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February 1999

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Saturday, February 27

More Soundtracks, GameCenter's Readers' Awards by Miroslav - 18:27
More soundtracks from Fallout, and yet more to come in files section!
Fallout 2 is beaten by Baldur's Gate and Final Fantasy! Where? GameCenter's Readers' choice awards :( Take a look in here.
Wednesday, February 24

Fallout Soundtracks part 2 by Miroslav - 17:44
I have added more soundtracks.
And now about that lockup I've been talking about. It's fixed now. It was that banner from Bottom $. I'll change banners on each page.. Thanx!
Sunday, February 20

Fallout Soundtracks by Miroslav - 15:49
I have added Fallout 2 Soundtracks. You can download them through files section.
As you may have noticed, I haven't updated in a 5 days. Why? There's a problem with this site. Sometimes, it'll hang up your computer (mostly Netscape, but sometimes Internet Explorer also). I have no clue why this is happening. If this happened to you too, please, mail me at and tell me what browser do you use, your system configuration and where did that hang-up occured. Thanx for your help (I would really like to fix this as soon as possible).

Monday, February 15

Fallout 3! by Miroslav - 19:05
You surely noticed already that Fallout 3 button at the left side of your screen. This link will take you to my new Fallout 3 page. I have added info on that new game, as well as 2 animations from previous games. Check it out!

New Files by Miroslav - 13:25
I have added new files. Two Skins for WinAmp, plus one cheat and something else to come soon. In here... I have also corrected some spell check... some :) It was lot of them :)
News before 12th February are archived here.

Sunday, February 14

Files Database and Your Help by Miroslav - 16:54
You might already know that I had some trouble with my download program (the one that starts when you download files and count downloads). I have added a small routine, that should remove possibility of loosing database. I have tested it, it works. If you have any problems, just send me some feedback. Thanx.

Small Layout Changes by Miroslav - 15:30
If you haven't already noticed, I have added new buttons at the menu side, and that new image at the top. I have also removed that top stories thingy at the top of the page. I hope you like it.

Friday, February 12

International Patches by Miroslav - 11:25
While I was gone, Interplay released patches for German, French and UK versions. They can be downloaded from this location. Also, I have corrected link for some cheats. Sorry for any inconvenience.