balanced ones that lend meaning to the name of the game. With balanced, low-point characters....The demo days seem that much closer.

Also includes Sprites new to mulitplayer!
Great job guys!
Link: TMA's FOT Mod
Also spotted at Vault13.

Starlance FOT closed.. by Odin - 21:59 -
Starlance have closed their FOT League.Official word from their page is:
The StarLance Fallout Tactics League has been closed.
Spotted at good old Vault13.

WHL Updated.. by Odin - 21:55 -
Gaist keeps on updating, and this time he brings great news. Read wh00t it's all about:
Excellent news from the warfront! With a kneejerkingly leap of progress, we've made up several weeks of lost time with code and are now playing with fully functional beta 3 weaponry-- something which was largely held off for a long time now. With the Tommygun and the other toys in-play, tweaking can resume, hence the re-initialization of the debugging percentage bar. I'd also like to take this time to welcome Darrin Michelson aboard as our new character\storyboard artist. A little tidbit of him is visible to the right of this post, with Gustavo leapin' about. Expect screens soon of Gaist owning the living christ out of the rest of the dev team with the tommygun.
Progress on Beta 3:
Maps: 94%
Models: 94%
Animations: 97%
Code: 73%
Debugging: 10%
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Wednesday, August 22

Arcanum is released.. by Odin - 10:17 -
Sierra have finally released Arcanum, so remember to support your local Fallout-creators and go and buy the game.
Here's the info from the official press release:
Arcanum, the debut RPG from the core team that created the award-winning role-playing game Fallout�, has shipped to computer retail outlets worldwide. Set in the land of Arcanum, the game is an imaginative world of ancient runes and steamworks, magic and machines, sorcery and science. Beautifully detailed environments are captured in this compelling new world where Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and other races battle to coexist in new sprawling industrialized cities.

"Our goal with Arcanum has been to bring a new quality to the genre," said Tim Cain, Co-CEO, Troika Games. "By spending time on the intricate environments of Arcanum, we have achieved our vision of creating a living, breathing world, where gamers' experiences are determined by their decisions and shaped by their imaginations."

Please contact your local software retailer for availability or order direct from Sierra for immediate delivery.
Congrats to the guys who made this game!!

Tuesday, August 21

Interplay Q2 2001 Results by Recall - 10:07 -
Bad news from Interplay - especially if you're a shareholder. Quite what this will mean to future development who knows - I see no mention of Fallout 3;

"We have suffered some painful and disappointing delays on the release of major next generation console titles, and our limited resources have forced us to focus only on high-end games going forward, so we had to discontinue or suspend selected projects and take certain charges to operating results. We still expect to have an excellent line-up of games in our future release schedule that includes Giants and Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance on Playstation 2 scheduled to release in fourth quarter of this year, with the potential for multiple platform releases of Galleon, Hunter, RLH, Neverwinter Nights and Matrix, all of which are primarily focused on next generation consoles and are scheduled for release next year."

Spotted at Gamespy Daily

Updated FT Booster available by Recall - 9:07 -
There's a new version of the FT Booster utility, which, for those who don't know "allows faster, smoother scrolling & much less disk usage" - so give it a try. Oh, and make sure you have the 1.27 patch installed first.

Grab it here -

Monday, August 20

Titus buy up IP Shares by Odin - 23:42 -
A French video game company called Titus Interactive have upped their ownership of Interplay by a whooping 17,5%, going from 34% to 51.53%. Which in term means they control and have alot to say about what Interplay should do next, here's the scoop:
Titus, which rattled investors earlier this year when it mulled selling what is seen as a key strategic asset, said on Thursday it had increased its stake in Interplay to 51.53 percent versus the 34 percent it held in June.

``This purchase raises Titus Interactive's voting rights and will enable, during the Annual General Meeting in September, a re-election of the board and a takeover of Interplay by Titus Interactive,'' Titus said in a statement.
Now it all depends on what Titus wants to do with Interplay and what comes next in line of games (if you're a Titus employee, read FALLOUT 3, then 4, then 5..get the picture ?)
Ripped and raped from our pals at Vault13

Thursday, August 16

More Virus Woes (or "Why Can't They Figure Out How Their SMTP Server Works?") by Rosh - 1:47 -
I'll make this brief, as I don't want to bump any other news. However, this has gotten ludicrous. The SIRCAM virus has been a real pain in the arse here lately, namely with Gamestats' email servers, which get a load of this virus regular if my inbox is any indication.

Three emails and no reply, finally I show a bit of teeth and I get something back. A crappy form letter.

More on it HERE.

Le sigh.

Wednesday, August 15

WHL Updated.. by Odin - 20:44 -
Gaist is really on a roll here, I missed this one yesterday. Gaist posted a new update on the Wasteland Half-Life site, here's the info:
Heavy duty changes to the weapons and cast pages, with some rather sexy renders available for the vast majority of the weapons, and a good number of new characters showing their faces. The mossberg has been given a heavy duty facelift, and the jackhammer is now being remodeled to reflect 'changing times' and whatnot. Be sure to tip your hat to the boys over at The Backburner, Nebula's a great chummer.

By the way, we're currently scouting for an accomplished sound guy as well as possibly one more concept artist; Interested applicants should drop me a line at
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Update.. by Odin - 0:24 -
Hello people, I've been slaving away at some new sections of NMA that's soon to come. In the process I did the Races section of Tactics, so you can now check out the info on all of the races.
Get ready for many, many more features soon to come here on NMA...

Tuesday, August 14

New Fallout site by Recall - 15:44 -
Just received an email from Luke the Gatekeeper;

I am Luke, the Gatekeeper of the Void. Together with the Keymaster and the Chronicler, I am in our senate; the Watchers of the Seals. We call ourselves GOV - Guardians of the Void; an organization established on August 12th. We are trapped in the void of the Fallout universe, located in some strange paralell universe we can't seem to find the way out of. While we are a military organization, there is no obligation to play Fallout Tactics. The crowd consits of some lost roamers of the wasteland, who has fallen into the void. While we guard our humble home, we discuss various topics ranging from pondering life questions, to jabbering about perks in Fallout 2.

Check it out at any of these locations;, or if that doesn't work;

Monday, August 13

No FO3?? by Odin - 14:51 -
According to rumours floating around the net, Interplay has set out to develop Ice Wind Dale 2 instead of Fallout 3.If it's true I guess Interplay is looking for a quick cash boost, here's the info:
While it hasn't been officially announced yet, Interplay is working on Icewind Dale 2, another BioWare Infinity engine game. While I've hinted in past ramblings that we may not have seen the end of the Infinity engine, and that Interplay was considering other Dungeons & Dragons products (in addition to Neverwinter Nights), I can now confirm that Icewind Dale 2 is in the works (and it's not necessarily the only new D&D game that is being contemplated).
Spotted at Desslock's RPG News.

WHL Updated by Odin - 14:46 -
Gaist have once again updated the Wasteland Half-Life site with some new info and this time an avi showing the Ruger's reload animation. Here's the info:
Tweaks on the site continue; Team page updated fairly extensively. Also, there is now a nifty avi showing off the Ruger's reload animation here. You'll need the DivX codec, which I don't recall the location of, but a search should find it.
So head on over and check it out..
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Editor readme in French.. by Odin - 12:37 -
We're doing an all french day, guess what i'll be having for dinner...
Gadro from French Vault once again emailed me about this news, this time around it's about the readme file for the editors. It seems a guy called [ADR][battosai]CXZman have translated the editor readme into french, hmm makes me wonder where the norwegian version is...
Link: FOT Editor readme (French)

WHL gets some competition! by Odin - 12:33 -
As many of you know there is a Fallout mod for Half-Life called Wasteland, well now there's another one in the works.It's called Fallout HL and the crew is French (oui, oui).
Good old Gadro from French Vault emailed me about this, here's some of the info from this new site:
Fallout hl est avant tout un jeu d'equipe, qui melange habilement le systeme
de classe de TFC et la subtilit� tactique de CS sans pour autant faire un simple cl�ne hybride de ces deux mods, dans fallout HL le joueur aura la possibilit� d'incarner sois un soldat de la confrerie de l'acier ou de l'enclave,chacune de ces deux team aura des alliers, les goules pour la confrerie et les super mutants pour l'enclave.


Fallout HL is mainly a team game, which dexterously merge TFC's class system and CS's tactic, without creating a simple clone of this both mods. In Fallout HL, the player can be a Brotherhood of Steel soldier or an Enclave soldier. Both of this team got allies: ghouls for the BOS and Supermutants for the Enclave
They're looking for some staff as well, thanks Gadro!!

Friday, August 10

Send in those FOT Maps! by Odin - 8:35 -
For all you modders out there, who are making maps for Fallout Tactics, just email me all your maps and I'll post them here on NMA.
There are a couple of new sections coming here at NMA, just hang in there a little longer...

WHL Updated by Odin - 8:32 -
Well in these quiet times, it's good to see that someone is updating. Once again the WHL site was updated with some info, here's the deal:
Weapons page updated a bit, some new goodies below. Revolver animations are done now, as are a few new characters who will be revealed a bit later. They'll be the last of the bunch. OneManArmy is working on the code now, and hopefully things will be going smoothly. With Postman working at gearbox now, it is uncertain if he'll be able to find time to work with us much anymore. Regardless, hats off to the crew and community; we're still here.
Link: Wasteland Halflife

Saturday, August 4

Roadkill on the Information Superhighway: by Rosh - 10:40 -
Aka, "exactly HOW many dumb idiots are out there to waste the bandwidth of the Internet?".

Computers/the Internet and idiots mix about as well as ammonia and chlorine. They will not just take themselves out - they will try to take you with them. For the last week, I've watched as I happened to have the misfortune to be on one dumb schmuck's contact list on OLE, and watched as he sends random executable files from his comp along with the trojan/virus along over the length of MANY DAYS. Like 20 minutes of lag after closing his mail reader wouldn't be noticible. He's not the only one either, from the seven or eight others that I've recieved this from. I think the first indication would be that he would be sending about 130kb each email message out to everyone on his list causing him tremendous lag. I guess I could imagine what's on ol' Bubba's mind as he chews on the keyboard:

"Well, gollee! This Microsoft mail-thingy shore makes my connection slow after opening that email from Billy-Joe!"

Common sense still hasn't filtered through into the sediments of stupidity that lies stangnant between the headsets of these idiots. An odd title of the email, a brief message that seems odd in itself, and a file with an extra extension. What would be the first clue here to get a virus-scanner?

So, in my part in the Crusade of the Prevention of Idiots Breeding, use the following URL and edumacate yourselves and help others so if they decide to nominate themselves for the Darwin Award, they will at least make this aspect of OUR lives a little less traumatic.

Take that ham-hock out of your mouth and CLICK HERE, JEETER!

(Just letting off some steam here, and not directed AT the visitors of this site, but mainly at the "Oooh, it's so easy!" people that AOL was designed for. Pass the word, and don't let this happen to you. Mostly tongue-in-cheek ranting.) :)

[Edit Note: Mixed this one up with another almost exactly like it (probably earlier form or something). Doesn't cause lag or anything and doesn't use a mailer aside from it's own, and it can be sneaky...but I think after a WEEK of recieving "message undeliverable" and questions from others, and in one particular case - their ISP email quota is FULL - what would be the first hint? There's about three people that still have this problem over a week and a half now, and likely haven't figured there's a problem due to people replying to them. One time is fine, but more than a week is a problem. See a doctor. Of course, I wouldn't be suprise if people got re-infected numerous times...I've seen people on some NGs get the Happy99 crap every other week regular.] ;)

Friday, August 3

WHL almost finished.. by Odin - 8:33 -
The talented guys over at Wasteland Half-Life are almost finished with Beta 3 of WHL.No more weapons will be added to their list, and they've updated their arsenal page.
Here's how Beta 3 is progressing:
Maps: 94%
Models: 89%
Animations: 94%
Code: 89%
Debugging: On Hold
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

New Dev Diary by Odin - 8:16 -
Kreegle (DAC) posted a new developer diary yesterday, this time it's the boss of bosses at Micro-Fort� John De Margheriti.Here's a tiny winy snibblet:
What are a few of your favourite films?

Blade Runner, Monty Pythons Meaning of Life, DarkStar, Star Wars, Being There, Matrix
What can I say, the guy has taste!!

Link: John's Dev Diary at DAC
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Thursday, August 2

Rant by Odin - 12:00 -
Sorry for the lack of updates and posts, but there isn't much to post about now-a-days.Hopefully we'll hear that Fallout 3 or Fallout Tactics 2 is announced soon (no Interplay/MF is not working on either games yet), and take it from there.

Rosh and me are currently working on our soon to come new site called No Mages Allowed (Arcanum site) and we'll hopefully have it up soon.
We are also in the prosess of working on NMA-Fallout also, so expect some changes soon.

Actiontrip Character and Combat Guide update by Recall - 11:55 -
Apparently Actiontrip have updated their Fallout Tactics Character and Combat Guide. There you'll also find an FAQ, a trainers, save games, weapon/armor lists, and cheats. But I wouldn't condone cheating of course. Neither would I condone going to look at their Babe Of The Day, which can be found at the bottom of the main page. Especially if you're at work like me and everything is logged :( Thanks Saint_Proverbius.

Spotted at Vault13