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July 1998

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Friday, July 24

More Fallout 2 news by Miroslav
I have this from the offical Fallout message board:
"Well, I finally got "approval" to give out a few numbers. ;) Just to give everyone an idea on how much bigger the game really is... The game is really much, much larger than 50% bigger. We have about 100 types of random encounters, from that we have around 750 variations. Fallout 1 had about 20 types and 80 variations. This isn't even talking about special random encounters.... which is also much bigger. :P
Right now we are working through a little revolution the scripters are trying to pull... they for some reason want to behead all the designers...??? Go figure.
The Character Creation screen will remain the same except for a few changes. One Perk has been removed (Night Person) and has been replaced with Sex Appeal. The skills and stats will remain the same. The only change to the skills is that the cost more skill points to increase them the higher the skill level gets.
All skills are much more useful now and some do more than they did before. There are quests and such if you have a ceratin skill level. Just having Doctor at 10% isn't good enough. You can't always save and reload a 100 times until you fix a certain NPC's leg. Luck is involved but you still have to have "some" degree of skill..."
Well, that's it for now. I'll be back in about 7 days with new updates.

Monday, July 20

New Box picture!, Problem with mailing list by Miroslav
Interplay posted this new Fallout 2 box picture that can be found in NMA screenshots section. It's awesome!
Some of you probably knows this already. My mail script deleted it's email database. I had a backup, and restored it. I emailed one mail with these updates, so if you haven't received it, please input your email once more. I do apologize once more for this inconvenience but this is a free mailing script so it's not my mistake. Thanks again.
I still haven't found any of the guys from Avault to ask for permission to put screenshots from their review on NMA.
Voting is doing just great! I'm most delighted with results. And I'm very pleased with number of voting topics I received. I'll add them all, but in time. Every topic is considered and accepted (yes, they're great!). Next one came just few hours ago from Aldune and it's "Should Interplay create a multiplayer-only version of Fallout?"
It'll expire in just 20 days, so get you butt down there and vote! Spread the word about this! I think it's very interesting :)
I have added one more cheat to the Brotherhood of Steel map page: How to get in there without going to the Glow! And one cheat how to get more money from Lorenzo in the Hub/Downtown maps page!

Friday, July 17

Avault has a preview by Miroslav
Avault has a nice preview with several screenshots. I'll try to get permission to place these screenshots here.
Well, if You haven't already noticed, NMA has a new logo. It looks great! Many thanks 2 Gibby. (he is also the creator of the main tilte pic and the setmart banner for S.A.Vault, and the pic of the papers in the diary section. His homepage.
Just saw what do You think about that Overseer. I'm most delighted with these results. Vote if You haven't! More topics coming! Thanx for all of you who submited topics to me.
Why is my links section dead? It's not dead! I'm just preparing something new. And it's quite selfish when someone asks me to put his link here without my link on his page. Anyway, I'll get it updated

Thursday, July 16

PowerVR's contest by Miroslav
The PowerVR Revolution is holding a CONTEST. Win fabulaous prizes donated from Videologic, NEC and eXtreme 3D, while discovering the PowerVR community on the web. The contest will run from July 13th to July 19th. Prizes include:
  • Apocalypse 3Dx board with bundled software
  • One copy of Motorhead
  • One copy of Unreal
  • TWO software grab bags of various titles from eXtreme 3D
  • 10 PowerVR t-shirts from NEC's page.
  • You can download one more wallpaper. It's in the files/wallpaper section.

    Monday, July 13

    New Screenshots by Miroslav
    Well, after a long time off the net (my monitor broke down, I still can't see clearly), I'm back. New screenshots is what you can see today. Sorry for some broken links there. Repaired (thanx to Cody),
    Top 10 has expirienced some problems. I'll try to see what's going on, but it requires some coding so please be patient. Thanks.

    Saturday, July 4

    6 Screenshots by Miroslav
    Added GamesMania's screenshots. I have their permission thanx to Jason MacIsaac.
    Also, all links are corrected in Fallout 1 section. I see that most of you are interested in Military base and the Cathedral maps. Be patient. Until then, go and vote whter you like the Overseer or not in voting section. As for the voting topics, thanks for feedback! I have a couple great topics, but I'm always waiting for more!

    Friday, July 3

    Finally by Miroslav
    Finaly, I menaged to add a ton of new wishes in What do other people want in Fallout 2" section.
    Also, I'm waiting for approval from GamesMania to add their screenshots.
    New voting topic: Do you like Overseer from Vault 13?

    Wensday, July 1

    Fallout 2 preview at Gamesmania by Miroslav
    Gamesmaina has a nice Fallout 2 preview
    Here's a quote from their Article:
    "Having...depopulated one town, I have come in to lots of equipment from the former residents. I've sold it off, bought better ammo, and more ammo for my choice weapons. Visiting a gun dealer down south, I checked out his wares, and he has the same old same. I asked him if he had anything special. He looked around and told me he had a 10x scope that would fit a hunting rifle...500 caps. I bought it, and he secured it to the gun.Now I have something like a sniper rifle, deadly and accurate."
    Read the review of the Canopus WitchDoctor at GameStats main page! There is a giveaway of 10 copies of MCM also!