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March 1999

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Wednesday, March 31

My decision by Miroslav - 19:39
Despite the trouble in which my country is, I have decided that you guys are incompetent to do anything without me :) (don't take this seriously, I'm just joking), and I'll start working on NMA again. I can't promise any regular updates, but I'll try my best. I'll get back on Fallout Online, and I have already reopened the message boards.
Thanx to everyone sending good wishes, I do thank you all. I have a greeting card for you from my country. Click here and have fun.

Thursday, March 25

No more updates until further notice by Miroslav - 20:55
I am very sorry to inform you that I shall do no more updates on NMA until further notice. This is not because of me, but because "someone" is trying to invade my country, and because I could died tonight. I am sorry, but this is too much for me. After some things gets cleared out, you won't have any updates over here. I have also disabled message boards. Thanx you for (not) understanding. :)

Wednesday, March 17

ICQ List, Links, Frank by Miroslav - 19:39
I sent out a newsletter some day or two ago, and asked if You would like to have ICQ list. I got quite a lot of feedback, so I took some time and placed it on NMA. You can access it from the menu bar. You'll have to fill 4 fields to enter into listing. Name, UIN number, email and if authorization is required to for someone to add You on his list. I hope you'll find it useful.
Two more links are added. Remember, if You have a web page, and would like to submit a link, do that over here.
I have decided to add Frank encounter into random encounters. Why? It's not a random encounter, but most of think it is. Reach it from the maps page. Oh, there is also mad brahmin encounter there...

Tuesday, March 16

I'm a weapon cheater! Contest Finished by Miroslav - 8:25
This is the first time I have used some cheat in Fallout 2 :) I wanted to test all weapons, so I did. I have corrected lot's of info in Fallout 2 Weapons Section, added few, corrected comments, and new info. I think I'm gonna add a program that'll compare weapons you'd like...
Gamestats' Baby Watch Contest is over. If you participated, and submitted March 15 as a date, then you're very close to win. Congrats to IRex and his little Max (hey, hey, Max is his son, not... get out of here ;) )

Monday, March 15

More Cheats by Miroslav - 18:10
I can see a cheater alrady smiling. In the cheats files section, you can see two new files. Vault 13 saved game hack for Fallout 1, and Mixed saved game cheat for both Fallout 1 and 2, with saved games from Arroyo Village, Klamath Mall and Vault 13 level 3. Have fun!

Random Encounters by Miroslav - 12:15
I have redesigned Random encounters page. I was in a rush before, and now, I'm cleaning up and adding more stuff. Check back later.

Sunday, March 14

Game Info, New Art, Links by Miroslav - 11:25
As you can see, I haven't updated this page in some ten days. I've been busy working on download script, now it's working just fine. I'll add tons of new files for download, later this day, or tomorrow. I've been playing Fallout, gathering some info. NPC page is updated, although I need to take all these NPC's and advance them two or three levels to put some more info in there. It's a tough job. Den Quests section is also updated, but not much. As you cn see, I'll spend next week only playing and updating.
There's a new topic added in Voting section. You can see it at the right side of your screen.
If You haven't noticed, I have added links section. So far, I got only one request, and it came from The Unkown Files.
Interplay released this some days ago. New art files from Fallout 2.

Thursday, March 04

Revised UK Patch, More on Soundtracks by Miroslav - 14:45
If You have a UK version of Fallout 2, and You used a patch, I suggest you download new, revised one. It's available from here. And you'll see a slight change in NMA's download section. Now, when you select a download, it'll start automatically. Neat stuff. If you have any problems, I'm waiting for your feedback.
I have emailed Interplay, regarding Soundtracks from Fallout. They said it is not allowed to publish them for download, not just Soundtracks but Speech files also! This is against the law, and until they make some changes in the near future, that sort of activity is illegal.

Tuesday, March 02

Soundtracks Removed by Miroslav - 20:57
Every and each and last :) soundtrack is removed until further notice. Check back here for news, and please don't email me to put them back or to add Maybe and A Kiss... songs. Thank you for visitin'
Mailing list had some troubles. That is why you never received it for some time. Sorry.

Monday, March 01

Last Soundtracks by Miroslav - 09:47
I have added last soundtracks from Fallout 2, and I'll just check if I missed any from Fallout 1. So, get them from this location!