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Morte from Planescape: Torment  

Pictures Avaliable:

    What's in this special encounter:

  • Here you will find Morte from the game Planescape: Tourment bouncing about, talking and talking...
  • items:

  • n/a
  • The makers info:

  • Morte is a character from Planescape: Torment, and he is being included as a tip of the hat to that game. Morte is just floating around. This is a purely conversational encounter.
  • Floating Text:

  • Morte
  • It's Morte!
  • By the powers, my feet are killing me.
  • This weather is doing wonders for my flaky, chalk-white skin.
  • This is not my century...
  • When I get back to the Cage, that berk is going to get it...
  • A duck, a prime and a berk walk into a bar...
  • Maybe I can do some push ups for bit...
  • I'm a thirty-second bomb! I'm a thirty-second bomb!
  • Can't you see I'm busy here?
  • This is no place for a fine, upstanding skull like myself.
  • *singing* I ain't got nobody...
  • This bites... I need new set of chatters...
  • *teeth chattering*
  • Conversations:

  • Whoa. One minute I'm banging around the Cage, the next I'm in the middle of some sand pile with delusions of being a desert. Must have been that shortcut through that brothel window that dumped me here... *Morte looks at you* Great... another bunch of sand-dwelling primes. Look, I'm a mim-- oh, pike it. Any of you primes know of any portals around here? No? Just my luck. First, I get saddled with some berk with a brain-box like a sack of stones and who's sole vocabulary is, "Can I ask you some questions?," and before I can lose HIM, he ditches me. Great.
  • Misc:

  • n/a