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Bazaar Day 

Pictures Avaliable:

    What's in this special encounter:

  • Here you will find a group of traders who have some useful items and other not so useful, you will find the Devilthorn armour here, not very useful but a reference to Diablo.
  • Items:

  • n/a
  • The makers info:

  • A group of people standing around a bunch of tables and other merchandise, throwing out random dialogue.
  • Floating Text:

  • "Trading an SMR for an FBSS."
  • "Selling: GLS, 5pp each..."
  • "Buying Words of Possession and Spoken!"
  • "I need an SoW!"
  • "Looking for port to gfay... give tell!"
  • "WTB GBS, LOW, SSOM, SMR, SCS, and other PHAT L3WT!"
  • "Has anyone seen my corpse?"
  • "Trading tink bag + 14.5kpp for FBSS!"
  • "Need SOW for corpse retrieval!"
  • "Need SoW!"
  • "Can I get a sow PLZ!"
  • "SELLING: BIBS 200pp, BBC 50pp, Serp Bracer 2pp..."
  • "35 ROG looking to group! Please guys! I wanna play!"
  • "I wanna play, dammit!"
  • "Look out! PKer!"
  • "No fair! I wasn't ready!"
  • "Guards! Ref! Anybody?!"
  • Misc:

  • All these Floating Text's are a reference to something in Everquest, I'll update more when I know more.