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Fallout Tactics Chat - 14. December 2000

<Jonric> Welcome to tonight's Fallout Tactics chat with members of the team from Micro Forte and Interplay. Let's start by asking the team members to introduce themselves. To ask a question, please send it to me. One question per person please. 
<Tony-MicroForte> Hi I am Tony Oakden I have the pleasure of being the studio producer on this great and glorious project
<FalloutsChris> Hello. I'm Chris Taylor, I get to bug the guys at Micro-Forté a lot, and goof off with the new revs... :)
<Ed-MicroForte> I'm Ed, I do lotsa stuff including Game Design.
<Parrish-MicroForte> Hi im Parrish Rodgers, Lead Artist I have the pleasure of doing what Tony tells me to :)
<Karl-MicroForte> I'm Karl, I do all the fun programming, and make other programmers do the hard stuff :)
<FalloutsChris> Heh, Karl, good ojne.
<Jonric> ok, let's get going <FO_Landon> Is the demo still on Schedule?
<Tony-MicroForte> Can I just point out that cos we are on the right side of the world we are currently all at work. We are all somewhat busy putting the final touches to the single player demo. This means that it may sometimes take a few seconds for us to get a reply sorted out!
<Tony-MicroForte> Yes the demo is definetly on schedule! We are sending what we hope is the gold version tonight
<Jonric> cool <dogmeat-IGN> why fallout tactics instead of fallout 3?
<FalloutsChris> The demo is very close to being done. We're very happy with it.
<Tony-MicroForte> And it kicks ass!
<FalloutsChris> Fallout 3 is game that will have it's day.
<FalloutsChris> Fallout Tactics is using the great Fallout world in another genre.
<Ed-MicroForte> Not really a question for us
<Jonric> <Odd-A4C> OK, here is my question, will there be ANY vaults in the game, and if so, will they have the same 3 level maps? or are the East coast vaults different?
<FalloutsChris> We're trying to reach more people with the game, and explore the rest of the Fallout world. GA
<Ed-MicroForte> There is a Vault tile set, but we're not setting any missions in specific vaults.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <Damien> Does every weapon in the game look different in the player's hand?
<Tony-MicroForte> No the demo ships next week. But we need to get it finished well in advance to avoid possible problems
<Ed-MicroForte> We have weapon classes. Each class of weapon looks different.
* FalloutsChris erases his big long answer and agrees with Ed.
<Jonric> <Dan_Wood|DAC|A4C> This is a question about BOS mods: Will MF be hosting a main site for FOT modifications or will that be entirely set up with the fandom?
<Ed-MicroForte> But you won't see the difference between a desert eagle and a beretta
<Ed-MicroForte> ga
<Tony-MicroForte> We are not hosting them!
<FalloutsChris> We may host some of the better mods here at Interplay, but it's mostly up to Fandom.
<FalloutsChris> ga
<Jonric> <JC|V13|A4C> in the multiplayer demo, will there be any special scenarios or games such as CTF to play or will it be straight deathmatch?
<Tony-MicroForte> Currently th eplan is to have a choice of deathmatch and assualt
<Tony-MicroForte> It will be very limited compared to the final game but will give a taste of what the combat will be like. It plays really well already BTW
<FalloutsChris> The multiplayer demo will be pretty limited compared to the full game. ga
<Ed-MicroForte> That's for the demo. GA
<Jonric> <char> Question for the fallout guys, Do you have any plans or desires to bring this game to the MacOS?
<Tony-MicroForte> We'd love to bring it to the Mac but unfortunately the dev costs are too high. I suggest you keep badgering Interplay on the subject!
<FalloutsChris> Personally, I would like to see it on both MacOS and Linux, but it's really up to management. MacPlay is a company doing some ports of our games now. ga
<Jonric> <Shard_McKrick-oTO> I've heard rumors that the pre-order is gonna be the special edition game, and any hints at what the gift'll be?
<Ed-MicroForte> Chris?
<FalloutsChris> We haven't announced anything, but we're planning on a bonus disc of some sort -- we hope to finalize that and get the word out around the same time as the multiplayer demo (guessing there, I don't know the full details). ga
<Jonric> <FO_Landon-TBC> Are you guys pleased with the game play?
<FalloutsChris> Oh, yes.
<Ed-MicroForte> Hell yes!
<Tony-MicroForte> Well... I wish I new too! Plans vary between extra missions (very possible) , extra weapons(very possible) sound track (possible), free full size working power armor(not very likely)
* FalloutsChris chuckles at Tony.
* Ed-MicroForte wants power armor!
<Tony-MicroForte> The gameplay is very good
<Jonric> <Moist-Towelet> Will there be a diffrence between swords and knifes? (the wkashi blade kinda was a let down)
<Ed-MicroForte> We don't have swrods, sorry.
<Ed-MicroForte> ga
<Ed-MicroForte> or Swords
<Ed-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <Default> Can you go into more detail on the two types of multiplayer modes of play? I think "turn-based" is self-explanatory, but what about the "real-time-action-point" mode?
* FalloutsChris wishes we had swords.
<Tony-MicroForte> Although we do have fruit
<FalloutsChris> The Continious Turn Based (CTB) mode is available in both single and multiplayer.
<Tony-MicroForte> This will take a minuit!
<Tony-MicroForte> Ed is typing like a mad typing fiend...
<FalloutsChris> It allows for simultaneous action (ie, everyone can act at the same time), and it uses APs, but the APs regenerate fairly quickly.
<Jonric> tick tick tick
<Tony-MicroForte> Ed's keyboard is on fire
<Ed-MicroForte> CTB - Like turn based, every action you perfrom costs action points. In CTB, those action points are constantly regenerating.
<FalloutsChris> It is possible to run out of APs while shooting, for example, in CTB. That can be a bummer.
<Parrish-MicroForte> He need a quiter keyboard
<Ed-MicroForte> Movement costs nothing in CTB [running/walking].
<FalloutsChris> The purpose is to make it not so quite twich-based as true Real Time.
<Tony-MicroForte> No you have to have enough actionpoints to start shooting
<Ed-MicroForte> CTB certainly has a totally different pace to any RTS I've played.
<Ed-MicroForte> Is that clear enough?
<FalloutsChris> And the same perks that provide bonuses in TB help out in CTB as well. GA
<Tony-MicroForte> CTB rocks!
<Jonric> <Terra> Will the random encounters feature any of the new 4+ Fallout clans that have appeared since late 1998?
<Ed-MicroForte> Um . . . .
<Tony-MicroForte> I'd love to say yes but Ed wont let me commit!
* Karl-MicroForte Is glad to be back
<Jonric> <Duke> when playing co-op missions, will anyone be able to join at anytime, or will it be the teams who start play all the way through only?
* FalloutsChris is glad that Karl is glad to be back.
<Ed-MicroForte> We'll have to see. It's really a time thing [ie, if we have time, I'd like to].
<Tony-MicroForte> We'll have to think about the implications but things like that can be prety cool as long as they do not get in the way of the game
<Ed-MicroForte> You'll have to play from the beginning. No joining halfway thru.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <JC|V13|A4C> Pertaining to vehicles: Will you be able to crash vehicles into each other and cause damage?
<Ed-MicroForte> You sure will. GA
<Jonric> <Damien> Can you describe some of the new death and pain animations you have included in fallout tactics ?
<FalloutsChris> I like that. Death _and_ pain animations.
<Tony-MicroForte> Ed is thinking
<FalloutsChris> One nice thing is that you can see blood splurt behind people when you shoot them.
<Ed-MicroForte> We've done a few things.
<Parrish-MicroForte> the art team had LOTS offun making them
<Ed-MicroForte> ne, there's now great blood splats when you shoot people/things.
<Ed-MicroForte> Two, the animators have put a lot of detail/.frames/gore into the death animations.
<Tony-MicroForte> Blood oozes out form dead bodies and bleeding characters leave blood trails
<Ed-MicroForte> But you'll see the classics. Melt, electrify, etc.
<FalloutsChris> The death animations certainly do look "Fallout-y"... ga
<Jonric> <AmPriS> how long will it take for player setup in multi player? 
<Ed-MicroForte> Karl's answering
<Karl-MicroForte> Well, if youre fast 10 seconds.
* Ed-MicroForte gasps with amazement!
<Jonric> <_StarWolf_> How about the AI? Are computer-opponents attacking, have a standerd patern, or don't they move at all...
<Karl-MicroForte> How fast can you click a mouse?
<Ed-MicroForte> Karl is answering th AI one . . .
<FalloutsChris> The AI has been one of things we've been working on recently with the demo.
<Ed-MicroForte> Still coming . . .
<Karl-MicroForte> They have a set of tactics that they use for different situations...
<Ed-MicroForte> They don't stand still.
<Ed-MicroForte> Unless we tell them to.
<Ed-MicroForte> Karl is still going . . .
<Karl-MicroForte> Often in a map we will specify how we want them to act as well (defend, attack etc)
<FalloutsChris> AI characters can change stances, move around and generally perform all the actions a player can perform.
<Karl-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <KillerPorn> i have a question, Can you trade in the game? or does your equipment get assigned to you? If not, do you get a salary to purchase things or do you have to get stuff off the corpes??
<FalloutsChris> Well, yes.
<Ed-MicroForte> You can trade AND equipment will be assigned to you.
<Ed-MicroForte> You also want to loot anyone who is unfortunate enough to die near you.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <DJ_Slamak-VOTF> Is it possible for the driver/passengers to jump out of a car while driving? If so, will it give them hitpoint damage (influenced by the speed of the vehicle, the character parameters, etc.)?
<FalloutsChris> (You can even loot your own dead when they "unfortunately" pass on...)
<Ed-MicroForte> ICATATT, sorry.
* FalloutsChris claps at Ed, yay!
<Tony-MicroForte> BTW guys cos of the deadlines we have this chat will have to end at 1.00 our time (about 35 minutes away) so that we can get back to finishing the demo
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <Odd-A4C> dumb question, what color is ghoul and mutant blood?
<FalloutsChris> Red, except in Germany.
<Jonric> <Moonbiter_TBC> Q for the developers Has any effort gone into the multiplayer "point values" yet and if so any details that you can share?
<Ed-MicroForte> Ghoul and Mutant blood is a different color to normal blood. Kind of sickly green [I think].
<Tony-MicroForte> We have put some effort into point values but nothing is finalised yet
* FalloutsChris has been corrected.
<Tony-MicroForte> I assmue by point values you are talking about MPlay ranking?
* Ed-MicroForte grins sheepishly to Chris
<Jonric> <Moonbiter_TBC> No I was talking the values for equipment and stats
<Tony-MicroForte> Or are you talking about balancing in which case we will be using the cost of weapons as one of the balancing mechanism
<Tony-MicroForte> Balancing characters is much harder but we have some mechanisms roughed out
<Tony-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <Duke> how big will the full installed game be? (medium size I mean)
<FalloutsChris> (Hey, I just looked at the Ghoul death anims we have -- still red blood... :P )
<Tony-MicroForte> Yep it's still red blood on your version chris
* Ed-MicroForte says green blood is still in the works
<Tony-MicroForte> One CD will be an install CD (640M ish) then there will be two other CD's which will be loaded from during the game
<Tony-MicroForte> Full install will be about 2G
<FalloutsChris> It's a lot of art and audio.
<Tony-MicroForte> It is a lot of art and audio
* FalloutsChris chuckles at Tony.
<Tony-MicroForte> But the game should play fine with a medium install
<Jonric> <JC|V13|A4C> Chris stated that grenades are more realistic. If you throw a grenade and it hits a wall, will it ricochet realistically? Could we bounced them around corners?
<Ed-MicroForte> We did have bouncing physics on grenades, but it doesn't really work with a system that's based on whether or not you successfully hit a target.
<Ed-MicroForte> You can still throw grenades at any point within range by force firing, but they don't bounce.
<Ed-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <Killian|V13|A4C> "Could you explain what the 'Assault" multiplayer mode different from regular DM?"
<Tony-MicroForte> One team defends the other is attacking
<Ed-MicroForte> Assault is based on achieving objectives [much like Counter Strike or UT], wheras DM is just that.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <FO_Landon-TBC> Is the only way to get the demo downloading? Or will it be avaliable through magazines and such?
<Tony-MicroForte> Yeh Chris where will it be available?
<Ed-MicroForte> Yeah!
* Ed-MicroForte slaps Karl cause he's not paying attention.
<Tony-MicroForte> Anybody there?
<Ed-MicroForte> Chris is probably checking. Can we move on to another question?
<Jonric> <Odd-A4C> speaking of multiple CDs, will there be a single disc DVD version available (thinking baldurs gate)
<Tony-MicroForte> Well, I'd just like to tell everybody what a lovely day it is here in Australia and thank god our aircon is working!
<Tony-MicroForte> I doubt there will be a DvD version
<FalloutsChris> The demo will be available on websites and we will be making it available to magazines, but there is a delay from when the magazines get the demo to when they hit the streets.
<FalloutsChris> We have no plans for a DVD version at this time.
<Ed-MicroForte> Well said!
<Jonric> <NTlancer> Would you be able to trade in MP games with other human players ? 
<Tony-MicroForte> Will you be able to trade at all? (just kidding chris!)
* FalloutsChris glares at Tony.
<Ed-MicroForte> Well, anyone who is your ally will be able to swap equipment [we're hoping to use the Barter system], but enemies will just want to kill you.
<FalloutsChris> Heh.
<Jonric> <Duke> concerning the flamethrower(assuming there is one). Will it be like the FO1 one that has a very short range and only hit the person it's aimed at, or will you be able to fire it onto trees and stuff and fill rooms with fire?
<FalloutsChris> (I guess you would always be able to put an item on the ground and then anyone can pick it up...)
<Ed-MicroForte> Flamethrower works the same, pretty much.
<Ed-MicroForte> No "rooms of fire", sorry.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <Moist-Towelet> will all party members be custamizable or can you only "create" the main charecter?
<FalloutsChris> In single-player, only the main character can be created.
<FalloutsChris> The other characters are NPCs from the story and game world.
<FalloutsChris> Multiplayer is a different case. ga
* Ed-MicroForte is out-typed by Chris :)
<Tony-MicroForte> You cna choose where the skill points go when party members level up.
<FalloutsChris> True, you control NPC development.
<Tony-MicroForte> You can choose actually
<Ed-MicroForte> he means "can" instead of "cna"
<Ed-MicroForte> HA
<Ed-MicroForte> oops, GA
<Jonric> <bloodangel> will multiplayer work for those of us who have cable or DSL?
* FalloutsChris looks at Karl.
<Ed-MicroForte> Yes.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <JC|V13|A4C> What's the current status of the music for the game? Done?
<FalloutsChris> Music is still in the being worked on stage.
<Ed-MicroForte> As is ambient sounds.
<FalloutsChris> All audio is still in development.
<Ed-MicroForte> As _ARE_ ambient sounds. GA
<Jonric> <FO_Landon-TBC> If your main Character dies, can you still be your squad, or is that it, gonzo, DEAD!?
<Ed-MicroForte> If the main guy dies, they all go home, devestated by the loss.
<Tony-MicroForte> Game Over
<Ed-MicroForte> Finito
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <dogmeat-IGN> how does the story work in a strategy game? is there anything to do outside of the battles
<Ed-MicroForte> Sure! There's the BOS bunkers to wander around in, talk to various NPCs. There's lots to do . . .
<Tony-MicroForte> Very well
<Tony-MicroForte> Random encounters
<Ed-MicroForte> The story part is driven by the mission progression.
* FalloutsChris is glad to be back.
* Tony-MicroForte is glad chris is back
<Jonric> <JC|V13|A4C> Will there be any drawbacks to using just one or two characters in your group?
<Ed-MicroForte> Besides being overwhelmed by numbers?
<FalloutsChris> It's tougher, and if you lose a team-member you lose a larger percentage of your force.
<Tony-MicroForte> Yes the missions are designed to encourage tactical squad play
<Ed-MicroForte> Using a handfull of people tactically is a focus of the game. It is possible to play it with fewer characters, but you'll lose advantages that you'd normally have [such as multiple weapons firing at one target, ambushes, etc].
<FalloutsChris> We're trying very hard to make the game tough unless you use that tactical squad play that Tony just mentioned.
<Jonric> <smallgreenman> "how many hours of game time roughly can we expect to complete the game?"
<Tony-MicroForte> There are however some missions which are more stealth and sutibable for one guy
<Tony-MicroForte> about 40 hours
<Tony-MicroForte> It depends how good you are really
<Tony-MicroForte> It will probably take me about 80
<Jonric> <KillerPorn> Can you explain the new stage of dying?? Would the character be unconcious for the rest of the match or can they get back up eventually??
<Tony-MicroForte> There is now no dying phase. We tried it and it sucked so we have taken it out
<Tony-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <Munkyrage-TBC> will you be able to climb on roofs and stuff for sniper positions and the like
<Tony-MicroForte> Absolutely. If there is a ladder that is
<Tony-MicroForte> or stairs!
<Jonric> <Duke> when you level, does the whole team level, or only certain characters?
<Tony-MicroForte> There is a height advantage for ranged weapons
<Tony-MicroForte> The whole squad gets XP at the same time. This may mean that multiple characters level at the same time
* Tony-MicroForte welcomes Chris back to the fold
<Jonric> <Shard_McKrick-oTO> Will larger enemies be easier to hit, or smaller ones harder to hit, or both, or neither?
<FalloutsChris> I have a love/hate relationship with my computer obviously -- it loves to crash on me, and I hate it for it.
<Tony-MicroForte> It's all done through AC
<Ed-MicroForte> That's reflected in their stats.
<Tony-MicroForte> Basically yes but not so much that it's anoyingly difficult to hit small opponents
<Jonric> <Altima-TBC> How large will the demo file be and estimated time for 56k modems???
<Tony-MicroForte> demo 109M
<Jonric> <DJ_Slamak-VOTF> How many talking heads shall we see? Approximate number is enough (One, Several, about ten, dozens, hundreds...) Will these be the important people, or just randomly selected characters (like if someone thought, "it'd be nice to make this garbage man a talking head')?
<Tony-MicroForte> No talking heads. We have faces for characters but they do not talk
<Tony-MicroForte> WE made a decision to put all the work into combat related stuff I'm affraid. There are talking characters in the movies though
<Tony-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <Munkyrage-TBC> are there any fixed weapon emplacements a character can manipulate such as the machine gun posts in halflife?
<Ed-MicroForte> Nope, not in the single player, maybe iin multi
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <Terra> (compressed version) will there be MP3 importability, clan logo importability (to post over members heads) and individual tells ala EQ?
<FalloutsChris> My hatred knows no bounds (but does like to party with my envy and my dislike).
<Ed-MicroForte> MP3 - yes. Clan Logos - maybe in multi
<Jonric> <Duke> are there weapons taylored to specific skills? (like a sniper rifle, a big gun for laying down big fir, etc?)
<Tony-MicroForte> Oh yes!
<Ed-MicroForte> Plenty of weapons, each with their pros and cons.
<Tony-MicroForte> All your favourite Fallout weapons are there plus a few more
<Ed-MicroForte> For example, sniper rifles are crap at close range, pistols are fast but weaker than an SMG, etc.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Jonric> <Shard_McKrick-oTO> Will there be different armor types for different types, like Super Mutes using different armor from Ghouls, and so on?
<Ed-MicroForte> Yes, the super mutants have to use different armor, as do the ghouls.
<Ed-MicroForte> Plus the various factions of the wasteland will have their own armors.
<Ed-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <Azrael-TBC> Will any multi-player missions have story lines? or is it just capture the flag and waste the enemy like usual?
<Ed-MicroForte> Not concentrating on story-lines for multi-player, no.
* FalloutsChris kicks the living beejesus out of his machine.
<Jonric> <Zot> How many cars will be in game?
<Tony-MicroForte> six
<Tony-MicroForte> different models that is
<Jonric> <JC|V13|A4C> Will we be able to make maps for Assault and other multiplayer games using the editor?
<Ed-MicroForte> Multi-maps: Yep! Single-maps: Yep!
<Tony-MicroForte> Once we ship the level editor yes
<Jonric> we're almost at time, so two more questions 
<Tony-MicroForte> The level editor will not ship with the game though.
<Ed-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> <Azrael-TBC> Will there be any new versions of Combat Armor like Light Combat Armor or Kevlar Vests?
<Ed-MicroForte> We've actually dropped the combat armor, and introduced some new armor.
<Ed-MicroForte> but there are varaitions of each armor type [MKII].
<Ed-MicroForte> There is Environemntal armor, which has it's own uses, plus the other armors mentioned above, plus more.
<Parrish-MicroForte> all lovingly rendered :)
<Ed-MicroForte> ga
<Jonric> and of course.... <FO_Landon-TBC> Is the actual release date still on schedule [For the Main Game??]
<FalloutsChris> And very nicely rendered at that, Parrish.
<Tony-MicroForte> Yes the release date is sitll Q1 next year I don't know the exact date but we are dure to finish mid Feb.
* Tony-MicroForte tony read what he has just written and turns white and starts to shake with fear
<Jonric> heheh Thanks very much to all of the team and all of you fans for coming. now back to work on the demo 8-)
* Ed-MicroForte consoles Tony with a bottle of Gin.
<Ed-MicroForte> Ok. Thanks everyone for coming. It's been fun!
<TruthSword> thanks guys, it's been enlightening
<Tony-MicroForte> Ed is just giggling hysterically
<FalloutsChris> Heh. Thanks all.
<Ed-MicroForte> Cya!
<Tony-MicroForte> Thanks guys sorry we could not be here for longer but the demo make it worthwhile
<Jonric> cheerrs guys