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   Super Mutants  




 strength 5 8 13
 perception 1 5 10
 endurance 4 6 12
 charisma 1 5 8
 intelligence  1 3 8
 agility 1 3 8
 luck 1 4 10

Portraits available:

   Super Mutants are very strong and often very stupid, but they gained bonuses to general damage resistance, as well as radiation and poison resistances. They will also gain bonus hit points, but suffesrs the penalty of receiving a perk per four experience levels.
   Due to their conustuction, they are unable to use small weapons, but are experts in handling big weapons.

Special Traits:
  • Vat Skin: Gives you a +10 bonus to your AC, and any friend or foe nearby suffers penelty to perception.
  • Ham Fisted: Gives you a special tag skill on unarmed, but First Aid, Doctor, Lockpick, Traps, Science and repair gets a -10% penalty.

Special Perks:

  • Steady Arm - Your massive size means burst attacks cost one less action point while standing.
  • Psychotic - Your body has mutated to adapt to psycho stimulants. Effects of Psycho are doubled and the effects of withdrawal are halved.
  • Tough Hide - Exposure to radiation has hardened you against the elements. You gain +15 to armour class and +10 to all resistances.


Super Mutant Armor

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Super Mutant Armor MKII

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