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April 1999

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Thursday, April 22

It's Working! by Miroslav - 19:31
Finally! I have repaired that download counter for files, and it's now displaying the correct download number! Eeehaaa! I'm sorry, maybe this is nothing to you, but it's much for me. Now, I can go back to ICQ list. I have something great in mind, keep checking. Oh yes, I'm uploading speech files, because, according to David Handee, it is not a copyright violation to put speech or sound effects for download. Only music is. Keep checking back...

Tuesday, April 20

WebSite Tweaks by Miroslav - 00:34
As you may have noticed, I've done some tweaks on this front page. You have a Tip of the moment, which I included some from your emails. If you want to submit something for that box, just contact me in feedback page. Second, a list of top wanted files. I've included five of them. And last, voting box is a little tuned up, but I'll redesign it a littl. Now I must see what's wrong with download counter in files section. I might need to close it for some few hours, but you'll be notified in here. I beg of you to forgive me for any spelling mistakes, I haven't slept 35 hours...

Saturday, April 16

Is car really worth $2000? by Miroslav - 19:54
Thanx to Jordan Benson and his, as I think, nice topic for survey, you can now submit your vote in here. I have finished some things, and I'll have to upload them. Maybe I'll find someone else to do that, since I'm not in a mood right now...

Wednesday, April 14

Fallout 3 Info by Miroslav - 23:19
Well, here's what David Hendee said on Interplay's Fallout 2 Message Board:
Fallout 3 is in development but is not an official title. We can't talk about it. We're currently not taking input on it and probably won't for quite a while. That doesn't mean that you can't discuss it here, but please try to keep it to a minimum. This is the Fallout 2 board after all. No, another board will not be opening up.
In other news, I have managed to add some more NPC info (Goris and Lenny) thanx to Edward Karlinski.

Tuesday, April 13

Vault 15 Map, New Message Board by Miroslav - 21:08
Huh, I've finished Vault 15 Map also... Click here for Maps page. If everything works ok, I'll add more maps in the next few days, since I have to play the game all over again :) Hmmm... These 256 colors doesn't look good at all. While we're bitching about Fallout's 256 pallete, you must know that I have some more Fallout 3 news for ya! Check in the next few days for that!
Hey, for those chatters who visit NMA's message boards. Check here for new one, it's under testing, and as always, if you like it, send me feedback! I must know what you guys want in order to give...

Saturday, April 10

Broken Hills Map, Inventory Editor by Miroslav - 18:39
Broken Hills Map is now available in Maps section. Also, you should check this new file, Item Editor is now available for download. Great little program for ALL Fallout players.
I know I've been out for a while, but I have a new, great Message Board to add. I must customize it, so it'll take some days, but it's worth of wait. Oh yes, about that ICQ list... If you want your settings deleted from there, you'll have to mail me directly (I don't display mail links on my page because of these spiders that takes emails and then spams, unless a person wants me add it, so you can use the feedback page to contact me). Take care and always use RadAway!