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     Single Player Demo version Cheats:

  • Unlimited Action Points

    - You must be playing in turn-based mode. Spend all but one action point and quicksave. After you quick-load your game, your character have the full ammount of action points! Now you can clear the map in just one turn!

  •  Full version, unpathced Cheats:

  • Credit Comments

    - Hold [Shift] during the credit sequence to hear comments from the development team. Hold [Ctrl] during the credit sequence to see another funny feature.

  • Infinite Items

    - By abusing a glitch, where random encounter areas "save" the location of dropped items, you can create infinite amounts of ammo, weapons, money or anything. Simply drop any items you wish to be duplicated on the floor of a special encounter area, such as the Gas Station, THE FIRST TIME YOU ARRIVE. Leave the area, and return. Pick up the items that you want, leave, and when you come back: the items will still be wherever you left them. This is especially useful for the Elixir of Life that the woman at the gas station sells you. NOTE: You can also duplicate vehicles, such as the hummer and tank using this code, if you wanted to increase your motorpool. Do not do more than one vehicle per encounter area, as the game tends to glitch.

  • Increased Accuracy

    - Before leaving to the world map, have your NPCs enter vehicles from the prone position. Reaching a random encounter will return your characters to their feet, but the crawling modifiers will remain. Repeat as desired. The latest patch corrects these duplications: they only work for the 1.0 version. However, if your characters have the increased stats pre-patch, and your game is transferred to a patched game, the stat changes are permanent! Abusing this trick may make the game far too easy, so use it sparingly.