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March 1998

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Thursday, March 26

Fallout 2 release date! by Miroslav
New Fallout 2 release date: Early August!!!!!!
I should finish files section in a few days, and then I'll add my files.
Links section repaired. There was one incorrect link. My apologies to Dark One. Go to links and visit his Fallout page.

Monday, March 23

Fo2 Expectations part 2 by Miroslav
Updated What other people want in Fallout 2? section. One more link in links section. Files section updated.

Sunday, March 22

Misc by Miroslav
I've done some clean-up work over here. PiP section is kicked out for now. Voting section also.
Why? Because I could not see the results :) I'll try to find another script.
Please, redirect your mails from my previous address to . Thanx.

Friday, March 20

Misc by Miroslav
Well, I had some problems with my ISP but I'm here. PiP boy section is (almost) complete. You can find message board and guestbook there. I'll place a Fallout 1 section there very soon. I Have this voting thing now. Test period will be about two weeks. Voting is going to be manly about Fallout 2 related stuff.

Friday, March 13

Misc by Miroslav
If you haven't noticed, I have my own background now! I have corrected all pages (changed font color). I'm starting a voting section. It should be done in a week or so. Also, I have an idea for PipBoy 4000 look. Come back for more news.

Thursday, March 12

Guest Book by Miroslav
Guest Book is operational. I don't know am I going to be able to set up pip boy. It's harder than I thought. Maybe I'll take that model 2000 from the game and place it here...
Future of the Fallout web ring is unstable! Web ring Master needed!!!! Mail me

Tuesday, March 10

Fo2 Screenshot by Miroslav
One more ScreenShot!!! Check it in ScreenShots section
Message board is operational, send me comments in contact section. I'm currently trying to enable PipBoy, but I'm lacking on button ideas. If you have some idea, contact me PLEASE!
Well, Chris Taylor is off Fallout 2 project, so now I'll need to find another info source. Chris, thank You for helping me and coming here!

Monday, March 2

NMA Boards by Miroslav
I'm trying to set everything up over here. In the meanwhile,you can use N.M.A. message board.
Mail me!