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Brahmin Poker  

  • South of Bunker Alpha there is a 100% chance that you will encounter this special Encounter

  • Pictures Avaliable:

      What's in this special encounter:

    • Here you will find a bunch of Brahmin indulged in a poker game, if you run down to them the scatter thinking it's a bust.
    • items:

    • n/a
    • The makers info:

    • A circle of Brahmin facing inwards, each saying things like "Raise you", "Hit me.", "Straight, we have a winna!".
    • Floating Text:

    • Hit me.
    • Suicide king!
    • Shuffle the deck.
    • I'll see your 20 and raise you 10.
    • Cut the deck already.
    • Ante up!
    • Straight, we have a winna!
    • I fold.
    • I'll call that bluff.
    • What rules we playing with again?
    • Keep your hooves above the table.
    • You in or out?
    • 5 card stud.
    • Nobody's that lucky.
    • Too rich for my blood.
    • Wildcards are one-eyed jacks.
    • Aces and eights. Dead man's hand!
    • Read 'em and weep! }Holy cow! It's the feds!
    • Forget the cards, grab the money!
    • Woah, it's a bust!
    • Nice playin with you fellas!
    •! Moo!
    • Bessie's gonna kill me.
    • Misc:

    • n/a