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July 2001

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Monday, July 30

Fallout 3 Poll by Odin - 16:56 -
Evidently some guys over at the BIS forum posted a poll on what game we want BIS to do next, kinda dumb question isn't it... So for all you who missed out on this one, go here and vote for Fallout 3 !!!! THAT'S AN ORDER!!
Link: Fallout 3 Poll
Spotted at Vault13

Rant... by Odin - 13:16 -
Hello guys and gals, the norse god has returned.

Fighting mutants at sweedish camping was a blast erm..well t'wasn't much fighting mutants as fighting mosquitos.

I see that there have been some radical changes at Interplay, sadly Chris T has been laid off/asked to leave and they've also laid off 55-65 people in total at Interplay. My best wishes goes out to the affected ones, hope you get work soon!

And finally Torn has been cancelled, hopefully they'll start making Fallout 3 instead..

Sunday, July 29

Someone call the Fat Lady, she's on: by Rosh - 2:23 -
Well, at least get her warmed up to go on stage.

According to news at V13 and VoodooExtreme, and of more note, Yahoo, Interplay is tightening the belt.

55 - 65 employees worth of tightening the belt (guess the spokesman didn't have the full information). Shares have gone up a little (16%), but not much compared to their downfall of 46% since late May (which is one hell of a drop, stock losing almost half it's worth). This is a time for Interplay to take action, and do well, or it's time to call the funeral home and pick out flowers for a once-great gaming company that has brought you such games as Wasteland, Bard's Tale, Alone in the Dark, and Fallout, to name but a few.

Could this mean that Interplay is feeling the hurt of recent slipshod work and relying on their licenses to cover for the 'whimper titles' they have released?

Or could it mean that they are getting back on track, trying to regain their strength?

Somehow, I am not too sure. No, that is not a mock-page, it's a reality. Be vewy, vewy scared, we're hunting bugs with deer involved! (And I'm not talking about Bugs Bunny either) Whoo-hoo! Revolutionary gaming at it's best! </sarcasm>

At least you can "Proudly display your trophies in the Buck Cave".
Man, I can't wait for this $9.99 Wal-Mart release! It's SO much better than Freespace 3, which they canned in order to work on this little number. Again, note the dripping sarcasm. Yes, Paladin, they must have been in the recreational narcotics when they thought THAT little number up.

With graphics like that, it looks like Raising Dead might *finally* get a publisher as well!

Yahoo News

Thursday, July 26

Editor update by Recall - 0:38 -
From Alistair Phillips on the Interplay FT Forums:
Tilesets allow you to select multiple tiles & easily create floors or walls without having to manually place each type of tile.

Creating a Tileset
- Just select multiple tiles at once by holding the shift key down when you click in the tile list window.
- You can select the same tile more than once to increase the frequency it appears in the random placement of tiles.

Using a tileset
- Just place tiles as you usually would & the editor will select a random tile from the tileset.
- Drag out an area or line of tiles in the level window & the editor will fill the area with random tiles from the tileset.

Saving & Loading tilesets
- Saving tilesets by selecting the tiles you want & clicking the "Save Tile Set" button & typing a name to save the tileset as.
- The default save directory is core/editor/tileSets
- Due to a bug in the save function to be able to use the tileset you will need to manually open the tileset file & edit it with notepad & place quotation marks "" around each tile path in the file.

"tiles/Generic tiles/Generic floors/DirtSand/Waste_Floor_Gravel_SandDirtCentre_F_1_NE.til"
"tiles/Generic tiles/Generic floors/DirtSand/Waste_Floor_Gravel_SandDirtCentre_F_1_NW.til"

- After you have edited the file with notepad you should be able to load it again using the "load tile set" button.

Alistair Phillips
Programmer - Fallout Tactics
So if you've been wondering what Tilesets were, then now you know.

Spotted at Interplay FT Forums

Wednesday, July 25

TORN ripped to shreds? by Rosh - 6:00 -
A la Vulcan Fury, another awaited game by many has been apparently been planted in the Interplay graveyard. Conflicting stories are presented at this time, notably from Chris Taylor according to V13. However, through the mill has come a conflicting opposition by others, that TORN is still under development. Stay tuned, until the next episode of "Interplay!" (play "SOAP!" theme music here).

To my knowledge, Scott Warner (BIS) and Chris Taylor (14 Deg East) themselves have been given notice of termination of employment, as well as a few others which I do not know their names as of this time. As in, fired. Best wishes to all who were given the drop, and good luck in the future. Keep in touch.

Does this mean a shift in gears for Fallout 3 to be made? If so, with the reports that it was creative differences leading to the demise of TORN, does this mean the death of Fallout as well? Or, at least, the Fallout as we knew it? With the diversifying of Interplay to consoles, I suppose we can look forward for a Harvest Moon-esque simulation of Brahmin Rancher, or perhaps some more spin-offs as material like the existing Fallout titles would not likely be entertained on most consoles (and we can see the result of an adult-only marketed game with Conker's Bad Fur Day, while being a pretty entertaining game to start, offered limited gameplay). Or, it may be rushed out the door like other recent Interplay PC titles, with numerous fatal bugs and cursory patching.

Note to Brian Fargo: No, compared to other companies, your recent products are NOT up to par as far as bugs and respect aside from relying on the AD&D and Star Trek licenses as a crutch. Many consider Interplay to be the tragic downfall of a historic giant that once created entire genres that begat Resident Evil and others. Too bad you don't have an 'EIDOS' to give you a 'Romero'. Listen to your employees, or perhaps now ex-employees? Whatta boss... ;)


Post comments on the General Forum

Monday, July 23

New organization - DARION by Recall - 11:11 -
Just received an email from Darion -
Ok, I'll cut to the chase. A new organization, called DARION, has risen from the fog, and started a rioting group in the Fallout universe. Our main attracktion is our 'rioting board' where there's always something going on. The website was uploaded to the net just a few days ago, so we will need all the new members/actives/visitors we can get. You may visit our website at;, or if that doesn't work:

Thank you in advance,
Go check it out to see what it's all about.

Thursday, July 19

Fallout Online Simulation by Recall - 7:53 -
Apparently there is an online Fallout simulation in development over at F.O.S. To give you an idea what it's about, here's a quote;
This sim is based of fallout one and two and uses fallout tactics for calculations. You don't need to own fallout or even have any playing experience to take part in this sim. For thoughts of you familiar with online simulations, this one is original. This has more to do with realistic battle system. There is a currency, nuke-a-cola caps, but you won't need it. Bartering is the real rate of exchange. If you wish to start up a "steady job" as either a trader or a hunter you may want to settle in some form of shelter
Phat Cat, who runs the site is looking for help with all things HTML/Flash/Java etc. so if you can help then drop him a mail.

Spotted at Vault 13
Also spotted at DAC

Wednesday, July 18

by Recall - 8:00 -
Ed posted some more useful FT editor information on the Official FT Board. Basically it's all about lights; when to use them, how to use them, where to use them, how to switch them on, how to switch them off ... [ad lib to fade] ...

Spotted at DAC

Tuesday, July 17

The last ever FT Review ? by Recall - 1:16 -
Surely there's some mistake ? A new review for FT ? I know it takes a while to play through, but surely a couple of weeks would have been enough ? Incidentally, it receives a not-so-bad 88% score. Anyway, if you want to read a review then head over to Gaming-Unlimited - but watch for the damn popups. Sites with that many popups REALLY p*ss me off !

In fact, it's got me so p*ssed, that I searched down some utilities to rid me of these for good ! Simply go to and grab yourself a free popup killer app if you haven't already got one. I can recommend PopNot, but it is $12 to register. Install it before going to the review and you won't endure the pain of hidden advert windows popping up in the background - a sly and devious practice in my book. There, rant mode off.

Spotted at DAC
Also spotted at Blues News

Slow news :o( by Recall - 1:00 -
Just a quick post to say sorry for the slow news this week - Miro is still off fighting for his country, Odin is off on holiday (what's a holiday ?) and I'm on an SQL 2000 course. I will do my best to update in the evenings when I can.

Sunday, July 15

Fallout stories by Recall - 18:10 -
Just seen over on the FT: BOS Official Web Site that several Fallout stories have been posted. So if you've got some spare time between reducing the Mutant population and Real Life (tm) then go take a look.

Spotted at FT: BOS Official Web Site

FT Booster - speeds up FT by Recall - 13:28 -
Just received an email from Marek Luch about his utility that is supposed to speed up FT. I haven't tried it yet, but I will in due course :
Hi all!
I'd like you to check out a little application, that may change your experience with FT for better, that is: allow faster, smoother scrolling & much less disk usage, aso.
This version was created for a Polish version of FT, however we believe, that it should work correctly with an English version as well. Unfortunately we do not have access to this version, so
any feedback about how the Eng. version and Booster work together would be appreciated. (
This version of FT Booster does contain a few minor bugs, ie there have been some reports indicating, that it has problems with Windows 2000. This should be fixed in the next release. Other than that the program is rather stable.

You can download the file here:

NOTE: You should start optimization after installing the patch.

best regards
Marek Luch
If you have any comments then either post here NMA Forums or drop him an email

Saturday, July 14

No Fallout on console by Recall - 0:18 -
Old news, but what the hell. Saw this over at DAC (original source Vault 13 Forums)

Fallout 3 is being designed for the PC.

We were working on a Fallout console title, but it wasn't coming together so it was killed after about 3-4 months of pre-production and early prototyping.

Interplay is trying to get to about 50/50 PC/console development. We think that it's healthy to spread our risks across multiple platforms in this uncertain time.
So there you have it. Thanks Kreegle.

Spotted at DAC
Also spotted at Gamespy Daily

Friday, July 13

Snipers Ahoy! by Miroslav - 23:24 -
Yay! I'm back! Me being a sniper in army... Carrying a M76 sniper rifle... piece of crap but hey, I'm just a begginer! Although I'm impressed with my shooting skills...

Anyway, I see that the site is going along very well, I'm on 2 day vacation, I have some few things to buy tomorrow, and I'll see if I can post anything during the weekend...

Regards from a Sniper dude...

Rant! by Odin - 12:40 -
Well guys and gals I just wanted to inform you that I'm going on a two weeks vacation as of today. My girl and I are going camping and will probably travel to Sweeden and Denmark, I just wish my girl would let bring my Combat Shotgun. You never know how many mutants there are on camping!!
Untill next time, have two lovely weeks!

P.s. Recall and Rosh will still be here, and I guess Miro will pop in soon..

Wednesday, July 11

Polish Fallout Battle Net by Recall - 12:09 -
Just received an email from Obsydian who is the clan leader of KSGR :
I want to inform you that in poland was found polish fallout battlenet - for now it is just the chat - where polish people can gather and play or just talk - here is the address
So if you're Polish (or can speak Polish) and want to talk Fallout, then head on over.

Fallout 3 links by Recall - 11:00 -
Just looking round the Interplay site to see if there has been any changes, and they've started a Fallout 3 Links section here for all things related to Fallout 3. Nothing much there right now, just a couple of links taking you to articles on DAC

Spotted at FT: BOS Official Web Site

Unofficial Image Editor Update by Odin - 10:34 -
Red emailed me about this image editor for FOT he's considering doing, you can all read about it here and make up your own mind. So if you really want this editor, email him!!!.
Thanks to Red!!

Tuesday, July 10

Unofficial FOT Image Editor? by Odin - 12:55 -
For those of you who've followed Fallout Tactics remember Red and his Sprite viewer. He's now thinking about making an image editor for Fallout Tactics, but need to hear what you guys think. So if this is of much interest to you drop him a line here or post a comment at the Vault13 messageboard.
Spotted at Vault13.

Newsletter! by Rosh - 11:28 -
Finally got a few kinks out of it (but not all of them, we like our newsletters to be just a tad kinky...*pause*...WHOOPS! Wrong site, sorry...)


Anyways, it's been given a test run, and it's good to go! To join up, click the link where you would normally enter your email addy where the newsletter section used to be. Some things had to be changed around lately, and due to the script we had to put it on another page. As usual, addresses submitted to the No Mutants Allowed newsletter will remain privately held on-site for newsletter use only, not sold to the devil (unless you like that thing...), etc. etc.

Monday, July 9

Yet another Savegame Editor by Odin - 20:01 -
BOSedit (340Kb) by Cortexx is another savegame editor for Fallout Tactics.While the BOSCHE can only edit your own character, BOSedit can edit all your characters. So remember to grab this baby!
Spotted at Duck And Cover

Another BOSCHE update ! by Recall - 15:58 -
Jesus, that Khor works fast. Just checking round a few sites, and lo and behold, another BOSCHE update. Grab it here.
A few bug fixes mostly.

Spotted at BOSCHE Homepage

Friday, July 6

New poll added: by Rosh - 12:09 -
An overwhelming amount of you liked Fallout 2 as your favorite (slightly over 4.4k), Fallout after that (at about 1.6k), and Fallout Tactics in a close runner-up shortly afterwards with about a 150 vote difference. I'm going to try and keep the polls fresh about once a week from now on.

And, for the life of me, I wonder who those 81 people voted for "None" are, and why they come here...

Shhhh, you're being watched. This concludes the panic test of this station. Had this been a real case of panic, it would have been followed up with numerous screams and a slowly-descending cloud of fuchsia-colored long hair.

UPDATE: Wow, so many people already don't know what Arcanum is, or someone is bored out of their gourd and loves playing with a voting counter rather than games. So, just in case, here be a plug fer ya! Arcanum, brought to you by the good people of Troika!

The fat lady has laryngitis: by Rosh - 10:19 -
The temporary absence and occasional return of our leerless feeder, I mean, fearless leader, is not going to be the end of things or even a marker for such. NMA will still be around when he can come back to it, for sure.

However, a few things will have been added (no, no sloppy ghoul pr0n - we have *some* standards, unlike *other* sites...j/k). :-)

Those who have been following a bit of postal or elementary-grade disgruntlement on our forums and those of V13 (I'll spare the details, and they are not too pretty), might be in the know. You may have already guessed as well with the pre-order advertisement link by the menu, and the following of Tim Cain interviews. For those who don't know (and shame on you), it was him and his team that brought you the amazing depth of Fallout. By the looks of their latest project, Arcanum, they aren't willing to let up on that tradition of theirs they have set forth.

Soon, No Mages Allowed will be growing along side No Mutants Allowed, first featuring demo information and FAQs and links to follow more, and we should easily have things up and running in time for the release of Arcanum onto shelves near you. The forum(s) for Arcanum will be fully in place and styled soon, and likewise we'll be working on numerous other features for the devoted fans of Tim Cain and crew as the fans have come to appreciate from NMA in the past.

Mmmmm, sweet creamy CRPG goodness...

BOSCHE Editor update by Recall - 8:57 -
A quick check and already this save game editor utility has been updated to version 3.10. Grab it here.

Spotted at BOSCHE Homepage
Also spotted at DAC

Thursday, July 5

Rant... by Odin - 20:54 -
This is to all of you who've made your own FOT maps, send them to me and I'll post them here on NMA. Since Miro is away I'll try and fix the different sections of NMA that's not working, and I'll update them with new info.

And I want to welcome Recall as our new newsie here at NMA, he also has a fansite about Desperados (soon to be featured at Strategyplanet).

Update: I've updated the cheat section of FOT and I've removed the items database for FO1 and 2, because it didn't work. gotta fix it.

New BOSCHE - Fallout Tactics Character Editor v3.00 by Recall - 17:58 -
Kch posted this on The Vats phorum for all you people who like messing with your character stats:

I've just released a Fallout Tactics savegame editor.. lets u edit your character stats, skills, perks, etc. It's available at:

Do try it out and let me know if there are any bugs :)
Spotted at The Vats phorum

No Image Editors for FOT! by Odin - 17:57 -
Ed Orman from Micro-Fort� answered some questions Kreegle (DAC) asked, the main focus of the questions where of course the two missing editors (tile and sprite). So here it is:
1. Why wasn't the sprite editor released?

We released the tools so fans could produce new levels and campaigns within the existing Fallout Tactics Universe (see the Starcraft editors for another example of this). It wasn't our intention to produce a set of tools to enable the production of entirely new products. As a rule, we don't want third parties producing new art for the game. In particular we do not want unscrupulous publishers using our tools to produce new games, and the easiest way to prevent this is to not release the tools required to create new content.

2. Will the sprite editor be released?

For the reasons above and below, nope.

3. Would a strict license agreement help along the chances of the image editors being released?

A stricter licence agreement would not help as, unfortunately, people are often not honest.

4. Will you release info on how to convert images into sprites and tiles?

Nope again. Info wouldn't cut it. Unless someone is willing to make an editor for it, it's kind of pointless, because there's a lot of code involved in creating a sprite, not just importing imagery. Tiles are a little easier, but there's still code involved.

5. What are the chances of extra art being released in the future?

Very small. However, we hope to use the existing engine in another product, so it's not entirely impossible that the art that we create for another game may be useable in the original Tactics tools (but no guarantees).
So there you have it guys, no image editors!
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

New poster by Recall - 16:10 -
Hi all, just a quick post to introduce myself. I'm Recall and here to try and help Miro and Odin while Miro is off fighting for his country ;) Hopefully this will ease the burden a little. Talking of which I'm off to trawl the sites for some Fallout-related news. Be back later with the latest scoop. Or not.

FOT Musician Interview.. by Odin - 8:43 -
RPGVault have done an interview with Inon Zur, the composer behind the music of Fallout Tactics and Throne of Bhaal. He talks about his work, how he became the musician for Fallout Tactics etc, here's a snibblet:
Jonric: Before that, how did your involvement in Fallout Tactics arise? Here again, what were your goals for the music in this game, and what influenced or inspired it?

Inon Zur: Adam Levenson at Interplay really trusted me to come up with something different for Fallout Tactics. This was truly a departure from anything I, or anyone else for that matter, had previously done. I created organic sounds using real people with voices and instruments played in unconventional ways as opposed to synthesizers and electronic instruments. We had people shouting, crying, laughing and whispering along with percussionists beating and drumming - whatever we needed to do to create something organic and tribal in a dark and chaotic environment. My inspiration here came from different styles of primitive folk music.
Link: Inon Fur Interview
Also spotted at GameSpyDaily

Tim Cain Interview.. by Odin - 8:31 -
Well since we all love Tim Cain I thought I'd post this, and it also includes some bits of Fallout info. Tim Cain who was part of making Fallout have recently done an interview with Electronic Playground.
The reason for this interview is of course the new game they've made called Arcanum. But there are some bits and pieces of Fallout in this interview also, check here:
EP: Let's get right back to the basics. How did the idea for Arcanum come about?

TC: Well, it's funny. The way it worked was... we were talking about what we wanted to do. We knew we wanted to do an RPG. I said I wanted to do a fantasy RPG, which I think surprised Leonard and Jason [Anderson] a bit because when we worked on Fallout, I said, "We're not doing a fantasy RPG. I will entertain ideas for anything except fantasy, because there are too many fantasy games on the shelves." But when we were done with Fallout, I was kind of tired of that genre. I didn't want to do Fallout 2.
Link: Tim Cain Interview
Spotted at GameSpyDaily

Wednesday, July 4

New FOT Mod by Odin - 22:37 -
A team of modders have made a new mod for FOT called Gangwar, here's what they say about it:
A whole new rule set with extra items.. Go grab it from the Downloads page now guys.. Download and run the "BiD-Gangwar-MOD-V1.exe" Point it to your Fallout Tactics folder. Unzip it and read the "BiD-Gangwar-MOD-Rules.txt" to find out how to make your guys..
So get on over and download it!!
Link: Brothers In Darkness
Spotted at Duck And Cover

Fix for Bos.exe Error ? by Odin - 10:31 -
A Fallout fan called H H found out that this could help with the Bos.exe Error alot of people are getting. But remeber changing the registry in Windows is not supported, so remember to backup the string you delete/change!!! Change it if you want, but don't come bitching to me about it later!:
Go here:
Find this string:
-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics
-and you should find 2 keys: 1.00.00 and 1.27.00
-Mark the key that's called 1.00.00, Registry-Export and save it as something (for a backup)
-Delete the 1.00.00 key. Close Regedit and play without BOS.exe errors.
Update: It seems this fix is for the patched versions of FOT only!! (v1.27)

Spotted at Interplay Forums

Tuesday, July 3

Interplay sale -> Partnership! by Odin - 13:12 -
According to Gamespot Interplay have dropped their promised sale of Interplay, because Titus Interactive (who owns 34% of IP) didn't want to sell. Therefore they've begun considering a strategic partnership with the so far unknown other half. Here's a quote:
"We will continue to conduct business as usual, and we do not expect that the discussions will cause any material disruption to our normal course of business,'' said Brian Fargo, chairman and chief executive officer at Interplay.
Spotted at Gamespot

Rant by Odin - 10:23 -
Hello guys and gals.
I just wanted to say that I'll be running NMA as long as Miro is away, I'll go through the applications today and email you guys back. I've got alot to do at work these days, so I'm really sorry there haven't been much updating. But I hope to fix that really soon.

Sunday, July 1

Wanna work? by Miroslav - 7:47 -
As you probably noticed, I haven't updated in a week. this is because I was unable to do any updates, as I won't be able in the next year! I'm gone away for a military service, which is required by a law over here... I'm in a sniper squadron, yeah! :) This is what I always wanted to be...

Anyway, since Odin also has a lot of work at his job, he'll need a plenty of help doing news over here. So if you're interested, please give him a mail! Requirements? You must know how to work with your browser, and that's all! I would really appreciate if you could help things out over here. In the first two months, I'll be here every fourth, and after that maybe every weekend.

Thanks a bunch for understanding!