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January 2000

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Sunday, January 30

Gore Patch Again by Miroslav - 13:08 -
As you may be aware of, I'm currently preparing gore scenes for those who have the game without them. But, I was wrong that all Non-US versions are crippled. Apparently, it depends on your country. Danish version has death scenes but don't have kids. German version lacks both kids and gore scenes. So, if you don't have kids graphic, go to files page and download the patch. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a little to get a complete gore patch. Which is some 40MBs :)

Friday, January 28

Great News! by Miroslav - 3:15 -
This concerns Fallout 2 and guys and gals who has a non-US version of the game. What's the deal? If you don't have a version of Fallout 2 which is intended for US market, then you have a crippled version: your death scenes are missing!
Well, after a minor mistake (find related news posted some time ago) made by me, I've decided to try again to find which files are missing. Well, this time I've done it right, and narrow the result of missing files to 160 Mb. Ziped it's 40 Mb's, so when I finish installer for this, plus uploading that huge file, plus moving it to download server, you'll be able to get it. I'll keep you informed.

Fallout Cartoon by Miroslav - 3:07 -
I really don't see this comic as a big laugh, but it's worth to see. It has some "idea connections" with Fallout, but it also has one of the splash screens. Check it out here. KoalaBear33 sent me this.

Wednesday, January 26

Fallout as Unreal by Miroslav - 20:45 -
I'm delighted that I received such a feedback on one of my news items posted few days ago, on secret game that'll be using Unreal engine, and much speculated to be Fallout 3. This is a response to people who said that using Unreal's engine doesn't mean a game to be a FPS. Yes I know, but just as that, I know of RPGs that uses that view, like Might&Magic. I personally don't fancy that view, as it is much worse than 3D isometric view (or however it is called) that Fallout, Diablo, Baldur's Gate and their clones have. So, if Fallout changes it's view to First Person, I'll dislike that game. Personally, I think that using an engine like Myth 2, is the best choice for everybody. Although it may not be as good as Myth, because movement in Fallout is "hexed", and not more precise as in Myth, which is after all a real time strategy game, that is a totally different genre than Fallout. I'd like to hear more comments on this.

Wasteland HalfLife Mod News by Miroslav - 20:44 -
According to the official site and guys who r making this mod, adding new scenarios could be very easy. This is very interesting and mostly a good news, but I'm too tired to explain :) I'd advise you to head over there and take a look. Thanx to Arcum for the head-up about this one
Link: Wasteland-HalfLife Mod Official site

Tuesday, January 25

E-mails by Miroslav - 11:39 -
I was busy these past few days, maybe it's better to say an entire past week, so I never responded to any of the emails I received. My apoligies for that, I'll get that done during the next few days.

New Rumors on Fallout 3 by Miroslav - 11:35 -
Recently, Unreal Universe conducted an interview with Digital Extreme's level designer, Juan Pancho Eekels (who, btw, worked on Unreal Tournament). He said that Digital Extreme is working on an unannounced project, and they have only released one clue (a screenshot of a title logo or something, which is a head, wearing a helmet). Now, lot's of people thinks that they're developing Fallout 3! Some sites, like GA-RPG think it's true, but I'd think again before going to their site for RPG news, if they're serious about this. I think this is a bull. Why? First, Interplay would not give up Fallout license at all, as it is a popular title and can make them lot's of money. Second, Fallout 3 using a 3D engine like Unreal's? No way, as Fallout 3 shall not be FPS game like Doom clones. In other words, I learned that it is better to wait for real news from Interplay, than speculate, releasing stupid rumors like this. Ok, I may be wrong, trust me, if I'm making a mistake, and someone make Fallout 3 as a First Person game, I'll shut down this site. And that's a promise!

Friday, January 21

David Hendee talks about Fallout 3 by Miroslav - 13:46 -
David Hendee said something interesting (as always :) on the official Fallout 2 Message board:
Again, sorry. We can't say whether there will or will not be a Fallout 3 until it is officially announced.
Just in very "general" terms. If a new engine is developed, the engine alone will take 16 to 30 months, then the rest of the development time tacked on to the end of that (12+ months). The type of game and other factors can add or subtract a great deal from that.
If an existing engine is used, it can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months... in general.
Then again, I'm not all that great with estimations so take that with a shovel of salt. ;)
This isn't to say that there will or will not be one, but it would seem strange not to do a Fallout 3? ;)
-David Hendee
Fallout 1 & 2 designer (one of the many) ;)
Black Isle Studios
Cheers to William Amos for sedning this

Wednesday, January 19

Wasteland HalfLife Update by Miroslav - 13:11 -
Developers of the Wasteland-HalfLife Mod released some more screenshots. Click here to see them.

Wednesday, January 12

New Message Boards by Miroslav - 1:56 -
As I said some few days ago, new message forum is installed. Old forums are still working, but they'll be closed sometime this week. Friday perhaps. So, check out this new forums:
Link : NMA Discussion Forum

Violence in European Fallout 2 by Miroslav - 1:50 -
As you know, non-US versions of Fallout 2 are crippled. They are missing violent scenes. I have tried to see which files are missing, but that is where problems start. I saw that many files are named differently, so the total match of different files is more than a 400 MBs! Unpacked that is. So even if I pack those files, there is no way I can upload that kind of data with my connection. I can't even upload a walpaper made by ChosenOne (which is reallllly nice, btw). I'm sorry , but if you are located in Europe (like me), you'll have to buy US version of the game.

Fallout 3 or Fallout Online? by Miroslav - 1:42 -
GA-RPG is conducting another poll. This time they let you vote weather you'd like to play Fallout 3 or Fallout Online. Your choice at GA-RPG. News sent by Zack Macfarlane, Tek-Venom and Stefan.

Monday, January 10

Fall... Fall What?! by Miroslav - 23:10 -
This bit of news was posted on the Icewind Dale official web site. Ok, what the hell Icewind Dale has to do with Fallout? Well, it's developed by Black Isle, and as you may know already, Fallout 2 was developed by those great guys (and girl in there?!). Now read this portion of news:
On a side note, we also talked about moving our office arrangements around. Exactly how big the move will be depends on when our team will begin our next, most likely project. My guess is that it will start in the... fall. Ahem.
J.E. Sawyer, Designer, Icewind Dale
I can't recall that Interplay or one of it's guys even gave us a hint of a new title, but this "fall" seems too... get it? Fusion sent me this one

Friday, January 7

Web Site Changes by Miroslav - 18:10 -
As you might already noticed, I've made some changes to menu bar. First, there is a new page under Fallout 2, The Car. I've made this only because lots of people keep mailing me how to refuel a car. Second, I've removed "send your tips" link, as I have some 1200 messages from this. I'll add them to web site soon, I hope so :) Also, ICQ List is off-line now because some functions were not working. I'll set up new one in a short period. Also, new message board is being prepared, all I can say is that it rocks, thanx to Roshambo for providing this program. More tweaks are about to come, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 5

HalfLife Mod ScreenShots by Miroslav - 4:50 -
There are new screenshots at the official Wasteland-HalfLife Mod Website. Just a mention for "lost" people: this is an add-on for HalfLife, not a new game. Thanx to Kagath.
Link:Official WL-HalfLife Web Site
They also mentioned a demo which should be available soon. I'll check more about this and report.

Sunday, January 2

Fallout Won An Award by Miroslav - 12:29 -
Fallout won the Game of the Millennium Award over at GA-RPG! There was a poll and Fallout won over Baldur's Gate. The battle was tight as Fallout had an advantage of not more than 10 votes :) Thanx for your help on this. Thanx to Tek-Venom for this news.

Problems Gone... by Miroslav - 2:48 -
Message board is now working great. Posts which are generated at year "19100" are still displayed like that, but new ones are registered correctly. Sheeew, that was fast, wasnt's it? ;)

Status Update by Miroslav - 2:40 -
I'm fixing problems on the message boards. First, cookies won't work but that's a minor problem and it's fixed already. Other problem is the date of the posts. It displays as 19100, this is a perl problem and I'm working on it. Other than that everything looks great. See ya soon! And have a happy Y2K!