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January 2001

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Wednesday, January 31

Reminder CHAT TONIGHT/TODAY!!! by Odin - 18:56 -
Just thought I'd remind you about the chat tonight/today
Date: January 31st, 2001
Time: 4pm PST, 7pm EST, 12am GMT (next day)
Place: Fallout Tactics Demo room on GameSpy Arcade
For more info Duck And Cover.

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 31 by Odin - 11:49 -
Here are the daily bits from the board, there have been some discussions but I don't wanna go into detail about them, you can read them yourself on the board. Here comes the news:
Why is it that my characters can see the enemy when they're behind a wall?
You're actually "perceiving" the person on the other side of the wall, using your Perception stat. The best way to represent that is to have them silhouetted.

Why haven't we seen any "ruins akin to Fallout's 50s vision of the future with propaganda posters strewn about, and gothic/50s architecture"?
They're in the full version.

Why is there technology in FOT that probably wouldn't have been invented yet in the Fallout universe?
The tech level of the fallout universe is malleable. Look at the types of weaponry, communications technology, etc. It's a mixed bag.

Why does the PA look "funny"?
Different group of BOS, different technology. That's all I can say.

And on a sidenote regarding the atmosphere of FOT:
Chris helped us a great deal when we first started trying to capture the Fallout atmosphere for this game. But after that, it goes down to the artists and designers. Speaking as a designer, I have to say I'm thrilled with the amount of atmosphere we've managed to capture, and the new stuff we've introduced.

I've had this discussion with several people. My answer has always been that any atmosphere you feel might be missing is in the full version of the game. The artists and designers did a lot of research into the Fallout universe, and it's all there.

We do have different stuff, but again I say that the retro feel is carried through perfectly in the full version. Fallout was always a mix of future tech and 50s retro, and that's a mix we've preserved.

Many people feel like you guys are milking the Fallout name, with FOT:
We're not milking a franchise. We are a bunch of legitimate Fallout fans who are creating a tactical product in the Fallout universe.
Well, speaking for Micro Forte, we're NOT doing it just for the money. We're doing it because we want to make games, and because we like Fallout. The amount of time and effort that everyone has put into the production to date puts this far beyond "quick" or a "knock off".

I'm sure the good folks at Interplay and 14 Degrees East feel the same.

Why is the detect mines feature f*cked up?
We designed the multiplayer so that the trapper characters should be able to *easily* detect mines planted by other trappers of equal skill.

However there is a bug in the demo that prevents the trap detection code from operating at all. It will be fixed in the final release
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Forum

Problems with Fallout Tactics - Linux by Odin - 9:32 -
A nifty Paladin called Benjamin Gilbert posted this on the forum:
I updated it slightly, so that it now sets up forwarding for the GSA ports as well as the 2300-2400 range (duh, I should have thought of that in the first place :)) as well as made a couple minor cosmetic changes.

As usual it's available at and the syntax is as follows:


So if your proxy address was and the address of the internal system you wish to play on was yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy you'd use the following line:

falloutenabler on yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

And deactivate port forwarding on those ports again by using:

falloutenabler off yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy
So there you go...

New Poll by Odin - 9:10 -
In the light of the all famous upcoming Tomb Raider movie, Gamespot have posted a new poll. The question they ask this time is this: "In light of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, which of these other game series should be made into a movie?", and guess what Fallout is one of them, so go and vote for it!!!!

Link: New poll at Gamespot

Updated Weapon list by Odin - 8:34 -
Yurg emailed me about his latest update of the Fallout Tactics weapon list at Freelancer, this time around he's found two more weapons.

Link: Weapon list,Shotgun list
Thanks to Yurg for emailing me =)

Tuesday, January 30

Wasteland Half-Life Site Updated by Odin - 22:35 -
Gaist from the WHL crew have updated the WHL site, here's the bits and pieces:
Not much to say folks, we're working hard. I revamped the weapons page, so be sure to check that out. Also, Barter Town is now up, but no big deal there, right?.... Oh, wait! Isn't that the big sub site with all the replacement models, huds, skins, etc? Ooops! Bitterman's still working on getting things set up, but the bloody thing's finally up nonetheless, and has some nifty content already. Be sure to send him your regards, as well as content to assimilate into it.
Link: Wasteland Half-Life

New Fallout Tactics Preview by Odin - 21:58 -
Gamespot UK have posted a new preview of Fallout Tactics, it's a great read so go and check it out. Here's a snibblet:
In Tactics, you take on the role of a squad leader for the Brotherhood of Steel, a Mad Max-style posse of post-nuclear enforcers willing to do whatever it takes to make themselves kings of the wasteland. The game view is classic scrolling isometric and once you plunge into this post-apocalyptic world you'll be greeted by some suitably brooding wastelands and exceptionally detailed backgrounds, with massive playing areas which seem to extend as far as your mouse can click.
Link: Gamespot UK Fallout Preview

Fallout Tactics Updated by Odin - 21:46 -
KraziKatt has once again gone and updated the official Fallout Tactics site, this time she's added several links to interviews, screenshots and more..

Link: The Official Fallout Tactics Site

New Rendered Pictures by Odin - 15:59 -
KellyX from Fallout eXtreme sent me a note about this one, they've obtained some new high resolution renders from Fallout Tactics!

Link: Fallout eXtreme
Thanks to KellyX for emailing me =)

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 30 by Odin - 12:04 -
The daily snibblets from the forum, read here and be amazed..erm...or something like that...
What programming language have you guys used on FOT (C++?)?
Yes its C++.

FYI we use Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 SP4.

Is there a world map in FOT?
There is a world map, with random encounters, a bunker with friendlies in it and some more stuff. It's not an RPG like the Fallout games, but there is a little more than just killing and maiming.

How to run Fallout Tactics in Windowed mode:
Try ftmdemo -w

If I've pre ordered from another retailer than Interplay, will I get the pre order goodies (some ppl claimed that you said that all retailer had it, if they had pre-order)
I didn't phrase it exactly that way, IIRC. The pre-order disc is being made available to retailers _like_ Babbages, EB and so on.

I can't read the mind of every retailer out there, so you will need to check with your local retailer.

We are trying to standardize pre-order bonuses, so that it doesn't matter where you get it from -- you get the same thing. But it's up to a bunch of different people to see that that happens.(1)

Best thing to do: contact your retailer and see what they are doing.

(1) I can't remember - but I think double "thats" are bad

Can we record the games we play on FOT?
Yes that is correct. The code exists for recording games, so hopefully we can implement something in time for release (Maybe).

Should we really be able to see the bodies of our fallen friends and foes halfway across the map?Or have all the residents of Fallout evolve a built-in carrion detector?
It's not completely realistic, but it's nice for gameplay.

Basically, it's one less thing you need to worry about -- where is the corpse. In case you need to loot it.

How can you see buildings and other terrain features that are out of your LOS? Similar deal. We could implement a true LOS, but it doesn't mean we should. Nor do we have plans on changing it at this time.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Forum

"New" Sceenshots by Odin - 10:09 -
PC Arena have posted some "new" screenshots from Fallout Tactics, I'm really not sure if they are new or what but you guys can check them out, and see for your self..

Link: Screenshots at PC Arena
Spotted at Blues News.

Fallout Tactics Site Updated by Odin - 9:53 -
KraziKatt updated some info the Fallout Tactics site with some info about the pre-order, read the snibblet here:
Now I know there are still a few of you out there who haven't pre-ordered the game yet, so for those of you who are still waiting (for what I don't know!) I just wanted to let you know that the pre-order goodies are halfway gone! If you are interested in getting the Bonus CD and the Camouflage bag you'd better hurry!

Also for those of you who wanted a better look at the camouflage bag, Fallout eXtreme has a pretty good size picture of what it will look like! (do keep in mind that this is a mock-up... it will have a patch where we've pasted the logo).

For more information on the Bonus Mission CD Click Here.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Site.

Interplay Press Release by Odin - 9:47 -
Interplay has released a new press release, concerning the formation of a new online gaming company, here's a snibblet:
``Through the efforts of Black Isle Studios, we own some of the strongest Role-Playing Game (RPG) brands in the business and have top market share in the PC Role-playing game segment,'' said Brian Fargo, chairman and chief executive officer of Interplay. ``Their skills give us a unique position to take advantage of the lucrative Massively Multi-Player Game phenomenon.''

In making the announcement, Fargo named Cal Morrell, former vice president of marketing for Interplay, president of ``Brian and I share a vision for that will raise the bar by creating value for our community that is second to none,'' declared Morrell. ``We intend to do this by exploiting Interplay's intellectual properties via creative content, e-commerce elements and revolutionary new web features while expanding on the success of our online retail store.''
Link: Interplay Press Release.
Thanks to KellyX from Fallout eXtreme for letting me know about this one. =)

Tactics Preview at DailyRadar by Miroslav - 6:38 -
Daily Radar popped up their preview of Fallout: Tactics. Preview? Yeah, you better believe it ;) The most interesting part over there is the estimated release date: 3/15/01! Which is in 2 months. Great! I'm all hooked up, gotta go play the demo some more! Find me on Gamespy as Miro_NMA if you wish to play! Not that this has to do something with the preview at Daily Radar :)
Link: Daily Radar Preview

New Modding Tutorial by Miroslav - 2:58 -
The Mod Squad web site has another tutorial for you. This time Dr.W95 wrote a new tutorial which details the structure of mission, save game, and entity files. You can check it out over here.

Monday, January 29

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 29 by Odin - 23:06 -
Chris Taylor answered some more questions on the on:
Why isn't the grenades more powerful?
We're still adjusting balance.

But just for your info, Grenades will not be an incredibly destructive weapon. They need to be balanced against all the other weapons in the game. Their ability will be to do damage to a large group of people/critters.

Where's the Alien Raygun and how many cd's will FOT include?
No comment on the Alien Raygun.

Three to four CD-ROMs at this time, we'll know after we finish audio recording.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Forum

New Fallout Tactics Preview by Odin - 22:44 -
Gamers.Com have posted a new preview of Fallout Tactics, quite alot of info there. Also posted are alot of new screenshots and rendered pictures, so be sure to go and check them out..Here's a snibblet from the preview:
In 1997, Interplay and Black Isle Studios released a little game by the name of Fallout. No one knew how huge this game would be, not even the folks who developed it. After selling hundreds of thousands of copies around the world, and earning a plethora of awards, Fallout 2 fell into our laps. Giving gamers more of the post-apocalyptic adventure they craved, Fallout 2 helped establish the series as a powerful contender in the computer RPG market. However, when Fallout: Tactics was announced, many gamers feared that they would be getting a rushed game intended to capitalize on the brand name its predecessors created. After seeing the game for ourselves, we can say that this is not the case.
Link: Fallout Preview at Gamers.Com
Thanks to Bob Colayco, Computer Games Editor-in-Chief for sending us a note.

Reminder/Update - Chat by Odin - 12:24 -
Kreegle posted this just a while ago
While it was previously stated that the upcoming developer chat would be in the TacticalPlanet room, there's been a change of plans. Due to the demo's release and the creation of a lovely Fallout Tactics demo room, we're going to hold the chat in there. So, as a recap, the details are:

Date: January 31st, 2001
Time: 4pm PST, 7pm EST, 12am GMT (next day)
Place: Fallout Tactics Demo room on GameSpy Arcade
Spotted at Spotted at Duck And Cover.

New Developer Profiles by Odin - 12:22 -
Kreegle have posted some more developer profiles, this time it's Brendon Kirk, Max Sneddon and Russell Jacobson. So remember to go and check them out here.

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 29 by Odin - 12:18 -
What?? Multiplayer demo, dang!That's what I get for taking the weekend off. Here are the bits from the messageboard from the weekend
How are the AC/HP displayed in Multiplayer?
The AC/HP are still displayed on top of the portrait.

When multiple characters are selected, the AC/HP counters become meaningless anyways.

Play the MP demo and see for yourself.

Any plans to release Fallout Tactics on dvd?
I don't know of a planned DVD release.

Will you make any old Wasteland maps and how packed are the editors?
We won't be doing that, but you will be able to with the editors.

The editors are pretty full featured.

Will FOT reveal any more info on Vault-Tec?
JC: No. Yes. Erm. Maybe. I think that covers the gauntlet of possible answers.

In reality, it adds a little to the Vault-Tec background, but most of that is between the lines.

How big is the bag in the pre-order and what's on the bonus cd?
The bag is just big enough to fit a standard Interplay game box.

The CD has art and other stuff on it, too, besides the bonus mission.

We're trying to fill the CD with interesting tidbits.

Does BIS know about the FO3 Petition?
Yes, they know about the petition.

Honestly, and I've said this many times before, we know the desire for a Fallout 3. Trust us, we know. The policy is not to do a game until we are ready to do the game.

Petitions, e-mails, posts are great. But they can't really influence us anymore beyond what they already have.

Now it's up to other factors, business related. You can't make a game if you don't have the people to make it. If you don't have the budget for it. If the schedule is already filled out (which happens far in advance -- we've planned out the next several years).

When the time is right, Fallout 3 will be started. When the time is right, FO3 will be announced.

I don't know when that time is.

These are my last words on FO3 until it's announced. :)

Will people be able to have AI players in at the same time as players?
At this time, it's a big "we dunno".

Sorry, but that's the best answer we can give at this time.

Why doesn't my squad keep their weapons and exp points after a game?
Do you keep your powerups in Unreal Tournament from game to game?

A version of Fallout that keeps track of multiplayer advancement is a bigger game than we are doing at this time. If we are going to do it, we are going to do it right and not do a half-assed job about it.

But I'm guessing you would then complain about it being half-assed.

We go left, we lose; we go right, we lose.

The best path is to not do it half-assed and do it right the next time around.

Characters can be pre-created before multiplayer game and outfitted with equipment.

All of this costs points. The host sets the maximum number of points in a game.

When you join, you select characters to make a squad -- and the characters you select subtract from your maximum point total.

RE: Multiplayer Saving
It will add more than a couple lines of code. It will cost us QA time. It is a feature that is not intended for the final product, thus adding it will bump some other feature. It will require new interface artwork. Thus it will be half-assed _and_ broken. It is not going in this product. There is no time to implement it properly, even in a minimal half-assed manner.

I'm all for it, but I want to see it done right -- from the very beginning. Planned, balanced, tested and preferably with more features (ie, a true D2 or NWN style game, with Interplay server stored characters and all).

Searching - I noticed you could not search things like shelfs or desks. Will you be able too?
You will be able to search, we just didn't include any container objects in those levels

Will vehicles be strewn about the level, placed randomly or in specific locations.
Only if a specific multiplayer level requires them. You really need to build a level for vehicles.

Will you be able to customize the apperance of your characters?
You will be able to customise the appearance of characters you create, by choosing hair/skin colors and portrait pics.

Can I name the character?

How many level areas will there be to choose from in the final?
As many as we can pack in :)

Problems with the Multiplayer demo through a firewall?
Hi Folks,

For those technical minded people that are trying to get tactics working through a firewall, here is a link to the Microsoft site, describing the solution for DirectPlay 7.0, which is used by Fallout Tactics as well.

It includes information on what ports to forward etc. I would be intereseted to see what kind of results people get... I have no information as yet on what ports GamesSpy Arcade uses.

Updated: This might be of help to those trying to get a firewall to work, this is from our network/tech guy Mike at Micro Forte:


After allowing the connections listed on GS's site, also require the
following (with a linux firewall/NAT setup)

Portfw all ports between 2300 and 2400 to the machine you're playing on,
this perl script (yes it's rough as hell, first one I've written from
scratch..) can create the rules for you...

--start script--

if (@ARGV[3] == "") { die "RTFM!\n"; }

$num1 = @ARGV[0];
$num2 = @ARGV[1];
$localeth = @ARGV[2];
$remoteeth = @ARGV[3];

print "Forwarding ports $num1 to $num2 from $localeth to $remoteeth\n";

while ( $num1 <= $num2 )
print "ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L $localeth $num1 -R $remoteeth
print "ipmasqadm portfw -a -P udp -L $localeth $num1 -R $remoteeth
$num1 += 1;
--end script--

execute it thus: perl 2300 2400 {your external ip} {your internal/NAT ip}

Then you must reverse MASQ these ports for the replies to work.. Our setup
has the following:

ipchains -A input -d $externalip -j red-if

# gamespy server on internal net
ipchains -A red-if -p tcp -d $externalip 2300:2400 -j MASQ
ipchains -A red-if -p udp -d 2300:2400 -j MASQ

It SHOULD then work...


Having problems with crashing game cause of the resolution?
Create a file (or open the existing file) named bos.cfg inside the core folder.

Put the following lines in (or change existing lines):

{display.height} = {768}
{display.width} = {1024}
{display.bpp} = {32}

This should force it to start in 1024x768x32.
You could also try 16-bit mode.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Forum.

Sunday, January 28

Fallout Trivia, Part One by Miroslav - 18:43 -
Some few weeks ago, Gamespy released a Fallout trivia, based on Fallout 2. This time, they have another test for you, but the questions are from the first part of Fallout "series".
Link: Gamespy Fallout Trivia

ps. This time I failed, I scored only 19 :(

update: well, I just saw the question I answered incorectly. "Aside from levelling, you can also increase your skills in Fallout via books. What is the highest percentage of skill you can achieve in Fallout with books, on the normal difficulty setting?" is the question #10, my answer was 90%, but the correct one is 91%... sorry for this spoiler :)

Updated: WoooPAAHHaa.. 20 Points!!!! (Odin)

Site Updates by Miroslav - 6:39 -
Tons of mirrors for demo downloads were added, as well as updated weapons and armor sections for Fallout: Tactics (under the Items links on the left menu bar).

Until the next time, cya!

History of Black Isle Studios by Miroslav - 3:22 -
It is really a pain in the a$$ to download a 120 megabytes with a 44000bps connection. Anyway, during my download session, I've found an interesting article - BIS History. If you are not familiar with BIS or who they are, why do you call yourself a Fallout fan? ;) (they DID both Fallout 1 and 2). Anyway, here's an interesting quote:
Black Isle was established in 1998 as the RPG division of Interplay while the development team was working on Fallout 2, said Feargus Urquhart, director of Black Isle and official whip-cracker on the team. The purpose of creating Black Isle "was to create a group that would focus purely on making Forgotten Realms and Planescape AD&D branded titles, and to continue the legacy of the RPG's that gave Interplay its name in the mid to late '80s."
Focus purely on AD&D and Forgotten Realms? Gee, where's Fallout in this?!
Link: Gamespy - BIS History

Cheers to me for spotting this one :)
Additionally, thanks to Zack Macfarlane for sending me a note about this.

Saturday, January 27

Fallout Tactics Designer Diary, Part IV by Miroslav - 17:50 -
Following the release of multiplayer demo, RPG Vault, affiliate of IGN network, released the 4th part of Designer's Diary (written by Chris Taylor). It's all about multiplayer, it's not large at all, so I recommend you to read it. Here's a beginning just to wake up your interest:
One of the most requested features from Fallout 1 was multiplayer. At one point during the development of Fallout 1, we had been talking about a simple deathmatch mode, using the SPECIAL combat system. It would have allowed you to import a character and play a LAN game against other players. Combat only, no questing, no character development, just a simple bar fight.

I'm going to take a stand and say that multiplayer in FO1 would have been a mistake.

You can found out over here.

Multiplayer Demo Available! by Miroslav - 5:15 -
It's here! The Demo is available for download! It's 115 megs, check the demo page for list of mirrors.
Have fun! If you find any mirrors, please mail me! I'll update the demo page tomorrow, I'm off to sleep.

Multiplayer Demo Tonight! by Miroslav - 3:39 -
Check the update from the official site:
It's the moment you've all been waiting for...
(well one of the moment's anyway)
..........Drum role please..........


Yep, that's right! Some time after 6:00 tonight (PST) at PC IGN!

Have a good time!
^..^ Krazikatt
God, and I thought I would catch some sleep tonight, instead I have to reload IGN sites for several hours :)
I'll post news here and send a newsletter (which I postponed for several hours due to this news) once the demo is released!

Friday, January 26

Multiplayer Demo Download Location by Miroslav - 23:42 -
Smack just sent me a note that the Tactics multiplayer demo shall be available at PC IGN network. The precise release date is still unknown, but we'll be notified before that moment happens.

Goodies: Camo Bag and Bonus CD by Miroslav - 16:30 -
If you were good during previous weeks and were a regular here, you sure know that Interplay is giving away free goodies if you pre-order Fallout: Tactics from their online store. This includes free bonus CD, and a camo bag! Check it out:
Buy now and get both the BONUS CD and Camouflage Bag free of charge, with each purcase!
Bonus CD includes the following Bonus Mission:

"At ease, Warrior.
Brotherhood Intelligence has recently uncovered a plot involving the town of Springfield. The plot rotates around the assassination of Springfield’s Mayor, a man responsible for many human-ghoul alliances in this region. His affiliation with the ghouls has angered some far-right human activists who refuse to acknowledge ghouls as near equals. While I have to say I agree with them, our Elders think otherwise.
Dagger Squad captured the ringleaders to this plot, but the assassins are already on their way. Our interrogators have informed me that the assassins are dressed as common raiders to deflect any suspicion. Normally the Brotherhood doesn’t meddle in politics but this offers a chance to secure Springfield in the Brotherhood fold.
Your mission is to warn Mayor Sampson and to protect him at all costs. You leave immediately.

Not availible anywhere else; only from!
Here's the look of that camo bag:
Link: Interplay Store

New Chat announced!! by Odin - 9:39 -
Well now, Duck And Cover and Tactical Planet will have a Fallout Tactics developer chat, read here:
Date: January 31st, 2001
Time: 4pm PST, 7pm EST, 12am GMT (next day)
Place: The Tactical Planet room on Gamespy Arcade

The developers attending will be Parrish Rodgers, Ed Orman, Karl Burdack, Chris Taylor, a large assortment of talented artists (inlcuding the famous Tariq) and whoever else decides to drop in.

To participate in the huge chat, you'll need to download GameSpy Arcade, which you can get for free from Gamespy Arcade
Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Update at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:29 -
Krazikatt updated the official Fallout Tactics site with some "old" news, read here:
Hi Everybody!

Today for your enjoyment I've got some links to a really cool Fallout Tactics Trailer! Yep, that's right... IGN and Daily Radar have this great 10MB trailer for you to download.

Also while you're at IGN make sure to check out their latest Fallout Tactics preview! It's all in the Links Section!

Hope ya like it!
Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

Updated Weapon list at Freelancer by Odin - 8:23 -
Yurg have updated his weapon list with several things this time, so go and check it if you're interessted.
He has also posted some screenshots from the trailer, so for those of you who haven't seen it, you can check it out there..

Link: Trailer Clips,Weapon list.
Thanks to Yurg =)

Thursday, January 25

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 25 by Odin - 10:23 -
Here are the daily bits from the board:
"A Stop key would be great"
Backspace is the stop command in the demo. It works a treat!

Will there be a time limit for each players turn?
Yes, there will be a time limit that the server can set for each player to take their turn.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Messageboard.

Update at The Mod Squad by Odin - 9:38 -
These spiffy creatures have once again updated their site, with some more news on the Fallout Tactics modding
The Fallout Tactics entity modding tutorial, written by none other than APTYP, has been updated with more information detailing how to change your statistics, skills, traits, and perks.
and an updated Fallout 2 mod.
Grendelin has been working on fixing some bugs from the previous HKTC release. If you're a fan of Fallout be sure to download it.
Spotted at Pipboy2000LE.

New FOT Screenhots and Trailer by Odin - 8:51 -
Oh, Daily Radar have posted some new screenshots from the multiplayer demo and a trailer featuring gameplay footage mixed with old 1950's public messages on nuclear war.

Here are some of the screenshots

Grab the trailer here or here.

Spotted at Pc.Ign.

SPR Files by Miroslav - 1:57 -
Remember that BOS files viewer by MOD Squad? Well not it can view all sorts of BOS files, including the SPR ones! Yup, The Mod Squad did it, but again they're not releasing it until the game ships.

You can check out some screenshots at The Mod Squad web site.
They've also updated some tutorials.

Tactics Items Ready by Miroslav - 1:38 -
I've uploaded the items thingy for Tactics, as you can see on the menu bar on your left, new "Items" option is available. I've covered only Leather Armor and weapons available from the official page at this time. I'll have other weapons inside by the end of the week.
And another note, there is no more "compare" function available (check Fallout 1 or 2 items if you don't know what I talking about). I see no point for this in tactics, since you don't have to worry about buying weapons or storage space [hey, you have six guys, if that's not enough... put your gear into vehicles ;)]

Wednesday, January 24

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 24 by Odin - 10:51 -
Finally I could get into the messageboard, here are a couple of bits from the messageboard:
How big are the map files?
They are around 250-500k or so.

Will I be able to create all party members like in Baldur's Gate?
No, you do not have the ability to create all the party members in the character pool for the single-player game.

It works a little differently than the Infinity Engine games, however.

How will the Cd's be packaged, hope you don't use flimsy card board sleeves?

On that note, I don't know what we are going to do in Fallout Tactics. We've been leaning towards jewel cases.

We're going to be 3-4 CDs. Depends on audio.

How's the manual coming along?
I'm working on the manual right now. My original plan was to make it "biblical", but after writing around 10 pages of that -- I came to the conclusion it just didn't work.

I'm working on another "theme" right now, but the important part is to get the material down.

It might look biblical, with illuminated illustrations and cherubs, but without the bible-like speech... That speech was really hard to understand and made reading the manual a chore.

Maybe a paragraph flavor text at the start of each "book" (chapter).

Anyways, the manual is in progress. It needs to be done RSN(1), as it still needs layout, printing and manufacturing and that process takes many weeks.

Some last minute pieces of the interface are coming together and I need to update the SPECIAL system for the new and changed material.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Messageboard.

Updated Weapon list at Freelancer by Odin - 9:48 -
Yurg emailed me about his changes to the FOT weapon list at Freelancer , he's updated the weapon list with some missing info and redesigned the explosive and melee weapon sections.

Link: Melee weapon list,Explosive weapon list
Thanks Yurg =)

New FOT Preview at Pc.Ign by Odin - 9:31 -
Pc.Ign have done a preview of Fallout Tactics, they've also included some new screenshots. Here's a bit from the preview:
After playing around with a build of the game today, we have to say we're pretty impressed. So far the game's look is incredibly detailed, and the overall feel seems like a great mix of the original Fallout with a little X-COM thrown in for spice. Look for Fallout Tactics before the end of March, and look for more on the game after we've had a chance to play around with it a little bit more.
Hmmm before the end of March.....

Here are some of the screenshots

Link: FOT Preview at Pc.Ign

Tuesday, January 23

Multiplayer Demo Soon! by Miroslav - 12:58 -
Ed Orman posted this on the official board yesterday, but I'm having problems with my ISP, I don't know when it'll be resolved :)
Howdy y'all,

This is my first post in a while that hasn't been a direct response to a question or criticism, so bear with me.

I just want to clarify a few things.

1] We want your feedback and criticism. You are always well within your rights to speak up about things you don't like, and we value your opinions. You won't hurt our feelings or @#$%! us off, we're very thick skinned.

2] We really have put a lot of thought into this game, so chances are if it's not in the game, there's a good reason. But we still frequent ALL the forums and fansites, taking input. We do our best to accommodate requests within the realities of our production schedule.

3] We are extending the Fallout universe into new areas. Tactics is a new game, and a damn fun one at that. I hope people can enjoy it for itself, as well as appreciate a new twist on the Fallout setting.

4] We can't make everyone happy, but we'll try. We will work as hard as we can to deliver the best game possible. Every artist, designer, programmer, producer, scripter, QA tester, web monkey, etc is working their buns off to deliver a top quality product.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and criticism so far. Every little bit helps. The multi-player demo will be out soon, and it incorporates a great deal of fixes and new features [some of which should have been in the SP demo, some of which are new], so I'm looking forward to another round of forum fun :) Until then . . .


Ed Orman
Lead Designer
Micro Forte
Grabbed from the official message board.

Monday, January 22

Interview with Tim Cain by Odin - 13:34 -
A French site called Gamekult have posted an interview with Tim Cain about Arcanum and Fallout, here a snipplet:
Panda : Fallout is one of the best role playing never creates. With the recession, how do you consider this game ?

Tim Cain :
I will always love Fallout. It was an original RPG that breathed some new life into the genre. In my humble opinion, of course.

Panda : In its release, Fallout gave the feeling to open new horizons. According to you, what are the reasons of its success ?

Tim Cain :
I think Fallout was successful for two reasons. First, it wasn't set in a fantasy world, which was an unusual move 6 years ago (when we started the game). Second, it had such an open-ended play style. You can make different characters and actually PLAY them differently. I think people really responded to that.
Spotted at Fallout eXtreme
Link: Gamekult's interview with Tim Cain.

Update: It seems Calis (Terra-Arcanum) posted this first.

More info on the Zar Image viewer by Odin - 9:36 -
Apparently those nifty and spiffy guys over at Pipboy2000LE have figured out how this image viewer can be used to view the TIL, ZAR and SPR format.
There are some "screenshots" from the viewer in action, so go and check it out..

Link: Pipboy2000LE

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 9:26 -
Here are some of the news from the weekend, the Wasteland Half-Life site was updated:
Got a nice little surprise for ya this time folks! 30 brand new screens on the screenshot page! They include various action shots, 2.1, as well as even 2.5 shots. Also included is a screen with the throwing knife in action. Speaking of which, be sure to check out the weapons page, which has been updated as well. With that said, I'd like to clear something up that seems to have caused some confusion; We are in fact the first mod with animated p_models, being the models for the weapons you see in a player's hands, we've got some that actually move now. Some CS players seem to have thought we were claiming to be the first with visible reloading, which isn't the case. However, fire the handcannon, and the slide will actually kick back on the model. That kind of stuff.

Progress is going well, I have now changed the meters above to reflect 2.5's status. We are skipping 2.1 in favor of focusing on 2.5, and have finished the extent of our DM portion; 4 gameplay modes, votable from within the game, and can be changed if folks grow bored of one style of play. A screen of this voting system is among the new screenshots. Furthermore, 2.5's big focus is full blown teamplay; Multiple teams, stringed objectives (complete objective A & B then proceed to C, etc.) all of which are mapper definable. We'll be updating the mapping guide shortly to help cater to the ever increasing number of new entities and variables we're adding. What does all this mean to someone who isn't mapping saavy? It means a hell of a great fight, with you and your team mates performing far more then a single simple task in order to succeed. It's a blast folks, and well worth the wait. :)
Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

Sunday, January 21

Old 3D Renders by Miroslav - 5:32 -
Yurg from Freelancer sent me a note that he has several 3d renders available. These might be nothing new, but the image size of the picture is very, very large. So you can at least grab them if you want the nifty wallpaper. Nuff said...
Link: Freelancer 3D Art

In addition, Voodoo Extreme posted 3D renders of already old images. Nothing new, but if you missed earlier updates at the official site, you can see the pictures on one place.
Link: Voodoo Extreme Fallout Tactics gallery

Friday, January 19

Tactics Multiplayer Demo Update by Miroslav - 21:11 -
Chris Taylor posted this technical update just a few minutes ago:
There are more changes, fixes and tweaks since the single-player demo, this is just covering work since the last internal rev of the multiplayer demo.

- Fixed synchronization issues
- Added multiplayer player list
- Pathing extremely persistent, will continue trying to path until destination becomes unblocked, or another solution presents itself
- Added new keyboard layout
- Squad setup screen a lot easier to understand
- Fixed password window
- Added scores to end screens
- Added more explosions (hollywood style) to the ending of assault map
- Shows item count on hands for stackables such as grenades and stims
- End turn button fixed


- New TB combat window
- Sentrys correctly reload instead of swapping to other hand
- New multiplayer colors
- Fixes so that games can continue after returning to lobby
- Time of day multiplayer option
- Added delay to end screen
- Spectators can only chat with spectators
- Shows AP cost for first Aid etc.
- Checks item move distance before bringing up multiple item move counter/calculator thingy
- Can't set targetted shot if have fast shot trait
- Show game type on multiplayer game list
- Show playing icon on multiplayer game list
- Minimap, new colours to match with circles under feet

- Fixed time limit
- When client leaves game, a message is shown and their characters explode
- Chat messages are logged in the text window
- No targetted shots on mines
- Fixed difficulty settings
- Neutral characters do not shift alignments back to neutral
- Fixed team LOS in skirmish maps
- Added status showing late clients that they cant do anything until next game.
- Fixed redraw bug on selection circles
- Increased length of time chat messages appear
This was ripped off from the official message board.

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 19 by Odin - 9:44 -
Here are the daily bits from the messageboard, read on:
Can a person play the MP demo by himself, a la having the Computer play 1?
Not in the demo.

We're currently hashing it out for the full. I'm pushing for it.

How is the Game coming along?
Game status: Work is continuing on the game. I don't talk release dates anymore. Otherwise the Twinkies rise up and beat me down with frying pans.
I think Q1, 2001 is a very fair estimate of when we will be done.

How much time will it take to save a game (not quicksave)?
Saving speed: Try quicksave/quickload in the demo. That's representative of the save/load in the game.

Multiplayer info:
You pre-create characters and add them to your multiplayer pool. You will be able to edit them.

Characters in a squad spawn in around a common spawn point. Usually facing different directions.

Player's can host a game, like TA or WC2 does, using a LAN or direct TCP/IP connections. You don't have to use Gamespy to play multiplayer.

Are ther gonna be any crossbows or Super Sledge in the game?
No crossbows -- it's a different weapon art type, and we're locked in on those.

As for the super sledge: Well, heh. Erm. Muahahaha. Dingle, dingle.

Will the Bonus cd be avaliable to Europe(without preordering from the US)?
The bonus mission will be made available to all of our world-wide distributors.

Contact the distro in Europe.
Spotted at the official Fallout Forum.

Rant about the FO3 Petition... by Odin - 8:47 -
Well, I gotta say that you guys have done a great job on the petition, since I posted it the poll has gone from 374 to 1094 signatures !!!! THANKS GUYS!! =)

Vehicles, Weapons and Characters by Miroslav - 2:45 -
Krazi was busy today. She made a couple of new pages at the official web site. First, she made a weapons section, a characters section and a vehicles section. All pages have tons of pictures, so I suggest you take some time and examine these pages!

New Rendered Art by Miroslav - 2:38 -
Krazi updated the official Tactics web site with 6 new 3D renders. Check them out:
Link: Art Page

Developer Update by Miroslav - 2:31 -
Chris Taylor gave us a developer update on Fallout: tactics (what else?!):
Fallout Tactics Developer Update

We're getting closer to releasing the multiplayer demo. In addition to multiplayer goodness, the fine folks at Micro-Fort� have been listening to your contributions, comments and feedback. The multiplayer demo will be a little different from the previously released single-player demo. Here are just some of the changes we are making:

Turn-Based combat is getting some serious revisions. In addition to adding the AP counter, you will be able to select Team Turn-Based. In this mode, all of your characters will move on the same part of your turn. There is a Delay Action command for Sequenced Turn-Based. (We love making new terms up...) These changes should let you make better use of the whole squad in TB mode.
Characters have IFF markers. Enemies have red circles under their feet, allies have green circles. Selected group members have a bright white circle, making them much easier to see if they are selected or not.
Keys only need to be in your inventory to use them on a door.
Failing with Sneak gets better feedback.
The AI got tweaked.
So did pathfinding!
New cursors.
Plus lots of bugs were fixed and other features were tweaked.
The multiplayer demo will also include all of the revamped single-player demo missions.
This is a great news indeed, as we are getting closer to multiplayer demo release date.

Thursday, January 18

Fallout 3 Petition by Odin - 11:37 -
For those of you who've missed this one, you can all go and sign up so we can finally try and get our most wanted Fallout 3. SO GO AND SIGN UP!!!That's an ORDER, RECRUIT !!!

Update: Good Work Recruits, we have now gone from 374 to 561 in this petition, but for all of you who haven't signed up, DO SO NOW!!!...

Link: Fallout 3 Petition.

Are Turn-Based Strategy Dead? by Odin - 11:27 -
Noticed this over at Kreegle's spiffy new Duck And Cover,he found an article about the future of Turn-Based Strategy Games.Is it a dying genre or can it be revived?
You can read the article here and make up your own mind, I for one don't think it's a dying genre (those who believe this should be gutted with a ripper, hehe!).

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 18 by Odin - 9:34 -
Chris answered some questions regarding the Combat Armour and the multiplayer demo, read on:
What's being done with the TB system ?
We've previously announced that we are doing two things:

1. Adding a Delay action command to the current sequenced turn-based mode.

2. Adding a team turn-based mode.

Try the next demo and give us some feedback. We might have fixed your complaint already.

Why no Combat Armour?
A. It's not the programmers decision. They have input, but it's more up to the designers, producers and artists.

B. It's _possible_ to make Combat Armour, but the reality of the situation is this: Not enough disc space and not enough time.

C. We appreciate the fact that people want to see their favorite Fallout-isms. However, this is a new Fallout game, and as such, it incorporates new material. Unlike Fallout 2, which was able to directly use all of the material created in FO1, Micro-Fort� had to start from scratch. Some of the old material was recreated, some was not. We cannot add every single piece of Fallout material from the first two games. Someone is going to lose.

From a designer's point of view: We do not want to recreate the same game over and over.

From the producer's point of view: No matter what we do, we do not have time to create everything.

From the public relations point of view: No matter what we say or do, we will either be blamed for being MOTS or we will be blamed for not being MOTS.

-Chris "Whatsa Motsayou?!" Taylor

Then Tony said this:
If (IF) we do an expansion pack then we would certainly add some new armor types and combat armour would be a definite possibility.

Any word on when the Multiplayer demo will ship?
There is no release date yet for the demo, we are still working on it.

Very soon, I hope.

We spent some time on the phone yesterday with Tony at Micro-Fort� going over some of the current issues. We decided some things would go in the full version, some things had to be fixed now and resolved solutions to other lower priority issues.

We need to get the demo done soon so we can return to work on the full game.

About the Editor (it looks difficult)
Erm, no. You get what you get... :)

In all honesty, it's not that bad. If people can make UT/Quake levels using those editors, people will be able to adapt to this.

It is a development editor, and you should understand that it's not meant to be user friendly, it's meant to make a game... :)
Damien: Hey guys,

Level editor hard to use? No way.
Level editor hard to use well? Uhm, maybe.

Seriously, the editor isn't as bad as it looks. I don't think many of you will have a lot of problems with it. It all looks kinda scary, but once you get the hang of it you can make some fairly damn cool looking maps very quickly. I recently had to show some of our artists how to use the editor, and after a quick (Less than 30 min) brief on it they went off and are now making some sweet bits of wasteland!

As CT said, if people can make Quake etc... maps, they can sure make FO:T maps. Before starting at MF I was making Quake maps for fun, and trust me... this editor is a lot easier to use than anything I've seen for Quake/UT/etc al.

Good god I am looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with! It's going to be amazing!

Peace through superior firepower
Spotted at the official Fallout Forum.

More Modding Tools by Odin - 8:32 -
Those nifty guys at Pipboy2000LE have updated their site with these messages. It seems Matux have slaved away and made some more utils, namely ACM Converter (Convert multiple ACMs to WAVs with just a click.), Fallout 1 MiniDATMan (Read and extract files from the Fallout 1 DATs), Klingon Academy MiniDATMan (Read and extract files from Klingon Academy DATs) and ZAR image viewer (view graphic files from FOT).The guys have decided not to release the ZAR image viewer yet, due to spoilers people can find in the demo.

Get on over to Pipboy2000LE for more info.

Bonus Cd in the Preorder by Odin - 8:24 -
Krazikatt has updated the official Fallout Tactics site with this reeally interesting bit:
Guess what? I know many of you will be excited to hear this bit of information! No more sleepless nights waiting and wondering if you should pre-order Fallout Tactics through the Interplay Store or not, because we now know what the bonus item is!

Okay are you ready? hehe... alright, you get an awesome bonus CD with an extra mission on it, as well as a really cool camouflage bag! (I've seen them, and yes, they are really cool)... soon you may even be able to get a sneak peak of one at the store!

As for the extra mission.... listen to this:

"At ease, Warrior.
Brotherhood Intelligence has recently uncovered a plot involving the town of Springfield. The plot rotates around the assassination of Springfield’s Mayor, a man responsible for many human-ghoul alliances in this region. His affiliation with the ghouls has angered some far-right human activists who refuse to acknowledge ghouls as near equals. While I have to say I agree with them, our Elders think otherwise.

Dagger Squad captured the ringleaders to this plot, but the assassins are already on their way. Our interrogators have informed me that the assassins are dressed as common raiders to deflect any suspicion. Normally the Brotherhood doesn’t meddle in politics but this offers a chance to secure Springfield in the Brotherhood fold.

Your mission is to warn Mayor Sampson and to protect him at all costs. You leave immediately.


So yes, it is now official, but it's only while supplies last, so you'd better hurry! Your mission is to go to the Interplay Store and pre-order your copy of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel now! :) Just Click Here!
Oh, I've also noticed that many of you are reluctant to pre-order through the store because you live outside the United States, so I brought it up at the last meeting and we're now looking into getting pre-orders of Fallout Tactics at the Interplay Store's UK, France and Germany sites. That way you won't have to pay such high shipping costs! ...I will definitely keep you posted on this!
Spotted at The Official Fallout Tactics Site.

Wednesday, January 17

Vault Runner by Miroslav - 17:50 -
New Fallout freeware game is available. This time Solid Snake made a game named Vault Runner. The game requires you to go through 15 levels of the old Vault (it's not actually a vault, more than a dungeon), collect the treasure and avoid the sentry robots.
Link: Vault Runner

Site Updates by Miroslav - 17:32 -
I've updated the Tactics demo page with more download locations, some technical tidbits and frequently asked questions.

btw, my email is still a little anoying(ie. not working), so if you don't see me answer your mail, please resend it.

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 17 II by Odin - 14:52 -
Chris answered some more questions, read on:
What are the chances of shaving the deathclaw?
It's a possibility.

What are the chances of adding combat armor?
Not going to happen.

What are the chances of getting more 50's styling?
There is more in the game.

What are the chances of "tweaking" the PA (to make it look like the PA in the first fallout)?
Not going to happen.

What are the chances of climbing over low obsticals?
Definitely not going to happen.

What are the chances of having the direction your facing matter in multi player?
It already does.

What are the chances of adding programmable keys?
Not going to happen. No macro keys.

Why was the combat armor left out in the first place?
Because we added new armor? Because our sprites file is already over a gig? Because we have more animation than FO1 and FO2 combined?

I would rather add the original Power Armor to the game as a variant model, frankly.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Messageboard.

NMA Forum by Odin - 13:06 -
Once again Chris T has graced us with a visit to the NMA Forum, you can all check it out under the Game Discussion - Fallout Tactics: BOS Section, so go in and check it out and possibly post a few posts...

Link: NMA Forum
Thanks to briosafreak for pointing this out to me =)

About the Lithtech Engine.. by Odin - 12:54 -
Seeing that Fallout 3 will possibly use the Lithtech engine, I thought I'd post this.
There has been an updated regarding the Lithtech engine, so for those of you interested in it, you can read all about it here.

Spotted at Voodoo Extreme.

New Review of the FOT Demo by Odin - 12:14 -
Russian Rolemancer have posted a review of the Fallout Tactics demo, and here is their summary of the demo:
It will only be possible to tell more about the changes in the gameplay after the release of the second demo version, scheduled for February. As for now, my summary is as follows: dejа vu did not happen. Two years did not go unnoticed for such a game - neither for the technical part nor for the genre part. Yes, it is Fallout - you can see it from the first glance at the menu, but it is not an RPG. People will play FT: BOS, but it will not provide them with the same level of immersion that Fallout 1 & 2 provided.
Spotted at RPG Vault.ign.
Link: Rolemancer Review.

2 & 3 Day of the Gamers Pulse FOT Week by Odin - 10:33 -
Gamers Pulse have posted the next two interviews with Mirco-Fort� and 14� East in their Fallout Tactics theme week.This time around it's about the Gameplay and Storyline, there are some great bits here..
1) How hard was the conversion of fallout RPG to Fallout Strategy game?

The hard part was reminding ourselves that it wasn't an RPG, but that wasn't too hard since Brian Christian screamed "It's not an RPG!" to us around a hundred times.
There are also some exclusive screenshots, check them out:

Read about the gameplay here and about the storyline here.

New 3D Rendered Picture by Odin - 10:16 -
The guys over at Vault13 have gotten ahold of a new 3D rendered picture, it's the enviromental suit. Have a looksie:

Spotted at Vault13.

FOT Messageboard Update Jan 17 by Odin - 10:11 -
Finally I got in again and some great info also, read on:
How will the equipment before any mission be like ?
We're implementing those systems [equipment, recruits, even vehicles] in as "real-world" a way as possible.

For example, to get equipment, you need to go to the equipment store and talk to the Quartermaster. To get medicine, you need to visit the Infirmary.

There will, of course, be menus to manage the large inventory exchanges and selection of recruits and such.

Opportunity fire?
A feature that is being added.

In turn-based, will there be a feature that shows how many APs are required for movement?
As previously mentioned, this will be back in the multiplayer demo.

Does agility affect turn sequence?
Sequence is based off of Perception.

Did anything change with the way Luck works?
There is a bug in the demo regarding Luck.

Why isn't there a speed slider for continuous mode?
I'm requesting one. Not for the demo, but for the full game.

How about a 'pause' mode, where you can issue orders before resuming?
This will be in the full game, but only for single-player CTB mode.

In game saving is good but it would be more challanging and intense to have checkpoints where you have an option to save.
Disagree. Not only does it not make sense from a game environment point of view (why only certain places?), but it's fully expected that there be as lax of a save system as possible. We would be stoned by some for implementing a checkpoint save system, and we will be stoned by far less for implementing the current planned system. This is one area where public opinion really does matter.

Whatever happened to sequence?
It's there. It's working the same as FO1/2 in TB mode. But more abou that later...
We are doing so, in two ways: a true team-based turn-based system, and a Delay command for sequenced turn-based.

While the enviorments are nice they are far too linear.
The demo missions are more like the early game missions, which are more linear. Consider them live-fire tutorials.

The AI could use a tune-up.
The AI is being improved. It plays better now, and it should continue to get stronger. It's very difficult to randomly generate additional badguys and balance it properly.

There are far too many ammo and health kits in the maps.
I would tend to agree. The demo missions are not meant to be crushing, and we found enough people challenged in the focus group as it was.

Lastly, put the movement number back in the cursor.
Already done.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Forum.

No-Kids in FOT by Odin - 8:51 -
As you all know there are no kids in Fallout Tactics, why you may ask well read on what Chris T said about it on the forum:
There are two reasons why we don't have kids in FOT:

1. Europe will not accept the game with kids, period. And we don't want to have to support two different data structures (or an additional data structure, since we're already doing some changes for Germany).

2. It does cause problems with retailers, and doesn't add enough to the game to justify those problems.

You will start seeing less and less M-rated games. No one wants to have the Feds start making decisions about content for us, but we're slowly headed that way. That completely bites, IMHO. The whole industry is walking on glass (from retailers to distros to publishers). Sales/Marketing are dictating game content, because they have to be able to sell the game. It's very interesting to watch this happen.

A little prudence on our part will go a long way from keeping additional restrictions from happening.

Personally, I don't want to make a game that contains inappropriate content just for the purpose of shocking the customer or generating publicity in order to sell more games.

I want to create games that have the appropriate amount of content needed for _that_ game.

Could we have used kids in FOT? Sure. It would have added atmosphere. The kids from Shady Sands made a little bit of what Shady Sands was all about.

Did we need to use kids in FOT? No. Obviously not.

Far more important to me is that we have consequence of action, which is a key tenet of RPGs (egads, not that argument again. Run, Chris, Run!)
Spotted at The Official Fallout Forums.

TeamX site updated by Odin - 8:40 -
Abel (TeamX) have updated TeamX's site, with this note:
1) I have updated the following TeamX files:
acm2wav and its sources in graphics/sound programs - read-only files now can be handled without annoying 'Access Denied' error;

f1undat and sources in dat/undat programs - the same error fixed (thanx goes to Ignatich, he is the first who reported this bug).

2) SND2ACM utility from now on resides in TeamX graphics/sound programs section. This means that you can always find here the latest version of the utility (if there will be updates, of course :-)
Oh, almost forgot.
3) I have posted the ZAR image format description in the formats section. Enjoy!
Spotted at TeamX.

Tuesday, January 16

Award, Awards and ...Awards.... by Odin - 14:58 -
As I said earlier this year, Interplay has run off and grabbed as many awards as they can, this time have also noticed this and put up a list over the entire prizes Interplay has won, and also links to awards still in progress, so go and vote for Interplay...

Link: Awards, awards and ..well..awards..

Updated Weapon list at Freelancer by Odin - 12:05 -
Yurg emailed me about his latest addition to the Fallout Tactics Weapon list, the M1 Garand, go and read all about it..

Link: Fallout Tactics Weapon list at Freelancer
Thanks, Yurg =)

New Screenshots at Gamespy by Odin - 9:30 -
Gamespy has whipped up some new screenshots from Fallout Tactics and from the looks of it the screenshots theme has moved from Ghoul Ville to Mutant Mansion.Just have a look at these kewl screenshots:


Spotted at Gamespy.

Modding Tutorial by Miroslav - 5:13 -
Guys from the Mod Squad released the first ever modding tutorial for Fallout: Tactics! This tutorial teach you how to change your inventory.
Link: The Mod Squad Modding Tutorial

Major Multiplayer Demo Update by Miroslav - 4:42 -
Karl sent this note on the official forum:

Enemy/Friendly status indicators:
- Selected characters have a white color, very easy to see, even in dark areas.
- Enemies have red circles underneath
- Allies have green circles

- Options screen for host settings
- Can choose squad in multiplayer
- Waiting screen appears when starting multiplayer
- Can chat (Enter = Shout, Shift-Enter = Team, Quote (') = Whisper/Say)
- Multiplayer games go to victory/defeat screens, then continue back to lobby

Turn Based:
- Team turnbased

- Displays heads in gui
- Path finding tweaks
- Better sneak failure feedback
- Keys are easier to use (only need to be in inventory)


* GUI - New ready light/checkbox in multiplayer
* GUI - Tweaked options menu
* AI - Added vehicle avoidance
* Vehicles - fixed problems with getting out of vehicles
* GUI - Added heads to game bar
* GAME - Ammo can be dragged onto hands.
* Game - checks inventory as well as hands for keys when unlocking doors and containers
* Traps - New n' improved destroyable traps
* Combat - Fixed combat checking armour incorrectly
* NET - Prevented begin/end turn based in multiplayer
* Gui - added up/down ladder and stair cursors
* PathFind - Collision tweaks
* AI - Fixed obscure pathing crash with AI opening doors and ending combat
* Sentry - Fixed sentry firing in TB
* Sneak - new failed message
* Sneak - failing when stealing reveals sneak
* Sneak - new sneak and LOS rules, and messages
* Game - Added new TB Team mode
* Game - Double click on keys in inventory moves them to your hand
* GUI - added cycle players in turn based
* Options - Added TB types: None(CTB), Normal, Team
* Combat - Fixed broken height bonus (was giving zero, now gives 4 * height diff in meters). On building ~= 15%
* NET - Added messagebox for being kicked, and losing connection
* Game - if using a stack of first aid kits (or doctor bags) on yourself from the inventory only one of them gets used
* Game - added message for extended skills when the target moves away and you will stop performing the action
* GUI - fixed multiple actors selected and loot window not opening bug
* Game - fixed end turn occuring when looting and the loot action used up the last of your action points
* AI - Fixed pauses in waypoints
* GUI - draws selection circles under all actors feet: red is enemy, blue is friendly but not in your squad, green is one of your squad who is selected, no circle is one of your squad but not selected
* Game - added new multiplayer chars to recruit pool
* Game - combat messages only show up if you are an attacker or target, death messages still always appear.
* Trap - Changed trap chaining explode to be more likely, Removed trap miss trap message
* GUI - fixed pickup window appearing on other clients machines in multiplayer
* GUI - smart run works with silent running perk
* Multiplayer - Returns to lobby screen on completion
* Trigger traps - using science on will give frequency to friendly's but beware of critical failure
* Multiplayer - Multiplayer game options added
* Sentry - Fixed sentry targetted shots
* AI - Fixed unconscious ppl taunting
* GUI - Removed double click run
* GUI - added multiplayer win/lose screens
* GUI - added sfx to most of the front end menus gui objects.
* GUI/NET - Added Chat "Shout", Chat "Team" and Chat "Say".
* ENGINE - Fixed problem where sneaking characters and enemy circles would show as you scroll the screen.
* Game - Fixed critical injury messages
* Sentry - Fixed sentry swapping to backup weapon
* Game - can lock doors using keys


* If you are in sentry mode, your gun will not reload. It swaps to your other weapon.
* Goes out of sync in Multi Play.
* End turn button does not work in CTB. (When you force game into TB using enter key)
* AI does not seem to respond to being shot over a longish distance at end of mission 1.
* Sometime upon exiting a game the Menu buttons will not work. Alt-F4 will get you out.
* Pressing Enter when the “Waiting for client” screen is up in Multi will dump you into the game straight away. This causes you to have to wait for the other players and some catch up happens.
* If you change the game from TB to any other mode while you are the host it will cause a lock up.
* You can start a assault game when someone is still without team.
Spotted on the official forum, which btw I really hate!

New 3D Renders by Miroslav - 3:47 -
Looks like the official site was updated with 6 new renders.
Link: Official Tactics Art Page

Finally an Interview by Miroslav - 3:39 -
I'm tired of all those demo reviews that kept poping up on every gaming site on the net. This time, we have an interview! Gamerspulse snaped an interview with Microforte guys about the graphics and sound aspects of the game. Anything else in there? :)
Just have to ask, where do you go to get ‘dying guys’ sounds?

Tony: From Interplay! (I believe they have a very harsh policy for employees who do not measure up!)

Chris: Shhhh.

Dan: Put that knife away Chris, you’ll find easier prey elsewhere.
Link: Gamer's Pulse Interview

Monday, January 15

Ads Message Board by Miroslav - 11:24 -
Following the tons of advert... spam messages on message board :) some of my admins decided to open up a new message board while I was away - Advertising and Project Announcement. Just to show off who's the authority around here! ;) Anyway, I think it's an excellent thing, as all of you who is trying to get some help for your projects, or those who want to join a project or two, head over there and check it out!
Note: this forum is moderated which means your message must be approved before it shows up.

Bioware Developer of the Year by Odin - 10:30 -
Bioware was the numbero uno at Daily Radar Developer of The Year award, and seeing that Interplay have released all of these game I thought I'd mention it, here's a quote:
The original Baldur's Gate is regarded by many as single-handedly reinvigorating the entire RPG genre back in 1998. Two years later it has been eclipsed by the epic Baldur's Gate II, an almost perfect example of what RPGs are capable of. It's a brilliant translation of D&D's Second Edition rules to the desktop, with all the detail and scope preserved. Everything about the game is simply enormous, from the number of monsters, spells, and NPCs to the sheer size of the game itself.
Guess these guys never heard of FALLOUT!!! (hmfr!)

Link: Daily Radar's Developer of The Year Award

Update at Wasteland Half-Life by Odin - 9:54 -
Gaist have updated the Wasteland Half-Life site on Friday, probably after I left for the weekend, read here:
Heavy duty inspirational period people. The three teams have now been split into four, with the tribesmen now their own team! We're also going to whack up a massive amount of things previously unspoken. The spears are going to become a tribal exclusive, with everyone else left with (still fairly nice) throwing knives for their attack purposes. There's been some reorgnization of the cast so far, and to help toward the story element we'll be continuing our work on the backgrounds of the characters. For those of you who like to get 'into' the feeling of the mod, we salute you, and try to make it that much better :) We've made some excellent progress with the code, and we're proud to say that we are now the first mod with animated p_ models :D Glad you're all sticking with us, and don't worry; We're not phased by the slow playing period, because you're gonna be blown out of your seat when you get to play what we've got going :) Stay frosty.
spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

New Developer Profiles at DAC by Odin - 9:31 -
Kreegle have posted several new developer profiles at his spiffy new Duck And Cover.So get on over and read them all!

Link: Developer Profiles at DAC

Redesign at Freelancer by Odin - 9:25 -
Yurg emailed me about his redesign of the inventory/weapon list for his Fallout Tactics section, Thanks man..

Link: Fallout Tactics Weapon list at Freelancer

Sunday, January 14

First Modding Utility by Miroslav - 21:18 -
The Mod Squad's dude MatuX finished the utility which enables you to compress and decompress the save game files and missions from the demo version of Fallout: Tactics [other versions aren't actually available;)]
Link: Save Game Extractor

Saturday, January 13

Voodoo Extreme by Miroslav - 11:52 -
Just wanted to mention, one of my favorite gaming news sites, Voodoo Extreme, got a change in layout. I must admit that this tiny spicy change really refreshed the site. Keep up the good work guys!

btw, I'm going away from town in a one day period. See you in 24 hours!

Friday, January 12

Designers Diary Part 3 by Miroslav - 22:39 -
Back on the RPG Vault, Chris Taylor wrote the 3rd part of his "Designer's Diary" articles. It was great reading it, and if you do not wish to read it, please do not miss these two paragraphs:
They send us revs. We play them, send back comments. If it's something really urgent, everyone working on it here at 14� East will hop into Brian Christian's office and we'll have a conference call. Ed Orman sends Dan Levin some files, Dan makes changes and sends the files back to Ed, Ed makes changes, Dan makes changes, Ed makes changes, Dan makes changes, Ed makes changes, Tony and Steve slap Ed and Dan.
And now, how fun it can be to send game data to another continent:
Micro-Fort� recently had to send a google of image files, so our audio department could make the movies to synch the audio up to. 16 _gigs_ of data. Time to break some hard drives and ship a couple of them (one main and one back-up) via international overnight shipping.
Link: Designer's Diary Part 3

Multiplayer Demo Update by Miroslav - 22:23 -
Chris Taylor, da man of Fallout: Tactics, posted an update on multiplayer demo on the official Tactics forum:
We have received another multiplayer demo rev today. It's getting close. There have been a substantial number of changes to the game engine. TB should work a lot better, for example.

We are incorporating Gamespy support. That's one of the big things we're still working on.

Pathing and AI have improved.

The multiplayer demo will incorporate the same singleplayer missions, so you can more easily compare the differences.

One of the last big changes we're working on is allowing you to pick your multiplayer squad from a larger pool of characters. We were not initially intending to do that for the demo, but it really is a nice feature.

Dan Levin and Ed Orman are finishing up the mission designs, specifically the dialogue. We'll need to be back in the studio shortly to record all the game dialogue.

It's raining.
Picking my own team mates? But I want to pick my own stats!!!

New Site Additions/Changes by Miroslav - 22:21 -
I've done a little redesign of that "Latest headlines" box above. I've added a nifty little graphic, plus a list of latest downloadable binaries. I've also added a little status for message board and newsletter number of users. As you can see, we're heading to 3.000 newsletter subscriber, while the board is looking forward to 2.000th registered user!

About the counter - man, this counter was a legend! It counted more than 1.200.000 people, and now it's dead. I don't know why, and techs from Gamestats aren't answering. A part of me died :(

About the poll - I'm pleased that there are over 2.000 votes already! If you haven't voted, feel free to do so.

About the newsletter - I'm looking into return to a weekly mailing since we have much more news than in the time of Fallout 2.

I'm working into resolving the problems with the downloads section. However, it won't be as quick as I thought so, as I have encountered some unforeseen difficulties (read "Miroslav forgot tons of stuff about perl").

And one notice about the Items section for Fallout: Tactics. I'm not compiling a list of weapons as Microforte stated that all weapons from the demo should/may change in the final release. Also, there are hidden items within the demo archives, which stats are completely wrong, possibly the graphics.

Fallout: Tactics First Look by Miroslav - 21:51 -
A Czech web site called Bonus Web slapped it's own first look of Fallout Tactics. I can't understand anything, so what, nobody's perfect :)
Link: Bonus Web - Tactics First Look - Czech language only

Info on the Blank Screen Problem by Odin - 12:34 -
Chris Taylor have posted this on the board regarding the Blank Screen problem:
Here's a report from our QA department:
Program Launch
The game will not launch if the Hardware Acceleration Level for the sound card is not set to Full Acceleration. This option is found in the DirectX utility 'DXDIAG.EXE'. Also, in Windows 98 and above, it is in Control Panel -> Multimedia -> Advanced Properties -> Performance. This bug has been proven to occur on two machines -- one with an SB Live!, and the other with an Aureal Vortex -- both with the latest drivers.
Seeing I can't get into the board, many thanks to Vault13.

"New Screenshots" by Odin - 11:17 -
Online Game Review have posted 54 "new" screenshots, these are all screenshots from the demo, so for those of you who still haven't downloaded the demo (WHAT??!!Shame on you!), take a peek.You can see almost everything that's in the demo here...

Link: FT Demo Screenshots

Still haven't got the Fallout Tactics demo ? by Odin - 11:08 -
Well now, it seems JC (Vault13) have found a solution, if you don't want to wait for the March issue of your computer magazine,to get the demo, you can do this:
Gamespy's Fileplanet is offering their Editor's Choice CD which is full of demo's and movies. Looks like FOT managed to sneak in among them so if you absolutely need to play the demo you can order the Editor's Choice CD for 9.95$ US.

You can also build your own custom CD.
Spotted at Vault13.

New Poll.. by Odin - 11:03 -
The Daily Telefrag have posted a Best Game poll (even though Fallout Tactics isn't released yet, it's still in the poll)..You can all go and vote for Fallout Tactics here.

Spotted at The Daily Telefrag

Update: I also spotted that JC have posted this at Vault13.

New and Improved Duck And Cover by Odin - 9:06 -
Kreegle and his gang of crafty critters have finally finished their updated on Duck And Cover,and now I know why it took some time. They're hosted by RPG Planet now.
As for the new design, I think it's kickass KEWL!! So be sure to go and check it out, but remember kids...always come back to NMA, it's like a drug, once you read one news, you have to read another..erm..

Spotted at Duck And Cover

More on Hair by Miroslav - 5:20 -
Ed Orman was quick and answered something about these hairy deathclaws:
Our skew was that the Deathclaws in the region our game is set have adapted to the differing climates.

They're already a highly mutated creature [the doc in Navarro only theorises that they're Jackson's Chameleons], so it doesn't seem too far a reach for them to have evolved a little more in the radiated, FEV soaked environs.

Consider: Even coming from the base stock of lizard, they've still managed to grow to 20 times their normal size, develop intelligence and bipedal movement. Is hair really that unbelievable?

Link: Full Tread

Deathclaw has HAIR?! by Miroslav - 4:38 -
Fallout Extreme web site obtained 3 new rendered images from Tactics. This is great news, however I'm VERY frustrated. Take a look at that deathclaw picture. My god, it's full of... HAIR! Yes, hair! WTF?! Since when Deathclaw's got hear? Deathclaw is a lizard, which is clearly described in Fallout 2. Do lizards have hair? Yeah, I saw some alligators with Lenny Kravitz hair style. No more comment.

ps. Sorry for harsh words in this post, I'm really disapointed in Microforte now.

Link: Fallout Extreme Special Renders

New Box Art? Nah... by Miroslav - 4:17 - web site has a new front logo. It represent a tip on how the Tactics box should look up. New picture? Nah, we had this one in our new layout for quite some time! :) Who's da site, eh? ;)

Link: Join

The Mod Squad Moves by Miroslav - 3:11 -
As mentioned before, The Mod Squad had problems with their servers which "decided" to delete some of their stuff. Several days they were unable to update.

We, the No Mutants Allowed Web Site, are pleased to announce that as of today, The Mod Squad is an affiliate of this site. Give them a visit, as they're only a click away, there are tons of files over there, from game modifications to various modding utilities.

Link: The Mod Squad

Thursday, January 11

New Fallout Sites by Odin - 12:40 -
For those of you who'd like Fallout news in German, you can all check out these new sites called Planet Fallout (Their layout looks alot like ours, hmm....) and Fallout Fan..

Spotted at Fallout eXtreme.

New Reviews of the FT Demo by Odin - 12:25 -
Found this at Strategy Planet,Pc Strategy Games have written a review of the Fallout Tactics demo, here's a bit from it:
Fallout Tactics manages the same trick by plunging you slap bang into one of the richest and most comprehensive gaming universes ever created, and the game doesn't miss a beat. There's an unprecedented level of character and general interaction for a game of this sort and you'll spend as much time exploring and revealing the lovingly created levels as you will in the pursuit of mindless violence. But for those of you who like that sort of thing (violence, that is), Fallout Tactics won't let you down. It still boasts some of the best gibbing sequences in a game of this sort.
Read the rest here.

And Quarter to Three have also posted a review of Fallout Tactics, you can read it here
Thanks to Yurg for emailing me about this one.

Fallout Tactics release date ?? by Odin - 10:22 -
The Adrenaline Vault has updated their preview section with this note, Fallout Tactics release date has been moved from the 27 of February til 15 of March, could this be the date ?

Spotted at The Adrenaline Vault

New 3D rendered art at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 9:51 -
Krazikatt has updated the official Fallout Tactics page with some more kickass 3D rendered pictures. Check them out:


Link: Fallout Tactics Art Page
Thanks to Yurg for emailing me about this...

Rant by Odin - 9:49 -
Well here I am, back again. And ready for more news posting and other things, I've been sick the last days. So that's why I haven't posted any news..sorry about that...

Wednesday, January 10

Tactics Box Art by Miroslav - 3:14 -
Just one note: this box art is not the final, it's just preliminary art which shall certainly change. Do not bug anyone about it :)

The full sized image can be seen at FreeLancer. Click here.

New Demo Walkthrough by Miroslav - 2:46 -
There's a new tactics walkthrough for demo mission 1 at Freelancer. Check it out. What is with Mission 2 walk through at No Mutants Allowed? Well I figured out there is a little point in doing it. Already the maps are mapped and little can be said. The missions are easy. We'll see when the full game comes out, it might be a little challenging, so there would be a point in creating a walk through. I hope you agree with me. If not, just send me a bitch mail :) Cheers!

Update: Yurg also posted mission 2 tactics.

Fallout Pen&Paper by Miroslav - 2:28 -
Just stumbled across this site. It has a Fallout Pen&Paper game, with system very, very similar to Fallout. Almost the same. If you're into pencil and notebook play, you might want to check this site.

Time for Mod Teams by Miroslav - 1:29 -
TeamX just recruited new staff member. It's Abel, maybe his name is not familiar to you, but his program certainly draw your attention: acm2wav (.acm to .wav sound file convertor), snd2acm (.wav and raw PCM to acm sound file convertor) and f1undat (Fallout 1 .dat file unpacker). Abel is working on a Tactics image viewer and converter. Alpha version is available for internal use, public release to come soon.
Link: TeamX Home Page

Speaking on modding squads, PipBoy 2000 le web site had some technical problems, they should be fully functional in a short period of time.

Tuesday, January 9

Message Board Tidbits by Miroslav - 21:09 -
Chris posted his opinion of whether BIS intends to do a Fallout 3:
I'm sure there will be a FO3.

I don't know when.

It's not an official title, but c'mon, do you really see BIS never doing another Fallout game? Can anyone here stand up, look me straight in the eyes and say that BIS will never do another Fallout RPG?(1)
(1) Beyond the fact that we're typing at each other, and standing up and looking at my face would be, in the words of Lum the Mad, HARD.
But wait, beside typing his words of consolation, Chris also answered some things about Fallout: Tactics.
on multiplayer demo release date - The MP demo is _soon_. No specific date yet.

We just got a new rev and we're expecting at least one more.

on usefulness of charisma - There are some new leadership-related Perks that require higher Charisma scores.

They tend to affect the rest of your squad.
There, I hope I did a good job on message board like Odin does. I really hate Interplay's web board program.

Next Project by BIS by Miroslav - 20:38 -
Here's an intersting tidbit posted on Blue's News:
The majority of the Torment team is working hard on a game using Fallout's SPECIAL system in a fantasy RPG. They are building up the Lithtech 2 engine for use with the game and have been pumping out content for a while now. The Heart Of Winter team will be moving on to a classified project, and I and some other kids from assorted projects are in the pre-production stages of yet another project. So, what's next? A lot.
Thanks to Andrew for this tidbit! Ripped from Blue's News

Another Demo Review by Miroslav - 20:31 -
I got this a little late, because of my problems with email (messages gets delivered some 12 hours after they are received on server, strange huh). Guys at ReviewScan (a new website dedicated to posting game reviews) reviewed the Tactics demo. And as usual, the conclusion:
Though it definitely doesn't look like it was pulled out of a finished product, the Fallout Tactics demo is a good demonstration of the gameplay experience that we will find in the final product. All in all, the demo was entertaining and definitely made me anxious to get my hands on the full copy of the game.
Link: Review Scan - Tactics Demo Preview

Black Screen in Demo? by Miroslav - 3:00 -
Ok, you had your fun with demo. But some were not so fortunate. Several people reported that the demo would not work on their computer, just blanks the screen and hangs. Chris Taylor asks for more info on this matter.
We need some help tracking down the cause of the Black Screen of Death. If Fallout Tactics does not start for you, and all you get is the Black Screen of Death, please give us the following information:

a. System Processor
b. Operating System version (Win95, Win98se, NT, and so on...)
c. Amount of RAM
d. Video Card (and driver version number, if you can get that)
e. Sound Card (and driver version number, if you can get that too...)
f. DirectX version (run dxinfo)

Basically, we need some system spec info to be able to duplicate (and thus *fix*) the problem.

The more information the better.

Just go out to the official forum and post a message!

TeamX Goes Public by Miroslav - 2:54 -
Today, to my greatest joy, I received a mail from Maxxim, webmaster of the site. TeamX, a Russian modding group, finally decided to go open public, or speaking in other words, their official language is English. This means that TeamX is now more opened to general public, and I hope they are serious in their work. These guys made you some of the best convertors of Fallout file formats around, making the first Fallout Mapper (map editor, not available for public) and so on.
I will look into working more closely with TeamX guys, and bring you the latest news.
Link: TeamX Web Site

Fallout 2 Trivia by Miroslav - 2:34 -
Just spotted this one at Gamespy. RPG Planet (a member of Gamespy network) just launched it's Fallout 2 Trivia test for all of you wastelanders over there. It was a fun answering, but to be honest, this test sucks :) I scored 20 out of 20 and here's what I got for my result:You are the Chosen One. Arroyo is as good as saved.
Go ahead and try it out! If you score under 2, I'll buy you a bottle of Vodka (only if you're over 18 please)!
Link: RPG Planet Fallout 2 Trivia

ps. I admit I had problems with answering to one question, #14 :)

Monday, January 8

Win a Falcon Nortwest Computer! by Miroslav - 2:18 -
Okey guys, the contest has started! All you have to do is go to this page and enter your email address. Easy as that! Here is the computer specification:
Motherboard - Asus A7V KT133 5PCI 0ISA ATA100 3 DIMM
CPU - Tbird 800, AMD Thunderbird 800Mhz, 256k Full Speed L2 Cache
CPU Cooler - CPU cooler/heatsink for Athlon CPU's
Memory - 128 Megabyte SDRAM, 7 ns, PC133, CAS 2 -133MHz
ATX Midtower - 3- 5�" & 5- 3�" (2 open) bays, 300 Watt PS, 2 extra fans
Hard Drive IBM Deskstar 75GXP 45GB 7200RPM ATA100
17" Monitor - Optiquest Q75 .25dp, 1600x1200
Video Card - Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS 32mb GeForce2
Mouse - Microsoft Intellimouse Optical Ps-2/USB
CD-ROM - Toshiba 48X Speed, Internal, Caddyless, 78ms, UDMA/2
Sound Card - Creative Labs Soundblaster Live! - Value
Speakers - Creative Labs PC Works FourPoint Surround
Modem - 3Com V.90 Hardware PCI Modem
System Software - Microsoft Windows ME Millenium Edition w/CDD & Cert.
Nice machine, what can I say... nothing but lame memory, other components are too good for only 128 Mb Ram, and the hard drive could use a format and a new OS :)

Sunday, January 7

New Demo Review by Miroslav - 21:15 -
This is annoying. More and more demo reviews, this time IntelGamer did this one. Here's the verdict:
What’s good: Polished engine, familiar game play for Fallout fans, nice graphics and a lot of tactical depth.

What’s bad: Minor balancing issues with weapon accuracy/damage. Lack of good atmospheric sounds.

Graphics: 90%
Sound: 80%
Gameplay: 95%
Overall Impression: 90%
Link: IntelGamer - Demo Review
Thanks to Yurg for heads up

Friday, January 5

Update on the Multiplayer Demo by Odin - 23:14 -
JC (Vault13) have evidently sent an email to Chris T and asked him some questions regarding the upcoming multiplayer demo of Fallout Tactics:
What's the current status of the multiplayer demo, will we be seeing it soon?
We have one copy, we're expecting another rev shortly. It is not final.
Will the multiplayer demo have the same maps, weapons, sprites as the single-player demo?
It will be similar, yes.

Will it be another "exclusive" release?
I don't know the answer to that question. I'll see if I can find out.

What gameplay modes will there be (CTF, DM)?
Deathmatch and Assault or just Deathmatch.
Spotted at Vault13.

New Update at Fallout Tactics by Odin - 23:02 -
KraziKatt has updated the Fallout Tactics site again, this time with some really KEWL 3D Rendered pictures (taken from the be sure and go and check them out!!


Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

Update: Yurg also emailed me about this, Thanks Man =)

Interview With WHL Crew Member by Odin - 12:39 -
Wasteland Half-Life.De have posted a new interview with one of the crew members in the WHL team, this time it's Mr.Blonde. The interview is about the next beta versions.

Link: Interview with Mr.Blonde

Spotted at Fallout Aftermath.

FT Messageboard Update Jan 5 by Odin - 10:05 -
Here are the daily bits from the official Fallout Forums, read on:
Concerns about the Overwatch feature:
We're going to be playing it before we release it to the public.

If it doesn't make the cut, it won't. But we think, in theory, it's a very valid addition to the game.

Also, I don't think it will allow the unloading of the entire AP bar. That's not kosher.

About the box art, seen yesterday:
Calm down everyone! hehehe...

that's not the box art. Chris wasn't lying, they're still throwing some ideas around. That image that they have up there is just a poster that was made for one of the ad campaigns.

Also, we did have the people from the test group vote on about 10 different looks and they're taking the suggestions from that to create and awesome box. :)

Don't worry I'll have the new box art up for you as soon as it comes out!

Chris: That is certainly not the box (the picture on, which is a pretty nifty keen site... :)

The current box, which again isn't final, features the PA head with the flames. They're still tweaking it. The dev team wants to add more characters to the front of the box (in order to emphasis the squad nature of the game). Other than that, it's getting pretty close. Nothing to show yet, however.
Spotted at The Official Fallout Forum.

New Review of Fallout Tactics by Odin - 8:54 -
Now for those of you who can read German, mine is a little rusty so I'll skip it. But a magazine called GamingMag have posted a review of the Fallout Tactics demo.

Link: GamingMag Review of the FT Demo.

Thanks to Yurg for emailing me.. :)

Fallout Tetris?! by Miroslav - 5:04 -
Just saw this one. It appear that one Russian Web site has two Fallout games available for download. One is Fallout Tetris and the other one is XO Tactics?! I'll have to get them now and see what's this about.
Links: Tetris, XO Tactics.
Note: the files are rar compressed.

XO Fallout is a XO game (go figure out) which is played on a 3x3 field. AI? Very stupid, but i this is a great try, maybe we could get a improved AI in future versions. I would much prefer to play this game than a Minesweeper or Solitare.

Contest Update by Miroslav - 5:00 -
Here's a bit of info on that Falcon Northwest contest:
don't worry, the way that I set it up... you enter your info first, and if you've already downloaded the demo, you won't have to do it again. I redirects you to the download page, so all you have to do is close the window.

we should have the contest up and running shortly.
Let's wait and see... Oh yes, and remember, this contest should be opened worldwide, not just US and Canada. Stay tuned!

SwankyGames Reviewed Tactics Demo by Miroslav - 4:33 -
SwankyGames WebSite poped up their review of Tactics Demo. It's a long one page article, and after stating some of the features this game (haven't) brought us, they listed their final word:
The Fallout Tactics demo managed to stick to the original atmosphere of Fallout though. I swore I was walking around in Fallout again at a higher resolution. It was very pretty, plus the dynamic lighting also adds a lot to the combat when you’re fighting at night. Sound is dismal though, I was expecting the guns to make a little more noise. They sounded like paintball guns on fully automatic. Ears should bleed at the firing of rifles, or, at the very least make me smile when the character squeezes the trigger and feel satisfied. They just didn’t have the kick I was expecting.
Link: SwankyGames Demo Review
Spotted at RPG Vault

Thursday, January 4

Wasteland Half-Life Updated by Odin - 10:22 -
The Wasteland Half-Life site is updated with a little update on the WHL, read here:
Hey all! The WHL team decided to take some time off for the holidays, so no 2.1 yet. Blonde's PC decided to crap out on him, so it's not like we could have finished it anyway. Just to show we know how anxious you all are, we've put together a quick little server update for you. You can get it by following the links on the left sidebar, on the Downloads Page, or by clicking on the links below this news update.

THIS IS NOT BETA 2.1!!! It isn't even a necessary update to continue enjoying WHL - the few code changes are all server-side.
Link: WHL Beta 2.0 Upgrade : .EXE, WHL Beta 2.0 Upgrade : .ZIP

Spotted at Wasteland Half-Life.

NMA Forum by Odin - 10:11 -
You guys would probably do best in dropping in on our forum, because Chris T and Karl have been visiting it, so drop in and state your case..erm...or just rant...

"New" preview of Fallout Tactics by Odin - 10:03 -
Well now, it seem Krazikatt was able to dig up an old preview of Fallout Tactics on Antagonist.Com
This is old, but there is an update there.There are no new info there, but worth a read..

Link: Preview,Update.

Spotted at Duck And Cover.

Wednesday, January 3

FT Messageboard Update Jan 3 by Odin - 12:26 -
Not alot, but some on:
Are we only allowed to choose a certain race in our squads?
Mix and match.

This contest,which is talked about on the official FT site, is it for US residents only?
as far as I know, this contest is open to everyone. :)
Spotted at The Official Fallout Forum.

Gamespy Recommends the Demo by Miroslav - 0:00 -
Gamespy released a piece of text and links, and they recommend several demos for download. Ten to be precise. Fallout: Tactics grabbed the #10 spot:
Well, it's no Fallout 3 unfortunately, but Fallout Tactics has the same morbid ultra-violent post-apocalyptic atmosphere. You'll assemble a crack squad of badasses to complete a series of missions, building up their abilities as time goes on -- it's sorta a turn-based war game with some RPG elements. Worth a shot.
Spotted at Gamespy

Tuesday, January 2

Fallout Tactics Site Updated by Odin - 22:12 -
Krazikatt have updated the official Fallout Tactics site with some things, basiclly it's about the demo (where to download it etc.), the new site ( and some "new" reviews and interview (we've posted these before).

Spotted at Fallout Tactics.

New Fallout Tactics Site! by Odin - 22:05 -
Remember the last picture in the demo, when you left the game?
Well the site is now up, and it's got a lot of kewl art and images..

You can check it out here.

Spotted at The Official Fallout Messageboard.

Dan's Birthday! by Odin - 15:00 -
Yup, that right DAC's own Dan Wood is one year older. So behaf of the NMA gang, Happy Birthday Dan..

Spotted Duck And Cover.

Rundown on the Best of 2000 awards! by Odin - 10:56 -
Interplay won quite alot on the "Best and Worst of 2000" at Gamespot. Here's the things Interplay won:
Best Music: Icewind Dale
Best Graphics, Technical: Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Best Graphics, Artistic: Sacrifice
Role-Playing Game of the Year: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
You can also vote for the Readers' Choice Ballot: The Best and Worst of 2000 here.

Gamespy also had a "Best of 2000" awards, here's the rundown of Interplay's victories:
Strategy Runner-up: Sacrifice
RPG Game of the Year: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
Special Award for Best Genre Bender: Sacrifice
Gamers Pulse have also posted their "2000 Game Awards", where Interplay almost took all of the awards, read for yourself:
Best RPG of 2000: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
3rd Place Best RPG of 2000: Planescape Torment
Best Strategy Game of 2000: Sacrifice
2nd Place Best Adventure Game of 2000: Giants
3rd Place Best Action Game of 2000: Evolva
3rd Place Best Sports Game of 2000: Virtual Pool 3
Special Award for Technical Achievement: Sacrifice
Special Award for Innovation in Game Concept: Giants
Special Award for Graphics Achievement: Sacrifice
Special Award for Sound Achievement: Sacrifice
Gamer's Pulse Game of the Year Award Winner: Baldur's Gate 2
Gamer's Pulse Editor's Pick Award Winner: Sacrifice
So we can safely say that Interplay has released many of the best games of 2000...

Rant by Odin - 9:43 -
Well, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all of you guys and gals.
I've had a little vacation, so that's why I haven't been updating the news.But now I'm back for good...erm..well until the next vacation..

New Review of Fallout Tactics by Odin - 9:41 -
Those down-under guys at BigKid have review the Fallout Tactics demo, nothing new except a little tip in it, read on:
Now for the secret demo play tip (shhh!) You start the demo with six players in your squad and experience points are shared evenly, which means you will be pretty lucky if all of your squad go up one level each. However, if you pick one of the characters and let all the others die in the first melee, you will go up at least several levels and gain access to many more perks and skills - more than the demo's designers actually intended. If you're keen to get a good look at the Tactics role playing engine, that's the way to do it.
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