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April 1998

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Thursday, April 30

Misc by Miroslav
Rearranged Fallout 1 section and added cheats in there.
Contest at Sole Survivor! The winner of The Great RTS Snatch (contest name) will receive Power House, The Civil War, Caesar II, Lords of the Realm II, The Perfect General II, Allied General. In addition they will also win a copy of StarCraft! 7 Games for one contest to one lucky winner!
The contest will run for 1 week.

Wensday, April 29

Fallout 2 news by Miroslav
More news In Fallout 2 section! Thanx to Gamesmania

Tuesday, April 28

New links, opinions etc. by Miroslav
Updated "What do other people want in Fallout 2" section. Lot's of new opinions!
Have you voted in Voting section?!
New links

Sunday, April 26

Voting Section by Miroslav
Use my voting section! First topic is: Have you ever killed a child in Fallout? Tell me do you like it or not, mail me interesting voting topics...
I had some spelling mistakes (corrected) and I'm having a hard time creating maps... I'm out of disk space

Friday, April 24

New Host! by Miroslav
N.M.A. is now at this new address as GameStats affil. This is going to be my permanent url, so don't worry about changing bookmarks again. Just this one more time. Thanx for coming. Check later for new updates and new maps (Military Base). I'm also preparing a cheat page in Fallout 1 section and some pre-made character files for you to download (melee fighters with 10 action points and so on!).

Wensday, April 22

Vault 13 mapped by Miroslav
More maps here! Complete Vault 13 mapped. Check back for more in files section.

Monday, April 20

Shady Sands mapped by Miroslav
Download Shady Sands Map! More combing soon
Added Vault USA link in links section. I'll add more "What do other people want in Fallout 2" in text few days.

Saturday, April 18

New Screenshots by Miroslav
I had some problems these days (like hard disk crash) so I was unable to connect for two weeks. Now, I'm back. Check out these new screen shots.
I'm creating maps, so expect them soon.

Saturday, April 4

Fallout themes by Miroslav
Added new Fallout theme in files section.
More postings in "What do other people want in Fallout 2" section. This is a must read!
We have a new Web Ring Master.DCHUTCH

Wensday, April 1

Peoples expectations by Miroslav
Lots of new aditions in "What do other people want in Fallout 2" section!
One new link - Gunrunners
I'll add one more theme to files section tomorow!