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Brothers Grimm  

Pictures Avaliable:

    What's in this special encounter:

  • In this encounter you will find two mutants, the Grimm brothers, one of them hurt. If you heal him you will gain them in your recruit pool later.
  • items:

  • n/a
  • The makers info:

  • Two super-mutants are in a ruined building.One is hurt on the ground.The other is standing over him.If the player heals the wounded mutant, they will join his character pool (only if Super Mutants are already in the pool). One is Joe Grimm, he is of average intelligence and excels in Repair. The other is Jim Grimm, with a low IQ but a good brawler.
  • Floating Text:

  • You rest, brother.
  • I'll get some help.
  • Why'd you havta stand on a mine?
  • I swear, Bro, sometimes...
  • You'll be up and walking in no time.
  • You take it easy, you're hurt.
  • You better now, bro?.
  • Let's get outta here.
  • Maybe we should check out this Brotherhood?
  • C'mon, let's go.
  • Stop dragging your feet, you're fine now.
  • Don't tread on any more mines!
  • Me hurt.
  • Big boom then foot now black with no toes!
  • Me no feel my leg!
  • Sorry, brother, me stupid.
  • Me try to disarm mine with foot.
  • Ouch.
  • Me much better now.
  • Me can walk again. Is miracle!
  • I still have 1,2... uh... toes!
  • Sorry, brother, me stupid.
  • Me watch out for mines now.
  • Jim smash mine!
  • Conversations:

  • Hey you! Yeah you! Look, my brother Jim stepped on a mine and wrecked his foot. I know humans and Super mutants are supposed to kill each other on sight but I think it's time to leave the past in the past. Now I don't want us to group hug and sing coom-bye-ya and shit but, maybe one of you guys can hook a mutant up, huh? What do ya say? Can you help my brother?
  • Hey, thanks pal. Maybe the Master was wrong. Maybe you normal humans -AIN'T- all scum-sucking fleshbags and maybe it's me but the old Brotherhood would of shot first and asked questions later. We just might have to check out this new Brotherhood for ourselves. Seeya around! Let's go gimpy. Heh heh.
  • Misc:

  • n/a