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February 1998

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Saturday, February 28

Peoples expectations by Miroslav
Would you like to know what other people expect to see in Fallout 2? Read it here! More news posted and more will be in the next few days!!!
I still need someone to take over Fallout web ring. Mail me

Tuesday, February 24

Fallout 2 news by Miroslav
More Fallout news! Read it here

Sunday, February 22

Fallout 2 Screens! by Miroslav
Fallout 2 ScreenShots! Click here!
Fallout webring Master needed!

Friday, February 20

New Design
by Miroslav
Here's a new design for N.M.A. Do you like it? Send me coments in contact section This page is going to be only for Fallout 2. I'll place my old page back as a section but there is going to be no more updates on it. I'll add my story 'Why it is hard for Fallout to be multiplayer' as soon as I get some free time and write it. Check here for further news! I'll be unavailable during weekends. Send mail and I'll respond in Monday