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August 2000

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Tuesday, August 29

Fallout Anticipated as Multiplayer? by Miroslav - 22:12 -
Dule informed me that Gamespot published another poll. It's actually a mixed article on what game would you make a massively multiplayer. Here's a first paragraph from that article.
With a whole new batch of massively multiplayer games coming out next year, fans of online gaming have a lot to look forward to. Role-playing games like Anarchy Online, Atriarch, Shadowbane, EverQuest: Scars of Velious, and Ultima Worlds Online: Origin promise to fix the problems found in current games, and strategy fans can look forward to Sony's upcoming Sovereign.
Beside Fallout, you can vote for The Sims, Middle Earth, Wing Commander, Star Trek, Master of Orion, Heroes of Might & Magic, etc.
Link: Gamespot: What game would you make massively multiplayer?

Thursday, August 24

Rant by Miroslav - 23:35 -
You surely saw my post regarding that poll at GA-RPG. Well, *after* that post, Fallout took the lead, entire 20% ahead of Baldur's Gate! I would love to see their referral log and see who voted :) Thanks for coming here guys and gals!

Fallout the Movie! by Miroslav - 18:11 -
GA-Source reported this fantastic news. Just read their article (shortened here, follow the link for full story)
Interplay Movies
According to a recent print issue of Variety, Interplay Films, a division of Interplay Entertainment, is developing seven of the company’s most popular video game titles.



A Post-apocalyptic action game. Interplay is said to be partnering with Dark Horse Entertainment on the project on the project. The trade reports that Brent Freeman (Dark Skies, Mortal Kombat II) wrote the script.

What about that? I'll see if I could dig out some additional info on this. Stay tuned.
Link: GA-Source - Interplay movies
Thanks to Justin from for this head up!

Wednesday, August 23

Interview at Freelancer by Miroslav - 9:28 -
Yurg from "Freelancer" web site conducted another interview, this time with Brian Cristian and Chris Taylor. Not much is said about the game there, but if you're a die hard Fallout fan, click and read this article.
Link: Freelancer - Interview with Chris Taylor and Brian Christian

Monday, August 21

Fallout Series Must Win! by Miroslav - 10:20 -
Gamers Alliance RPG site (GA-RPG) is conducting a poll with the following topic: What is your favorite series of computer role-playing games? You must vote for Fallout series, not because you love it, but because I said so :) Beside Fallout, you can cast your vote for Baldur’s Gate, The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Might & Magic, Ultima and Wizardry.
Currently, Fallout leads with 1%. Let's finish this off quickly.
Link: GA-RPG

Saturday, August 19

Chris Taylor Interview by Miroslav - 10:37 -
Nick Steffel, Senior Writer @ (one of the new sites on the block) sent me a note that they published an interview with Chris Taylor. It's intersting nd really worth to read. Here's a tidbit on release date and project update:
The first quarter of 2001. It's late Alpha. We are close to beta, but still have a few things to do. I would like to define a new stage of product development: Omega, when the product has passed final QA, been sent off to the duplicators and the development team goes out and gets pissed.
Link: ModernEmpire.Com - Chris Taylor Interview

Wednesday, August 16

Fallout: BOS Development Update by Miroslav - 16:22 -
Adrenaline Vault recently published a short article called "Fallout: BOS Development Update". They also have a 3 screenshots over there, but overall, nothing big.
Link: Avault: Fallout BOS Development Update

Official Update by Miroslav - 12:45 -
Finally, I got my computer operational here at work, so you can expect a lot more updates, plus tidbids from the message boards. But for now, read this update from the official web site:


Woo! For those that don't know, myself and Dan Levin (another designer here at Interplay) left the warm comfort of sunny SoCal to journey to Australia to meet with the Micro-Fort� guys. Our trip was extremely productive and was time very well spent. I'm back, but Dan is still working down there for a few more days.

We spent most of our time with Ed (designer) and Tony (producer), but we also meet all the programmers, artists and level designers.

The primary topic for discussion was mission design, but we also talked about (at various times): new weapons, vehicles, game mechanics (like the way Doctor works now, for example), multiplayer games, tutorials and demos, updating the official website more often (heh), movies and cut-scenes, localization and other various issues. It was really keen seeing the most up to date build (I like using the word 'keen') and all the work that was going into the game. We have a pretty good grasp of the current status now, and Tactics is surprisingly larger than we had been expecting.

For the missions, we worked on mission sequencing (where a mission goes in the story and when missions become available on completing earlier missions), mission events and skill usage, mission revisitation (we have a new plan), consequences of player actions, character type differences and random encounters. One major change to previously discussed plans is the number of missions. Previously, we had 20 core missions and 18 side missions (with no random encounters and no mission revisitation). We are now working on 25 core missions, plus random encounters and the ability to revisit previous missions. There is about the same amount of material, but it is presented in a way that will let more people see the material.

Finally, I'd like to congratulate the Icewind Dale team over in Black Isle. They have made a really good (and keen!) game. Very, very enjoyable and a great way to lose a couple of hours that should have been better spent writing up notes and working on design...

-Chris Taylor
Senior Game Designer

Wednesday, August 9

Fallout PNP RPG by dogmeat - 1:39 -
Jason Mical, creator of a Fallout PNP RPG, has sent word to NMA that his beloved game is finished and is available to the public. I know many of you in the Fallout community have been anxiously awaiting this.

Link: Fallout PNP

Tuesday, August 8

Fallout's Setting Receives Honors by dogmeat - 15:26 -
GameSpot recently honored Fallout's post-apocalyptic setting as one of the "Ten Best GameWorlds." Some highlight's from the article:

    Fallout takes place in an alternate future world in which '50s bomb-threat paranoia actually survives the nuclear catastrophe that it predicted. Some small portion of humankind has outlived the worldwide radiation threat by sealing themselves into huge underground fallout shelters.

    Fallout has a very distinctive and cohesive style and appearance that make its funny, dangerous post-nuclear world seem to come alive.

Link: Gamespot's Fallout Tribute

Sunday, August 6

Brahmin, Beware! by dogmeat - 21:59 -
dogmeat is here!
I'll be Miroslav's replacement as he goes off on his fated journeys. With any luck, I'll be able to keep you all well-informed before he returns with G.E.C.K. in hand. Never fear, I shall live up to the No Mutants Allowed standard of quality.

Zac "dogmeat" Gochenour

Friday, August 4

Look Back at 3DGN by Miroslav - 18:57 -
This is a bit old, but here is it anyway. 3DGN published an article "Fallout Look Back". Basically, author wrote a nice article on his view of Fallout, his first encounters with brahmin and other stuff. Really nice.
Link: 3DGN: Fallout Look Back

Tuesday, August 1

Daily Telefrag Screenshots by Miroslav - 0:47 -
The Daily Telefrag posted some brand new Fallout: Tactics screenshots. Surely a must see.
Link: Fallout: Tactics - Daily Telefrag Screenshot Gallery