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March 2003

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Monday, March 31

Forums are up by Odin - 23:02 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Well I've managed to fix the DCForum, we're currently working on the phpBB and of course trying to convert the dcforum to the phpBB (made possible by Dan and Rob, thanks guys !).

Friday, March 28

Rendezvous with Tim by Odin - 19:39 - Comment Me (18) - News Source: Kaczor
Kaczor of Vault Dweller's Home Page informed me that Tim Cain have a skirmish with the world on Avault. You can ask questions in their forums and Tim will answer, he will answer from now through Saturday (3/29/03).

Some quotes:
Q: any chance for Fallout 3 being deigned by Tim?
Tim: My understanding is that Interplay is planning to make Fallout 3 in-house and to use the license for other non-RPG projects. I have ideas for FO3, of course, but there are no plans for a joint project between Troika and Interplay.
Yup "use the license for other non-RPG projects" ring a bell to anyone ?
Q:As one of the developers of the original Fallout, who has not been involved in any subsequent releases, how do you feel about them? Especially, the upcoming Brotherhood of Steel console release?
Tim: When I left Interplay, I understood that I was leaving the license behind. They certainly are finding a broad range of uses for it.

Q: Secondly, you have stated that there will not be a joint effort Trokia/Interplay Fallout 3. Are there plans anytime in the future for Trokia to buy / use the Fallout license for other releases?
Tim: We've asked if it's for sale and have been told no.
Crap! IPLY SELL IT!! NOW!!..erm...there's more gems where those came from...
Link: Tim Cain Thread

Misc by Odin - 12:45 -
Well, almost everything seems to be working now. As you can see we've gotten new hosting, and that ment getting a popup ad on the main page (sorry about that). But it make it possible for us to make a new design for NMA and also phpBB forum.
We're working on several sections of the site now and will hopefully have the entire site up soon.

Thursday, March 20

Forum Maintenance by Odin - 19:35 - Comment Me (3) - News Source:
I've closed the forum for some maintenance, hopefully it'll be up in a day or two. Stay tuned..

Wednesday, March 19

Misc by Odin - 20:53 - Comment Me (5) - News Source:
I just wanted to let you all know that I'm currently working on some of the technical stuff on NMA, so that's why I haven't had time to respond or post new files and such.

Also the latest addition to the Fallout world have made me re-think the reason I'm doing this, on that note the new "Fallout" game website have gotten a few new screenshots (guess the first ones wasn't to everyones liking...shocker!)..

Stay tune for some changes here...

Monday, March 17

Working out some points: by Rosh - 7:06 - Comment Me (8) - News Source:
Okay folks, let's take a look at the facts.

1. There is substantially a lot more info than the screenshots, info that has been around for longer than the screenshots. The apologists who want to use that line can now shut up. For bonus points, they can eat publicly their words.
2. The setting of the new game is definitely in question.
3. The viability of the game on the market is near suicide. The graphics are poor compared to numerous other games that have been out since the PS2 have been out. Without anything special, the game will just be another Flop Like Hell.

Well, onto elucidating the first two points. First, we have to look at the game information of this title.
Based on the world of Fallout, a successful series of PC games set in a grim post-apocalyptic universe inspired by classic '50's sci-fi films.

This is rather questionable, given the very point the spin-doctors want to use. The screenshots really don't convery the setting, especially given the clothing. These are the screenshots they have chosen to represent the game. Notice a lack of 50's sci-fi pulp and movie influence upon them. Take particular note of the clothing that belongs in an S&M flick. The use of skulls isn't too bad, it's not far from some of the logos used in some pulp and logos. One problem: that isn't BoS style gear, and they were isolationist for the most part (except for that one faction which left for Fallout Tactics), and that includes them in Fallout 2. Keep these points in mind when reading the following:

The fear of an apocalypse has become a reality. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel begins after the first Fallout PC title in which humans emerge from the safety of underground vaults to explore the earth following a nuclear holocaust. In joining the Brotherhood of Steel, players will uncover a sinister plot that could transform the remainder of humanity into a race of mutants. The Brotherhood of Steel have come together to wage battle against the mutant raiders and pirates to fulfill their search for a mysterious and heavily sought-after device, one that could be used to help rebuild humanity or as a monstrous toll of war.

Now aside from how recycled that sounds from Fallout 1 and 2 (to the point where has said it sounded familiar), look at the time point. Begins after the first Fallout PC title. If so, then why is the dress nothing like those in Fallout 1, Fallout 2, or Fallout Tactics? It's also nothing like the 50's sci-fi influence at all. That's a major continuity violation.

Setting: Confirmed as Raped.

That's not just all, friends.
Three customizable playable characters, each with their own unique traits, strengths and attributes to develop over the course of the game.

That means there is no open deciding how you character develops (which, frankly, is done in much better console titles). They are essentially template characters.

Character system and any semblence of what made Fallout what it was: Missing In Action, presumed hiding under bed, mewling like a kitten.

Onto the third point. What does this have to offer to the console crowd? Sure, there are a lot of console owners, that in itself means nothing as it doesn't guarantee that the game will be sold to them. Those who have known of Fallout and like Fallout also like it for what it is (funny concept, eh?). The graphics are definitely sub-par to pretty much all titles out currently for the intended consoles and have been out for some time. Frankly, they look like something that belonged on the original Playstation. That is a bad thing, especially when that is the aspect that drives most of the console market (cip, Final Fantasy 7). This game also doesn't really seem to offer any attention-grabbing gameplay that other games haven't given already. Action games are a dime a dozen, and it seems like Interplay is content to remain in the dime bag.

Viability: Fantastic sales like Run Like have my permission to laugh.

So, minus all of these things, what is left? That's right, just the name. It's also been brought to my attention that BIS has really nothing to do with this title, including input. From the general feeling I've received, BIS has distanced themselves from this title, from either their own distaste or from not wanting to...well, let's put it this way. When someone drops a bad egg, you don't want to sit in the stink else someone may accuse you of the stench.

Frankly, I would have welcomed a repeat of Fallout 2 over this, including New Reno and lots of easter eggs, versus the poor quality this upcoming title promises to be. Who would also like to lay down money that the development team of this game hasn't looked at the Fallout Bible?

And, if you'll remember right, Interplay is nothing more than Titus' whore, solely existing at this point to turn tricks for them.

Anyone have any corporate-sized doses of penicillin? I think Titus forgot to use a Jimmyy Hat this time around.

Friday, March 14

Usenet Fun: by Rosh - 4:47 - Comment Me (1) - News Source:
(E-mail addys left off) :

Don't sweat it - it sounds more like Fallout Tactics Lite for the console-retarded...

But yes, it's a shame good resources are being wasted on this nothing-but-obvious effort to squeeze some more dollars out of the franchise *sigh*...
Bullshit! Interplay wouldn't know a good product if it published itself in *spite* of them!

Then again, from that newsgroup, we have another Post of Horror from Feargus himself (and it scares a lot of the other posters and FU himself into not replying to them):

*Hypthetically* if we were to do a Fallout 3, we are going to make sure that it is extremely similar playwise to Fallout 1 and 2. In talking about what the game might be we have thrown around real-time with a pause like Baldur's Gate and also having multi-player. If we do go real-time it will use a system that can still be played in turn-based mode as well - probably a little more turn based than BG. Although none of that is set in stone yet.

Oh, wait...that was from Jun 6, 1999. Different day, same horror.

More Happy Fun Hate: by Rosh - 4:29 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Well, as noted, there's been a bit of a rukus over the annoucement of Fellout: Blown Out Sphincter.

First on the list,

Fun tidbits include:
The game is set in a post-apocalyptic California sometime after the events in the first Fallout game, and involves a plot to turn all of the remnants of humanity into mutants (sounds familiar).

Sounds familiar. Hmmm...
Here's another one:
For the sake of all PS2 and Xbox gamers everywhere, I truly hope this doesn't turn out to be anything like the travesty that Interplay called Fallout Tactics.

*GASP!* Say it ain't so! Console gamers know of how bad Tactics was?

Next comes the sister-site of,

Fallout fans there alreasy know of this game and, as expected, remember the faux pas of Whore-Out Tactics.
Looks like Fallout Tactics wasn't bad enough, Interplay wants to butcher the Fallout franchise even more. - Hieremias

Note to Interplay:
See, morons? The Console and PC markets DO overlap. It's pretty bad when a neutral console news site takes a bit of a potshot.

Thursday, March 13

Even more: by Rosh - 0:27 - Comment Me (33) - News Source: DAC
Saint of DAC and RPGCodex has notified me of more news.

Now, to further prove this game is looking to be even worse than Fallout Tactics, let me bring out a few items.

Digital Morons have done the predictable, that if you're going to make a spin-off, change as much as you can as possible, starting with the logo. Did you forget to notice why X-COM has done barely mediocre with their spin-offs, or does someone need to hand you an Interplay-dose clue?

Now, while this may seem a bit vitriolic, let's go into why this game is going further from Fallout than Fallout Tactics did. Check out the product information page.

Three customizable playable characters, each with their own unique traits, strengths and attributes to develop over the course of the game.

That means either one of two things, or both: the SPECIAL system is not there, or it's been skullfucked beyond belief. One of the best things about Fallout was the character system, and you people want to fuck around with that as well. The 50's influenced look is not apparent, the character system is pretty much gone, the story is pretty much recycled from the previous ones, little of the good RPG and mostly combat...well, that's right. It is nothing more than a name-whoring to get cash from Wal-Mart suckers.

Attention Feargus:
Enjoy your really kewl minigun particles now in crappy 3D, bitch.

To the jackanapes at Interplay/BIS who might wonder about the flak they get:

This is what we're talking about, people. You lie to people, jerk us around, etc. and then wonder why you're treated with barely-hidden loathing by people outside of the Fallout fandom (Starfleet Command 2, for one). I think it might be related to why the once-great company of Interplay is being grungefucked into the ground.

I'll say it's a good thing you people aren't in any important position that might hurt someone.

Wednesday, March 12

Interplay raises the middle finger to Fallout fans again: by Rosh - 23:39 - Comment Me (5) - News Source: RPGCodex
As if the deviations made in Fallout Tactics weren't enough (i.e. forgetting why the war was started and just about completely botching the setting), Interplay has promised to whore out the Fallout name like other great multi-flavor spin-off tanks such as X-COM.

Top on the list, they say "The game play is more attuned to the console platform, stressing more action and combat than the PC versions which placed a greater emphasis on RPG elements or strategy." More combat? As Fallout Tactics was just combat, why not just be honest and say it's going to be a combat system with wastelandish graphics? The setting is just about guaranteed to have been lobotomized.

Scott Lane, Executive Producer at Interplay, has this to say:
"We're very excited about bringing the Fallout universe to console gamers."

Which can be paraphrased along with that of Interplay's Marketing dept. as:
"We're very excited about half-assing the Fallout universe to console gamers, just like how we released a buggy, half-patched game of Fallout 2, hyped and released another half-patched and poor QA'd "tactical" game that GameSpy has since dumped support for, and now promise to do the same for consoles because we don't have to worry about patching a console - we already have your money, suckers. Fuck you, PC and Mac owners and those who have followed the setting, you don't matter anymore. We take our marketing department as gods as they have proven themselves to be the best. They tell us that console games sell like hotcakes, and the Fallout license is loved by many. So we're going to have the BRILLIANT idea to combine the two and we should have GRATE SUXESS!"

It doesn't help matters that the summary of the game sounds like an utterly lame combination of the previous Fallout games:
The fear of an apocalypse has become a reality. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel begins after the first Fallout PC title in which humans emerge from the safety of underground vaults to explore the earth following a nuclear holocaust. In joining the Brotherhood of Steel, players will uncover a sinister plot that could transform the remainder of humanity into a race of mutants. The Brotherhood of Steel have come together to wage battle against the mutant raiders and pirates to fulfill their search for a mysterious and heavily sought-after device, one that could be used to help rebuild humanity or as a monstrous toll of war.

You would have thought if they were going to expect us to swallow the bitter pill of a console game, they might have had some originality.

Yes, Virginia, the gaming industry has gone to shit.

Wednesday, March 5

New Files by Odin - 23:38 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've gotten a few new files, this time around we have one FOT map and the first ever Fallout mod for MAC (that I know of):
  • Jonas Mod (MAC FO2 Mod) - By Jona -

  • HigNoonCars (FOT Skirmish Map) - By MsL Inc -

  • Mod Runner - By Dims -
  • Remember to check out those...

    New Fallout site by Odin - 23:13 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: Glowbewohner
    One of our forums visitors emailed me about his new German Fallout site called Supermutant, remember to take a look at that..

    NeverFallout by Odin - 23:09 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: Ausir
    Ausir emailed me about a new module for Neverwinter Nights called Neverfallout, here's what it's all about:
    Visit Necropolis! Whore yourself! Die alone in the Wasteland! Here it is, Fallout fans! A Fallout mod for the whole family (16 & over)! Neverfallout starts in the Boneyard a few decades after the events of the first Fallout game. Choose from three pre-generated characters: Fighter (Brotherhood of Steel), Rogue (merciless thief) or Barbarian (ex-gang wanderer)...
    Sound good ?
    Download Link: NeverFallout

    Mod Runner !! by Odin - 23:02 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Dims/TeamX
    Tired of having problems with the FAME util (especially in WinXP)? Well look no further, that crazy russian called Dims has done it again. In the off hours of making the Mapper he's made a new util which will let you run those mods, it's called "Mod Runner":
  • Mod Runner works on all versions of Windows (including WinXP).

  • Much faster than FAME

  • Easy, nifty GUI

  • To install:
  • Extract ModRunner.exe to Fallout2 directory, and place DAT files in same location. Run and enjoy !
  • Finally an util that works in WinXP..
    Download Link: