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   Humanoid Robots  




 strength 7 7 12
 perception 7 7 12
 endurance 7 7 12
 charisma 1 1 1
 intelligence  1 5 12
 agility 1 5 12
 luck 5 5 5

Portraits available:

   The C-27 Series Humanoid Robots are devastating war machines built from pre-war technology. They have high damage capacity, including most resistances but are especially vulnerable to EMP weapons. They never get perks, but get an extra 5 skill points per level.

Special Traits:
  • Tight Nuts: This robot was built to take the knocks. It has increased damage thresholds but it is twice as difficult to repair.
  • Targeting Computer: This robot has a dedicated targeting computer. All attacks cost +1 action points to perform but when it does attack it has a +15% chance to hit.
  • EMP Shielding: This robot has a dedicated EMP shielding system. This makes it heavier and therefore slower. This trait causes a penalty to agility but a 30% bonus to EMP resistance.
  • Beta Software: This robot is equipped with experimental software. It gets 4 tag skills but is prone to unexpected system glitches.

Special Perks:

  • None


  • None avaliable