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February 2001

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Wednesday, February 28

"New" FOT 3D Renders by Odin - 21:45 -
Yurg, the mighty Russian giant, have once again gotten ahold of some 3D renders. Some of these have been released before, but some are new.

Link: Freelancer's FOT 3D Renders

Send a question to Chris T. by Odin - 8:51 -
Are there something you've wondered about? Can't seem to understand your wife? X-Treme Gaming Radio have started a "Ask Chris", where you can send questions to X-Treme Gaming Radio and they will in turn ask Chris T.So get on over and send in those questions.
Link: Ask Chris

New Interview With Chris T. by Odin - 8:38 -
Saint Proverbius from Vault13 have done a small but kewl interview with Chris T, it's all about Fallout's background. But be warned there are some spoilers for those of you who don't want to know (nothing about FOT btw), here's a great one:
Saint_Proverbius: Were all the survivors in Fallout from Vaults? How many vaults are there approximately?

Chris Taylor: Not all, but the majority were. The total number of vaults is a government secret and has been lost. There are "public" vaults, which numbered around 100 and an undisclosed number of "private" vaults.
Link: Fallout's Background Interview with Chris T.

Preview at Gamesdomain by Miroslav - 7:58 -
Gamesdomain has joined the cult of sites that previewed Tactics. In their most recent article, which is a one page long, they speak on features we're all familiar with. Here's an interesting paragraph:
About the only real limitation on your freedom when rolling up a player character is the knowledge that there won't be a whole lot of varied gameplay. As Fallout Tactics is all about combat, there isn't really much room for characters with depth and a lot of different skills and personality traits. Every selection made here needs to be made with one eye on the basic fact that you're almost always being sent into the field to kill the enemy and take their stuff. So indulging yourself and creating the doomsday version of a Riverboat Gambler with the appropriate skills and traits might not be the best of plans. It's hard to get much gambling in when enemy Raiders have you pinned down with submachine gun fire.
Link: Gamesdomain - Tactics Preview

Tuesday, February 27

Update on the Contest! by Odin - 20:06 -
Krazi has made some changes on the contest, the singing telegram contest will be replaced by a "Fallout Cook Off". Where the object of the contest is to submit your best Fallout theme recipe.
Link: Krazikatt's Fallout Contest

NMA's Guide To Killing DAC by Odin - 12:51 -
Couldn't kill Kreegle the last time? Well here's your second chance, grab a hold of you gun and play like you really want to smash his face in (no offence, Kreegle =D). Here's the info:
Join Kreegle from Duck and Cover and Silverdawn from RPGPlanet for a little tactical gaming insanity in the Fallout Tactics demo. To get in on the event, meet in the Fallout Tactics lobby in the Arcade software at 4:00 p.m. PST, 7:00 p.m. EST, Midnight GMT. Need the demo? Grab it now from FilePlanet.
Link: Duck And Cover

Two more Updates at WHL by Odin - 9:09 -
Gaist put up two more updates at Wasteland Half-Life ,it's all about the upcoming Beta 2.5:
MORE?! Oh yes! And be sure to peek into the cast page, dossiers are being updated progressively. We should have some sexah shots of the armor later this week, all keen-like. We'll get a section going for it eventually. In other news, we've breached the 1000 user mark in the forums! Huzzah!

Let's all give a hearty salute to the crew's newest member, your friend and mine, Thin Red Paste. In corronation we present to you all something we're sure you'll like QUITE a bit. That's right ladies and gentlemen, visible armor-- Depicted below is Mclean with and without combat armor. More details on just what we're doing with the stuff later, but rest assured this means we're gonna start some rather nifty visuals on top of our already insane mound of goodies.

Link: Wasteland Half-Life

FOT Box Art by Odin - 8:50 -
Yurg (Freelancer) have gotten ahold of the box art for Fallout Tactics the European version, have a looksie:
He's also posted a review of the press release of Fallout Tactics, with plenty of screenshots to tease you and here's a snibblet from the review:
We are all at sea why such a version was given to the press... in fact, journalists should either save their breath not saying anything or abuse the project what does not give any use to the Tactics.

But, in spite of all the technical drawbacks, Fallout Tactics remains the most-waited project of this year. The game offers a lot of interesting and previously unknown stuff and I cannot simply dare to call this project unsuccessful. So, I'd better end my review with suspension points and wait the newer version of the game.
Link: Freelancer

Contest by Miroslav - 6:44 -
There's a new contest up at Interplay. Prizes are misc. Fallout goodies, like Fallout 2 signed game, Fallout Tactics T-shirt, Signed Fallout 2 "Gecko in a Can", Fallout Tactics Poster and such. All you have to do is write a love letter to Krazi, or record yourself as a sound telegram, or dress yourself as a Fallout freak, or take a picture of yourself swimming naked in a fountain... oh wait, this last is my never fulfilled dream, just ignore it ;)
Just check the contest page for all the info. Note that the contest isn't up yet as they haven't opened an email address for the entries yet. I'll post a notice here when they do.
Link: Interplay Fallout Contest

Pc Ign Tactics Interview by Miroslav - 6:24 -
PC IGN has snapped up an interview with Karl, Tony, Ed and Parrish (few others also gets a small mention). A very interesting Q&A. Here's a tidbit on deathclaws:
IGNPC: Has the wasteland been populated with any new monsters? Describe a few for us.

Tony Oakden: Well, we have the Eastern Hairy Deathclaws that the fans love so much. We also have giant cockroaches cos we understand that in the event of a nuclear was they will be the most likely to survive and as every one who watches 50s sci-fi knows they will mutate to enormous size (we took the liberty of introducing a venomous spit). We also have some rats but they are a bit bigger than the Fallout ones! Giant wasps and a komodo dragon are some of the others.
They also mentioned what are the system requirements, check these:
Requires Pentium II 300, 64MB RAM, and a 4MB PCI or AGP Graphics Card. 700MB HDD space minimum. The game will be released first Quarter. That means before the end of March.
Link: PC IGN - Interview with Tactics Team

Monday, February 26

Small Q&A by Miroslav - 21:39 -
Gamers Crypt released a small Q&A article with Tony, Karl and Ed. Here's a snippet where Tony speaks about the new CTB, and the protest within the community it encountered...
Tony Oakden: I'd like to take the opportunity to put the record straight here. CTB was never intended to replace TB. We implement CTB because we were commited to doing a multi-player game and we thought that TB simply would not have mass appeal for a multi-player game. For example six players with six men in each squad with just 10 seconds per move means that it would take six minutes for all the characters to move once! That's if there isn't some antisocial person in the game who insists on taking longer. Sure you can have time limits but it's still going to be a struggle to give the game pace. In fact we have come up with a middle ground which allows people to play the game TB but move all the guys in there squad at once. It works better than the original sequenced TB but is still a long way from appealing to most players. Trouble was that once we got CTB working everyone wanted to use it in the single player too. Turn Based play still works well though for single playing.
Link: Gamers Crypt - Q&A

Fallout Tactics Demo Report by Odin - 11:38 -
GA-RPG have posted a "Fallout Tactics Demo Report", where they talk about the demo. Nothing new there, but worth a read for those of you who haven't downloaded the demo yet (Shame on You!!).
So far, Fallout Tactics manages to do exactly what the designers have been talking about, bringing deeper strategy to the Fallout universe. Be it in turn-based or real-time, Fallout Tactics Multiplayer Demo is a lot of fun, a well worth downloaded to check out for yourself here. We look forward to the full product, which should be on store shelves by April.
Link: Fallout Tactics Demo Report

New Update at WHL by Odin - 10:19 -
Gaist have once again delivered the goods, here's what he said:
In light of valve's recent remodelling\reskinning of the TFC models to be rather nice, we've decided to show off some of our own artistic advancements. Check out posty's latest McLean, sexy edition. This and other goodies in 2.5!

Link: WHL Site.

New FOT Preview by Odin - 10:09 -
Xtreme Gaming Radio have joined the ranks of the entire web and posted a new preview of Fallout Tactics (based of the press release they've got).
I find myself thinking about it while lying in bed trying to go to sleep. Instead of counting sheep I am counting Super Mutants. I must confess at the onset that this is my first venture into the Fallout world. Also keep in mind this is just a preview too - not the full game or final build.
Link: FOT Preview
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

New FOT Screenies by Odin - 10:00 -
JC (Vault13) posted quite a few new screenshots from the press release of Fallout Tactics, look at some of these:

Link: New FOT Screenshots
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

FOT Audio Interview by Odin - 9:51 -
EPRadio have posted a 30 min audio interview with with Tony Oakden and Ed Orman, where they talk about Fallout Tactics. And the most important bit from the interview was the mention of a patch to be released after Tactics has hit the shelves, which will implement Direct X 8's new network code so that everyone can play multiplayer without any problems.
Link: Audio Interview
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Arghhhh.... by Miroslav - 1:52 -
Yesterday I made a mistake and installed DirectX 8 drivers (not "a" version), which screwed up my WinME. Now after several hours of messing around with new installation, I switched back to Win98. I'll keep on updating, and I have a Mission 2 Walkthrough ready to post (Odin did this map).

Saturday, February 24

Moding Documents Update by Miroslav - 2:54 -
Smackrazor of The Mod Squad has updated data file tutorial Go check it out if you're interested.

Info on PreOrder Goodies by Miroslav - 2:39 -
Official Fallout Tactics web site was updated with following info regarding the pre-order of Tactics and extra goodies you get with it:
More information about the Fallout Tactics Pre-Sale CD

"When you install the pre-order CD don't expect the bonus mission to be accessible until you have completed missions 04, 05 and 06. The bonus Mission is designed for approximately Level 8 player characters." - Brian Christian
Also, I have been given the word that there are only 500 camouflage bags left for pre-orderers! That means that if you really want one of these cool bags you better get your little Fallout butt on over to the Interplay Store... PRONTO!
Spotted at the official Tactics site. No link this time, I'm too lazy to link it :)

Friday, February 23

New Poll: BosViewer? by Odin - 8:26 -
Nifty old Dr.W95 from The Vats have posted a new poll, "When should the ZAR viewer be released?". So get on over and vote for it!
Link: The Vats

More Fallout Contests!!!! by Odin - 8:20 -
KraziKatt updated the official Fallout Tactics site with this little info:
Hey, want to WIN some cool stuff?

Okay... So I was sitting here thinking ... we have less than a month before our long awaited FOT is in our sweaty little hands for days upon endless days of Fallout goodness ... and I thought... hmmm, lets do something fun and exciting for our wonderful hardcore Fallout community. I've been working hard and my brain seems to be fried, so I am turning to you for ideas.

You see, I need to get rid of some "stuff" around my office, and what better people to give it too then my wonderful Fallout friends?

I have a few signed Fallout 2 items, as well as a bunch of other useless nicknacks in my office, and I want to know just what you would all do for this great stuff! So please share with me what you would do, or your ideas for a contest so I may give you my stuff!

Hey, if the stories are good enough I'll even see if Slyle can stick a few in the next news letter. :)

Just go to the Forum and make a post in the Off Topics section, and put my name in the subject (so I'll definately read it), and write what you would do for this stuff, or what contest you think would be good to give the stuff away.
Link: The Official Fallout Forum

Thursday, February 22

2001 Preview at Gamespot UK by Odin - 9:21 -
Gamespot UK have posted a preview of what to come this year, it mentions many great titles including our very own special Fallout Tactics, here's the snibblet:
Fallout Tactics
Control up to six characters on a quest to revive dormant technology useful for battling a powerful enemy. Fallout and its sequel are cracking RPGs, so go now to
Link: 2001 Preview - the ones to watch!

No More Cheating ? by Odin - 9:13 -
Robin Maddock from Micro Fort� posted this on the board, regarding the cheating debate:
Just a quick post to allay some fears about cheating and multiplayer.

First Off: The current MPlayer demo.
It is possible to hack weapons and characters in the current demo. All this will do is sent the game out of sync.
MP works like consensual reality. If you hack your local character to have the super-mega-death-ray gun...then thats what you'll see. Everyone else will see you playing in a corner acting like an idiot :)
The only concensual hack you can do is to modify the characters to have a different weapon.

Final version:
In the final version you can still hack your client to go out of sync. There is some checking against this, but what you do with your exe is your business. You can however create a custom character, and give it any (unhacked) items. Custom character can have any items, but all objects and stats have a calculated point cost.

All characters are validated against the SPECIAL system before being allowed to join.
All items must be valid items from the game.

Hope this cleared some things up.
So there you have it...
Spotted at Duck And Cover

WHL Update Part 4 by Odin - 9:10 -
Another day, another that's not right..another update. Gaist have again updated the Wasteland Half-Life site, with this little beauty, behold my glory..erm..

Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Wednesday, February 21

New Fallout Modding Site by Odin - 20:51 -
Kreegle (Duck And Cover) got word that a new Fallout modding site had been launched, it's called Fallout Modding Centre. The only problem is that it's in Polish, and well..I don't read polish...dang! There had to be something, hadn't there...
Link: Fallout Modding Centre

Real Life Power Armor? by Odin - 20:15 -
Wanna get your hands on a real life Power Armor, well the military are in the works on a project called Exoskeletons. Here's the low-down:
This program will be used to develop technologies, such as actively controlled exoskeletons, to enable a soldier to handle more fire-power, wear more ballistic protection, and carry more ammunition and supplies. Systems with varying degrees of sophistication may be explored -- from an unpowered mechanical apparatus to full-powered mechanical suits.
Sounds good? Oh yess, I'd like to get my hands on one of those babies when they're done with them!!
Link: Exoskeletons
Thanks to Colin McLean for informing me about this! =)

PreOrder FOT Secrets & Tactics Book by Odin - 14:32 -
I was surfing around trying to find some place that could send me Fallout Tactics with the bonus cd, when I stumbled onto this one:

Fallout Tactics is the follow-up to Interplay's highly successful Fallout 2. A squad-based, tactical combat game, Fallout Tactics also features RPG (role-playing game) character development and a rich story line set in a post-apocalyptic world. Sybex's official guide provides comprehensive walkthroughs for all missions, detailed maps, and in-depth statistics and strategies for all weapons, characters, vehicles, and creatures.
All this for $15.99, erm...let's have the game first!!
Link: FOT Secrets & Tactics

More Fanmade art by Odin - 13:01 -
Good old Saint Proverbius have once again delivered the goods, this time he's made a 3D image of the Vault13 door. Click here for the animated gif version and click here for the rest of the rendered images of the door.
Link: Vault13

Life as a Quality Assurance Tester by Odin - 9:51 -
The mighty pimps over at Vault13 have grabbed Max Sneddon, lead Quality Assurance tester, by the balls and dragged a diary out of him. So for those of you interessted in what a QA guy do all day, have a looksie here.
Link: Vault13

Wasteland Half-Life Update part 3 by Odin - 9:07 -
Another day, another update..nice! Gaist from Wasteland Half-Life have once again updated their site with some more info, read here:
As a bit of a new addition, check out the new concept section via the link above. It's a quaint little side area that allows you to peek in one some of what went into the production of this mod. Perhaps you'll get something out of it, perhaps not, but either way we hope you enjoy the insight. Bundle of screens later today, stay tuned.
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

New FOT Screenshots by Odin - 8:54 -
Yurg, the mighty giant from Freelancer have also posted some new screenshots, to be specific there's four new screenshots there.
Link: FOT Screenshots at Freelancer

Just a reminder by Miroslav - 7:01 -
If you would like to see Fallout 3, there's an online petition. If you haven't signed, feel free to do that. It's near number 3.000.
Link: Fallout 3 Petition

Tony Oakden Interview by Miroslav - 6:54 -
Freelancer had posted a new interview with Tony Oakden, one of the guys behind Tactics. Here's an intersting tidbit ripped from that article, where Tony confess about things he would do to Tactics if thee is more time...
[Tony] I would redo the sprite of the Power Armor to make it more retro. Not that there is anything technically wrong with the sprite, it's a great piece of art. It's just that it is a bit out of place in the Fallout Universe. But bear in mind that we had to design it over a year ago and Interplay approved everything we did. I would also like to spend more time refining the missions to get them play perfectly.
Link: Freelancer Interview

New Screenies by Miroslav - 6:44 -
Extreme Gaming Radio has a brand new 36 screenshots. Oh god, isn't this a little too much? If you can't wait for the game, and want to spoil the fun of playing, check these out.
Link: XGR Screenshots

Tuesday, February 20

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 12:08 -
Gaist have again Updated the WHL site with some more screenshots of the redone textures currently been added, read here:
The screenshots below speak for themselves; You're looking at the newly redone and tweaked Shady Sands map, as well as Rovient's absolutely orgasmic chicago map. Believe me folks, I myself have trouble believing he's pulled off the beauty he has with the half-life engine, but when you put him and Postman together the results are always certain to be mind boggingly awesome.

To further disclose on my little statement yesterday, we've indeed made it so that when someone is killed from a headwound bits of brain and skull will be strewn about; and if a katana was used, they'll be flat out beheaded. Stick around ladies and gents, I'm going to make an effort to post more goodies every day this week.

Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life

FOT Messageboard Update Feb 20 by Odin - 11:47 -
It's awfully quiet on the board, especially from the developers. I guess they're busy finishing Fallout Tactics, here are a couple of bits that Ed Orman (Micro-Fort�) answered:
How is the barter and gambling done in FOT?
When you speak to someone, you will sometimes get the option to barter with them (accessed via a button in the speech window).

One of the main components of the game is scavenging items from your enemies and trading them back to the Brotherhood for more supplies and easy-to-carry cash.

You'll also be able to barter with some members of the outside world.

Gambling works in a similar manner.

Do you regret not including an extended dialog tree?
Yep. But I wish we'd done a lot of things differently, as I'm sure Tony and Karl and Parrish do. But having seen it play out in development, I stand by our decision to go with linear dialogue trees for this game. They fit perfectly and don't hinder the gameplay or the universe at all.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Forum.

Fallout Tactics Cheating by Odin - 9:48 -
Jc from Vault13 have started an investigation into the cheating part of FOT Multiplayer gaming, here's the lowdown:
Generally there are two sides to this in a tug of war, one side saying "No, you can't the game desyncs" and the other side saying "Yes you can, but only sometimes". Here's another report from Cyber who has been able to exploit the game:

I saw the small bit on cheaters in FOT and did a bit of testing on my own.

I hex edited Sawbones and replaced his normal double barrel shotgun with a pump action single barrel. I hopped on gamespy arcade with this modified file in place and it let me join a game and play from start to finish with my new and improved sawbones character. Was sorta neat, right now I'm planning to go through and create a new set of characters with more varied weapons from the hidden files in the demo for lan play. Although given this experience I don't see why I couldn't equipt a group of snipers with FN Fals and go on a rampage online.

I attached the modified entities.bos file if you want to test it out. Just put it in your demo's \core folder (probably want to backup the original first) and join a game. Choose Sawbones and you'll find he's packing a combat shotgun.
Here's what Greg found out about this Bos file.
From what our testing has shown, cheating is possible in FOT to an extent. From what we've seen, if you modify your characters stats or set your damage to some inordinate setting the game will desync. You can, however, modify the weapons which your character starts with as numerous tests by numerous people have proved. Just to build on that, here's a bit more info on weapon switching from Cyber who E-mailed me earlier (story):

I played with this modification online a few times yesterday (both times I told people I had it running and nobody seemed real concerned). Of the 5-6 times I used it only once today did the game seem to desync. It was still running but my guys seemed less responsive then normal and failed to fire when they had clear shots. I was still able to stay for the entire game but thier lack of response caused me alot of casualties and eliminated me early. Later watching the rest of the players play out the FFA some of thier actions seemed a bit odd (guys attacking with pistols and one fist fight) but the game had 12 players in it and was a no-teams ffa so I suppose they *could* have run out of ammo. Everyone else seemed to be able to play without issue though and it might have been unrelated to the changes.

Hope that helps.

Although given that as I understand it in multiplayer in release a different method is used to create squads (w/o static characters) so maybe at that point it wouldn't be a issue. I also might not be going out of sync now because I'm not doing anything that is illegal code wise (ie: turning my MP5 into a 500-600 damage weapon rather then it's normal stats) but rather just putting in items that the game already understands.

This could turn out to be a very bad thing, anyone who played Diablo on-line knows that at any one time, there were about 500 lamers on there with hacked games who would just kill you and take your damn ear. If this turns out to be the case in FOT then I think the multiplayer community is gonna be thoroughly screwed as Gamespy Arcade games will generally be overrun by a bunch of kids wanting to show him big they are by hacking the game.
I'm not gonna jump to conclusions...yes, I E-mailed Karl Burback, the code-monkey about this and we'll see what he has to say about it. I just hope he gives me some good news.
Nice work JC!!
Spotted at Vault13

New FOT Preview by Odin - 9:42 -
Starlance have posted a new preview of Fallout Tactics, not alot of news but a fun read. Here's a bit that I (and JC) liked:
However, unlike its Role playing predecessors this title is about tactical combat, not pimping you girlfriend to get a few extra $$$ for whatever bundle of joy you could not afford in Fallout 2. (That's sick -Ed)
Link: Starlance FOT Preview
Spotted at Vault13

Meltdown Clan Site Launched by Odin - 9:15 -
The Meltdown Clan have launched their site, go and have a looksie. It looks great!

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

NMA's Guide to Killing Kreegle by Odin - 9:10 -
Do you really want to smash Kreegle, destroy his reputation? Well here's your chance, read this:
Tomorrow in Arcade, join Kreegle from Duck and Cover and Silverdawn from RPGPlanet for a round of tactical gaming action in the Fallout Tactics demo. To participate, you'll need to download the demo from FilePlanet. Then, pop into the Fallout Tactics demo lobby in the Arcade software. The match kicks off at 4:00 p.m. PST, 7:00 p.m. EST, Midnight GMT.
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Fake Fallout 3 Screenshot by Odin - 9:05 -
Well now, it seems someone have made a 3D image and it looks like a screenshot from Fallout 3, have a look:

But as you guys can see the site who has it (King3d) is a 3D community, where people post their own pictures, and according to JC (Vault13) and Kreegle (Duck And Cover) it is a FAKE..
But DAMN it looks good, I'd play it!!!

Spotted and raped from Duck And Cover.

StarLance Gaming Leagues and FOT by Odin - 8:59 -
The StarLance Gaming Leagues have expanded their turf into Fallout Tactics, here's what I got in my mailbox:
StarLance Gaming Leagues is pleased to announce the creation of a new league for Interplay’s Fallout: Tactics BOS. Using the StarLance S.C.O.R.E.S system SL hopes to re-create the success of its participation in supporting communities for titles such as Mechwarrior 4 and StarFleet Command into the Fallout Universe.

The League "DAMNATION ALLEY" can be found at and is currently setup for reporting games played using the multiplayer demo to test out the system. Shortly before the full version is released SL will reset this test cycle and start the first full cycle! If you want to join up, lead a unit or would like to help us shape the rules please visit the site and help us make Damnation Alley a successful pillar of the community SL wants it to be.

S.C.O.R.E.S. which stands for "StarLance Community Organisation and Ranking Environment System" is the software system that runs the SL Leagues. This system is built around two vital entities, the callsign, and the unit. These entities represent players and teams in SL. Players and Teams use the SL S.C.O.R.E.S. system to navigate forums, chats, game reporting, and statistics tables. SL developers are continually updating the core S.C.O.R.E.S. system for your gaming pleasure.
Thanks to Charles "Loyal" Higgins for emailing me about this! =)

Monday, February 19

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 8:48 -
Gaist have updated the WHL site on their progress on the Beta 2.5 of the WHL mod, read on:
One thing I thought I'd touch on is the facelift the mod is also undergoing during our work on 2.5. If you thought it looked good in beta 2, you may run risk of heart failure due to sensory overload in beta 2.5. We're talking a nice 8 meg or so addition to our textures alone, of quality equal to if not better to those of favored Cobble and Dustbowl maps.. if you catch my drift. We've got a great set of city goodies going now, and many old maps are being expanded upon, tweaked, and retextured. We're also continuing to remodel\skin more older weapons, but which will be a surprise.
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Sunday, February 18

RPG Vault Designer Diary #V by Miroslav - 19:37 -
Chris Taylor wrote another article in Desegner Diary series, number 5. Nifty little update is a must read while you're waiting for game to be released.
Progress continues on Fallout Tactics. We're definitely into that period of darkness better known as "crunch phase". Quality Assurance crews at Interplay and Micro-Fort� are hard at work finding bugs for the programmers to squish. The Audio department is working full speed to get us all the sound effects, voice over audio and music that we can use. Dan Levin has been up in Hollywood (Studio City, actually) for the last week working with the voice talent. We're getting revs fairly constantly now, with all sorts of goodness falling into place.

The single-player campaign game is getting the most attention. The bunkers, the vehicles and all the single-player interfaces are working and getting beat on. A new rev we received this morning allowed the use of vehicles in the single-player campaign, for example.

Yep, love is in the air.
Chris also speaks on making the manual and a paper game which will ship only with bonus pack.
Link: RPG Vault - Designers Diary part V

Friday, February 16

First Report from Voytek's Tactics Tournament! by Odin - 12:33 -
For those of you fortunate enough to play online, you've probably heard about the Voytek's Tactics Tournament (if you haven't check out this link). Well the first battles have begun and here's the first report from the tournament.

Thanks to Lt. Stormbringer for pointing this out to me =)

"New" FOT Screenshots by Odin - 12:11 -
GameVisions have posted some "new" screenshots from the Fallout Tactics demo, if you have played the demo it all old news but for those of you who haven't played it, go check them out..

Link: FOT Screenshots at GameVisions
Spotted at Voodoo Extreme

More Fanmade Backgrounds by Odin - 8:39 -
Saint Proverbius have once again slaved away and made a new background for you guys, this time it's a 3D model of the T51b power armor from Fallout 1 and 2.Check it out:

Go and download it at Vault13

FOT Multiplayer Cheats by Odin - 8:31 -
Read this over at Vault13:
The topic has presented itself more than a few times on the Interplay's Webboard and at the developer chats. There have been accusations of people using hacks to cheat in multiplayer games and there are people who have admitted to it. In fact there's an interesting report written on one such case.

We asked Ed Orman of Microforte about this in our IRC channel and this is what he said:

Ed-MicroForte: Oh, if you hack your character, you can cheat.
Ed-MicroForte: And if yo cheat, the game will desync more often
Ed-MicroForte: Actually, it will desync immediately.
Ed-MicroForte: They're working on the screening process for that right now.
DivideOverflow: immediately? It doesnt always seem to desync right away
DivideOverflow: Ive played a game with a guy who admitted to hacking his char for 15 min...
Ed-MicroForte: It's what I've been told. If the two games have different data, they'll desync from the get-go.
hmmm makes you wonder....

New FOT Preview by Odin - 8:24 -
3D GameForce have posted a, you guessed it, preview of Fallout Tactics, it's a good read but nothing new really...Here's a quote:
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is shaping up to be an awesome RPG-tactical combat hybrid that I am really looking forward to. The more I think about it, the more I realize that my social life will go down the toilet for a few weeks after this game is released
Sound familiar? Oh YeSS!!
Also this looks like the box art for Fallout Tactics, this is in the preview..

Link: 3D GameForce's FOT Preview
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Thursday, February 15

New Developer Update at Vault13 by Odin - 19:55 -
Parrish Rodgers (Micro-Fort�), who is the Lead Artist on Fallout Tactics, sent in his developer update to the vault13 gang..
It's all about what he, as a lead artist, does during the day etc..Go and read it here.

Link: Vault13

Update on the BOSViewer by Odin - 9:32 -
SmackRazor updated the Pipboy2000LE site with this little info:
Our spiffy BOSViewer which Red has been toiling on for months now can now correctly read characters. So, here you go.

Link: Pipboy2000LE

New Fallout Tactics Previews by Odin - 9:04 -
After three days of laying in bed I got really sick of trying to get better so I just went to work, here are the bits you guys have missed.

Daily Radar UK have posted a new Fallout Tactics preview, here's a snibblet:
With the exception of crowded multiplayer battles, a prospect ripe with promise, Fallout Tactics is undoubtedly an exercise in preaching to the converted. That is not, necessarily, a bad thing. Resolutely 'old school' in form, devout Fallout fans will doubtlessly genuflect before its perceived magnificence. If its final weeks in development go well, it might win a few converts, too. It's hard to shake the suspicion, though, that it's a 'what if?' that might have benefited from rather more adulteration. Its RPG leanings almost act as a handbrake to its action; its relative lack of technical ambition, similarly, might preclude the possibility of widespread adulation, even with patient, discerning PC gamers.
Link: FOT Preview at Daily Radar UK

And GamePower have also posted a preview of Fallout Tactics, here's a snibblet from theirs:
While role-players eager for a new adventure through the wasteland may be disappointed that Tactics isn't, in fact, a true role-playing sequel, the mix of strategy, action, and role-playing elements should prove to be a draw for many gamers. Capturing the offbeat Fallout flavor, humor, and sense of violence perfectly, Tactics should prove to be a worthy sidestep for the series. Expect Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel to hit shelves in mid-March.
Link: GamePower FOT Preview

And finally RiderzNews have posted a preview of Fallout Tactics (like there wasn't enough previews already...), here's a snibblet from theirs:
Sporting both elements from RPGs and Strategy games, Fallout Tactics is going to make one new, kick ass game for you to get your hands on! Tactics is due out in March so that gives me plenty of time to plan for global domination, now I've got to get back to work!
Link: RiderzNews FOT Preview
These were all taken from the genuine upside down land of Kreegle (Duck And Cover)

Wednesday, February 14

Gamespot Preview by Miroslav - 14:01 -
Gamespot posted , you could guess, a preview of Tactics. This time there are some interesting tidbits over there. Take a look at this:
GameSpot: Who are the reavers, and what role do they play in the game?

Ed Orman: The reavers are actually similar to the BOS in a lot of ways. They're originally from prewar survivor stock, and their particular group came through with a lot of technological knowledge intact. But they lacked the driving force to keep them going and suffered some major setbacks early on. Eventually, they degenerated into more of a knowledge-worshiping society, where they treat the technology like a religion. They understand it, but they also revere it.

The problem with these guys is that they have technological know-how, but they've taken a different path, so that puts them at odds with the BOS. And, as with all conflicts, they're convinced that their way is the only way. That sets them up for some nifty conflicts later on.

However I do want to stress that neither the reavers nor the super mutants are the main bad guys.
Link: Gamespot Preview

Dan Levin Interview by Miroslav - 13:39 - published an interview with Dan Levine. Little tidbit about game, little 'bout Dan himself. Here's a snippet on music, one thing no one was in so far...
TS. One of the great things about Fallout 1 and 2 was the music. Will you be keeping the same style in Tactics and if so, are you using the same composer(s)?

DL. Nope. We hired the talented Inon Zur. He worked on SFC 1 and 2,Klingon Academy and Star Trek New Worlds. We had a heated debate on having Chris Taylor and Tony Oakden sing a duet for the intro but... Chris is more of a falsetto than a soprano. We called Inon the very next day. [*laughs*]
Link: Dan Levin Interview

News Problems by Miroslav - 13:24 -
You "maybe" noticed the lack of news here in past 36 hours. Odin is sick, and I'm having problems with my stupid ISP, again. It looks like they're working a little better at this time so I'll take the opportunity and grab some news. Stay tuned...

Monday, February 12

Tactics Caption Competition by Miroslav - 9:22 -
Gamespy's sub affiliate Fallout site, aka DAC, is hosting a competition. The big prize is somewhat similar to Fallout 2 competition BIS held some two years ago - you get your name to show up in Tactics.
Beside this, there are also two prizes available - a Fallout: tactics T-shirt, and the second is an official BIS pack containing a BIS backpack, a BIS sleeping bag, a BIS mug and an AM-FM radio! (this one is only available for US/Canada residents).
All you have to do is to write an amusing caption for two screenshots. Go there and fill in the form.
Link: DAC Contest
Contest is opened until February 23.

Developer Update from Ed by Miroslav - 1:25 -
Last developer update series article is available at Vault 13, this time Ed took some time to say something 'bout himself and the game status. Here's a snapshot:
Balancing has pinpointed the major components that are out of whack. Melee/HTH combat has been particularly sticky, but I think we’ve got it under control now. Sneak (probably THE trickiest part of this entire game) still undergoes tweaking.
Link: Vault 13 Developer Update

Sunday, February 11

MicroForte Q&A by Miroslav - 18:07 -
MGON web site has a huge four page Q&A article available. They ask various questions to MicroForte guys. Here's a tidbit:
Dale: In the forums there has been a lot of debate over exactly how the character progression in single player and multiplayer will work. Is it possible for you to shed some more light on just how this will work?

Karl Burdack: Character progression in single player works exactly like Fallout. You still choose a starting character, and that can be customized. The difference is now all your squad members can level up, and you can decide how they allocate skills and perks etc.

Most of the fan discussions on this relate to Multiplayer. It is slightly different; you can level up during a multiplayer game, and allocate skills etc. The player can save out their characters anytime, to be added to the squad pool and re-use them in later multiplayer games. Its still being tweaked so I can’t give any more details than that :)
Link: MGON Microforte Q&A

Saturday, February 10

Website, Rant by Miroslav - 14:30 -
The times have been great for the Fallout community. Interplay attracted more fans with the development of Tactics, although the majority of hard-core lovers still refuse to accept this soon to be new-born game (estimated release date is somewhere by the end of the March). Community is growing, message board now has more than 2.000 registered users (although note that on every message board there are certain number, err, big number of inactive users), and mailing list is soon to receive it's 3.000th guy/gal.
Mailing list isn't growing as fast as it should be, and this is completely my fault. I haven't been able to spend much time during recent months, so there was a small content which I was able to provide for newsletter. I still like to think of times when NMA newsletter had 5.712 subscribers! Ah, those were the times :) As a matter of fact, I'm still safe-keeping the email database.
Several days ago, there was an error with the web site, and almost the entire domain was inaccessible. One of the security files got corrupted, in which way I have no idea, but until I figured out, we lost an entire day. Sorry for this inconvenience. While we're speaking about the server, Gamestats tech guys are on vacation for almost 3 or 4 months already. There is zero news on new server, my counter is still unoperational, mail server isn't fixed (I'm receiving emails with biiiiig delay)... I really hope this all gets resolved very soon. Xotor, btw, offered me web space on his university server. I was left confused, and haven't replied. I wish to thanks Xotor for his generous offer.
Oh, and about the polling system? It failed me again and deleted the results on it's own :) I'll have to write my own polling script, but there is a problem. I know $hit about cookies, and to prevent multiple votes by recording IP numbers is out of the question. As a final attempt to see where's the problem, I've posted another poll.

Uhm, if you are reading these lines, than you must have found this rant interesting, or you really have nothing better to do with your life like me... Uhmm, get a girl... Wait, that's probably not the best idea, trust me :) Get a car! ;) Ok, I'll shut up for now, but that's only 'cause I'm going in another text box to write a newsletter :)

Adios 'till the next rant!

Friday, February 9

Fallout Tactics Editors - First Look by Miroslav - 22:51 -
To my greatest pleasure to announce a (really) special article: "Fallout Tactics Editors - First Look"! Odin did another good job writing this article in which he describes the basics of a mission, entity, sprite, tile and campaign editor! This article is filled with 9(nine) editor screenshots never seen before.

Link: Tactics Editors - First Look

ps. These editors are set to be released after the official game release.

Rant - In the storm of special screenshots and all kinda of stupid things all over the internet, I think we made a good "special".

Fan-made 3D Backgrounds by Odin - 12:06 -
Saint Proverbius from Vault13 have made some awesome backgrounds for you guys, check them out...

Go to Vault13 to download them or watch them in their full glory..

Kreegle Interview by Odin - 10:43 -
Gamespy also posted an interview with that upside-down nifty critter called Kreegle from Duck And Cover.Here's a snibblet from that interview:
GameSpy: What is a Kreegle? It sounds like a new style of potato chip.

A Kreegle is just a twisted part of my imagination - nothing in particular, really. I just needed a unique name as a login one day (I've forgotten what I was registering for now…) and for some strange reason "Kreegle" came to mind. Someone told me once that there was a Dr. Kreegle in some comic book, but I've never seen it. Kreegle-Kut potato chips sound promising though…
Link: Gamespy's interview with Kreegle.
Hmmm...Great stuff, but when is someone gonna interview me!???

New FOT Preview by Odin - 10:39 -
Gamespy posted a new preview of Fallout Tactics yesterday, I couldn't post it since NMA was down. Here's a snibblet:
While the wait for Fallout 3 may continue, Interplay has quietly been toiling away at recreating the world of Fallout with its upcoming release Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. Rather than a down and dirty RPG, Fallout Tactics is a squad based, third-person, tactical combat game that takes place in the same post nuclear apocalyptic setting as the previous games.
Link: Fallout Tactics Preview

Rant by Odin - 10:34 -
Sorry about the no news posting yesterday, but as many of you saw NMA was down yesterday. And I took half the day off yesterday, to go and get my new car.I'll post some of the news I spotted yesterday, now!

Thursday, February 8

Falcon Winner by Miroslav - 21:02 -
Well, it seems that the computer from Falcon Northwest is no longer an orphan! Check the update on the official site:
We've got a WINNER!

I know you're all wondering who the lucky winner of the new Falcon Northwest computer is... right? Well after receiving several thousands of entries, we've randomly picked one lucky person.

Congratulations Yan Petit of France... You've won!
Congrats indeed!

Wednesday, February 7

FOT Messageboard Update Feb 7 by Odin - 10:31 -
Here are the bits from the board, read on:
More about the Pre-Order Bonus Cd:
And it's not an RPG. It's a skirmish level wargame, using paper miniatures, ala Clan War or WH40k. It's to recreate Fallout Tactics games, so the SPECIAL rules are streamlined for dice-based gaming. It does have some character development and slight RPG rules, but it's not a paper and pencil RPG.

The paper miniatures should turn out very nice, and those would be useful for P&P RPGing. Or you can blow them up really big and LARP with them, I suppose.

We are talking to Jason Mical about including his paper and pencil RPG rules on the disc as well. But those are already freely available:

It's nifty. It's unofficial, but it's still very nifty.

How to toggle out/in off Turn Based:
In the multiplayer demo and the full game, you can press enter to switch toggle into and out of TB mode virtually at will.

Will a mine that is set off also explode nearby mines?
There is a random chance that mines will explode nearby mines in a sympathetic detonation.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Board.

Tactics Strategy Guide by Miroslav - 9:18 -
Swanky Games fired up the strategy guide for Fallout: Tactics Multiplayer. This is a must-read for all newbies, but it may be a good idea for experienced players to read it.
Link: Swanky Games - Tactics multiplayer Strategy guide

Interplay.Com Redesign by Miroslav - 8:53 -
Interplay's new redesigned site is up. I really don't see why the fuss about it so much, I personally don't like it.

Some New Art by Miroslav - 8:24 -
Freelancer got ahold of two new images, one is a poster and one is actually an old image (mix of Pip boy and Tim Cain)... Check the new image:

Link: Freelancer Pictures

Tuesday, February 6

New site for Interplay by Odin - 10:39 -
Aqua, the aquatic webmonkey (erm..sorry bout that one..Aqua) posted this one the official forum, read: will be launching our new site very soon(located currently at If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out!
We are also working on revamping and creating membership programs for our dedicated community and fans. Please let us know how you like the new site, what you would like to see on the site, and what we can include in our membership program. Please post your suggestions, comments, and questions here or e-mail me at, Subject: Ask Aqua.
So go and check out Interplay's new site, it's quite kewl!!!

Fallout 3 - 3D or what? by Odin - 10:19 -
Chris said this about a discussion over Fallout 3..
Feargus has mentioned multiple times that FO3 will probably be a 3D polygon/model game compared to FO1/FO2/FOT 2D sprite based.

However, the view would remain the same. Except you could possibly rotate the camera, zoom (maybe), and do other stuff like that thanks to the 3D environment.

A first person perspective would be better suited for a FPS or racing game compared to an RPG. Not that you can't have first person RPGs, but party-based RPGs have their advantages with the 3rd person perspective.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Forum.

New Interview with Micro-Fort� by Odin - 9:00 -
Daily Radar have done an interview with the down-under gang (Micro-Fort�), here's a snibblet:
How do you respond to people who played the demo and found the game to be too detailed, the X-Com crowd that claim the game isn't as smooth an interface, that it leans towards being tedious?

I think the pacing of the game is actually just right. The whole point is to be able to assess a situation in a tactical way, plan out your solution to it and execute it.

Tony: Funny! Some people think it's paced too fast! I think there is a lot of detail in the game. Possibly too much, but that's what Fallout is about. The Fallout crowd accuses us of not being detailed enough!

Karl: Really, I'm not sure what people would mean by X-Com having a smoother interface. Sure, it's subjective, but I found the X-Com interface to be horribly clumsy and overcomplicated. While there are some aspects taken from Fallout that aren't immediately obvious to the player, we have tried to streamline everything. I think the result works well, especially in CTB-mode multiplayer.
Since Kreegle (Duck And Cover) have done such a great job, I'll just ripp this one of him also.
Link: Daily Radar's Interview with Micro-Fort�

New FOT Screenshots by Odin - 8:48 -
A Italian site called have obtained three new screenshots from Fallout Tactics, here's also what they said (translated via Babelfish):
You have present the postatomic universe of Fallout (here would serve intro of Hokuto Not the Ken " to the beginning of XXI the century Fallout 1 exited when still it was gone in the storees to rent games. We speak about 1994. From then Fallout it has become a universe, and it has been also a continuation. Fallout Tactics discosta a po' from gameplay the original and is concentrated on the multiplayer, exalting the battle between clan. A po' rpg, po' a strategic F.T. is in escape 23 March 2001. We today have the pleasure of presentarvi in exclusive right some screenshot, attended of a corposo article in the next few days.
Here's the screenshots
Ripped from Duck And Cover.

New Developer Update by Odin - 8:36 -
JC emailed me about a new developer update at Vault13 , and the cat they've bagged this time is none other than Tony Oakden.
It's quite a good read, Tony talks about his history in the gaming industry, what his job is in the developer of Fallout Tactics and a bit of info on the game. So go and read it.

Link: Developer Update - Tony Oakden
Thanks to JC from Vault13 for informing me =)

Monday, February 5

Fallout 3 Online ?? by Odin - 23:49 -
Yuri, the Russian giant from Freelancer, spotted this on Voodoo Extreme, read on...
According to the French site GameData (don't even bother to try and translate it with AltaVista, it's not pretty) Interplay plans on making Fallout III into a massively multi-player game ("Fallout III: Online"). They were spot-on about the Baldur's Gate II expansion, so there's a good chance that this could be legit news as well. Interplay declined to comment about it.
Well now, Yuri also asked Chris T about this on the board, and this is what he said:
Erm. Whatever.

They're French... What do they know? :)

Eep. Titus owns us. Eep! Forgot about that... :P

I don't know anything about it. It might be about the press release from last week.

I really want to make some sort of French/Canadian joke here, but I'm probably going overboard.

-Chris "Why am I talking about this again? Oh, yes, it was to get the French joke in there..." Taylor
My guess is that Fallout is a possible Online game, but It not planned. And I would also like to point out that I don't think Interplay is gonna release Fallout 3 as a online game..

Fallout Tactics Site Updated by Odin - 23:34 -
KraziKatt have again started to play with her little yarn, and whipped up a new updated on the Fallout Tactics site. Basicly it's the latest reviews, preview and picture galore etc.. she's posted on the link section of Fallout Tactics.

Link: Fallout Tactics Link Section

Items Update by Miroslav - 16:58 -
I've updated the items section for Fallout: Tactics. Plenty of items with pictures over there. I'm only missing one of them, and it's a Sten gun. I have it pictured, but need to fix it in Photoshop so it'll be probably there when you read this.

So called "hidden" items aren't in my list, as the stats are incorrect, it'll be contradictory with the final version, so I'm not putting these stats available. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please ignore this news. You'll have more fun with Tactics when it comes out. Trust me. You did for three years.

Fallout Tactics Ranks by Odin - 12:43 -
It seems Chris T dragged his tail into the vault13 irc channel and answered some questions, read'em here:
-Civilian (This is not a BoS rank, but shows where civilians rank to the Brotherhood.)
-Senior Initiate
-Senior Squire
-Junior Knight
-Senior Knight
-Knight Commander
-Junior Paladin
-Paladin Commander
-Paladin Lord

And Scribes and Elders have different rankings that don't apply to the Combat Division...
Spotted at Vault13

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 9:00 -
Gaist have once again updated the WHL site with some more info on WHL, read on:
Another weapons page update, another lovely surprise added. Two lil shots below, demonstrating the sten gun in-game as well as the new desert eagle skin (it's sexah). With the last finishing touches on the scenario code this weekend, we've grand plans to show of those long awaited gameplay shots-- showing the glory of the teamplay in all its unbridled goodness. Be sure to send stuff into barter town and pester bitterman to keep up to par ;) Also, we're currently looking for a player mesher, so drop me a line if interested.
There are also two new screenshots over there...
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Rant! by Odin - 8:56 -
Ahh, back from a "long-weekend", it's been great! I Just wanted to thank everyone who icq'ed or emailed me and congratulated me on my birthday, THANKS!!! =)

Multiplayer Demo Review by Miroslav - 7:42 -
Yuri of Freelancer, posted a review of Multiplayer Demo Version of Fallout: Tactics. He also snapped a few screenshots from the game. If you got the demo, just ingore these article. However, if you don't have the demo, YOU must check these as they'll surely encourage you to download this small 125 megabyte file :)
Link: Freelancer: Multiplayer demo review

Amazon Pre-Order by Miroslav - 5:53 -
Amazon, the largest online store on the net, has Fallout: Tactics for pre order. Nothing big you say. Ok, but if we examine their offer more closely, here's what you get in addition to the Tactics game:
Bonus! Pre-order and get a CD with bonus mission and pen-and-paper game while supplies last
Those who pre-order will also receive the complete Fallout 2 game and a Fallout T-shirt while supplies last
Squad-based tactical combat game featuring the setting and RPG elements from Fallout
Intense combat can be turn based or real time
Mature themes and visuals in a gritty world ravaged by nuclear war
Er, what do you say now? :) Again, there is a drawback. They only ship in the US.
Link: - Fallout Tactics Preoder
Grabbed this one from Vault 13

Firing Squad Preview by Miroslav - 5:35 -
Firing Squad "fired" up a preview of Tactics. They also snapped a few screenshots, but basically, it's nothing new. It's hard to find a "specialty" regarding Tactics these days (read months). Therefor, no paragraph quote this time...
Link: Firing Squad - Tactics preview

New Pictures from FOT by Miroslav - 5:25 -
A russian web site, named Daily Travel, released seven art images from Fallout: tactics. Some concept art, some 3D renderes.
These are the two ones I found very intersting.
Link: Daily Travel - Tactics Art

Thanks to Yuri for head up.

Vault Runner by Miroslav - 5:15 -
Sometimes this weekend, I got this fresh news from the creators of Vault Runner. First, the download location has changed. Here are two new links for download:
Download Link 1
Download Link 1
And some news on Vault Runner 2. It will be available within a month, and will bring the player to the open areas from the boring dungeons.

Friday, February 2

Items Added by Miroslav - 8:47 -
Tons of new weapons were added to the items list under Fallout: Tactics. Check them over here!

Daily Radar Interview by Miroslav - 8:10 -
Daily radar popped up very interesting interview with Interplay, in which they talk about massively multiplayer games. As you may already know, Interplay is keen into stepping into this universe. What's it has to do with Fallout? Check the quote:
DR: You've mentioned Fallout as one of the possible environments that will be appearing. Is it possible we will see a Dungeons & Dragons game as a MMRPG?

CM: The reason I mention Fallout is because I can hide behind the press. Gamespot had a poll ranking the massively multiplayer worlds its readers would like to play in. Fallout came in first, followed closely by The Sims from EA. So that's why I hide behind that one.

It's great market research that someone handed me on a platter. It tells me it is a good place to start. I was surprised; the AD&D licenses make sense to me, and there are some others, like Descent if you think of Interplay, I might have thought of first. Who am I to argue with great market research?
I'd recommend you to read the interview.
Link: Daily Radar Interview.
Spotted at

12 Screenshots at Gamespy Daily by Miroslav - 7:40 -
Gamespy never stops surprising me. After the very crap Gamespy Arcade program they made, they released 12 screenshots of upcomming Fallout: Tactics. At least the images are in good 1024x768 res, not like on Gamespot, 200x162.3. I like 3 of those and here are:
Link: Gamespy Daily - 12 Tactics Screenshots
Thanks to John Keefer from Gamespy Daily for heads up.

Odin's Birthday by Miroslav - 7:02 -
I would like to use this opportunity and wish a happy birthday to our Odin man! Happy Birthday!

Take a few seconds and send him and email! He won't be available during the weekend, have a great time Odin!

Thursday, February 1

New FOT Posters at Freelancer by Odin - 11:17 -
Yurg, the russian giant, have posted some new posters that he's made. They're really good so go and have a look.

Link: FOT Poster Index at Freelancer

FOT Messageboard Update Feb 1 by Odin - 11:11 -
Here are the daily bits from the Fallout messageboard:
When I move my character (set to aggressive mode) and they see an enemy, why don't they stop and shoot?
The command to move overrides the command to fire, since you actively ordered the squaddies to move and the aggressive mode is a passive response.

You can use Backspace to stop your characters in motion, and then their aggressive mode would take over.

Is it possible to designate a key for each team (ie two man team)?
It's already in there. Depending on which demo you are running, press H (mp) or F1 (sp). Heck, better yet, check the readme file... :)

What does the bonus cd (pre order) include?
The promo CD will enable you to play an extra mission. It will also have background art, concept art, some design stuff, a paper and pencil game, audio and stuff.
We're going to try and fill the CD. That's just our way here in 14� East. Micro-Fort� has done a lot of cool stuff that you guys have never seen. We'll try and put that on the CD.

Is there gonna be Capture The Flag (CTF) in Multiplayer?
There are a bunch of different game types, but I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of CTF.

Not the best answer, but it's an answer.

When will the Game ship?
*jumps up and down waving his hand*

I know, Mr. Kotter, I know!


Actually, we haven't released a more specific release date except Q1, 2001.

Q1 is January to March. January is _probably_ not the release month, considering it's done now.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Forum

New Preview of Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:27 -
Happy Puppy have joined the ranks of the entire web and published a small preview of Fallout Tactics, nothing big news there but the movie clip released a week ago (err something) is there in quicktime format (5.9MB)

Link: Happy Puppy's FOT Preview

Gamespot Updated Preview by Miroslav - 5:42 -
Gamespot released an updated preview for Tactics. Gee, how many more... Here's an interesting paragraph:
The later missions get quite perky. As game narrative goes, after the Master's defeat in Southern California, the Brotherhood headed east to track the scattered mutant horde. Eventually, they find them, and, as you can imagine, their confrontations aren't diplomatic. One mission in particular has the mutants capturing a character that's important to your cause. To rescue him, you have to penetrate a mutant-occupied town aboard your armored personnel carrier (APC), avoiding countless mutant snipers on rooftops as well as a handful of armed patrols. Needless to say, encounters are plentiful and satisfying. From the safe confines of your APC, your gunners can take potshots at the mutants--but at the expense of the APC's armor. Ultimately, you have to ditch the APC and continue on foot. At the end of the mission awaits one of the bloodiest firefights you'll ever engage in.
Link: Gamespot - Updated Preview

Developer Chat Finished by Miroslav - 3:48 -
Well, the developer chat at Gamespy finished. You can check out the chat log here.