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  • Northeast of bunker Alpha there is a 100% chance that you will encounter this special Encounter.

  • Pictures Avaliable:

      What's in this special encounter:

    • You can imagine that the Micro-Forté crew have seen alot of movies, this encounter you will find Leonardo dead with a life ring, a gem and a Sketch of a stick figure with crudely drawn breasts.
    • items:

    • 1xGem, 1xSketch
    • The makers info:

    • Life ring from the titanic with a dead body. It clutches a huge gem in one hand and has a sketch of a naked girl in the other [it’s an incredibly crudely drawn stick-figure with boobs].
    • Floating Text:

    • n/a
    • Conversations:

    • n/a
    • Misc:

    • n/a