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May 2001

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Wednesday, May 9

Another Review by Miroslav - 9:40
Well, Gamevault reviewed a Fallout: Tactics developed by Gas Powered Games! :) really funny, this is the detail we missed, Microforte actually did nothing with Tactics, but Chris Taylor (there is another Chris Taylor who develops DungeonSiege) did it :) Neat...
Anyway, no quote, but if you'd rather visit the review, click here.
Thanks to Saint Provervbius for tip off. You know, he could have posted this himself ;)

FOT Editors... by Odin - 3:05
As Miro said in the last post (his update) the editors will be released, this is why I didn't post the info I got from Chris T yet. (Simply because it wasn't official that they wouldn't release the editors.)Here's some info from the country of Oz (Duck And Cover):
The honourable Chris Taylor has jumped up and said, quite simply "Rumor is wrong." When pushed a little further, he said "It's wrong." We cheered. He continued "There is behind the scenes business stuff that has to be taken care of first. Business moves at the speed of lawyers. Be patient." More cheering ensued, after which he added "And there is still localization and patch issues that have to be dealt with. The editors _are_ lower priority than localization and patch issues. But they are still planned for release as soon as we finish things up. Reminder: Editors are unsupported, yadda-yadda-yadda. They will be released, however." So lay down your pitchforks and your flaming torches. Crisis is over. Relax.
I couldn't have said it better myself, relax guys!!

Tuesday, May 8

News on the Editors? by Odin - 14:24
Earlier I emailed Chris T about the editors and what he said to me then came as a real shock.He said that it wasn't sure they would release the editors or not, he didn't know at that time. And now Dr.W95 (The Vats) posted some news about the editors, his source was Freelancer:
Naturally, we as well asked about the editor for Fallout Tactics being delayed. Interplay isn't going to release it yet because of several reasons. The Interplay has been planning to create another Fallout Tactics series game without the help of MicroForte, but nowadays the plans have changed. The company is almost ready to sign up a contract for another FT game with MicroForte and, according to our friends, this will be an expansion pack which will include the editor. This is the most logical marketing move as the editors should attract the attention to the project. According to our friends' info, the thing is not going to be announced before ECTS.
Thanks to Dr.W95 for informing me!!
Update by Miroslav - the final word is that editors are to be released, but after the multiplayer patch. That means more waiting... nothing else...

New FOT Review by Odin - 9:47
Yurg from Freelancer have finally posted his review of Fallout Tactics, he gave it an overall score of 7.25 out of 10 possible. Here's a snibblet:
Generally the game is cool, if you wish to break 3d shooter monopoly to network game. The time will tell how viable the game is…
Link: Yurg's FOT Review

Monday, May 7

Bug List by Miroslav - 16:41
It appears I got this a week ago but somehow I missed to post it. Anyway, The Monk mailed me saying that he's put a Fallout: Tactics bug list online. I don't know if all bugs are there, I don't even pay attention to them. Here's the link.

New Poll by Odin - 5:48
The question of the week on Gamespot is: "What's your favorite game this year?" (so far) and Fallout Tactics is mentioned. They've also posted a poll for you to vote, so go and vote for Fallout Tactics here.

Sunday, May 6

Contest by Miroslav - 21:59
JC of Vault 13 seems to be back to this not so interesting web mastering life. And he's back with a contest. Basically it's another contest for artistically talented people, you get it: fan art contest. Anyway, click on this link if you're interested in participating. Prizes are a copy of Tactics (can this be called a prize?!), a camo bag, t-shirt, poster and such.

Saturday, May 5

Poll: Your Favorite Fallout by Miroslav - 15:46
First, here are results from the last poll. Your most wanted vehicle is:
 Secret Alien spaceship from Fallout 2 (567)
 Hummer (283)
 APC (118)
 Tank (83)
 Buggy (70)
Total Votes: 1121
Well, I didn't think you'll be so funny and ask for a space ship ;) Anyway, the new poll "Your favorite Fallout is..." well a rather serious topic, so let's show to Interplay that Fallout 1 rulez! Well, at least I think ti's the best... Oh no, I'm not trying to affect your mind here, I'm simply implying you to vote for Fallout 1 :) j/k, go ahead and vote for your favorite!

Friday, May 4

Review @ Gamezilla by Miroslav - 10:10
Gamezilla posted a small review of Fallout Tactics. Actually, this looks like a preview, rather than review. Anyway, the screenshots are also taken from the early alpha versions of the game (take a look at the interface bar).
Link: Gamezilla - Review of Fallout: Tactics.

WHL Updated.. by Odin - 3:57
Those nirty creatures over at Wasteland Half-Life (WHL) are almost there with their new build of Wasteland Half-Life, they've updated the site with one new shot and some info. Read here:
Allo allo folks. One of the reasons behind slow updates here is simply funneling a lot of goodies through the newsletter-- of which you're welcome to dig in. For here though, I offer up the shot below, which sports some fun with melee. Particularly, melee only mode, and more particularly, third person perspective whilest Big Tony is beating the holy hell out of Theodus with a sledgehammer. Yikes.
Maps: 88%
Models: 97%
Animations: 92%
Code: 89%
Debugging: On Hold.
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

New Short FOT Review! by Odin - 3:45
X-Treme Gaming Radio have posted a small but positive review of Fallout Tactics, they gave it a 83% out of 100% (of course). Here's a snibblet:
Fans of squad-level strategy will find more to enjoy here than in, say, Star Trek Away Team. FT has difficulty settings, which you will find make an actual difference in the game.
Link: FOT Review at XGR

Thursday, May 3

Send Your FT Mods by Miroslav - 10:28
During the past few weeks, I got several mods for Fallout: Tactics in my email box. I'm adding them to a new section, so if you'd like your mod to appear here, just mail it to me with all the info (a little description, home page if any, email and normally, zip or rar file with files inside).

French Article anyone? by Odin - 8:24
Gadro from the The French vault have written a short article about the wastelands. Now I can't read it since it's in French, but for you out there who can drop by and read it.
Link: Wasteland Article
Thanks to Gadro for emailing me about it!! =)

Wednesday, May 2

List of Articles by Miroslav - 21:08
I've compiled a list of recently published articles on the internet. Contains Reviews, Previews, Interviews and other articles. The list is not yet completed, but it's almost 90% done. It's on the left menu bar, under the articles link.

Another FOT Guide! by Odin - 10:07
A nifty little guy called Guiler have put together a guide to Fallout Tactics and tha guys over at Duck And Cover have posted it there. Is it the best guide? I dunno, but be sure to check it out and see for yourself.
Link: Guiler's Guide To FOT

The "Fun" of QA! by Odin - 10:04
InterplayGames have posted an article on Quality Assurance (QA), where they defend their effort to find and kill the bugs in the games they release. Here's a snibblet for all of us:
The next time you sit down to play your favorite game, and you find a problem, think about what you've read here. Think about the hours and hours of time some tester sat playing the game over and over again. That tester might not have done exactly the same thing you did, with your exact hardware. Contrary to rumor, successful game companies, do not sell beta versions so the general public can test for them. They need a staff of trained QA personal that will write up bugs in verbose detail on known hardware configurations so that developers can fix them. Sure, it's fun, but it's a job, and any job is work.
Link: The "Fun" of QA
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Fallout Tactics Guide! by Odin - 9:41
Gamespot UK have posted a Fallout Tactics Guide, where you can get help on general strategies, missions and the random encounters. So for those of you with a problem conquering the unknown menace, go and check it out.
Link: Fallout Tactics Guide

Tuesday, May 1

PC Gamer Review by Miroslav - 5:50
The latest issue of PC Gamer has Tactics reviewed. It got 85%, and here's their "bottom line":
Expanding a fine Franchise, FT is the king of tactical combat games.
Expanding?! I would rather say exploiting.
Thanks to William Amos for mailing me this info.