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July 2000

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Sunday, July 30

Microforte WebSite by Miroslav - 16:29 -
Microforte recently launched a new design for their official web site, and also revamping their Fallout: Tactics section. It sure looks great, I'd suggest to check it out as there is some new graphic over there.
Link: Fallout: Tactics - Microforte

Another Weapons List by Miroslav - 15:35 -
Greg from informed me that his web site has an unofficial Tactics weapons list available. It's neat (along with graphics for weapon effects).
Link: Tactics weapon list at Vault13.Net

New Screenshots and Weapons List by Miroslav - 15:34 -
Yurg from Freelancer informed me that his site has some new screenshots and a weapons list for Tactics. Here's a list of links:
Screenshots at Freelancer
Weapons List at Freelancer

Tactics "Quickie" at 3DGN by Miroslav - 14:21 -
3D Gaming web site launched it's Tactics "Quickie". This is actually a small preview, well explaining the entire Fallout: Tactics (as much as it could fit in a review).
While taking in the scenery in Fallout: Tactics (or what's left of it) expect to see the traditional wastelands, tribal villages, industrial ruins, raider strongholds, robot factories, Brotherhood fortresses, and the occasional ranch… well the last one was made up… but it would provide 'entertainment' would it not? New gameplay elements that have been added include interaction with the environment (no, not monkey sex), as you can blow up doors and barrels plus numerous other obstacles. Vehicles will have an effect on the game as they can travel faster than the player, have more armor, and can carry larger loads of weaponry. There will be a variety of vehicles including single person scouts to 6 person APC's.
Link: Tactics Preview: 3D Gaming

Back Online by Miroslav - 13:57 -
The truth is that I spent only a few days on vacation, I had to come back because of work, they called me back :( I was really busy and could not post any news, but I'll fix that today. I'll contact new newsie people (thanx to all who applied) and announce them later when I get a response. Ok, let's get to work now...

Thursday, July 20

Absence, Job(s) Available by Miroslav - 13:23 -
I'm taking a week or maybe two of absence, I'm leaving for a vacation and take some rest to think about the future :) In the meanwhile, if you are interested in filing a position of a newsie guy here at NMA, please mail your resume to You don't need any HTML or other knowledge, you need to be skilled with words (speech skill above 125%), you need to visit official message boards on regular basis, also some major news sites (I'd like you to tell me which sites you visit for news) and it would be a great deal of help if you write a news story (i.e., Interplay released a demo for Tactics, and you're posting about that). Also, include your nickname which you're using in Fallout community (not a requisite, but it's a plus).
Well, that would be it, I'll be back later with some really interesting stuff. Until then, I'm looking forward in receiving your emails. See you later!

Wednesday, July 12

12 New Tactics Screenshots by Miroslav - 14:27 -
The Official Fallout: Tactics web site was updated with 12 new screen shots. I'd suggest to go over there and check it out!
Link: Fallout: Tactics Screenshots
Thanks to Zack for this notice!

Friday, July 7

Chat Log #2 by Miroslav - 14:49 -
I've removed all un useful things from that chat log and left only what is interesting. So if you'd like to find out more about various aspects of Fallout: Tactics, follow the next link...
Link: Chat Log - 03.07.2000.

Fallout Hits 24 at Top 100 by Miroslav - 9:30 -
Recently, Daily Radar published an article "The 100 Greatest Games Of All Time" and Fallout (precisely Fallout/Wasteland series) found it's self on the 24th place of this ladder. This may not be good you say. Well, just take a look at some games Fallout beaten. Like Diablo series and such... And btw, I just finished my 2 day Diablo(2) play, I'm not very satisfied with it.
Link : Daily Radar Top 100 Games
Cheers for head up goes to Ian Broome and Aaron Edward Kimel.

Tuesday, July 4

Chat Log by Miroslav - 2:57 -
Hey, that was cool. Chat has just finished, I've uploaded _unedited_ version, so if you're under age of 18... j/k :) I'll post some intersting stuff later, I'm gonna get sone sleep, it's 4AM here...
Link: UnEdited chat log

Monday, July 3

Newsletter Update by Miroslav - 18:45 -
I've had some trouble with mailing list at EGoups, plus too many users complained about complexity of it's use, not to mention that the simply "forgot" to attach instructions on how to join... Well, I'm back on this server, so if you haven't subscribed, do so now. Thank you for your patience.

New Tactics Screenshots by Miroslav - 16:59 -
The Daily Telefrag posted 22 screenshots, and yes, there are some newsies, which they acquired exclusively from 14 degrees East!
Link: The Daily Telefrag Screesnhots
Spotted on Voodoo Extreme.

Just a Reminder! by Miroslav - 15:40 -
We have a chat today! Folks, meet me at IRC server, just check for announcement a couple of news articles below. Hope to see you there!

Tidbits... by Miroslav - 15:28 -
I've took some time to gather some tidbits which were posted during the last week... or something :)
changes made due to user feedback - Changes we've made recently based on suggestions made here or at E3:

* Moving while prone
* More flexibility in mission selection
* Naming the darn guns properly (okay, it was a bug and a WiP, but we have listened!)

We are giving serious consideration to:

* Smoke grenades
* Stun weapons
* Saving and advancing multiplayer squads, with game restrictions based on average and min/max squad level

on balancing melee - We hope to balance it. There should be a lot less ammo in the game, overall, making unarmed and melee more useful at times.

on braking an armor - Not at this time. Some critical effects may destroy armor. It's an idea at this stage.

on applying changes to the game - Well, the percentage of the game done doesn't control the amount of changes we make to the game, until the very end.

Changes are made to make the game play better. What you design on paper isn't always the best solution. Playing the game will give you ideas on how to properly solve a game design problem.

New ideas will appear as the game gets closer to being completed. We certainly don't want to dismiss any idea just because we say we are 50% or 30% or 70% complete (or whatever). Then again, we don't just add every idea. Each idea is evaluated on it's own merits.

on critical hit values - We plan on revamping the critical hit table to have more crippled effects and less damage multiples.

dialog screens - All dialogue appears over the head of the person you are talking to. There is no separate dialogue screen to switch to.

Thus, only people near the person talking will see the dialogue and no one will be interrupted.

on whatever happened with the display area - The display is now the radar.

The text that was in the display area is still displayed, just in a larger area (over the actual gameplay area, in the upper left hand corner).

Makes it a lot easier to read.

initial equipment?! - Your equipment pool is influenced by your rank. You can add to it by what you can scavenge, trade and steal.

As you increase in rank, you will get access to better equipment. You do not start off as a Paladin, so you don't get the "good" stuff. You do start with some equipment, and it will improve as your prove yourself to the Brotherhood.

You can always start a multiplayer skirmish game if you want to play with more goodies in a mission without having to build up your single-player campaign forces.

movement costs in CTB mode - Walking is free in CTB (I'd like to see it cost you AP regeneration, however, but this is a somewhat controversial decision). Running costs you AP in CTB. Walking and Running cost AP in normal TB. Crouching and prone only slow you down, there is no AP cost for switching between them. There is a _time_ cost (the animation takes a moment or two), which slightly affects CTB.

on theme song - We have a song in mind. We are looking into licensing it. This takes time. We don't know if we can get the song we want for a price we can afford. They don't take competitors coupons at the place we are looking at.

books? - At this time, they are not in there. That could change.

The way the books worked, it was impossible to use them to take your skill above a certain point (which I can't remember, but I think was around 75 to 100, or something like that). And the closer you got to that point, the less the books helped you.

on releasing a press movie - Hmmm. I don't think I promised a movie, just letting you know that we were working on it. I think, I could be wrong.

Anyway, the movie is for a press CD, so it will be while before it is released to the press before they can release it to you.

I don't know dates.

What year is this?
Well, according to IPlay's message board, it's Year 19100... ehm... see you later, gotta go!

WHL Lives On by Miroslav - 11:46 -
Here's an information from Gatac:
Just wanted to spread the good news...

After the whole community posted like wild, the team now has a lot more applications of skilled coders than they can handle, and I'm quite sure that a good deal of them saw the plea at your site. So thanks for relaying it ! was kind enough to also post about it, while there was no
response from PHL at all.

Anyway, wanted to tell you that the all clear siren has been sounded.

I really hope that they'll finish this mod. After all, beta received pretty good preview comments...