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April 2001

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Friday, April 6

Easter Rant!! by Odin - 11:08 -
I just wanted to inform you guys that I'm taking the next week off, so I won't be updating the news. Hopefully Miro will have time to do the news. Have your fingers crossed, cause I'm going skiing!

Happy Easter and have fun playing FOT!

Got ideas for a new Contest? by Odin - 10:13 -
Aqua posted this of the official Fallout forums:
After KraziKatt's last contest, I'm not sure we can top those. I do have a couple of mission CD's and a t-shirt I can send out. So if anyone has any suggestions for our next contest for Fallout: Tactics post them here or send them into, Subject ASK AQUA.
So for those of you who are just bubbling with ideas, send them in!!

FOT Patch Update! by Odin - 9:50 -
Karl have once again visited the board and posted an patch update on Fallout Tactics, here's some of the info:
The patch is going very well. Today we fixed some remaining problems that Interplay QA returned. Hopefully if this is the final version, we can get the patch out soon. I know everyone is anxiously waiting for it, but please be patient. We want to test it completely before we release the patch.
So this would probably mean that the patch isn't beeing released today, sorry guys!!
You can read the rest here.

Updated: I just found this posted on the board from Chris Taylor:
The patch is still being worked on. We are receiving daily updates from Micro-Fort�, but each update requires a lot of testing. We want to make sure we do not introduce more bugs than we fix... :)

I doubt the patch will be ready for this Friday. We are scheduled to get another patch late tonight that _might_ be final, but it needs testing and we can't release a patch with one day's testing on the last day of the week.
So there you have it guys, no patch today...

The Rumours Continue! by Odin - 9:30 -
Yurg over at Freelancer posted this little snibblet about the rumours of the Micro-Fort� layoffs and the rumour of Fallout Tactics 2. Now remember this is not official so anything in here could be true or not:
Tactics 2 is by no means dead, and negotiations with Interplay continue. The expense of developing the Tactics 2 engine was actually quite minimal and in no way contributed to the layoffs at MF Canberra. However, an engine does not mean a game. There would need to be a lot of new content and that's what would cost money to create.

The people lost from Canberra were almost all artists, and the core programming team is still intact to work on patches, but whether another patch will happen after the one in progress will depend on how much Interplay wants it. The current work in progress patch has one more bug to go before it is done.

A lot of the features that people are asking for in a patch are stuff that they will be able to script themselves once the editor is released. The editor *will* be released, but I'm sure you've heard that plenty of times already.

Fallout Online may or may not happen, but one thing is for sure: the funding for any MMOG from Interplay will be separate from anything else they are doing (will be a sibling company that raises its own cash). Thus the decision to do such a thing has no bearing on money spent on other projects. Black Isle does not want a Fallout Online for obvious reasons, and this would be one reason it may not happen.
Spotted at Freelancer.

Want To Win FOT?? by Odin - 9:20 -
Well here's your chance, Evil Avatar and Sybex have started a contest where you can win Fallout Tactics.They have 5 copies of Fallout Tactics to give away, to try and win just send an email to The Prize Guardian (Evil subscribers are automatically entered!).
Link: FOT Contest
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

FOT TC Help Request! by Odin - 8:41 -
I got this email from a guy called Ben Davis, he's starting to make a TC for Fallout Tactics and are in need of help. Here's the info I got:
I'm Ben and I'm working on a Fallout Tactics TC but I need a few people to help me with web site design and new character designs and animation.
So if you feel you can contribute, email him here.

Fallout hits nr.4!! by Odin - 8:36 -
The PC gaming charts for March 22-28 have been posted and lookie where Fallout Tactics have landed:
1. The Sims
2. The Sims Livin Large
3. Roller Coaster Tycoon
4. Fallout Tactics
6. Diablo 2
7. AOE II: Age of Kings
8. HOYLE Casino 2001
9. Serious Sam
10. Red Alert 2
Thanks to Steve 'Grifman' Griffin for the info!!

Tactics Trainer by Miroslav - 3:11 -
I've added new file to binaries section. It a trainer for Tactics, so if you'd like to cheat, go ahead and get it.

Thursday, April 5

New Beste Game Poll!! by Odin - 15:11 -
The guys over at VoodooExtreme have posted a new poll, where the questions is this:"Up to this point, what is your choice for game of the year 2001?". And you guess it, Fallout Tactics is in it.So go and vote for Fallout Tactics!(If you liked it)

Fallout Tactics is currently on the 7th place (3%), with Black and White on the top!(46%)
Link: Best Game 2001 (so far)

Update by Miroslav - I was just wondering, why have they wrote the name of Tactics like "fallout tactics" with none capital letter? I mean there are Black and White, Tribes 2, Serious Sam...

Apocalypse Fiction Magazine! by Odin - 11:41 -
Scott Carr from The Apocalypse Fiction Magazine have once again posted some info on the Fallout forums, here's the info:
First off, thanks for the GREAT response I got from the members of this list when I posted news of AFM last week!!!

The "Apocalypse Fiction Magazine" has been updated with lots'a goodies: a new BBS, a post-atomic poetry contest, several cool links, the post-war Shockwave game Commander Clean, music, and more! Come take a look!

I would like to invite any writers (and readers!) on this board to take a look at this new online fiction magazine dedicated to post-apocalyptic fiction.

The first issue will premiere on April 30, and we are still looking for art, stories, series, comic book art, and Flash animation.

Submission Guidelines can be found on the site. thanks for taking the time to read my shameless endorsement;) Actually,I'm a contributing member to this list, as well as a huge fan of FO1, FO2, and even FOT, and I thought that ya'll might be interested...


-Scott C. Carr
Editor, Apocalypse Fiction Magazine
So for all those writers out there, go and submit your story there and help out!
Link: Apocalypse Fiction Magazine

FOT On Sale!! by Odin - 8:45 -
Compuexpert.Com have decided to go "crazy" and are having a "48Hour Madness" sale on Fallout Tactics. You can get Fallout Tactics for $ 29.90!!! But you've got to hurry, it's only 12 hours left!! (sorry!)
Link: FOT On Sale!!!
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Need help with FOT? by Odin - 8:40 -
GameFAQs have posted a walkthrough/FAQ and a weapon list, for those of you who are having problems with Fallout Tactics. The walkthrough covers the entire game up until the Great Bend mission, guess it'll be updated later.
Link: Weapon/Armour list,FOT Walkthrough
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Wednesday, April 4

The Reviews Continue... by Miroslav - 16:42 - rise on the internet. Anyway, yet another has been published, this time at Gaming Age. Rate is B (great). Here's the verdict:
Fallout Tactics is a difficult game but one that proves to have some very rewarding gameplay if you can just hang in there long enough to experience it. The mission structure is thoughtful, the character skill/trait development is fantastic, and the tactical combat is challenging. It may not live up to the Fallout titles before it, but it really does an admirable job.
Link: Gaming Age - Tactics - Review
Don't ask me how I found this, 'cause we're not promoting warez sites here! ;)

Newsbits!! by Odin - 13:29 -
Yurg from Freelancer posted a snibblet about the bonus mission, read here:
The only way to open the Bonus Mission in game after install it is to talk to the general before you leave the FIRST Bunker (ALPHA) to a different bunker. There is NO Way to open the bonus mission if you already started missions in 2nd, 3rd or 4th bunker. The General will give you the bonus mission after you completed your 3rd mission in Bunker Alpha.
First off, I know this is bullshit.I installed the bonus mission/modded the BOS.cfg file after I had completed the first mission in the second bunker, and the bonus mission appeared after I talked to the general...

Secondly there are alot of people who don't know how to get the BANDAGED/WINDED stamp off their characters, here's the solution:
Your character can't have full health, so hit him or something and get your doctor/medic character to heal him with the medical bag and it should dissapear.
Have fun playing guys and remember to mail in those easter eggs and random encounter to me!!

Yet Another FOT Review by Odin - 13:20 -
Absolute Games have joined the club and posted a review of Fallout Tactics, this is in Russian so I can't read it. But It got a 6.5 out of 10 possible.
Link: FOT Review at Absolute Games
Spotted at Vault13.

New FOT Review! by Odin - 13:17 -
GamersPulse have posted a review of Fallout Tactics, giving it an overall score of 82 out of 100 possible. Here's what they said in the end:
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is a great squad based strategy game. It will push you to be a better gamer but once complete it has little replay value. Kudos to Microforte for turning out such a fun game - I just wish, well, you know..
Link: FOT Review at GamersPulse
Spotted at Gamespy Daily.

Tuesday, April 3

Files Added by Miroslav - 16:41 -
I've added two new files to our new binaries section. They're both mods for Tactics, one for the game, other for multiplayer demo.
1. Bots - this file replaces your two starting charatcer (Farsight and Stitch) for two killing machines - two humanoid robots.
2. Rules of war - mod for demo. It adds new weapons, items, modifies characters, bios and such, adds new maps for multiplay, etc...

I've also added new weapons and armour descriptions.

Update! - sorry for bad link, fixed now.

Wasteland Half-Life Updated! by Odin - 12:35 -
After beeing quiet for a while, Gaist have updated the Wasteland Half-Life site with some info and a picture of the armour feature:
Long time no update again-- Here's Max sporting some of the Ronin Nomad armor. As said before, each team will have its own style to things-- USMC has police issue kevlar, and here is a ronin with some nice flakk plated football gear *grins*

As for the sensational desktop contest, the most anyone got was 43 items... there's over 170!
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Patch Update by Odin - 12:20 -
Karl visited the board and posted this little baby:
Hi All, just posting the current list of bug fixes that are being QA'ed right now. I *hope* this patch will be released for Friday, we will see :)
There's much, much more..the entire list of bugs fixed etc, read'em all here.

Some humor by Miroslav - 12:09 -
I heard a couple of rants about this but thought it's just some empty bitching. Anyway, is this for real or not I can't tell. About pre-orders. And Fallout: Tactics. Check it here.
Cheers [DWC]-Rhombus for this tip!

New FOT Preview by Odin - 9:39 -
PCPowerplay.Com.Au have posted a preview of Fallout Tactics, where they discuss Fallout Tactics. Nothing new there, but they've also asked the developers at Micro-Fort� some questions so go and read it.
Link: FOT Preview
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Want to view the sprites? by Odin - 9:07 -
Ever wondered what's inside the core files of Fallout Tactics? Well now you have you chance, Yurg from Freelancer have posted a "Universal game graphic viewer GRV". Which is possible to use on Fallout 1,2 and Fallout Tactics, here are the supported filetypes:
sti - Jagged Alliance 2
frm - Fallout 1-2.
rix - Fallout 1-2 loading screens
rle - Commandos.
r16 - Shadow Watch.
scr - UFO2
spr - Gangsters
256 - Allods 1-2
spr - Gorky-17 sprites
3df - Gorky-17 textures
gra - Squad Leader
raw - Clash
spr, zar, til - Fallout Tactics.
Sweet!! Go and grab this sucka here.

erm...DANG!!! by Odin - 8:54 -
I can't believe I fell for it, damnit!! Those crafty guys over at Fallout TC for Tribes 2 pulled a fast one on us, the project is not deleted or cancelled. It was all an aprilsfool joke, and I still can't believe I fell for it!!
Link: Fallout TC for Tribes 2

More info on the Editors! by Odin - 8:36 -
It's sad to inform you guys that the editors will not be released before Interplay/Micro-Fort� have finished all the patches for Fallout Tactics, how long this will take I don't know. Just look at the time this first patch has taken, and you'll probably guess how long it will take.
Thanks to Chris T for answering!!

DevTV on FOT! by Odin - 8:29 -
Krazi have posted 3 movie clips featuring interviews with some of the peoples behind Fallout Tactics, here's the info:
"Welcome, all, to Development TV or DevTV as we like to call it. Here is a place for you, the gamer, to find out exactly what comes out of your favorite developers mouth. No silly misinterpreted interviews or misspelled words, only pure streaming answers to the questions you want to hear. Built for both high and low bandwidth types, no one will be turned away! So please, stay a while and enjoy what we have for you because, after all, it is what you requested and so we have provided!" - Slyle
There are both High and Low Bandwith links there, so go and check them out guys and gals!!
Link: DevTV

Monday, April 2

Tactics on Linux by Miroslav - 15:06 -
You may have guessed from the subject that Interplay is starting the conversion of Tactics for Unix operating systems. Well, you are wrong :) These are just a few screenshots of Tactics working under Linux and Wine. Use the link below for more info.
Link: Tactics on Linux
Spotted at the official boards.

Request for FOT images/files! by Odin - 14:35 -
For those of you who've played the game a little more than me, if you could send me random encounters you've encountered, with info on what you found and an image of the encounter I'd be very appriciated.
And I'd also like to get my hands on a savegame just before the ending, so please send in your images and files to me!

New Mod Squad Forums! by Odin - 14:08 -
Good old Smack have made some new forums for the modding side of Fallout, so for all those modding questions you can all go there and post (or use NMA's forum).
Link: The Mod Squads forums

Rant! by Odin - 14:04 -
As Miro so elegantly said earlier: "the monster has finally been imprisoned", I'd just like to take this oppertunity to applaude the good people of Yugoslavia and Miro for finally dragging the dictator to jail, and let's all hope that they send him to Haag for his final judgement!!

FOT Guide! by Odin - 11:35 -
Dustin Du Cane have made a guide to Fallout Tactics, which is quite extensive ranging from creating your character to general strategies in FOT. Great work man!!
Link: FOT Guide by Dustin Du Cane

Patch info and Editors! by Odin - 10:14 -
Seeing that many people have posted messages about the editor pack (for FOT) and the patch, I decided to ask Chris T and Karl Burdack about them. Chris T told me that "the editors will be released when the patches (hmm...) are done" (What exactly this mean I don't know yet).
And Karl informed me that the patch is in QA as we speak, and it will hopefully be released this week!

Oh I also asked Karl if the current savegames would be ruined by the patch, here's what he said:
Old savegames will be fine. Some changes though wont take place under certain conditions:

If you've currently playing a mission, or have visited a location before, any patches to scripting or characters in those missions will not be updated in your savegame. All locations you havent visited will be updated.
Cheers to Karl and Chris for answering!!

New FOT Review by Odin - 10:07 -
Extended Play/Tech TV (formerly Gamespot TV)have posted a new review of Fallout Tactics, giving it a 4 of out 5 possible.Here's a snibblet from the review:
Fans of role-playing games and real-time strategy are sure to enjoy what "Fallout: Tactics" has to offer, and it goes without saying that this is a must-buy for fans of the original (and its sequel). The unique blend of story line and combat makes for an enthralling and compelling experience that hardcore gamers will want to play from start to finish, and there is a massive amount of gameplay to be had. There is little else like this on the market, and for hardcore gamers this is one of the best there is.
Link: FOT Review at Extended Play
Thanks to Cush for informing me about this!! =)

The Tribes 2 Fallout TC by Odin - 10:03 -
You all remember the Fallout Total Conversion we've talked about, well it seems the members probably decided it wasn't very Fallouty at all and have closed the project down, or maybe they just changed their minds..i dunno..
Link: Fallout TC for Tribes 2

GDC 2001 Report by Miroslav - 2:36 -
RPG Vault has the second of thir GDC reports articles up. Here's snippets on Microforte and Black Isle:
A handful of Micro Forte staff made the long journey to GDC from Australia including CEO John De Margheriti, Citizen Zero Producer Steve Wang and Director of Technology Simon Hayes. The trio expressed strong satisfaction with the early reactions to the company's just released Fallout Tactics, and also seemed very enthusiastic about the prospects for its science fiction-based online world, Citizen Zero, as well as its underlying technology which is available for licensing.
That was Microforte if you haven't noticed. Now to BIS:
In addition to the BIS: Torn developers mentioned yesterday, members of the Icewind Dale and Heart of Winter team were present including Producers Chris Parker and Darren Monahan along with Designer J.E. Sawyer. Not surprisingly, they weren't prepared to say anything about their new project. As happened last year, I heard rumors from non-Black Isle personnel about Fallout 3 and Fallout Online, but also like last year, definitely nothing solid.
Yeah, rumors... even my grandma speaks of Fallout 3... sad that she passed away some 10 years ago... May she rest in peace... erhh, both of them...
Link: RPG Vault GDC Report Part 2

Fallout: Brahmin Hunter by Miroslav - 2:17 -
What would you say if you hear that Interplay is planning to release a sequel to it's Deer Hunter game - Fallout: Brahmin Hunter!

Well this is a possibility, since we can improve the world Tim Cain and friends did some 4 years ago...

Thanks to David Sawyer of HalfLife for our little conversation ;)

Races Update by Miroslav - 2:00 -
I've updated the Races pages with more info on Ghouls, Dogs and Deathclaws. It's late, so I'll do Robots and Humans some other day...

Sunday, April 1

Binaries by Miroslav - 21:08 -
Well, as I promised a few days ago, I've started working on NMA's new downloads page. It's almost finished.
What does this mean? The script which handles all the downloads if complete, all I have to do is to fill the database with file informations. New location for downloads shall be over here, I'll change the links from site in a few days, not until I add all files.

Hope you like it, it's easy to use, and as usual, I'll accept all comments and suggestions.

Just had to rant... by Miroslav - 19:13 -
Finally, after more than 10 years, the animal is taken to prison...

PS. For those of you who don't know, I'm from Yugoslavia. So the above sentence is a clear now, right ;) If not, go watch some news...