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Komodo Man  


Pictures Avaliable:

    What's in this special encounter:

  • In a reference to "The Crocodile Hunter" from The Discovery Channel, the makers of Fallout Tactics put in Komodo man who will wrestle with a variety of creatures and get killed.
  • items:

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  • The makers info:

  • The Komodo Man has gathered people to watch him perfrom feats of amazing stupidity with a variety of animals, specifically a mutant Komodo. Komodo Man is one of those incredibly annoying people who is nonetheless inexplicably popular.
  • Floating Text:

  • Stone the bloody crows!
  • Strewth, he's a strong bugger!
  • Hold still, ya mongrel!
  • Fair suck of the sauce bottle!
  • Hold your bloody horses, mate.
  • 'ang on a minute, ya dozey bugger.
  • What I'm gonna do is grab him by the nuts!
  • Oh, he's really pissed off now!
  • It's alright, I'm a professional!
  • Now I'm gonna jam my thumb up his arse!
  • Oh, he doesn't like that, does he?
  • Now he's really gonna have a go at me!
  • What the hell is this guy doing?
  • What's he doing to that poor creature?
  • This ought to be good.
  • Is he insane?
  • What's this moron up to?
  • Push him when he's not looking.
  • What kind of accent is that?
  • My money's on the lizard.
  • Conversations:

  • That's right, blokes and sheilas. Gather round.
  • What I 'ave 'ere is your typical giant mutated Komodo Dragon, my namesake if you will, a real beautiful animal. Now what I'm gonna do 'ere is bloody dangerous, so I don't want any of you gallahs to try this without supervision.
  • Basically, I'm gonna annoy the living bejeezus out of this 'ere Komodo an' see what he makes of that. 'ere I go!
  • Misc:

  • n/a