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August 1998

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Friday, August 14

Official page updated; Win Canopus Pure3D II! by Miroslav
F.U. posted another update on the Interplays Fallout 2 page. You can read it here.
GameStats news network to open first ever online tour of the Canopus assembly line and give away a PURE3DII LX Mountain View, California August 14, 1998 The GameStats News Network announced today that it would be posting an exclusive, (and first of its kind), special feature - A behind the scenes tour of the Canopus Corporation assembly line.
Canopus Corporation recently opened its doors to the staff of GameStats and granted their reporters access to the production and assembly lines of their San Jose California facilities. In a photographically rich, and information intensive special feature, GameStats brings the world an inside look at the manufacture of a very popular and highly praised group of products.
In this rare behind-the-scenes look at the assembly process of modern powerful video cards, GameStats takes its readers step by step through the assembly process showing readers in photographs and words how the latest Voodoo2 cards are produced. GameStats Senior Editor Justice T, and Special Projects Associate, Wyndi were conducted on this special tour by Grant Deem, (Canopus Corporation's Director Of Operations), and Jim Anderson, (Canopus Vice President of Marketing and Sales), as well as various personnel from Victron who run the manufacturing plant.
In addition GameStats announced that they were presenting readers with an opportunity to win a Canopus Pure3dIILX Voodoo2 video accelerator card. "I am tickled to death to be able to give one of our readers such a fantastic opportunity", said Justice T, the Senior Editor at GameStats, "I am sure our readers are going to get a real kick out of seeing how something they could win on our site today was assembled a couple of weeks back." Justice went on to say that, "GameStats really had a wonderfully fun time putting this whole feature together."
Written in such a way that even non-technically inclined gamers can enjoy and understand it, the Behind The Scenes At Canopus Feature & Contest is scheduled to go online at midnight pacific time on August 14th,1998 on the GameStats News Network. The URL will be:
Behind the Scenes at Canopus.
The URL for the Contest will be: Contest link

Wensday, August 12

New Preview, Movie by Miroslav
Computer Games Online has a preview of Fallout 2. You can read it CDmag home page.
Black Isle Studios at Gencon - movies about Fallout 2. You'll need to download Microsoft Media Player, and then go here for a list of all Interplay's movies.
Why don't I update so often these days? We all know everything we want about Fallout 2. It's just impossible to find any news right now. Instead, I'm working on inproved layout. It'll replace these frames you're viewing right now... that's it for now. See you in a few days.

Wensday, August 5

New Screenshots by Miroslav
I have 4 screenshots in here.
GameStats and Cybermodels are conspiring to turn 14 of our readers into modelmakers! We will be awarding 2 Quake Marine model kits per day to our lucky readers! You can enter once each day for the next week until you win.

Saturday, August 1

Fallout the movie?! by Miroslav
This is a press release:
"IRVINE, Calif. -- Tom Reed has been named president of Interplay Films, the new motion picture and television division of Interplay Productions, one of the leading interactive entertainment software companies in the world. In his new position, he will oversee every aspect of development and production for feature films and television projects for the venture."
Check this full story!
Official Fallout 2 page is updated!(twice)
Two in one week. Can you all believe it? :)
Anyway the first thing I wanted to say was that we just got some of the BIG boxes in and Dave is going to be running a contest to give them out. The BIG boxes are 1.5 foot by 2.5 foot and are basically blow ups of the what the final game will come in.
As to the game, things are going great on adding new critter types. A couple of the artists are burning through them and we might have a few more in the game than I was expecting.
We also have four interns from Yucca Valley High School doing art, and they are doing a great job. They have been doing a lot of scenery art for the last area.
Oh, and I just got an update from Fred Hatch that we might be going in the Studio as early as next Tuesday which would be awesome. It will really help us not have to rush getting the head dialog in the game. However, I still don't know what actors we might be casting yet. As soon as I know, and we are not bound to not publicize who they are, I'll let you all know some of their names.
I was doing a little work on my message board and on Unwashed message board. I'm almost done, and I'm leaving! Yes, I'm leaving "No Mutants Allowed"! Hold on, it's just 10 days :)
btw I'll try to add Necropolis map in monday if I get it finished.