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June 2001

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Sunday, June 24

More Patches? by Miroslav - 2:30 -
There's been some fuss on Interplay Forums about the recent patch (some people are still having problems with sound crashes). Anyway, Chris made a post on possible new Tactics patches:
I have not been told one way or another if there will be another patch, officially. Unofficially, no patch is being worked on.

They determine the need for a patch by two ways: the call volume to customer support and the amount of bug reports on the forums. Call volume is actually tracked, while the forum is not. They also track the type of call to CS, so they know if they are getting a lot of bug reports.

If the call volume is high, we get that info from CS. Currently, the call volume for FOT is low.

I asked for bug reports when the patch was announced. I have not seen an overwhelming response.

If you'd like to help us out, please post bug reports to the forum. Use [BUG] in your topic. Please report your system configuration, a description of the bug and the steps that will reproduce it.

As much as I would like it, the decision to patch doesn't rest with development. It rests with the people who control the finances. And unless we can show them hard numbers, it's not a fun discussion to hold with them (heck, even with hard numbers, it's not a fun discussion, but at least you can win with the numbers). Since call volume is tracked, calls to CS hold more weight. It's also up to the developer, but our contract with MF is complete and there is no more money in it for another patch.

I'm not saying that there will be another patch. I don't believe there will be, unless enough critical bugs can be found and reproduced to justify it, but I will do my best to inform my superiors of your wishes.

I tried talking to Steve Baldoni about this, to get the official stance, but he's out to lunch.

(Someone asked about our bug list: there is no easy way to publish this due to file formats.)

Spotted on Interplay Forums.

Saturday, June 23

Interplay not for sale? by Miroslav - 19:33 -
Today a story appeared on MCV USA - Interplay is not for sale. Here's the story:
[ June 22, 2001 - 13:31 ]
Interplay Sale Off

Titus Friday issued a statement to the markets that it had decided not to sell its stake in Interplay, meaning an acquisition of the US company can be ruled out, at least for now.

However, MCV understands that the two bidders for Interplay, believed to be THQ and PCCW, withdrew their offers, prompting Titus to issue a "not-for-sale" statement, apparently to save face.
As of June 12, Titus owned 46.5% of Interplay’s common stock, and would thus have to agree to sell its stake for any potential acquisition to take place. Interplay’s value to Titus exceeds its paper worth, as the French company can consolidate 100% of Interplay’s revenues despite holding only a minority stake. A sale would therefore cause Titus to shrink dramatically — something that would be unlikely to please the French stock market.

Interplay confirmed in late May that it was in talks with potential suitors. The company has had well-documented problems with Titus, whose chairman/CEO Herve Caen was brought in as president of Interplay at the time of the French company’s 1999 investment.
Spotted at Blues News.

Friday, June 22

Chris on the EULA by Odin - 11:24 -
That sexy little critter called Killian from Duck And Cover posted this little snibblet about Chris T's answer to the FOT Editors Eula:
Someone asked me via e-mail if this was standard practice. Here's my response:

I _think_ it's fairly standard practice. But I don't tend to read these EULAs myself. (Nor can I fully understand them, they make my brain hurt.)

There is certainly no intent by Interplay to gather fan resources and sell them, and MF can't do that without IP's permission . It's not a bad idea, but we'd do it with the help of the fans to make it better (cf. a fan-based map design contest we did several years ago for Descent II; we only took submitted designs and we rewarded those that made the cut). But again, we have nothing planned for this, so it's all speculation. I don't think those types of expansions sell well, and expansions themselves are usually very hard to get into the retail channel. So I don't expect us to do an expansion like this. (And it most certainly would not be worth the community grief.)

I also _think_ that it's a preventive measure on the part of MF to prevent other people from gathering fan resources and selling them (which has occured in the past). Yes, there is another part of EULA that prevents this, but my understanding (and I'm not a lawyer) is that this makes that other part that much stronger and easier to defend in court. Certainly, that's my read on it.

This is all my personal understanding, and is not the position of Interplay or Micro-Fort�.

Let me add: I have a primal fear of Lawyers. But this language seems to me to be protective of the work, so other companies cannot steal your work and make a profit off of it. Without this text, it would make defending the property that much more difficult.
And he also said this about a question about playing against the computer in multiplayer:
Honestly, I don't think we will be releasing anything else beyond what is out there.

And I'm not familiar enough with the editors to understand if they can already do that or not.
So there you guys have it, they probably won't release anything more for Fallout Tactics. Consider it a finished product. I really hope that last patch fixed all the bugs and errors, I know I still have some...

Rant by Odin - 8:13 -
I'm sorry for not posting that much news lately, but I've been quite busy at work these days. I've been working alot of overtime, but hopefully things will calm down soon and I'll be able to update some more.

Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 8:11 -
The amazing crew over at Wasteland Half-Life have posted several updates since I last posted about them. They've updated their weapon page, posted several images and also posted a new wad file. So get on over and check their site!

Progress on the new build of WHL:
Maps: 93%
Models: 79%
Animations: 92%
Code: 89%
Debugging: On Hold
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Thursday, June 21

Linux Problems Solved by Miroslav - 2:53 -
Well, I don't have a clue what he's talking about, last time I had Linux was some 2 years ago :) Anyway, if you have problems playing multiplayer in Linux environment, check this:
Assuming you are using IPChains... The following works:

ipmasqadm autofw -A -v -r udp 2300 2400 -h
ipmasqadm autofw -A -v -r tcp 2300 2400 -h
ipmasqadm autofw -A -v -r tcp 47624 47624 -h
ipmasqadm autofw -A -v -r udp 47624 47624 -h
ipmasqadm autofw -A -v -r udp 28800 28900 -h

Where is the ip address of your INTERNAL workstation.

Of course you must install first ipmasqadm into linux :)) (works with kernel 2.2.x )
Special THX to Steven E. Grevemeyer

To improve internet connection linux server should have ip_masq_udp_dloose in /proc/sys/net/ipv4 and 1 thing inserted into rc.local file placed in /etc/rc.d

this thing is :
echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_masq_udp_dloose
If this makes any sense to you, I hope it helps...
Spotted on Interplay Forums

Ed on Editor EULA by Miroslav - 2:49 -
You know that I've posted this some days ago. Basically, EULA #2 agreement is what it matters here. It tells that all maps created with this editor are property of MicroForte.
Now, Ed strikes back with his post on Interplay Forums:
Howdy folks,

First, let me apologise for my absence during this kefuffle as I finally took some time off after finishing Tactics. The editors were coincidentally released while I was away. So, onto the current drama: the End User Licence Agreement.

I am not a lawyer, so I can't comment on how the EULA was phrased. However, my belief is that the intention was to protect MF from the situation where a major commercial party takes the editors and creates a new game for their own profit. We're not trying to steal the IP from anyone, especially the fans.

To my knowledge (and I'm reasonably well informed) MF has no plans to take fan content and package it up as some form of expansion pack. It's not in our interests to try and turn them into something we could sell.

Finally, we're not trying to stifle the creation of new maps! I'm all for user-created content, that's why we wanted so desperately to release the editors. I hope that this doesn't put people off from making maps, and having fun with the editors. I've seen a few maps out there, and they're already shaping up to be pretty cool.

So please, keep building! I'll be endeavoring to visit the Webboard as often as I used to, especially the Fallout: Tactics Map Building area. I'll do my best to answer your questions there.


Ahem, move along, nothing to see here...

Wednesday, June 20

Maps Galore by Miroslav - 22:33 -
I've finally made a page with custom maps, guys, thanks for sending them! These maps are really great, you should get them and start fraggin' each others. I may be comming to play for the second time in my life! ;)
Link: Fallout: Tactics Multiplayer Maps

Editor Problems? by Miroslav - 2:49 -
I received a lot of emails recently regarding the FT Editor. I simply cannot answer all of them, it is better to check No Mutants Allowed Forums for help, or even better, check these two tips:
Small Tip and Tricks - posted by TSSR666 on the No Mutants Allowed Forums
The Black Company Editor Tutorials

RPGs Suck? by Miroslav - 1:21 -
If you are a D&D player, you should read this article, which speaks of what Role Playing games are, and how they are a possible trigger to comming a suicide :)
Cheers to Artyp for this.

FOT Review... by Miroslav - 0:44 -
... at Wargamer.
Ripped from Blues News

Tuesday, June 19

Updates by Miroslav - 16:54 -
Just wanted to tell you that I'm unable to post any updates, I'm sick. Ate something bad...
Anyway, I'll try to get better asap, I have 2 maps to post and some web stuff.

Sunday, June 17

New Review by Miroslav - 4:51 -
There's another review out there. I won't be saying anything about it, if you're interested, go ahead and read it.
Source: Blues News

Saturday, June 16

Editor EULA by Miroslav - 10:13 -
They have us all... We thought we were satisfied with the release of editors. But Microforte had somehitng in mind. Do you know what EULA is? This is the End User License Agreement, something that no one ever read :) Well, Microforte has placed, in this editor eula, as the number 2 agreement, that each pice of map created with this editor is their property.
What this means is that when you create a map, and ie. send it to NMA for me to upload, they can cancel that saying that the map is theirs, putting it on a cd rom and selling it. Here's the actuall EULA agreement:
By creating New Materials with the Program you hereby agree, and grant MF exclusive royalty free copyright to the New Materials, and MF may sell, grant a security interest, lease, rent, license or exploit New Materials for any commercial purpose as MF sees fit.
What improves the situation is this:
You may distribute New Materials freely but you may not sell, rent, license or exploit New Materials for any commercial purpose whatsoever.
Good, you can actually have your maps distributed freely :)
Thanks to JC for this notice...

Bugs and Patch by Miroslav - 1:36 -
Here's some info Chris Taylor posted about the new patch:
If you have a problem with the latest version, please do the following:

* Copy your savegame folder
* Uninstall FOT
* Reinstall FOT
* Apply the 1.27 patch
* Copy your savegame folder back into the FOT folder

Keep in mind that the patch cannot fix previous events in a savegame, it can only change maps that you have not yet entered.

If you continue to have problems, check your video, audio and DirectX drivers. Grab the latest and install them.

Defrag your hard drive.

Please report bugs here, use the phrase [BUG] in your subject line. Please report your hardware and system configuration, and the steps you perform to repeat this bug.

All this information will help...
Grabbed from the Interplay Forums

Chat Finished by Miroslav - 0:11 -
The chat was finished some moments ago, nothing important though. Just tiny tidbits on Fallout 1, 2, Tactics and the possibilities of Fallout 3. Here's the log if you'd like to read it.

Friday, June 15

FOT Maps by Miroslav - 22:10 -
I've started messing around with the editors a little, it's kewl. Although it requires a lot of cpu time, at least my Duron was having lags running editor and Photoshop... Anyway, if you have a map or campaign you'd like to be posted here, just send me a mail to

Downloads Back Online by Miroslav - 20:30 -
I've fixed the downloads section, now everyhitng should work, plus I've added downloads for Tactics editors and patch.

Thursday, June 14

Patch 1.27 and Editors!! by Odin - 23:01 -
Since many of you guys don't have a fast connection, I rar'ed the patch file on multiple rar's and uploaded it on NMA.
The download scipt does quite work yet, so I have to add a link to each rar. Get'em while they're hot here at NMA:

FOT Patch 1.27 and Editors Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Updated: I forgot to post a link to the R00 file, I've updated it now!!

Start Your Downloads by Miroslav - 21:33 -
Link to get the patch and editors. Have fun.
Btw, my DAP says that they weight 16.39Mbs.

Forum Back Online by Miroslav - 21:16 -
Looks like all the forum files are back online. You can start using the No Mutants Allowed Forums. Mail me if you encounter any problems.

Editor and Patch TODAY! by Miroslav - 21:15 -
Chris posted the following info on Interplay Forums
The 1.27 patch (with the editors) has been signed off. It's being sent to the webteam for posting.
I'll post the link here as soon as it goes live. Check back!
Thanks to Gadro from French Vault

SGO Reviews Tactics by Miroslav - 20:36 -
Strategy Gaming Online has fired up thir review of FT: BOS Official Web Site. It's a very long one page article, with several screenshots.
Overall: 7.8
With the right fixes, this one could go into classic territory. It’s just a shame Interplay didn’t think of that before publishing it.
Link: Strategy Gaming - Tactics Review

THQ Inc. buying Interplay? by Miroslav - 1:18 -
IE Magazine is reporting that there might be another company interested in buying Interplay. For a full story, please check this link.
Spotted at Voodoo Extreme

Patch Update - Again by Miroslav - 0:44 -
Well, looks like the Interplay Forums are back up and Chris Taylor posted something (nothing new though):
If you guys start a betting pool, can I get in on it? :)

QA is still in the process of final check-off. Remember that once they get a final release candidate, they still have to play through the game.

As soon as I hear that it's been signed off, I'll post.

After it's signed off on, it still needs to be posted to the ftp site. Krazi will probably update us when that happens.
Thanks to Stormbringer again for the notice.

Wednesday, June 13

Patch Progress by Miroslav - 19:53 -
Most of you know that I'm the man who doesn't like Tactics a lot. Well, this is somewhat true, but I'm one of the guys who would give out my left arm to get the editors out public right now (okey, not my right arm... leg... yes, I don't use legs alot). Since the Interplay Forums are down at the moment, Chris Taylor was fair enough to confirm that they're coming along well and we should be able do download them soon.
The patch release candidate is still in QA. They are doing file compares, playing the game, trying the installer under different install conditions and so on. Very soon.
Cheers Chris

Savegames and new patch by Miroslav - 1:30 -
For those of you concerned that the new patch may ruin your save games, Chris Taylor posts:
Save games are compatible. Mission maps already completed will not be updated, however.
I hope he made you a little happier while we're waiting for the patch and editors.
Spotted at the Interplay Forums.

TacticsXP by Miroslav - 1:24 -
Just read at Gamespot that Tactics is working just fine with Windows XP. If you're into it, they say that it's even working faster than with WinME.
Now if someone would listen to me, don't get WinME installed anywhere! That OS is nothing but a make-up version of Win98.
Anyway, here's the link to the article: Gamespot - WinXP Gaming Compatibility

Tuesday, June 12

Forums Almost Here by Miroslav - 17:19 -
Thanks to Odin, we may get the forums working very soon! He told me that they're more than 200MBs! Dear god, it's good I haven't tried downloading it with my 56k :)
Anyway, I'll keep you updated on this.

Patch Update by Miroslav - 12:16 -
Chris posted a little tiny tidbit on patch progress (you could guessed it, it's in Q&A):
The patch and the editors were packaged this morning with an installer.

The patch file size is 16.3MB.

This version of the patch is now in QA. They have to check to make sure all patch files get properly installed, and otherwise check that the installer works as it should.
Grabbed from: Interplay Forums

Monday, June 11

FT Items Back Online by Miroslav - 12:20 -
FT Items page is back online. I'm working on fixing the poll and downloads. I'll still have to see about Fallout 1&2 items pages. I'll post an update here...
Update - Polls are working again! Anyway, Forum links are down until we fix them (forums, not links).

Sunday, June 10

Patch + Editor News by Miroslav - 17:28 -
Some more info on new patch and the editors:
We are getting close. The patch and editors need to be "packaged" with an installer (like the first patch). Once this is done, it needs a final testing cycle (to make sure we didn't break anything).

However, that will not be happening today.
This was posted of the official message boards. Thanks to Stormbringer and B. Falling Star for the head up!

VE Reviews Tactics by Miroslav - 17:22 -
Voodoo Extreme just made me sick. They reviewed FT and and gave it a 87% score. It's ok, but take a look at this quote:
MicroForte and Interplay found a way to turn an RPG into a great strategy game and kept the spirit of Fallout alive in Fallout Tactics. Any fan of the original Fallout series will, without a doubt, love this game...
Is this another butt licking review or what...
Link: VE Tactics review

Developer Chat by Miroslav - 17:13 -
Interplay vs. Fallout Community
Topic: What do the community want of Fallout
First Star: Feargus Urquhart
Second Star: Chris Avelone
Third Star: Peter North

Ok, I was joking about the third star, but you should really pay attention, as we are looking forward to bitch Feargus and company about the future of Fallout (and save what we can). Anyway, here's the info:

Irc: : 6667, #fallout
Date: Friday June 15, 2001
Time: 4:00 P.M. EST, 9:00 P.M. GMT

Friday, June 8

Good News by Miroslav - 10:28 -
The forums should be back up any hour now. As for the downloads, I'll have to close it for the moment, and fix it after the weekend, as I won't be available during the next few days.
Update - I just saw that none of the archives or data files were transfered to a new server. I'll have to do that manually (with my 56k modem) and it'll take some time (forum is huge!). Sorry, I hope I can get it running as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 7

New Update on Patch by Miroslav - 22:38 -
Odin sent me a word that Chris posted some more info regarding the latest patch and editors.
Fallout Tactics Patch 2
Upgrades version 1.13 (gold master) to version 1.27
Upgrades version 1.25 (patch 1) to version 1.27
Includes version 1.26 of the Tactics Editor tools.
Thursday, May 31 2001

The primary purpose of this patch is to support custom missions and campaigns made with version 1.26 of the BOS editor.
Additionally there are some high priority bug fixes and support for the most recent Miles Sounds System.
Details for changes made in the first patch can be found at the end of this document.

Note: You will need to read the "EDITOR_README.txt" file if you wish to set up your installation to be compatible with the editors. Additionally you should be aware of the licensing agreement found in "Fallout Editor End User License Agreement.txt" and accept its terms before using the editor.


- Four Horsemen bug. On entering the four horsemen special encounter the ordering for the squad will no longer randomly change.
- Armour in hand slot. Placing or removing armour from a hand slot no longer effects stats.
- Leaving a multiplayer game no longer causes slow downs.
- Respawning in turnbased multiplayer no longer causes crashes, or exclusion from the turn list.
- Upgrade to version 6.1 of the Miles Sound System. This fixes a number of reported sound problems.
- Fix to sprite caching and usage of virtual memory.

Robin Maddock
Senior Programmer, Fallout Tactics.
Micro Forte, Canberra
I think I got this from Robin himself some week ago, but the site was down.

Problems keeps rolling in... by Miroslav - 22:15 -
Well, I made a very stupid mistake and deleted the news databse so last few posts had to re-submited - sorry for that.

Forum update - most of you have noticed that the forum and other scripted pages arent working - items databases and downloads. I'll be fixing that tonight, but you may expect some radical changes soon.

All you need to do is remember the url and you'll have no problems ever again.

Patch and Editors by Miroslav - 22:12 -
Here's a quick update on patch and editors. Currently, they're in Q&A, making sure there are no bugs(?!) and that stuff. They'll be some 12MBs, but you can't use the editors without the new patch. No problem since they'll be packed together in one archive. Patch is an updated exe file, and editor is a separate exe.

WHL Updated... by Miroslav - 22:11 -
Those nifty guys over at Wasteland Half-Life have once again updated their site, this time they've posted some new pictures, their cast page and their weapon page. So head on over and check it out.
Progress on the new build:
Maps: 89%
Models: 66%
Animations: 87%
Code: 89%
Debugging: On Hold
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

New FOT Review by Miroslav - 22:10 -
Ah, we're finally back up..I won't post any old news, so I'll just go and post this little review.Gamespot AU have post a review of Fallout Tactics, and it's quite a positive one. They gave it a total score of 9.5 out of 10 possible, but the thing that got the lowest score was sound (wh00t??!):
At the same time, the game is never like shooting fish in a barrel -- the AI players make pervasively good decisions. They will rush you when flanked, dig in when well-defended and make a wide variety of combat decisions that make for very different encounters every time you play.
Well the AI was good, but not that good...
Link: FOT Review at Gamespot AU