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January 2002

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Thursday, January 31

New FOT Mod: by Rosh - 14:52 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Haven't taken a look at it yet, but I hear there's a pretty spiffy mod out for Fallout Tactics multiplayer. A link for the mod instructions and installation, et al is here.

Thanks and congratulations go to SonicTHI of The Black Company.
Spotted over at V13.

Bis Forum Bits by Odin - 10:51 - Comment Me (3) - News Source:
Feargus let it rip on the BIS board the other day, and here's what he said:
Feargus on why no Fallout 3 yet:
FU: Fallout 3 not Starting : This is sort of long, so you'll need to bear with me. We actually did begin in early 1999, a couple months right after we shipped Fallout 2. Things were not coming together very quickly, which we were working on to figure out why. At the same time, I was very concerned about not being able to ship a title in 2000, because of what was happening across the rest of Interplay. Interplay seemed to be having a lot of problem deciding products to ship that would actually make money, and I didn't want to have to lay off anyone else (we had gone through a lay off in late 1998).

So, I thought about using the Infinity Engine to make a dungeon crawl game that was initially called Dungeon Crawler, then Dragonspine (I think), and then finally Icewind Dale when the team thought that the snowy look would help differentiate the game even further from Baldur's Gate. So in essence, the Fallout 3 team became the Icewind Dale team.

About eight months later, the Torment team finished Torment and we decided to have them go onto work on the project that would become TORN. That decision was made for two reasons. The first was that I didn't want to take Fallout 3 away from the Fallout 3 team that was currently working on Icewind Dale. The second reason was that a lot of the people on Torment wanted to go work on something new and different - not a Fallout game.

So, after patches and localizations the Icewind Dale team was ready to work on something in July of 2000. The problem at that point was that Chris Parker and I needed to put all of our effort into getting Baldur's Gate 2 to ship, so that Interplay could make money in September of that year. We couldn't really focus on launching another title right then, because of the time crunch and because of the resources in the division. At that time, we really did not have any programmers that could go onto Fallout 3 or an engine that we could use to develop it. I also knew, that the company was in no condition to hire people for a full third internal team in Black Isle. So, I decided for us for most of the Icewind Dale team to go onto Heart of Winter and the rest of the team to round out the TORN team.

So, everyone in the division was working on titles until about March of 2001, which was when Heart of Winter shipped. During that time, we had also cancelled Stonekeep 2 for a number of reasons, and lost most of the programming staff from that project. However, we did launch a new title in October or November of that year for the remains of the Stonekeep 2 team and started hiring people. Now, I probably shouldn't say this, but I will anyway. We chose to not have that be Fallout 3, because we had promised the people on Heart of Winter that many of them would be the core team on Fallout 3. Also at the time, the person who would and will be the Lead Designer on Fallout 3 was helping Snowblind out with the design of Dark Alliance. All of that and the feedback we received about Heart of Winter being too short led to our decision to develop Trials of the Luremaster.

That brings us to June of 2001. We then tried to ramp up TORN, because it was obviously in trouble and pretty much everyone that wasn't working on the new game went to work on that project. Then with Interplay's financial problems, we layed some people off and cancelled TORN. So that I could retain as much of Black Isle as I could, I had to come up with a project that could be finished relatively quickly and was a slam dunk with very little to no risk of it getting done on time. That project is the Monroe project which we are announcing within the week.

As I said that is a long winded explanation of what happened. I'm not sure if that explains why Fallout 3 hasn't happened to you. But those are the reasons and the decisions that were made that have taken us from right after Fallout 2 to today.
Quite a looong post, but that's what he said about Fallout 3 and there's more about Torn, BIS etc... read it all here and here.

New Static Interview by Odin - 10:34 - Comment Me (5) - News Source:
Anyone remember a site called FalloutX? or was that blasphemy?hehe.. Well old KellyX (from FalloutX) scored an interview with..erm..well it doesn't say except "Static Team", and here's a snibblet:
GamingGroove: Did any games inspire you in the development of Static?
Static Team: Well, certainly Fallout was a prominent inspiration. Though it was more about the setting and depiction than some of the finer points of game play. I have spent SO much time playing games like Baldur's Gate, the Fallout series, Planescape: Torment and on. Surprisingly, other games such as Metal Gear Solid and Half Life were also prominent inspirations. These stories were vivid and powerfully told.
Aah there we go, now they say Fallout was an inspiration. Wonder what they'll say next...
Link: Static Interview

rant... by Odin - 10:31 - Comment Me (5) - News Source:
Well, I'm back..I was sick these last days, so that's why I haven't emailed anyone back or posted any news.
But I'll get right back to work on the new upcoming sections of NMA, and posting all that great news for you guys..

Wednesday, January 30

More proof the industry is going to hell (aka, "Et tu, Brute?"): by Rosh - 6:57 - Comment Me (6) - News Source:
(Original article cut)

I had originally posted a really vitriolic article, yet I'll just post a link to what inspired it for now. The original article can be viewed in the comments section of this news post.

Thanks to Prov of V13 for showing me this.

Thursday, January 24

Brian Fargo leaves Interplay by Odin - 23:55 - Comment Me (2) - News Source:
Wow according to RPGDot the head of all heads at Interplay is leaving the ship, if you don't know who Brian Fargo is he's the one who founded Interplay. Here's some of the info from OCRegister:
Brian Fargo holstered his laser pistol, hung up his rocket helmet and elected not to continue down the multibranching maze of menace.

In other words, Fargo resigned this week as chief executive officer of Interplay, the Irvine video-game company he founded in 1984 by selling games on floppy disks wrapped in plastic baggies.

Interplay President Herve Caen declined to comment on Fargo's resignation but said Interplay would announce the appointment of a CEO within days.

Fargo said the decision to separate from the struggling company has been in the works for months.

Interplay, whose shares closed Wednesday at 50 cents each, down from their 1998 IPO price of $5.50, has lost money in 11 of the past 12 quarters. The company has violated credit agreements with lenders, struggled to get new titles on the shelves and laid off about 25 percent of its staff, leaving 265 employees at last count.

Tensions grew over the past year between Fargo and Titus Interactive, the Paris-based video-game company that supplied the debt-ridden Interplay with cash and installed Caen as president in exchange for its investment. Interplay is in the midst of a shift from PC-only games to games for video consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation.

Fargo spent most of last year trying to engineer a sale of Interplay. Titus, after floating the idea of selling its shares in Interplay, decided instead to increase its stake to 51.5 percent. That, Fargo said, "pretty much ended (the sale)."

Titus also hired Europlay 1, a turnaround firm, to help restructure Interplay, and increased its number of representatives on the company's board.

Fargo said he and Titus weren't always on the same page about plans for the company, and that contributed to his decision to resign.

"It's only when they announced their own intentions (to take control of Interplay), that I realized I can't fight the market and a shareholder with 50 percent of the shares at the same time," Fargo said.

Fargo says he won't miss the pressure of keeping Interplay above water, but he will miss the people and the games.

"We can certainly be criticized for the financial performance, but I don't think anyone can criticize our games," Fargo said. "We continued to put out quality games, games of the year, even with all this going on."
And I really like this though (final statement):
"I can tell you one thing," he said. "In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, 'I'll be back.'"
Now what this will mean for Interplay, we can only speculate.
Thanks goes out to Gadro of The French Vault for informing me!

First part of Fallout Bible by Odin - 23:45 - Comment Me (4) - News Source:
As promised Chris Avellone have released the first part of the Fallout Bible and it's a must read for all us Fallout fans, here's a snibblet:
It was intended that while the player was reading the Vault 8 records in Fallout 2, he could discover a classified file (opened with a successful Science skill roll) which explained that Vault 8 was a "control Vault," designed to hold 1000 people and to open on time. This file was intended to foreshadow the discovery of the true and sinister purpose of the Vaults.
Thanks alot to Chris A for NOT emailing me this, really appriciate it!
Thanks goes out to the allmight crew at Vault13
Link: Fallout Bible and the Fallout ad.

Monroe and Jefferson.. by Odin - 13:33 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Monroe and the Jefferson projects are these two unannounced projects that BIS is working on, J.E posted this little baby about the progress of the two projects:
J.E.Sawyer: Well, I can tell you that I just got off of the Monroe Project with my areas (mostly) intact. Chris Avellone and Dave Maldonado will be the beasts of burden that carry my (hopefully non-buggy) areas to completion.

The Monroe Project is doing well. As Feargus previously posted, it is approaching completion in the near future. The Jefferson Project is picking up momentum and will soon have a close-to-full development team.

And thus ends the Vague Report for January, 2002.
Link: Thread about Monroe and Jefferson

Monday, January 21

Fallout 2� updated by Odin - 23:46 - Comment Me (1) - News Source:
Dolo from Dteam 3D Design Goop updated his site with the whole story behind the Fallout 2� campaign for Fallout Tactics, here's the deal:
Prior to the great war, the US government launched a special space probe based on the design of the GECK. This probe was codenamed Varsity. For thirteen years, NASA's best scientists designed a prototype backup system in case the Enclave did not survive and achieve their prime objective -- the rebuilding of America.
Varsity was a finesse project meant to test the skill and advancements in space technology, while maintaining a top secret profile. One aspect of Varsity was that the entire probe was to be no larger than a football -- to avoid detection. The Enclave was to rendezvous with Varsity by the critical date or it was Varsity's directive to begin the operations sequence.
There's more here, so go and have a look.
Thanks to Dolo for emailing me!!

Ask Chris Avellone updated by Odin - 16:03 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Chris Avellone have answered more questions from the public, here's a juicy one:
Why did the inhabitants become ghouls?
Chris A: There are two interpretations of what happened to the ghouls in Necropolis for why they became ghouls:

1. Tim Cain has stated that ghouls were normal humans that were warped by the radiation that flooded their vault when the vault door didn't seal properly. No FEV.

2. Ghouls are one of the many victims of the FEV virus in the wasteland and are mutants.

In the Fallout Bible, ghouls result from a combination of both factors - the radiation and the FEV virus caused the inhabitants of Vault 12 to have prolonged lifespans, with the obvious physical costs. The reason the Vault 12 door did not seal properly is because it was designed not to. Vault 12 was one of the many Vault experiments, this one designed to test the results of normal humans being exposed to radiation... but the experimenters didn't count on the FEV virus.

In the Fallout Bible, there *are* female ghouls, but none were present in Fallout 1 or 2 (that I can remember, I could be wrong), but there is little distinction between the genders. If you wanted to have some reason for males-only ghouls in F1 and F2 for fan fiction, that might be interesting - it's possible the Vault 12 radiation experiment was intended only for human males.
Link: Ask Chris Avellone
Spotted at Vault13.

Fallout 2 secret by Odin - 15:59 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Chris Avellone spilled his guts to Kreegle of DAC about a little secret in Fallout 2, that no-one had discovered yet. Here's the deal:
I also remembered there's a "secret" in New Reno that may or may not be in any Fallout 2 walkthroughs you guys have... if you take the glasses from the intelligent scorpion in Broken Hills, give it to Renesco in New Reno, take no reward, then come back to him and ask him how the glasses are doing 20 times, you get the Doctor Visual Skill Enhancer.
Accoding to Simon Lefeu it works, snazzy!!

Update: actually this was on the Ask Chris Avellone Page at Vault13.

Saturday, January 19

Playing "Musical Spears"? by Rosh - 22:21 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
You heard that right. At least, I think I read it right. :)

Prov messaged with the following:

Team X released a mod for Fallout 2 that allows the spear in the game to change the music that's playing. <- The mod <- Their site

I wonder if it changes tunes each time you stick it into someone...


Friday, January 18

Forum up by Odin - 22:24 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Well, I've fixed the forum so go ahead and post all you guys want. If you have problems, lemme know.

Wasteland Wolf Updated by Odin - 12:40 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The Digital Geckos site has had an update in form of questions from ApTyp and answers, lookie here:
Q: I think this is might be the most important question at all: will the game be in english or russian, cuz from the interface screenshot ... -ugh-
A: Making an english version of the game is certainly one of our goals. That also includes various demo-versions.

Q: How much detail will you put into the characters and other people?
A: Graphics detail? You'll see it on the screenshots and in action :) If, however, you are talking about psychological/roleplaying makeup of the characters, we'd like to assure you that we are giving a LOT of attention to it.

Q: On which machine can i play the game?pc only? what kind of 3d-cards do you support?minimum requirements?
A: Yep, the game will be for PC only. Minimal system requirements will be somewhere in the area of: Pentium II-350Mhz, 8Mb of video memory, and 64Mb RAM. Can't say anything about 3D-accelerator cards right now.

Q: Will each weapon have an individual, 3d model during normal play (unlike Fallout's generic pistol, machine pistol, shotgun, rifle, etc... )?
A: Yes. Every weapon has a unique 3D-model.

Q: I live in Sweden and I'm a big fan of Fallout and I wonder if this game is coming to Sweden? Please say it does!
A: Yep, if we will find enough translators, or if any western publishers will decide to go through with this. Please don't offer your help right now, as we're not 100% sure on that :)

Q: Will there be a party member limit?If so,will non-living creatures (such as robo dogs,mr handy kind of robots) and animals take party member slots?
A: After many debates we have decided that our hero won't have any human partners (this decision was also affected by the kind of the storyline we have). He will have some animal followers, though...

Q: Release?
A: Let's not rush the whole thing, shall we?
Did it give you any answeres?
Link: Digital Geckos

Rant.. by Odin - 12:32 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Well you guys have probably noticed that the NMA forum is down, I'll fix this when I get home today (about 4 hours).

In other news, erm...well there aren't any news are there, awfully quiet. But Hopefully something will happen soon, I've started working on a map section, a troubleshooting section and a editor section for Fallout Tactics. If you want to contribute something, an error message/solution for error message, editor tutorial, maps etc please send them to me.

Tuesday, January 15

Update on Wasteland Wolf by Odin - 0:53 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
ApTyp sent out word about the Wasteland Wolf game that's in progress, take a looksie at this:
Our representatives had a pleasant talk with 1C (Russian software publisher). We don't want to reveal the results of this meeting right now (let's just say that the results were positive), but we'd like to make an important statement. 1C lawyers insisted on the complete elimination of all Fallout universe elements, as they are an Interplay's trademark. Nobody was able to buy a license, so our designers had to write us a new post-apocalyptic story. If you have read and liked David Brinn's "The Postman", you'll like the new world of the Wasteland Wolf - less nukes, more biological and climatic weapons, a lot of attention was given to the psychology and sociology of this world, and we could give a real scientific evidence of the way this world developes (by the way, WW takes place 32 years after the catastrophe. The place where WW takes place is still the same, some new story branches were added, but the only thing that was severely affected by these changes was the background story. And one more thing - since we now have Chosen One out of the picture, we can expand the world even further.
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Monday, January 14

Static site updated by Odin - 23:59 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The Static site had an update on their site, explaning how thing are, here's the info:
Deadlines for a final submission to IGF has passed and the team is moving on to more focused tasks ahead. 3D is implemented and combat has its grip on us, as we work to balance gameplay and squeeze in as many features possible that not only support the story, but makes this a game worth playing.

Unfortunetly there will not be a demo available for public at least until the GDC in March, and plans for publishing are still undecided. Questions pertaining to this cannot be answered at this time. We will, however, do our damnest to get it to each of you one way or another!
Link: Static
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Pillow talk with Chris Avellone by Odin - 19:42 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Since Chris Avellone is doing a Fallout Bible for us guys, the mighty pimps at Vault13 throw a big bash (read chat) with Chris Avellone and who ever wanted to come. And here's the quality time they spent: log.txt and Edited Log
Spotted at Vault13.

Falloutich new game by Odin - 19:39 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
A crew called Digital Geckos have started a game called Wasteland Wolf, and man does it remind you of Fallout.They actually borrowed stuff from Fallout, like the SPECIAL system the items etc.
But alas the copyright law will not allow these guys to publish it (and make money of it), since Interplay has all the rights.
So they stripped it for Fallout stuff and are going to release it as a different game, looks snazzy.
Link: Wasteland Wolf
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Minor WHL Update by Odin - 19:33 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Kreegle (DAC) spotted that the Wasteland Half-Life crew posted a minor update on their forum, and it goes:
...we just got teamplay working in our most recent build...
Sounds sweet doesn't it ?
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Thursday, January 10

WHL Updated by Odin - 15:32 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Well Gaist finally updated the Wasteland Half-Life site with some new info, read the info here:
Been a long time since the site has been updated, as if that needs to be said. A bunch of behind the scenes craziness and over two years of work with this mod going on, but rest be assured that the fine team of artists and programmers behind this mod are pounding away to bring you blissful post-apocalyptic fun, as always, and as will always be. No shots of teamplay or anything to show off, and as per the usual situation there are even more models, weapons, animations, skins, maps, etc. that have either been revamped or totally redone. Just like at Ion Storm, there was some angsty mayhem, but hey, the gaming world is used to it. The forums are still buzzing, and I'm certain that once the ever-talked-about-but-faintly-seen teamplay is complete your heads will rupture in ceaseless delight. If you're fond of the post-apocalyptic setting, and are looking for some things to sate yourself whilest quivering with anticipation for this development project here, I recommend the fine line of RPGs by Palladium, particularly the recently reprinted "After the Bomb" setting. Very good stuff. In other news, but similarly off-subject across the genre, Bioware has been hinting at another installment of Fallout love. Perhaps we'll have some fun there, ne? Stay tuned, as always, forever folks. Note that the site will probably move before too long, so be confident that you'll be able to get pointed in the right direction from here regardless. Even with the craziness abound, best wishes to the dev crew-- now just urge them to zip up some screenshots for you content-thirsty raiders ;)
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

Wednesday, January 9

New mod for FO2 by Odin - 22:37 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
For those of you who remember TeamX , you will remember that they made utils and mods for the Fallout series. Although they've been quite quiet for quite some time now, they've just released a new mod for Fallout 2.It's called the New Year Mod, and here are some of the changes it does:
- The possibility of finding a special encounter was increased to about 10-15%. The minimal level required for a SE is now 5.
- The Enclave patrols are now much more dangerous.
- Changed the parameters of some NPCs (mostly traders and raiders).
- Ammo has become more expensive. Also, the weapons' magazine capacity was decreased.
- The sniper rifle has become more rare and powerful.
- The superstim doesn't take away HP's as a side effect. Instead, they will decrease your perception (like healing powder).
- There's a new dialogue with Klint (you can chat with him about the New Year in the wasteland :)).

and more...
Link: TeamX mods
Spotted at The Vats.

Fallout 2 �. interview by Odin - 20:23 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I recently interviewed Dolo from the DTeam 3D Design Goop, who is doing the campaign for Fallout Tactics called Fallout 2 �. Here's a preview:
Odin: How many missions, quests in it?

Dolo: We are hoping to have at least twenty solid campaign missions before we release a beta. That doesn't include the towns and side quests. We want to have a few dozen quests at least. This is going to take a long time but I think it will be funny enough when it's done to warrant a download (or two). Quests are kind of hard to work on without the source code, simply because of the whacky threading of nodes in the editor, and our workarounds will require heavy testing....
There is much, much more of course, read on here.
Thanks to Dolo for making this happen.

FO3 Rumour answer? by Odin - 13:36 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Good Old J.E.Sawyer posted this on the BIS Forums as a respons to the latest FO3 rumours (the swedish & Polish PC magazine bit about FO3 being in development):
Sarcasm?Irony?Humour? Make what you will of it, but my guess is that Fallout 3 isn't in development, but only on the planning stage.
Link: Thread

Best Game of the Year by Odin - 11:16 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Good old G-Spot har holding a big poll where you can vote on the best and worst of 2001, and you can vote for Fallout Tactics in the Single-Player Strategy Game of the Year. So go and vote for it!
Link: G-Spot's Best and Worst of 2001 Poll

Interview with Bill Fox by Odin - 9:22 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Doh I overlooked this one, Gamespy have done an interview with Bill Fox (lead game designer/artist on Static). Here are some bits and pieces:
GameSpy: How did you come up with the concept for STATIC?

Bill Fox: I guess you could say the original concept for STATIC came from many late nights watching The History Channel. I had stumbled upon a few specials on Nikola Tesla and was fascinated with his achievements and contributions. Here was a man who had invented the radio and the AC system, and even the first remote-control machine. I went out and found a few books on him and did some research online. I love inventions, and the whole idea of making something out of what wasn't meant to be used. I went out and rented "Forbidden Planet," and "The Manchurian Candidate," and the basic plan came together.
What, didn't Fallout play a role here ?
Link: Interview With Bill

Tuesday, January 8

Updated more.. by Odin - 21:31 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've uploaded more of the Missions/Maps for Fallout Tactics, but I noticed the images got crappy. I'll try and fix it soon, can't do it from home.

Updated Mission/Maps section by Odin - 0:28 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I've updated the Fallout Tactics Missions/Maps section a little bit, added the missions Quincy to St.Louis. I'll update them all soon, but I've got a new kitten that claims alot of attention from me right now, and I need to get some sleep..

Monday, January 7

Fallout 3 Rumours.. by Odin - 14:21 - Comment Me (4) - News Source:
Well let's just for fun post these Fallout 3 rumours, I'll just quote JC on this:
Two PC Gaming magazines have stated that Fallout 3 is going to be coming out in the summer of 2002. According to "Lurk the Lurkin' Lurker" in this thread at the BIS Forum, the Swedish PC Gamer announced that Fallout 3 is coming in Summer 2002.

Just today, another forum post on the FrenchVault forum has a scan of an article in a french magazine called "PC JEUX" stating the exact same thing.
and it doesn't stop there, here's more from DAC:
Even more intriguing is this spicy one from "Grand Fromage". Insider info is great stuff, isn't it?
About the Fallout 3 rumors, I have another one to contribute. My friend's uncle works for Interplay in the distribution department, and he was told that the reason that Fallout and Fallout 2 were re-released is to start the market going again, as they're pushing for a Christmas 2002 date on Fallout 3. He's also heard it's 3D although sticking with the same view angle, has real-time and traditional combat, and is set on the East coast. But these are all just rumors, of course. But we can hope.
Ah these rumours will never die, will they...Well we can always hope and keep our fingers crossed. But remember that nothing is announced, so for now there is no Fallout 3...alas...

Spotted at Vault13 and DAC.

FOT Sprite Viewer by Odin - 10:57 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Red! has updated the Fallout Tactics Sprite Viewer, here some info from him:
Basically I removed all the need for all these DLLs which it had. So now it should works on everyone's machine. Used this time to remove now useless stuff (and thus make it smaller), fix a few bugs and add Arcanum ART support (well this last item is the actual reason the new version was released in the first place...)

In addition, there was a patch during the day, since loading ~250 ART files would crash it. So if you already got it before the update, get it again! (New version is
Link: FOT Sprite Viewer 1.5
Spotted at The Mod Squad and Vault13.

Fallout Bible + Chat by Odin - 10:52 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
Chris Avellone is also putting together a Fallout Bible and he wants some input, read here:
Hey, guys - I think I've told you both before that I'm putting together a Fallout Bible. I won't make any claims that it will come out any time soon, but if you guys wanted to tell your readers about it, feel free to let them know they're always welcome to email suggestions for content to me. Right now, we're planning on a "canon" timeline, discussion of the Resource Wars, technology, dissected comments from Cain and Taylor, etc, etc.

Also, if they happened to have any old emails or chat scripts with Chris Taylor, Tim Cain, or any of the other designers, that'd be welcome, too - I want *everything* they ever said about Fallout. The more puzzle pieces, the better.

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask you guys for help. I'm interested to know what your fans would like to see in the bible so I can start compiling their requests from the material I have here. I'm going to ask Ferg if I can post sections of the bible for the public so you guys can shoot holes in it and make revisions accordingly.
As to if the Fallout Bible would be avaliable to the public:
It's our intention to release the Fallout Bible to the public; we'd probably do revisions to it based on the Fallout community's comments or suggestions.
And more:
Hey, guys, just a heads up: I'm looking more for suggestions for what you would like to see included in the bible rather than actual material - unless the material is from a canon source (Tim Cain, Chris Taylor, or some other member of F1 or F2 development team). I know Chris Taylor did a few informal chats and traded emails with people about the Fallout universe, and if anyone has any of these logged somewhere, I'd love to read those.

In any event, I can't provide tech support, hints and clues, information on Interplay's legalese regarding the Fallout license, and (as much as I'd like to), I just don't have the time to read fan fiction.
And I saved this one for last, Vault13 is putting together a IRC Chat with Chris Avellone about the Fallout Bible, so here's the info on that:
Good news for anyone interested in the Fallout Bible. We're going to be having a chat with Chris Avellone about it Friday the 11th of January at 7:00PM EST. Here's all the info you'll need in big bold letters:

What: Fallout Bible Chat with Chris Avellone of Black Isle
When: Friday the 11th of January at 7:00PM EST
Where: The #vault13 channel on

You'll need to download mIRC from their website to participate in the chat. You can ask Mr. Avellone questions about the Fallout Bible and make suggestions for what you want to see included in it.

This is one of those Fallout Community type things, so get your ass involved and be there.
Puuuh..long post...
Spotted at Vault13.

Ask Avellone Updated by Odin - 10:45 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
The spiffy Ask Avellone page has been updated two times, since I last visited (damn that vacation). Here's the deal:
Asmodai: Browsing through my decompiled FO2 sprites I found the city signs for the travelling interface. Except for the now revealed EPA, Abbey and Primitve Tribe, there was aplace called COLUSA. I didn't find it mentioned in any of the MSG files, so I doubt it has ever made its way into the actual scripts, but what the hell was it supposed to be?

Chris A.: Colusa was the old name for Navarro. I think Matt Norton changed it (one of the F2 lead designers). I also think he would have changed the Enclave's name if he had a chance, too. :)

JR Jansen: When playing Fallout 2, i opened my PIP boy at the 6th of octobre. It gave me the following message on the first screen : 'Happy Ship day'. I asked around and nobody has a definite answer as to what it might be. So, what is ship day ?

Chris A.: Happy ship day - "ship day" is a term used for the day when the computer game ships. This is a very happy day.
He also sent a picture of a Ripper posted. Spotted at Vault13

Fallout Streaming? by Odin - 10:39 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I noticed that the official Fallout Tactics site had an update, a "Happy New Year" with a sales pitch. It seems you can rent all the Fallout games now from Stream Theory,so if you're stupid enough you can now rent the games for a whooping $5.99 a MONTH!. I'd recommend that you instead pick up the Fallout/Fallout 2 Dual Jewel pack for $9.95 at Interplay Store and play them all that you want.

Fallout 3 - rumors still floating by Miroslav - 4:43 - Comment Me (0) - News Source:
I’ve been away for, let’s say, 7 months, but some things never change. Although I lost my hopes towards the possible development of Fallout 3, some people still use its name to keep the spirits alive. I received a note (thanks Johah) that in a recent release of PC Gamer (Swedish issue) mentioned Fallout 3 in a list of an upcoming games, stamped with a Summer 2002 release date. Although my latest experiences thought me to never, ever even think of placing my mind alongside rumors, I can’t help but at least pray that the word might be true (and btw, my old fav release list tells nothing of such thing).

I really hope that the game industry will be back on the right way, like the old days. Looking at the recent sell charts, even the thought of Harry Potter being the best seller makes me wish I never get out of army. Anyway, see you when I see you :)

Tuesday, January 1

Happy new year by Miroslav - 21:49 - Comment Me (9) - News Source:
Hey, I guess I'm the latest person you expected to see posting something here :) anyway, I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year, hope you get everything you want.
As for those who remembers who I am, cheers guys and gals! Ps. I should be comming back in some 3-4 months... for good! I'm already preparing some stuff, which'll stay secret for now. Even for Odin and Rosh... Hope you have a good time while I'm off! See ya!