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April 2003

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Wednesday, April 16

Fergus leaving BIS? by Odin - 9:27 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
I noticed over at VoodooExtreme that the fellas over at DAC had gotten word that Feargus Urqhart have left/quit Black Isle, now this isn't confirmed from IPLY/BIS yet so it's only a rumour.

Vertibird mod in English by Odin - 0:13 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Baster
Baster informed me that he had translated his vertibird mod to English. For those of you who doesn't know what this is, it's a mod which let's you ride the vertibird and it also includes some new quests.
Download link: Vertibird Mod (3,3MB), Vertibird Mod (NonDAT, 3MB)

Tuesday, April 15

More functions in FO2 Editor by Odin - 9:43 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: IPLY Boards
I noticed a thread started by MCA, where Red evidently had emailed him some information about the official Fallout 2 editors, lookie here:
I wanted to thank Red_Nmmo for passing along the following information about the editor that should prove helpful:


Here's a version that removes ambiguities and adds some details.

When there's a slash ("/"), the left part is in edit mode, while the right is in the game mode (F8). Most of the normal game function still work in the editore - moreso in the game mode of course. The M key is especially useful for selecting critters as it doesn't have the issue of "clicking a bunch of time until you hit the critter" problem since you know exactly where you click.

B: Fix map objects to PIDs (same as menu)
C: Character/Copy
F: Toggle some form of reporting on and off (fps? probably not)
D: Switch light level look of map (Day, night et al)
I: Inventory/List scripts (same as menu)
K: Kill critter (and recucitate!)
L: Give 500xp to OBJ_DUDE
M: Mouse-Hex cursor toggle
N: Advance 1 month
O: Options
P: Pipboy/Find tile under cursor in list
Q: Make walls transparent (not invisible - neat!)
R: Toggles roofs on/off
S: Skilldex
T: Advance 1 minute/Open edit mode menu
S: Place location script
W: Worldmap [Note: if PROs are read-only, it crashes]
Z: Rest
[/]: /One step change of daylight

Alt-A: Save As
Alt-B: Edit OBJ_DUDE (Note: as in the menu.
when exiting this function it leaves the screen mostly black!
Alt-F: File menu
Alt-G: Shift map (?)
Alt-H: Crashes app
Alt-I: Load text map
Alt-N: Erase map
Alt-O: Open map
Alt-S: Save
Alt-T: Scripts menu
Alt-V: Tools menu
Alt-W: Set map script
Alt-Y: Use pattern

Ctrl-F: Disable sound effect cache
Ctrl-I: Pipboy map
Ctrl-J: Give object to OBJ_DUDE
Ctrl-L: Load savegame
Ctrl-N: Advance 1 month
Ctrl-P: Pause
Ctrl-T: Adance 1 day
Ctrl-V: Version

F1: Help/Items
F2: Critters
F3: Scenery
F4: Walls
F5: Tiles
F6: Misc
F7: Quick Load Savegame
F8: Switch to game mode
F9: Rebuild Weapons (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
F10: Rebuild proto list (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
F11: Rebuild all (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
F12: Screenshot

The librarian menu can be toggled on with override_librarian=1 in the cfg

You can load games into the editor, note however that the game's files are used instead of the ones found in the directories and/or the DATs. Also note that if you extracted and modified PRO files in your "working" directory, chances are loading the savegame will delete them so you'd need to make them read-only - but see the W key above...

Getting the PRO files to be editable: On the same drive you installed Fallout2 (well, I don't know, it might be the same you installed the mapper, or in which master.dat is found in mapper2.cfg, I haven't toyedwith it much since it works for me), create /fallout2/dev/proto, and in it place the directories critters, items, scenery, tiles, walls, misc. Once that's done you can edit the pro files.

Here's a sample of how it looks on my drive for reference (in hopes it looks good in the email...) E:\ \---fallout2

Damn, guess Red's been busy.. Nice job!

Monday, April 14

Unofficial FO2 Patch v1.03 in Polish by Odin - 18:42 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Locutus
Locutus have sent me the latest addition to the Fallout 2 unofficial patch he's done, this time it's the polish version, he's also working on a new patch (both UK and Polish). If anyone can try this mod out on a US version and let him know if the bugs seems to be fix, he'd be very glad.
Download link: Fallout 2 Unofficial patch v1.03(PL, 265KB)

Saturday, April 12

Fallout 2 unofficial patch v1.03 (UK) by Odin - 22:29 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: Locutus
Locutus have just finished creating the unofficial 1.03 UK patch for Fallout 2, here are some of the errors it fixes:
  • Small fix in the Enclave computer terminal

  • Grisham will no longer call Balthas Balthus (Or Balthos, I can't quite remember.)

  • A fix in Badger's dialogue

  • Tubby will now tell you about Redding

  • Marge will no longer say that Dan supports the NCR

  • Some small fixes in President Richardson's dialogue

  • Vault City gate guard will now call Marcus a mutant and Lenny a ghoul
  • This day just gets better and better, what next?
    Download Link: Fallout 2 unOfficial patch v1.03 (3MB)

    Misc by Odin - 22:18 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    I just wanted to say that I'm working on a new file script and that's why I haven't added any new maps/mods/files you guys might have sent me lately, so as soon as I fix that I'll upload the files.

    FOT Map beta test by Odin - 22:17 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Max-Violence
    Max-Violence informed me that he had almost finished his latest Fallout Tactics map, it's called Revenge 2.But he's looking for people to test it out and give some feedback, check this thread for some more info!

    Awaken mod by Odin - 14:03 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Kaczor
    Kaczor informed me that the Awaken mod has been released. Well the polish version of their mod has been released, the english version is still in the works.
    Thanks Kaczor!

    Fallout 2 Editor Released by Odin - 13:34 - Comment Me (3) - News Source: Shaun
    Holy Crap! The Original Fallout 2 Editor has been released, our months of nagging at the lubly Chris Avellone have paid off. I'd like to thank MCA for making this possible, now let's nag for that source code .

    Updated: I forgot to thank the following people for making this editor possible: Josh Sawyer, Darren Monahan, Feargus Urquhart, Chris Heidari, Scotty Everts and finally the man who really made this possible by slaving away on his freetime mr Chris Jones !

    Download links: Fallout 2 Editor (2,6MB), Fallout 2 Editor Documentation (PDF, 564KB) and Fallout 2 Editor Documentation (WORD, 420KB).

    Tuesday, April 8

    Mod group seeking help by Odin - 20:12 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
    Kreegle got word that a new mod group has been formed and they're looking for new members, here's what one of the members said:
    The mod squad called Sweout is has been founded, the only members now are Tzorcelan and Creep and we are looking for quality modders, if you think you can make some really nice stuff, send me (Tzorcelan) a mail, at and we can talk about it.
    Link: Sweout

    Fallout Tycoon by Odin - 20:08 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: DAC
    DJ Slam�k (DAC) got word of a new game in the progress, it's called "Fallout Tycoon". Think of it as SimFallout,well's what you can do in the game:
    In the game, you�ll play the role of Mayor of a settlement or city (whichever suits your skills). You�ll be able to side with factions from the world of Fallout - become a Vault city-type town or a Brotherhood of Steel outpost. Another possibility is to become a continential Enclave base, a Mutant camp, a Ghoul settlement or an NCR town. And if you mind the post-apocalyptic scenery, you can build on the ruins of pre-war cities like San Francisco, the Boneyard, etc. You�ll get dozens of structures. You�ll have to provide your citizens with water (which is hard to come by in the Wastes, so you'll have to rely on tricky and unstable trade), food (which is obtained from farms and brahmin breedings, or by trade as well) and of course with the ubiquitous money. Expect to trade �something for something�, where you can get or sell both food or water and techonlogies, armors, weapons, ...etc. Be careful, though: You can only trade with other friendly towns.
    Sounds like fun ? Well you can read more about it from the official site here.

    Sunday, April 6

    More FO2 Mods by Odin - 17:50 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: TeamX
    While looking around I noticed that the TeamX site had posted a news bit about a new Fallout 2 mod, this one replaces the Highwayman with a Vertibird (sweet!) and there's a new quest.The only problem is that this mod is in Russian (he's looking for someone to translate it to english, so if you want to help email him), I've uploaded the files to NMA:
    Download link: Vertibird mod (dat,720KB), Vertibird mod (non-dat,675KB)

    I've also taken the liberty of uploading the IanOut project files to NMA
    Download link: Rar (730KB), Rar00 (730KB), Rar01 (655KB)

    Saturday, April 5

    Yet another Fallout project by Odin - 0:01 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: Fan Made Fallout: The Bastion of Hope
    I've also been informed about another Fallout project in the works (actually awhile ago...But I thought I'd give you guys some good news), this one is called Fan Made Fallout: The Last Bastion of Hope, so remember to check that out as well.
    Link: Fan Made Fallout: The Last Bastion of Hope

    Friday, April 4

    New Fallout project by Odin - 23:52 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Sztupy - IanOut
    I've gotten word of a total conversion for Fallout called IanOut, there is a hungarian version and an english version (Beta) ready for download. Here's more info:
  • What is IanOut?

  • IanOut is a total conversion for Fallout.

  • Why IanOut?

  • The main problem of Fallout was, that it was very hard to create mods for it. The main object of IanOut is to create an engine, which has a completely documented Mod Developement Kit, so everyone can create his own post-apocalyptic world.

  • How?

  • Fast everything in the game is a simple txt file, which can be edited by hand, the MAP and ACT files can be edited with the help of the Level Editor, and the FRM files are loaded from the master.dat and critter.dat file of Fallout.
    Remember to check out that one..

    Chuck speaketh... by Odin - 18:10 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: VoodooExtreme
    HomeLAN have talked to little chucky (or was that a movie?) and asked him about the latest addition to..erm...the Fallout world (according to IPLY), and here are some gems:
    HomeLAN - Fallout has a huge cult following for many gamers. How does the following for this series affect the development of the game?

    Chuck Cuevas - When we started discussing a Fallout console game, we looked at the fan sites and what they wanted out of future Fallout titles. The hardcore fans aren�t into consoles or action games, so we knew from the outset that some fans wouldn�t get into the idea. But at the same time, we felt that the Fallout universe is a rich, wonderful game setting, and many Fallout fans as well as console gamers who aren�t familiar with Fallout will love playing around in it. Many members of the current development team are Fallout fans. Many of the ideas incorporated into the story, art, and design come straight from Fallout 1 and 2. With all of this in mind, we took a different direction from the PC titles, putting together a game experience that appeals to a broad console audience (a group with different expectations than the hardcore PC gaming crowd). And in the end, we feel that what makes a game Fallout isn�t turn-based combat or sprites or a keyboard and mouse. It�s about a setting and storyline that�s going to be cool no matter what platform it�s on. Ultimately we�re hoping to broaden the appeal of the Fallout world so that we can make more Fallout titles for all platforms, all types of gamers.
    Guess they know what we want, don't they.......
    HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the storyline for the game and how it fits in the Fallout universe?

    Chuck Cuevas - The story takes place shortly after the events of Fallout 1, where the mutant army was defeated and dispersed, and the Brotherhood of Steel began to grow in strength. It begins with a Brotherhood of Steel initiate (the player character) sent out on a training mission � with no supplies. Traveling to the small desert town of Carbon, the player character is supposed to rendezvous with a high-ranking member of the Brotherhood in order to receive further instructions. But things get complicated. The Brotherhood officer doesn�t show up, and the player has to interact with people in the town to find out what happened. The townspeople have their own problems � raiders. What was supposed to be a training mission turns into full-scale battle.

    More locations and characters figure into the story as the player tracks the Brotherhood officer across the wastes, running into a cult of ghoul fanatics, psychotic malfunctioning robots, and a powerful faction of the super mutant army.
    Where did the Pirates go??? (*sobb, sobb*)...
    Link: HomeLAN interview with Chucky

    Thursday, April 3

    More Wasteland 2042 by Odin - 21:46 - Comment Me (1) - News Source:
    Thanks to Ryskah (from the Wasteland 2042 Team) and Kaczor, I got word that the Wasteland 2042 team has released a movie teaser (14,2MB) and a new interview. Remember to check out those..

    Wednesday, April 2

    phpBB Forums by Odin - 19:04 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    Because of some of the problems we had converting the dcforum to phpBB, we decided to do a clean installation of the new forums.
    That means you all have to re-register.

    Tuesday, April 1

    New Forums ! by Odin - 9:46 - Comment Me (10) - News Source: NMA Forums
    Well I managed to convert the DCForum to phpBB, not sure if all the post/threads went over but a majority of them did (80-90%). The order i a little out of wack, but it should work fine.
    You all have to click on the I forgot my password and have it sent to you, the latest users and threads wasn't converted, since they got posted after I started the conversion.

    We're also working on the style/template for the boards, Miro is doing that.
    Please don't register again, contact me if you're having problems. Your username could be a little changed (I can fix that).

    Everyone should be able to obtain their new passwords by using this link: Obtain Password

    Type in your username and email adress, which you used to register this account on the DCForums.

    I'd like to thank Dan, Rob and good old JC for helping me out with some of the files I needed to convert the forums! Enjoy!
    Link: NMA Forums

    Help needed by Odin - 0:43 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Wasteland 2042
    The Wasteland 2042 is looking for some help on their mod, here's more:
    We are currently in need of an sound engineer. If you think you got what it takes, email me at
    They've also posted some new screenshots, so remember to take a look at those also.

    IPLY by Odin - 0:38 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Gamespy
    Interplay will release the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2002 results today, they will also host a conference call for analysts and investors. You can read more about it here.