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February 2002

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Thursday, February 28

Fallout mod for Civ3 by Odin - 17:02 - Comment Me (6) - News Source: Helgonet
Helgonet posted a message on our forum that someone had made a Fallout mod for Civilization 3, sounds sweet! I haven't had time to check it out yet, but do go and download it.

(Remember from now on the link to these things are posted on the News source link)

Feargus answers the public by Odin - 16:54 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: BIS Forum
Feargus popped into a discussion about the recent news that Interplay might be Nasdaq de-listed, alot of people fear that Interplay/BIS is coming to an end if this happens and Feargus answered this:
Aren't we all just a little pessimistic?

Being de-listed from the NASDAQ sucks but is certainly not the end of the road by any means. Now, I am not commenting on whether that it will actually happen or not, however one of the posts previously was correct in that we do have a period of time to get back in compliance.

As for their not being any talent left in Black Isle, there are probably about 40 people not on your list that would disagree with your assessment.
Well there you have it guys and gals, I for one hope that Interplay manages to pull itself out of these problems and finally get to make FO3!

Wednesday, February 27

Fallout Quest online? by Odin - 10:41 - Comment Me (2) - News Source: Digital Geckos
Digital Geckos seems to have posted the demo version of the Fallout Quest, this is the russian version.
Fallout Quest seems to be a webbased Fallout game, which picks up after Fallout 1.
"As you remember, Fallout came to an end that deprived the leader and a management(manual) in the ugly person of the Master, supermutants receded to the east, ruining on a way of city. Game begins just at that moment when comes to an end Fallout. Junktown is for a way Supermutants, and inhabitants are concerned what to do(make), to avoid destructions of their native city. To solve this problem it is necessary you..."
Made happen by Promt Translator and Xaint, oki I know there are some errors but what the hell...
Link: Fallout Quest demo.

Chris Avellone attacked by Odin - 8:46 - Comment Me (5) - News Source: DAC
"By raging FO Fans", according to some of the BIS guys Chris A have been attacked by some "hard-core FO fans", read here:
LordChaos2: Ever thought of doing a Fallout for PS/2?
SB_RyanGeithman: LC2: Thought about it.
BIS_Kevin_Osburn: I am sure everybody has thought about it
SB_RyanGeithman: LC2: I think the FO fans are pretty hard core though. They would probably attack us.
BIS_Kevin_Osburn: lol
LordChaos2: I think it would break new grounds, I really don't recall anything similar being made for the PS/2
SB_Jason: I already feel sorry for Chris Avellone being attacked
SB_RyanGeithman: Jason: someone attacked Chris Avellone?
SB_Jason: by those blood thirsty FO purists
SB_RyanGeithman: Oh
SB_BrianJohnson: Those Vault jumpsuits are pretty cool...
LordChaos2: Don't worry, most of us are fans...not purists ;)
LordChaos2: And we wouldn't kill you
LordChaos2: Actually I think it would be a cool thing for PS2
SB_Jason: I agree
SB_BrianJohnson: How many bottle caps is it worth to you?
LordChaos2: With both BG-DA and Fallout, I would definitely buy a PS/2
LOL! This has got to be better than the recent rumours about BIS, this was taken from the recent Baldurs Gate:Dark Alliance Chat.
Remember kids, don't harm Chris A!!
Spotted at DAC.

The Brahim is here! by Odin - 8:40 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
Kreegle of DAC got word that a two-headed cow moose had been spotted, here's the deal:
two-headed fetus was discovered earlier this month in a cow moose harvested near Clear Air Force Station -- alarming some Native elders and baffling biologists. A picture of it has been spreading through Alaska via e-mail over the past week.

The foot-long moose-to-be had two heads and four legs emerging from the same small body, said Jim Simon, who oversees a traditional foods assessment program for the Tanana Chiefs Conference in Fairbanks. It has been frozen pending a detailed biological study that will include X-rays, a dissection and tissue testing.

"We're going to try to explain it and do good science and get back to the community," Simon said. "As far as we know, the scientific literature has no reports of two-headed moose, so now we're trying to beat the bushes for tribal communities to see whether it's been reported in the North."
Makes you think of the Canadian Invasion doesn't it?
Link: Brahim Story

Tuesday, February 26

Forum and not vaild email by Odin - 21:12 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've gotten a few emails lately which have bounced back after people have registered on our forum. Now due to SPAMMERS, we will only accept a vaild email adress, and different email adresses are blocked (like hotmail). If you try to register with an unvalid email adress, I will be notified and I WILL disable/delete that account.

Contact me if you have a problem with this.

Maps section.. by Odin - 20:08 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've posted all the info files on every map in the Single Player, Assault, Others and CTF sections. I'm currently working on the Skirmish section as we speak,

If you've made a map and I haven't posted any info about it, please do let me know.

Update: I've now finished with all the info files for ALL the maps, puuuh...

Monday, February 25

minor changes and new things.. by Odin - 22:08 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Since I got my first FOT Editor tutorial from WalterN (thanks alot!) I made a new Editor section under FOT, and I've also uploaded the new version of WalterN's Dia de los Muertos single player map.

Expect more changes to come..I'm on a roll...erm..well...almost..

New Poll: by Rosh - 19:29 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Got a variety of map rating designs, and a hard time choosing which to use.

The colored background you can see of a sort of yellowish is for a 'heat' scale, ranging from blue (cold, low rating), to red (hot, high rating). The rest are pretty straightforward.

So go ahead and vote for whichever style you like, and I'll make the rest of the style set up and put it in, whichever wins. Also, a note, please be careful when voting and make sure you vote for the right one. The rating representations used in the poll are all equal, for a rating of "7".

Comments/Suggestions, post onto this news article.

Saturday, February 23

More Maps Madness! by Rosh - 0:03 - Comment Me (8) - News Source:
I've put in a rating script so after you try some of these maps, you can rate them. I've given quite a few of them a look-over, and some are rather good - not going to say, as I'd suggest you try them out and see what you like.

In the works, I'm splitting the pages into categories, as this is to alleviate the number of processes involved with them. There might be 2 pages for Assault maps, and one each (for now) of the other kinds - keep an eye out and see how it develops.

Side Note: I haven't done much more with the Fan Fic sections right now because other things took priority. First of all, preparing for PHP, plus the maps section. The fan-fic section complete with profiles of writers will be coming soon, but I cannot give a more determinate time than that. Sorry...

I split the FOT maps into sections, which should make them a bit easier to navigate in as well as improve load times.

Friday, February 22

Fallout Bible Chat log. by Odin - 8:49 - Comment Me (3) - News Source:
JC smacked up the chat log from the chat yesterday, which I could not attend.There were some good questions and some good answers, here's one :
Q: In Vault City, there are two Enclave logos on the top of the Vault entrance. Was Vault 8 a part of the Enclave network, and if so, why did it have a different fate?

Well, I've got egg on my face. I never even noticed that. Vault 8 had no ties to the Enclave that they knew of, but it is possible that the Enclave had the ability to monitor their computer systems. And they may havebeen the ones who deleted V13 from the records.
In any event, the Enclave never had official contact with Vault 8 - and probably wouldn't want to, since they'd consider Vault 8 mutated and not good test subjects.
Go check the chat log out here.

Thursday, February 21

Map section almost there... by Odin - 23:54 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've fixed the scripts for the Maps section, now all I have to do is make all those info files for each map. Which could take a couple of days, and since I'm going away this weekend I won't be able to do it.
But the good news is of course that the scripts are working now, and it will count every download.

Fallout Bible Updated by Odin - 8:31 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Chris Avellone sent word that the latest build of the Fallout Bible had been completed and posted at BIS. I've also taken the liberty of posting them here at NMA, thanks to Chris A for informing me!
Link: Bible (Zip) at BIS, Bible (PDF) at BIS, Bible (Zip) at NMA, Bible (PDF) at NMA.

Wednesday, February 20

Two more FOT maps by Odin - 21:21 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Added two more maps to the map section of Fallout Tactics, these are:
Toy Store by Droid (Skirmish, 347 KB)

CastroCrib by Rifter (Assault, 156 KB)
Kudos to DAC.

Minor Update at The Waste by Odin - 13:18 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Def One from The Wastes posted some new screenies showing off the new model to the sawed off shotgun.
Link: The Wastes

Killian interviews Chris Avellone by Odin - 10:16 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Killian of DAC managed to get some answers out of Chris Avellone (you should know who he is by now..), and here's a snibblet:
Killian: How much free will do you think a player should have in a game?

CA: Ideally, as far as an RPG goes, I think players should be able to go wherever and do whatever they want, just like in a pen-and-paper game. Unfortunately, considering the amount of work involved in such a task, we can't always do that, only attempt to do our best. Usually, we have to include chokepoints or only allow the player to explore sections of a game world at any one time.
Link: Chris Avellone Interview

Brian Fargo interview by Odin - 10:11 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I noticed over at BluesNews that G-Spot had posted an interview with ex-CEO of Interplay Brian Fargo, and here are some of the bits he talks about:
GS: Can you say anything about reports that Interplay is planning to take legal action against you?

BF: The whole thing is absurd and insulting. But I guess I should be flattered that just the idea of me competing [with Interplay] would elicit the "inquiry into my solicitation." It's sad that this negative approach needs to even exist. When I left the company I sat down with [current Interplay CEO] Herve Caen and made it clear that I wanted no severance, no bonus, and no problems. I had just gotten married and wanted to relax and think about my next venture. I was asked to remain on and work from home to help through the transition issues and some deal they were working on. I was happy to do so, and after four months, it was time to resign and start working on something else. But before I could meet with a single investor or publisher, Herve and company decided to threaten me with the investigations into my solicitation. The only job I have for anyone right now is to mow my lawn.
Well then, there you have it...and there's more...
Link: G-Spot's Interview with Brian Fargo

Tuesday, February 19

New forum for Interplay by Odin - 14:32 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
If anyone remembers the old forum, you know why Interplay has set out to make a new one. This forum is only in the testing stages, so get on over and test it out and report bugs to Forumadmin.
Link: Interplay's New Forum.
Spotted at DAC.

Monday, February 18

Minor updates and changes by Odin - 23:06 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've added the Special Encounters section for Fallout Tactics, updated a few other pages (minor changes) and will still update more as I get time to do so.

The Waste Screenies by Odin - 22:49 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The guys over at The Wastes continue to post more and more screenshots, this time around they've posted 24 more screenies for you to fest your eyes at.
Link: The Wastes

Update on Fallout 2 1/2 by Odin - 9:46 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Dolo posted more info on the canning of Fallout 2�, and that he intends to release one map to see what the public thinks:
What I will do, is tone down everything in the mod and take to heart that there might be some value in what Rosh and St Proverbius had to say, no matter how rude and intolerable their chosen tones might have been. I will produce ONE map now, as a test for you all to see what might lie ahead, to show you what the rest of the mod *could* be like, and open it up to discussion. Perhaps there is room in FOT for a single player campaign after all? What do you think?
I'd like to say that I think Dolo should try and make his maps, so if someone doesn't like them, don't play them.
Others might like it...
Link: DTeam 3D Design Guild

Saturday, February 16

Fallout 2� Canned: by Rosh - 11:41 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
After a bit of critiquing about the general setting and "story filler" of the Fallout 2� mod (e.g. NASA, Mafia, a few other bits, and "jam pack(ing) the corridors with enemies, so you get that wicked Fallout 1 & 2 feeling again." [sic]), dolo has decided that threats of having dogs urinate upon yours truly in his mod all day and night would be nice for giving a (if blunt) critique about the material his mod was using. Not a significant problem either, as you know it was yours truly that was the inspiration for Yellow Nuka-Cola after the critique session of FOT here on the NMA forums. :)
Thanks to low down dirty rotten cruelty from Vault 13, I am cancelling the Fallout 2� project. I'm very disillusioned with the gaming community at this moment, and to quote Stevie Case: "My best day is always today. :) The worst days have been those on which I’ve been disappointed by the loss of community spirit among gamers and developers."
Oh, don't forget to go see dolo taking a nice SPAM-session in the V13 news comments. Hmmm, kind of like that PlanetCrap stuff again.

Newsletter is a go: by Rosh - 5:01 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Thanks to those who let me know that it was broken, and I temporarily disabled the poll until we make a new one. The newsletter is working and able, well...when we get back to making one. Things have been a tad hectic as it is trying to get other parts working and preparing for other things at the same time.

Friday, February 15

The Waste Updated by Odin - 22:10 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The Wastes have yet again been updated with 18 fresh new screenshots, they had a playtesting last night so that's why they posted some new screenies.
Visit The Wastes for the screenshots.

First screenie from Fallout 2� by Odin - 17:19 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Dolo sent word that he had posted the first screenshot of Fallout 2�, he's also posted some technical issues with the upcoming campaign:
Once you've opened the image take a look at the walls. There are a few walls that are missing along the axis. This intentional and meant to improve gameplay. These have been left out so you can see into the game a bit better and because this particular map is of a vault, it's underground and therefore can have blank areas. We're going to try and have lots of maps like this, to cut down on CPU usage, and to jam pack the corridors with enemies, so you get that wicked Fallout 1 & 2 feeling again...
Read the whole thing here and behold the first screenshot here.
Thanks Dolo for emailing me!

Wednesday, February 13

Map galore... by Odin - 18:29 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Just finished posting some more Fallout Tactics maps,I had to download some from DAC (so shame on you who didn't send them to me also!).
Now we got a total of 91 !!! Maps in our map section, that should keep you busy for some time...
Raider Base (Assault, 185KB) by [Khans]Capone, formerly [DA]Piscapo.
Big Game Hunter (Assault, 166KB) by [Khans]Capone, formerly [DA]Piscapo.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) (Single, 452KB) by WalterN
What is Honor Amongst Thugs (Single, 2,78MB) by Endocore
And remember to send in those maps if you made some that I don't have posted on NMA.

E-mail reminder: by Rosh - 9:30 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
While working on a few things, I also noticed that some things might be sent to the wrong addy. My new e-mail is with this news posting, anything sent to the Gamestats one I haven't recieved due to a bit of a problem logging in there for a while and later just abandoning the account. If it's dire, send again and I'll see what I can do, and as always, I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to e-mail, sorry. ;p

Easter Eggs, for those who have submitted them, please resubmit if you wish, with my email in this posting as well (not anymore). My 3rd data drive, an old 3 gig clunker, decided to release its magical blue smoke. I tried to capture as much of the blue smoke as I could and force it back in, no avail... ;)

The Wastes Updated by Odin - 0:24 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Kruddman from the The Wastes have updated their site with some new images of the new shell/gui and a model of the Max character, this is starting to look really snazzy.
Link: The Wastes

Tuesday, February 12

Binaries section fixed.. by Odin - 23:47 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The download section is fixed and all the links have been checked and I've also uploaded all the files over again, since some of them were corrupt. I will also update this section more tomorrow, and hopefully add several new and old files.

New Map... by Odin - 17:01 - Comment Me (2) - News Source:
The multi-talented Joe 'Max-Violence' Pine sent me his latest addition to the Deathclaw Desert series, this is chapter 5. I haven't had the time to check it out, but the other chapters are really kewl!
Thanks for mailing it to me Max-Violence!
Link: Deathclaw Desert Chapter 5 and NMA's FOT Maps Section.

And remember to send in those maps if you made some that I don't have posted on NMA.

Monday, February 11

Binaries section will be down.. by Odin - 23:37 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The download/binaries section will be down untill tomorrow evening, cause I'm doing some fixing on it...

Fallout Bible Updated by Odin - 19:04 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Chris Avellone has yet again updated the Fallout Bible, and this time he's even made it into a PDF file. Here's a snibblet from the new updated version of the Fallout Bible:
Deadlus: The boss (Richard Grey or someone) in F1 was in the vault, which vault is it?

Chris A: The Vault "Grey" (originally Moreau) started out in before his mutation into the Master was Vault 8 and the Vault you find him in in Fallout 1 was a test/demonstration Vault constructed by Vault-Tec and has no number (according to Chris Taylor - thanks to Nick Garrott for letting me know about Vault 13's stash on this stuff).
Actually we can thanks good, old Chris Taylor for answering Saint this one.
Link: Word Version of the Bible, PDF Version of the Bible and Concept Sketch of BOS location in FO1.

Fallout Bible Chat moved. by Odin - 15:07 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Well since the upcoming chat with Chris Avellone was supposed to be on Thursday, which is Valentines Day (so remember to get your girl a new Power Armour), it was moved to, well read on:
When: 02/21/02 at 7:00PM EST (GMT -5)
Where: at #vault13
Software: Mirc
Spotted at Vault13.

More Fallout 2 Secrets by Odin - 15:04 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The mighty Fallout guru Chris Avellone posted this little baby:
Q:I've noticed in the dialog files entries for gaining hit points in Vault City from both guzzling a ton of alcohol-z in the uppity bar and using the autodoc repeatedly. Has anyone got these to work? I suppose I could figure it out myself, but the only .int script documention out there is in Russian.

Chris A:The way it's supposed to work (I was looking at this this morning) is that you need to have a Luck of 9 or 10, and you need to buy like a 100 glasses of the stuff. Luck 9 should give you +2 Max HP, and 10 gives you +10 Max HP - bad luck characters, however, get penalties to their HP if they drink a hundred glasses - LK 1 gets -4 Max HP, and LK 2 gets -2 Max HP. If you have cash to burn ($20 a drink, each drink normally heals 3 HP), feel free, but as far as an Easter Egg goes, it's pretty out there.

Iwas going to test it, then I realized my LK sucked. Let me know if it actually made it into the game.

Oh, the above is for the Councilman Bar in Vault City. I just checked the Auto-Doc in the VC Courtyard, and you're right: What happens is this:

1. If you don't fix the Auto-Doc, and you're below 3 IN, talk to "Doc" Andrew.

2. Make sure you're hurt, then ask him to passh you up.

3. He'll go, "okay."

4. After you're done, ask "to ride again!" If you have a LK below 9, then you get +2 Max HP, if you have a LK of 9 or 10, then you get a +4 Max HP Bonus.
Sounds snazzy, think I'll try this when I get home...
Also spotted at Vault13.

Wasteland Wolf dead? by Odin - 15:01 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
According to ApTyp the Wasteland Wolf project is dead, here's a brief description why:
1) The programmers they had in the beginning were not committed enough, and one even made the wrong engine (heh). And freeware engines were deemed unsatisfactory.

2) Lack of solid work plan and design documents. No design doc was made, changes were made when someone on forums said "wouldn't it be cool if you...", or something like that.

3) Nobody listened to the lead designer.
This is truly sad news, cause I was really hoping we could have another rival to the Fallout universe. But it wasn't to be.
Spotted at Vault13.

Friday, February 8

Dolo interviews FU by Odin - 10:35 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Dolo from Dteam 3D Design Goop have scored an interview with good old Feargus Urqhart. There are some interesting tidbits, lookie here
dolo: Will Fallout 3 make it to the PS2 or PC (possibly as an MMORPG)?

Feargus Urquhart: It will definitely be for the PC. If we do a Fallout game for the PS2, it would probably be something completely different than the PC version. For the same reason that the Baldur's Gate PC games and Dark Alliance are so different. As for MMORPG, that would be cool, but it's not something that we are even pondering about right now.

dolo: How well would the Fallout universe work as an action RPG like BGDA? What challenges would you possibly face if you decided to go that route in the future?

Feargus Urquhart: I don't know, it would definitely be for an entirely different game player. However, I do think the Fallout universe is something that could translate to a whole bunch of different game types - so it would probably work. The challenge would be to make everyone understand that we were not making the game for the Fallout 1 or 2 enthusiasts and that the games were for a different type of game player.
Link: Dolo's interview with FU.

Thursday, February 7

Maps Section and updates by Odin - 23:10 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've decided that I should only make a temporary map section, without a rating script (just yet) and the info boxes doesn't quite work yet. But all the released maps for Fallout Tactics is there, so get going and start to download!
I've also updated the Quest section for Fallout, and will continue to update it and other sections soon.

Fallout on Gamespotting by Odin - 10:39 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Interplay and Fallout gets mentioned in the latest Gamespotting, here's a snibblet:
The Black Isle Studios brand came into its own with the release of Fallout, the first really great role-playing game in years--and Black Isle subsequently pumped out great RPG after great RPG. Interplay is almost single-handedly responsible for the reemergence of RPGs as one of the key genres in PC gaming, thanks to games like Fallout and Baldur's Gate.
There's much more and this is all written by Greg Kasavin (Executive Editor, PC Games) who's got a good tast in games!.
Link: Gamespotting

Wednesday, February 6

WHL Updated by Odin - 8:36 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Evidently The Wasteland Half-Life site has had a change in websites, they've also made a new forum and updated some news:
- Welcome to the new website of 'The Wastes'. That's right, it's finally up, sporting a spiffy new design by Kruddman. Along with the new website, we have also launched brand new message forums, be sure to check them out, and leave us your input. We have some news on the upcoming Release Candidate 1, alot of the old models have been revamped, and Kwarismian has been working away at the code, adding a particle system to support rain, snow and other nifty effects. The latest internal build of RC1 fully supports teamplay as well as classic Wasteland deathmatch. To top it all off, The Postman has sent me screenshots of a new map he has been working on, titled wl_cratefactory. It is a deathmatch map, suited for 10-12 players, set in a Shureshotte munitions factory.

In addition to all the updates, 'The Wastes' team has prepared a contest for you. We are looking for someone to create a background story for the mod, the winner will receive a slot on the beta testing team. All submissions can be sent to 'The Postman' at:
You can check out the new screenshots at their new site. Their progress bare was kinda hard to read now, but other than that the new design looks snazzy!

Tuesday, February 5

Vote for Fallout 3 by Odin - 10:29 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Since IWD2 is being released G-Spot have posted a new poll, "In light of Icewind Dale II, which of these other role-playing sequels would you most like to see?". So gitt on over and vote for Fallout 3.
Link: G-Spot Poll

More on why IWD2 instead of Fallout 3 by Odin - 10:18 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
In a interview with RPGVault JE Saywer talks about IWD2 and why they made the decision to make that game (instead of for instance Fallout 3), read here:
In all honesty, the reasons for making Icewind Dale II have to do with limiting risks and maximizing our chances for a popular title. The team is very familiar with the Infinity Engine, giving us a short development cycle that is unlikely to cause many unforeseen problems to arise. We're manning all guns to make sure that the product we put out is something we can feel proud of.
Inon Zur will also be doing the music for the game (he worked on Fallout Tactics).
Link: RPGVault's Interview with JE Saywer

Monday, February 4

Monroe = IWD 2 by Odin - 14:13 - Comment Me (4) - News Source:
As suspected the Monroe Project we've heard about is Icewind Dale 2, and not Fallout 3 (If anyone suspected that). But since there have been so much talk about Fallout 3 lately, don't be surprised if IP start making it soon.
Link: Interplay Press Release - Icewind Dale 2

Fallout 3 according to Feargus by Odin - 8:53 - Comment Me (1) - News Source:
Feargus posted yet another loong post about Fallout 3 (alot of talk about Fallout 3 these days...makes you wonder, doesn't it?), and read here:
Anyway the point of posting was to say what I believe Fallout 3 should be and why.

1) I think it should be 3D, because I think the effects that we can do with lighting and particles will make mini-guns look really freakin cool. We will also be able to have a whole lot more varied types of people by being able to swap out body parts. We'll be able to represent the actual weapons on people instead of just using the same pistol for every kind of pistol in the game.

2) I would like for us to come up with a game system that is detailed and quick. I don't have an answer for how we are going to do that yet, but that is what I'd like to see us come up with. The detailed part because that is what I think most of us felt was the joy of Fallout, the quick part because I think big battles are fun - but the time it took to go through them in the Fallouts was soul numbing.

3) I'd like there to be changes to the game system that make skill points mean more and not seem so arbitrary sometimes. We need to come up with something concerning skills that make it fun to get your Small Guns to 23,000, but is also balanced in the game. Ramping up the cost per skill point in Fallout 2 worked, but was kind of lame as well.

4) We need to come up with other things for the skills to do. This could help non-combat characters be more viable and less likely to get dropped - or just used as pack mules.

5) The Companion systems needs to be thought about and balance made between how much they act independently and how much the player has control over them. I liked the fact that you could get shot in the back by one of your party members, however if you have to re-load the game 40 times because of that then it's not so cool.

6) The colors of the wasteland have to remain what they were in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. Since the game no longer has to be palatted (256 colors) we might be tempted to go in a different direction. This might make sense for certain new types of areas, however areas like the Hub should still be a dry, dilapidated place.

7) We need to use a real world place located somewhere in the US. This connects it to the past events of Fallout, and gives us context for the creation of what is new over what is old.

8) We need to make absolutely sure that we balance all of the character types. If we have melee characters they need to be no more, and no less viable than small guns, big guns, or sniper type characters.

9) The different power groups developed in Fallout 1 and 2 should not be forgotten. These really helped give the wasteland flavor.

10) The player should be able to be naughty or nice and still get to the end of game. However, a lot of decisions people can make shouldn't be clear when it comes to which is the nice way and which is the naughty way.

11) The one thing I'm not totally sold on is allowing people to talk their way through the whole game. This is probably something Chris Avellone and I might disagree on - but this is more a personal opinion, which I'll probably keep to myself when we start really deciding on things.
Again quite a long post, and you can give your take on the whole thing here.

Sunday, February 3

Fallout Bible Updated by Odin - 14:26 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Chris Avellone sent along the latest update to the Fallout Bible and he also sent along a sketch of Junktown, here's a snibblet:
Horrigan is a mutant, but Horrigan was a monster before his exposure to FEV in the military base (he had many psychological problems which may be included in a Horrigan psychological profile in the future).
Big Thanks to Chris A for sending it to me!=)
Link: Fallout Bible Update, Junktown Sketch.

Saturday, February 2

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After a heated discussion about 2D vs 3D, Turn Based vs Real Time etc. (which I really don't have much to say) JE Saywer and FU tossed in a few insights:
FU: 1) 2D vs. 3D - There are proponents for both sides of this argument. I would love to say that we could discuss this on an open playing field and then have a democratic vote, but the decision has really already been made.

2) Turn Based vs. Real-Time - Between Josh, Chris Avellone, and I we actually listen to all of your comments on this. Since, we haven't made the final decision on this, I'm sure we are going to be listening to what you all have to say. The one thing I can say is that the gameplay will not be exactly the same as it was in Fallout 1 and 2. Things have changed since then and we do have to take into account how games have progressed since then. Important - this does not mean it is just going to be real-time, because that is what a lot of games are now a days. It just means we have to seriously consider that as an option, because that is what a lot of people expect out of games.

Overall though, we do listen to what you all have to say. We often have discussions about what you are all saying and what we should and should not incorporate into our games.

JE Saywer:I don't want to alienate Fallout fans. I doubt anyone else in BIS has an intense desire to do so. I think Fallout 3 should have turn-based combat, strong language, mature (not potty-joke mature) themes, violent death, drug use, retro-50s style and all of the other things that made Fallout a really fun game. However, I know that there a lot of people in the world who will not play turn-based games. Even if we added a real-time system that turn-based fans hated, as long as both types of players are satisfied with the option they choose to use, I think that is ultimately what is important.
There's much, MUCH more where that came from, so get on over and read the full story.

Friday, February 1

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Chris Avellone will be attending another chat regarding the Fallout Bible, here's the info:
Time: Febuary 14th, 2002 at 7:00pm EST (GMT -5)
Place: #vault13 on
Software: MIRC
Here you will be able to ask Chris A more questions about the Fallout Bible and the first draft of it.
Spotted at V13.

Fallout 3, 3D... by Rosh - 3:35 - Comment Me (3) - News Source:
According to FU, Fallout 3 will be with a 3D engine. For whatever reason, who knows.
When we do start work on Fallout 3, it will be with a 3D engine. And to comment on St. Proverbius' link, we can do things like that in real-time 3D now.

I know a lot of you worry about the 2D vs. 3D thing, but while I propably shouldn't guarantee that you won't be able to see the difference - I'll at least suggest that.
Since they also have used the LithTech engine for TORN, I'm guessing that is the engine of choice for Fallout 3. This goes along my old hypothesis that TORN was nothing more than getting the Fallout stat system built into a 3d real-time engine, then switching it over into a 'Fallout setting' for Fallout 3.

Also, going by old posts on the forums, it's going to be real-time (with turn-based as a thought, nevermind that RT and TB mix as well as oil and water), multiplayer, and all those trendy little things that weren't in Fallout but are being considered for ramming up Fallout's backside to make it "saleable". Yes, we all bought Fallout due to multiplayer, 3d, and real-time, wait. We didn't. Figure it out, Feargus, changing the formula kills the series. Haven't you been in the industry long enough to see that? Ever hear of a game called Fallout Tactics? Wonder why it pretty much BOMBED in comparison? Isn't that a good warning sign?

I guess some have to touch the fire in order to figure out it's hot, not as if games like Ultima, X-Com, etc. have been poster-children of such. Fallout certainly doesn't have the legacy of Ultima, so it looked like it barely got over it's own version of "Super Avatar Brothers"(UVIII). Is Fallout 3 to be our "Virtue Raider"(UIX)?

What's next?

Diablo 3? Wait, DarkStone didn't do that well, and it was a 3D clone...

Update: Actually FU said on more than one occation that Fallout 3 wouldn't include multiplayer, but 3D yes, RealTime AND Turn Based system.