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June 1998

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Tuesday, June 30

San Andrea Vault by Miroslav
San Andrea Vault has moved. Doom's location is not at GameStats. Check it at
I'm preparing the sounds section. I'm trying to obtain the copyright permission for "Maybe" song. You'll be notified view this page and newsletter.
New in Fallout 1 section: Brotherhood of Steel location added (I think You should visit that and take a look of what's inside the Brotherhood's storage room). Glow is also there. And corrected one Hub location.
Prepare for one more voting topic! Thanx to LionRogue

Saturday, June 27

3 New Pictures by Miroslav
We have one new screenshot and pictures of Fallout box and official logo. It's in the screenshots section.
I have added one little thing in N.M.A.'s voting section. It's a script that let's You submit your own voting topics and answers. Raistlin thanx for suggestion.
More stuff coming these days!

Thursday, June 25

8 New Screenshots by Miroslav
As I said yesterday, 8 new screen shots here!!
Check Fallout 1 section. Some changes. Come back later for even more!
Join my mailing list to recive instant news about Fallout!
Corrected all links in files section.
There is a new topic in Voting section

Wensday, June 24

New Screenshots, OGR's preview by Miroslav
Is this the greatest Fallout site or not? Specialty, just for you boys and girls, 8 new Fallout 2 screenshots here!!
And 8 more coming in a few days!
OGR has a Fallout 2 preview! You can find it here!!
My maps are delayed 'cause my master.dat file is corrupted :( Check back later...

Tuesday, June 23

New Wallpaper by Miroslav
This is a great wallpaper. It's a grayscale pic from Fallout's main menu. Available for download as 800x600 and 1024x768 image. Go to the Files section.
Be sure to read GameCenter's article, on which I have a GameCenter's permission to publish it on N.M.A., about Fallout 2 and 3.
Oh, and thanx for your support...
If you want to work for GameStats, check our main page at!

Saturday, June 20

Fallout 3? by Miroslav
Well, I just officially heard that there's gonna be Fallout 3. It'll use 3d acceleration, and engine similar to Stonekeep 2. There is a possibility of real time option. Who knows, if there's real time, multiplayer could be included also.
I'll try to get more info on that, until then I have some more Fallout 2 news.
Gamecenter has a nice article about Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. You can check it here. Most interesting news is that Super Mutants are still in the game. They're mining radioactive stuff. Cool. Other stuff is already known to many of you, but I do recommend you to read that.
As for the site design, I'm working on Non-framed version. I'm also working on mapping Fallout 1 world. If you want, check Vault 13 map here. I would like to get some feedback about this. How to improve, what to remove,add...
Oh, and be sure to register for N.M.A. newsletter. That is the only way to get regular Fallout news.
Or you can just check this site every day :)

Sunday, June 14

6 New ScreenShots! by Miroslav
I can't say nothing more about this. Check this in ScreenShots section.
Oh yes... Sorry about that nav bar bug. I was in a hurry that Friday... You see what hapens when I dont use TextPad as my editor. Sorry again...
I just can't find some time to update what would other people want in Fallout 2 section. I have tons of new interesting stuff... I'll add it next week.

Friday, June 12

Chat log by Miroslav
If you don't know what happened there (there was another chat on mIRC) like me, read that chat log. You can find it in Fallout 2 section.

Wensday, June 10

New Chat by Miroslav
I'm sorry for lack of updates, but I was too busy to anything these days... But, yesterday I recived another mail from Card Kris. 'Bout what? Another chat today with Feargus Urquhart and Eric DeMilt.
On, channel #gamers-zone, 7:30pm PST.
I'm not sure if I can make it, so if You could record a log and send it to me, I would give you every credit for that. Thanx
Now... if You sent me e-mails these days, be sure to wait for response... As I said I'm to busy to respond to 200 messages I got this weekend :)

Thursday, June 4

New screenshot by Miroslav
You should check new Fallout 2 screenshot here.