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May 1998

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Saturday, May 31

E3 by Miroslav
If anyone has any news, pic or anything from E3 show, please mail me
Added link to Fallout 2 FAQ from Interplay's page.

Wensday, May 27

Broken links repaired by Miroslav
Corrected broken editor links in files section.
One more link.

Tuesday, May 26

Brief report from chat by Miroslav
I have added this brief report from chat. It's in Fallout 2 section. If you prefer reading whole log, click here.

Saturday, May 23

New look by Miroslav
Do you like it? New look of N.M.A.'s menu bar. Some sections are changed also. I would some feedback. Comments and suggestions.
I have added new, and I can say, much better message board. New topic in Voting section. Please vote!

Friday, May 22

Chat report by Miroslav
Check the chat report. How do you mean what chat report? The one with Feargus! It's here.

Wensday, May 20

Chat with Feargus Urquhart! by Miroslav
I received a message from Black Isle Studios. Everyone who can make it, Feargus is available for chat. Read this for more info.
One new link to The Fallout Bomb Shelter in links section

Sunday, May 17

Logo Screens by Miroslav
Download startup/shutdown logo screens from files section. I had them a few months ago. Oh yes... Interplay's Logo screens are there also. I'm trying to create Fallout 2 logo screens. Check later.
I'll add more in What do other people want in Fallout 2 section these days.

Wensday, May 13

One old screenshot by Miroslav
Added this map screen shot in ScreenShots section..
Check here in a few days. I'll try to put new files (startup/shutdown screens, char files, Quake skins!).
Top 10 is working fine... I had no complains, so submit your site... Oh yes... I'll try not to post messages on web boards anymore, expext mine. Someone is abusing others with my name. You can reach me at my message board, my mail or my ICQ : 1769147

Sunday, May 10

Nothing new by Miroslav
I have done some section redesigning. It's much faster and easy to navigate. There is no more large html files. If you find broken links, please mail me so I can fix it as soon as possible.
Also, I saw that I forgot to place one screen shot in ScreenShots section. I'll place it tomorrow.

Friday, May 8

Interview in PC Gamer by Miroslav
I have added PC Gamer's interview with two F2 designers. Who are they? Check here.
WebMasters! Join Fallout Top 10 list! It's in testing phase now, so if everything works out ok, this will be something very nice. I have created one image in just a few minutes, so every comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Thursday, May 7

Newsletter by Miroslav
I have included form for you to subscribe for my newsletter. You'll receive this email whenever there's interesting Fallout news. You can also easily unsubscribe if you wish.
I'm currently preparing Fallout Top 10 section.
Oh yes... I cannot make any more maps because of my hard disk problems.

Announcement from Black Isle Studios by Miroslav
Hell, I got another hard disk crash. This time I have lost almost half of my programs and stuff...
Never mind. Here's a special news from Black Isle Studios (full story available in Fallout 2 news section):
(New Fallout 2 Web Site Offers Contestants a Chance to Be In the Game)
Irvine, Calif. - Duck and cover! (Somewhere near a computer with Internet access is preferable.) Black Isle Studios(TM), a division of Interplay productions, today announces the launch of the web site for Fallout 2(TM), located on the world wide web at Fallout 2 is the highly-anticipated sequel to 1997 Role-Playing Game of the Year set to ship in October 1998 and will be available for Windows 95 CD-ROM and 100% compatibles...
Read out full story

Wensday, May 6

More Fallout 2 info by Miroslav
Added more Fallout 2 info in Fallout 2 section. From Interplay's site.
I have included readme file for this, that explains that I don't hate mutants.
I see how many Child killers visit this page. Maybe I should call it Only Child killer allowed instead of N.M.A. :)
Contest still opened! It's Gamestats first birthday! Win Gravis Xtermintor Joy pad and much more

Sunday, May 3

New Screenshots by Miroslav
More Fallout 2 shots!
Somehow I used a different font for Voting image on that menu bar. Ops... corrected
Do you like my new counter?

Saturday, May 2

Peoples expectations by Miroslav
Contest at GameStats. Great prize: Gravis Xterminator!
"These are not expected to hit the streets till June so this is a nice little coup!"
- JusticeT
DirectX 5.2 released. Download it here!
Who is your favorite team mate? Ian? Or Dog meat? Don't miss our voting section!

Friday, May 1

Peoples expectations by Miroslav
Corrected Falche anchor in links section. More pics for you to link me!
Fixed some minor mistakes and added Voting section button to menu bar.