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January 2003

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Friday, January 24

The Wastes update by Odin - 11:34 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: The Wastes
Gage posted an update on The Wastes project, he explains about the open source idea and what's currently happening:
Well, time to give a status update. First off, I want to sort of delay the Open Source for a bit. For those of you who dont know the team is planning to open source the project, but it wont happen just yet. I would like to open source the mod once RC1 is released however so the community can decide how they want to support the project; but I want a solid ground for you guys to play in the event that no one will continue the work.

The team needs sound artists and player modellers. These are the last 2 things required media wise for us to release that the current team cant fulfill on their own. Any applicants can simply email me and please provide reference material, preferably as a web link so I can download and review what you made. Sound artists will be tasked to finish up sounding the reload and firing sounds on the weaponry; so if you have done that work please show me an example of a reload sound at least on a weapon, if you wish to do player models I just would like to see a player model. Animations arent required as we will be using common animations across the board and those are almost done. If you wish to see what sounds are left to do check out this link. For player models we just want a decent variety of post apocalyptic warriors, wether inspired by post apoc media or your own creation.
Link: The Wastes

Thursday, January 23

PA for UT2003 by Odin - 9:29 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
Good old down-under Kreeg got word from Czposch that there is a Power Armour skin for Unreal Tournament 2003, it's 2.8MB in size and made by Lukas Beyeler.
Link: PA Skin (2.8MB), Information about the Skin.

Pipboy 2000LE moved by Odin - 9:14 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: DAC
Smackrazor which had his Pipboy 2000LE hosted here earlier had to move due of some of the technical problems we've had/have here on NMA, he has now moved to DAC and we wish him the best of luck.

Fallout Poll by Odin - 8:57 - Comment Me (4) - News Source: Interplay
I noticed over at Interplay, the other day, that they had posted a new poll asking what would be best of:
  • Fallout Tactics 2

  • Fallout 3

  • Fallout MMORPG

  • Fallout on a console
  • Well I know what my vote goes to..

    Gurps Online by Odin - 8:31 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Gamespy
    Sorry for the lack of news post lately, but I'm without internet at home and I'm quite busy at work these days (and there haven't been that much to report). I noticed over at Gamespy that the GURPS Online Project have gone online.
    For those of you who didn't know Fallout was originally planned to be a GURPS.
    Link: The GURPS Online Project

    Tuesday, January 14

    Misc. by Odin - 10:33 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    I've recently moved so I won't be able to download any new emails for atleast 2 weeks, waiting for my new DSL connection. And I won't be able to upload all those new files/mods I've gotten, but fear not as soon as I'm able to I'll upload them and some new features...

    The Wastes going open source by Odin - 10:31 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: The Wastes
    Gage posted a link to a forum thread on their boards which explains how the project is going, and it seems he intends to open source the project so that the community can finish/complete the missing parts of the project. Here's a snibblet:
    Over the course of the past several months, The Wastes has had a good slew of tough times and light times. Heres a good list of the times from a team member perspective:

    Kruddman - While he had a great artistic ability the political side of him took hold and eventually prevented him from furthering work with us. We in the end had to let him go.

    Gage - I was brought in because MrBlonde was having some difficulty on his commitment to the project. My help as you read in this letter had no effect on the outcome of this mod.

    Mord - One of the sound artists we hired like way back in the summer. He got into a car accident, havent heard from him since.

    Phiesope - Another sound artist, hard drive crash, no more sounds.

    HUGO - Player animator, but in my opinion very eccentric. IMHO didnt get all that much out of him, but by the time he joined the project I dont think it was all his fault.

    Kissle - More recent obviously, but he felt the mod was going nowhere and left. I feel he was pretty much right on the money.

    My proposal is this. Open source the project. I wont be providing source for the media files since that isnt my jurisdiction but i will provide the source code to the mod in all its glory(or lack thereof), and let the community finish up what we couldn't drive ourselves too.

    I feel like a jerk right now. but I feel its the only way for you guys to ever see The Wastes.

    Monday, January 6

    Fergie Speaketh by Odin - 21:09 - Comment Me (4) - News Source: Bis Forums
    Some guy calling himself Capelworth posted a looong post about Interplay/Bis and their troubles over the recent 18 months and after a hefty debate Fergus Urquhart decided to step in and speak his mind. Here's what Fergie said:
    I've gone through most of this post, and I'm not really sure where to start commenting. The rise and fall of Interplay (and therefore BIS) has been a very long ride. I'm not saying it is over though, and I hope we can rise again.

    What I can do is talk about my plans for BIS. I want to finish Jefferson in such a way that everyone on the team is happy with it. I put the producer on Icewind Dale 2 (IWD2) in a tough decision and an even harder position on the project he is currently working on because I took very few resources from Jefferson to help him out. At one point he was down to two programmers on IWD2, while there were nine working on Jefferson. This was not meant to have IWD2 be a sub-standard project, but to give the team the shot to make Jefferson a truly next generation game.

    I also want to get Fallout 3 going. Another reason for our focus on Jefferson. We need internal technology to make our games and we've had to put as much focus into that as possible.

    Next I want to move the type of games that we make forward. The type of games that we have been making is getting stale. I just finished Age of Mythology and it was a great game. But, I really feel like I've played that same game ten times before. This is where I am torn somewhat though- I appreciated the solid mission design from mission 1 to mission 32 (I think that was the last one), but I was playing a game that I am completely familiar with. Build peons, gather resources, build an army, and invade the bad guys base. For our games, I think people have started feeling the same way particularly because of our probably over-use of the Infinity Engine. I think solid story and quest design can keep them interesting, but not enough without some other changes. Changes that are consistent with the types of games we make - not some other genre. But that is the Catch 22 - if they are consistent with our older games, will they just feel like our older games.

    I and the rest of Black Isle have a lot of things in our way to make those things happen. As usual the financial state of Interplay has put a lot of restrictions on us even though we are only somewhat responsible for the state that the company is in. Examples of these things include:

    1) We have only lately been able to start upgrading people from computers that were bought two years ago. And I think Dave Maldonado is still on a P3-500 which hasn't impacted him much yet - but many others in Black Isle were impacted by upgrades taking nine months to a year longer than they should have. The upgrades have not been completed and this is the stumbling block.

    2) Marketing and PR being handled by our distributor instead of in-house has added a middle man which we are still trying to deal with. Many of the snafus like poor advertising and in store promotions on IWD2 were because of this coordination. I am not blaming IPLY or Vivendi in this - but more the coordination between them. This has to be fixed for us to become successful.

    3) The last is that people need to be able to come into Black Isle every morning and not have to worry about their next pay check or that if what they are going to do that day is going to be compromised by IPLY. In a new age way, the people in Black Isle also have to believe that there is a future and they the problems they are going to have to deal with on a daily basis are those having to do with the games they are making and not the soul draining crap that has been going on with IPLY the last 18 months.

    As of writing this, I don't have any solutions for any of those things. I'm working on them, but unless they get resolved doing what I think is best for the division and the games is going to be hard. I know that doesn't answer all the IPLY solvency and wacky Titus questions, but they are the things I have been thinking about lately.
    Wooof long to comment?

    Sunday, January 5

    Fallout manuals by Odin - 15:51 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: Interplay
    Interplay have posted several of the manuals to their old games including Fallout 1,2 and Tactics, also in several languages. So for those of you who still haven't figured out that the manual is on the game CD (shocker!), you can all download them for free at Interplay.

    Saturday, January 4

    Titus wants to dump IPLY by Odin - 18:41 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Gamespot
    Titus, who's struggeling with their own finacial crisis, wants to get rid of Interplay. Good old Herve has come up with a plan, here's some of the info that was on Gamespot:
    Financially troubled publisher Titus has revealed plans to sell Interplay, which it took over in August 2001. Interplay's Shiny studio was sold to Infogrames early last year for $47 million, a figure largely based on the fact that Shiny is developing Enter the Matrix. While Interplay doesn't have many current hit franchises to lean on besides Baldur's Gate, Titus doesn't plan to let Interplay go in a fire sale. In the French business newspaper Les Echos, Titus CEO Herv� Caen recently said, "Our priority is to sell Interplay for a good return."
    Well now, I wonder who's willing to buy Interplay?!

    Friday, January 3

    Fallout Pen&Paper form! by Odin - 12:55 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Fallout P&P
    This is actually an old email I got from Jason at the Fallout Pencil and Paper RPG, but I thought I'd post it since I finally managed to fix my damn email program.
    From: Office of Civil Defense, c/o VaultTec Inc.
    Subject: Form FOCS-1


    In preperation for the OCD report due December 31st, we invite you to download form FOCS-1, which you will find necessary when attempting to utilize your manual. The book, titled "Fallout: Unlimited," will be the final revision of the previously-titled Fallout PnP project.

    Form FOCS-1 is available for download at We at VaultTec invite your comments and constructive criticisms at Please feel free to peruse our website at your liesure, located at

    We at the OCD hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday season.

    well now..a little late, sorry about that...

    Happy New Year!! by Odin - 12:50 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
    Well another year and new hopes for a Fallout 3, I for one have been sick all Xmas and are actually still sick.
    I'm currently grabbing all the old files I've gotten over the last month or so and are going to post them soon.

    Fallout 1 Fanfic by Odin - 12:43 - Comment Me (1) - News Source: illiterati/Fallout - Oblivion Lost
    I got an email from a guy called illiterati, he and Wifi have been working on a Fallout 1 fanfic in which they hope to turn Fallout 1's storyline into "something of a literary work".
    They've finished their first chapter called "Rabbit Loose", remember to have Acrobat Reader installed (since the chapter is in PDF).
    Grab a read here.

    Update on Post Nuclear by Odin - 12:26 - Comment Me (0) - News Source: Kaczor/Vault Dweller's home page
    Kaczor from Vault Dweller's home page emailed me about an news update on the Post Nuclear project, here's the deal:
    Sorry that we didn't managed to finish PN techdemo on time (as always :).It should be released somewhere in the middle of 2003 year. We have a small problem with exporting our models to md3 format, so we can't include our own models into the game, but in the near future will fix it (or move to another format :). Now we are working on map editor, optimizing engine and finishing game's documentation. Also we have created a audio lib [playing ogg files].
    Alrighty then....