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Canadian Invasion Recreationists  

Pictures Avaliable:

    What's in this special encounter:

  • Here you will meet a bunch of people who meet once a year to reenact the American invasion of Canada.
  • items:

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  • The makers info:

  • They meet once a year in a muddy field to reenact the great American invasion of Canada, which consists of them drawing a line in the dirt and walking over it. Then they all get drunk. *** Pack their inventories with booze...***
  • Clarisse is the head of the Recrationist Society and Knitting Club. She's a pepperpot woman from Monty Python.
  • Floating Text:

  • Alright ladies and gents. The Invasion is about to start. If we can all get to the American side of the line... that's lovely.
  • Now if you'll all just step over to the Canadian side of the line...
  • ...excellent. Well done, everyone. Well done. Right.Who's for a drink, then?
  • *sniffles* Ahhh, the glory of battle!
  • Have another drink will you?
  • Later, we'll put down the Uprising of Edmonton...
  • There is a strong argument for showing that the Canadian Army wore pink...
  • We always research our reinactments to the littlest details...
  • Good job! Good job!
  • Well done everyone!
  • That was close...
  • I nearly peed my pants, wait a minute... I did.
  • *drunken singing* Oh, say can you see... by the dawn's early light...
  • I can't wait until we do this again next year!
  • Misc:

  • Sign that reads: Canadian Invasion Recreationists