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Fallout Tactics Chat - 17 November 2000

<Dan_Wood|DAC> Wait, shouldn't we start with intros?
<SCUZ_V13> I'm Ed Collins, AKA SCUZ. I'm the lead map designer and all round crazy guy at
<Odin_NMA> I'm Atle Wilson, Newsie at No Mutants Allowed.....
<Greg_V13> Greg - graphics and site design... content here and there... some other stuff that I can't think of
<FalloutsChris> I'm Chris Taylor, I make games... :)
<Karl|MicroForte> I'm Karl Burdack. I'm Lead Programmer at Micro Forte.
<Kreegle|DAC|> And I'm Kreegle!
<Miro_NMA> I'm miroslav, web master and the creator of :)
<JC_V13> I'm JC, the founder of

<Miro_NMA> <Calis> What do you guys think is the best feature of the game?
<Miro_NMA> that was a question
<FalloutsChris> Calis, I like the multiplayer. It's fun to whack my friends...
<Karl|MicroForte> I would have to say multiplayer is my favorite

<Miro_NMA> <Calis> What game would you consider direct competition for Fallout: BOS?
<FalloutsChris> Jagged Alliance! ga
<Karl|MicroForte> Thats hard, There is a new Jaggard alliance game coming out

<JC_V13> <Rudy> what will be the importance of speech and non combat related skills?
<FalloutsChris> Depends on the mission. Speech is definitely not the most important skill in the game, but Repair/Science and the others have their uses. Really depends on how you want to play the mission.

<JC_V13> <Simofett> "what kinds of kinds of armor can we expect for the game?"
<FalloutsChris> Similar to previous Fallout games. Leather, Metal, Enviornmental, Power, Tesla...
<FalloutsChris> (and more!) ga

<JC_V13> <Edgecrusher> will there be an storyline wich continues the saga or a related issue of Fallout
<FalloutsChris> Yes, it has a storyline that fits within the Fallout universe.
<FalloutsChris> To do otherwise, wouldn't be Fallout... :)

<JC_V13> <ChosenTwo> will fallout BOS have the same humor as fallout and fallout2?
<FalloutsChris> Not quite as much humor as FO2, but it has it's moments. The humor is very similar in content, but the focus of the game is on the action and the combat.

<Miro_NMA> <ChosenTwo> Will any character from fallout or fallout 2 make an appearence in Fallout BOS?
* FalloutsChris hides from answering that question.

<JC_V13> <Smackrazor|T|M|S|> Will the designers mind if fanatical players modify the game?
<Karl|MicroForte> We have no problem with mods..
<Karl|MicroForte> We even have tried to make it easier where possible
<FalloutsChris> Mods are nifty keen.

<Miro_NMA> <Gera> So, what kind of world do we have to explore. Is there only ground, or is it possible to fly too?
<FalloutsChris> No flight, but lots of different terrains and tile sets to explore.
<FalloutsChris> You have ruined cities to wastelands, and so on...

<JC_V13> <Fuel_n_Fire> to what extent will we be able to play good/evil characters with different personalities?
<FalloutsChris> You can do all sorts of bad things (for the good of the Brotherhood), except attack people in the Brotherhood Bunker -- that's bad.
<Karl|MicroForte> The brotherhood is fairly lax :)
<FalloutsChris> The goal is more important than the deeds.

<JC_V13> <LtKubeta_TBC> Here's another one: can you ask Ed how the Traps are coming along? How 'complicated' do the traps really get?
<Karl|MicroForte> Well Robin put alot of work into the traps, there is a great deal of object you can trap (doors, weapons, corpses etc)
<Karl|MicroForte> And its all working very nicely n/q

<JC_V13> <Sirimo> Are there going to be lots of easter eggs like the monty python references in Fallout 2?
<FalloutsChris> There is a good amount of easter-ish eggs. ga

<JC_V13> <Avidin> Fallout 2 was released quite buggy, what are you doing to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again? Beta program?
<Karl|MicroForte> We have a QA team operating at Micro Forte, and a bigger team at Interplay..
<FalloutsChris> Micro-Fort� has their own QA group, Interplay will be placing a good deal of QA resources on it (after HOW and SFC2 ship, which should be soon for SFC2 at least)
<FalloutsChris> We will be doing focus groups.
<Karl|MicroForte> And as developers, we hate bugs, so we will do our best of course. qa
<FalloutsChris> We also look forward to the release of the demo. It should be a good test of any platform issues we have.

<JC_V13> <Edgecrusher> will there be a integrated durability system for items like weapon & armor
<FalloutsChris> No, no weapon/armor repair.

<Miro_NMA> <Blair> : How long will fallout:tactic be comparing to other fallouts, how many hours to complete it will take ?
<FalloutsChris> We expect around 30-35 hours for single-player.

<JC_V13> <Smackrazor|T|M|S|> Why is the brotherhood lax if in Fallout 1 they were very careful about who got in and followed rigorous routines?
<FalloutsChris> Smackrazor, that is explained in the game -- it's a story issue. ga

<JC_V13> <Moyzan> how do you guys plan on dealing with cheaters/hackers in multiplayer games?
* FalloutsChris peers at Karl for that one.
<Karl|MicroForte> There is more work left there, but we will be checksum'ing data files, and all multiplayer characters will have a cost..
<Karl|MicroForte> So if you hack a character with 100 STR, it will be impossibly expensive to bring to a 1000 Point game

<Miro_NMA> <D1m3b4G> when will the multiplayer demo release??
<Karl|MicroForte> Cannot answer at this time. GA
<FalloutsChris> We don't have a firm release date for the multiplayer demo, but roughly after the single-player demo comes out.

<JC_V13> <Presto> will you start off as a bos paladin, initiate or other?
<FalloutsChris> Presto, it's a low rank. I forget the exact title (brainfart) but it's something like Junior Initiate. There are more ranks now (since we want people to be able to gain ranks a little more frequently than just once or twice...) ga

<Miro_NMA> <Tynkkynen> X-Com 1&2 featured the best action point system I have seen so far, why not "loan" it for fo:bos? in my opinion action points are not a good way to deal with turn based combat if they are handled like in fallout and fallout2. Reason for this is that every character should be able to shoot the same amount of rounds/turn. dexterity/strenght/constitution could be calculated somehow and the result would be how much the character could move in one tur
<Miro_NMA> <Tynkkynen> different weapon skills could influence the actual rate of fire but no much. have you thought about changing the system and if you have, what are the main reasons for not adapting to a more advanced system?
<FalloutsChris> Tynkkynen, because then it wouldn't be Fallout. It'd be X-Com... :)

<JC_V13> <LtKubeta_TBC> How is the point system set up? Does EVERYTHING have a cost, right down to ammo and stats?
<Karl|MicroForte> Re: Action points. We set out to use the the SPECIAL system for a tactics game, and thats what we will achieve :)
<FalloutsChris> There is a lot more to shooting a gun, it takes aiming and presence of mind and concentration, and that's all built into the SPECIAL action point system. ga
<FalloutsChris> (It's not just shooting a gun, it's shooting it accurately... That sounds better. ga)

<Miro_NMA> <Simofett> "will the game be completly linear? or can we explore the world as well?
<FalloutsChris> There is an element of exploration, and some non-linearity within each linear chapter. You can explore, however.
<Karl|MicroForte> You can explore the world, the mission structure is slightly-linear, but you can complete it at your own pace. GA

<Odin_NMA> What do you call the new creatures we have just seen on the 3D pictures just posted at FT-Bos Homepage?
<Karl|MicroForte> Hmm, I believe there is a WASP, KOMODO DRAGON LIZARD THING, and what was the other one?
* FalloutsChris is looking at the website.
<FalloutsChris> Roach.
<FalloutsChris> The Roach is called the DBC (or Damn Big Cockroach)... :) ga
<Karl|MicroForte> Actually thats BDC (Big Damn Cockroach) :)

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> Will you be able to play AFTER you have won the single-player game, as in Fallout2?
<FalloutsChris> Miro, no -- no playing after the game.

<JC_V13> <Simofett> "Will there be any FMV's in the game?"
<FalloutsChris> Yes, we have FMVs. ga

<JC_V13> <Smackrazor|T|M|S|> Will the final game be shipped with editing tools or will modding groups get the fun of making them?
<FalloutsChris> We will release the editors, but we don't know exactly how. ga
<Karl|MicroForte> We currently plan to release the editor tools as a seperate download after release GA

<Miro_NMA> <Mutant_freaK> I bet you to implement an extended dialog tree possibility for fan-made missions! :) Fallout single-player won't be the same without it
<FalloutsChris> No extended dialogue tree, sorry... :(
<FalloutsChris> That would be beyond the scope of the editing tools. It would be a hack to implement (guessing, I'm a designer, not a programmer.) ga

<JC_V13> <AM_SilverStake> how will the trading system work? will it be like fallout1/2 where you had to move everything over the main charactor?
<FalloutsChris> No. Each character can trade on their own. You have full control over all the characters in your party. ga
<Karl|MicroForte> You can move to any character, as long as they are within about 2 or so meters of eachother GA
<FalloutsChris> Yeah, 2 meters -- good point.

<Miro_NMA> <AM_Hedek> When you run over a person with a vehicle will it kill them instantly, or will it just take off a certain number of HP points?
<Karl|MicroForte> Certain number of hit points, dependent on vehicle speed, vehicle weight and AC of character GA

<JC_V13> <Engeldestodes> Will there be any timelimit like in JA2? eg: people rioting
<Karl|MicroForte> Hmm, ed would know the answer, but here is not here...
<FalloutsChris> No time limits in the game, there are some missions which have timers to do some things, but it's not a big important part of the game (unlike FO1's waterchip timer). ga

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> I read somewhere there are going to be 6+ vehicles. Is this true, or is it just the 4 we have seen so far?
<Miro_NMA> <Duke> When you run someone over, will it damage the vehicle in any way?
<Karl|MicroForte> There is at least 4 vehicles :). The vehicle is NOT damage by colliding with pple.. Yet. We will playtest that I think.

<SCUZ_V13> <T-900> Does perception affect line of sight?
<Karl|MicroForte> There is a special radius about the character of Perception * 1 Meter, and you can "percieve" anyone in that area, regardless of line of sight GA

<JC_V13> <ugh> would it be possible to develop new creatures, as well as maps, and new weapons? in other words, if someone is really good with models, and okay with code, will it be possible for us to expand the fallout story:)
<FalloutsChris> Ugh, unsure of that at this time. Quite possibly, but not confirmed. How's that for dodging the question? :) ga
<Karl|MicroForte> Hmm, its technically possible to add new graphics, and maps, and weapons. BUT not code. GA

<Miro_NMA> <AM_Hedek> In single player is there the possibility to add non-humans to your ranks?
<FalloutsChris> Without spoiling it, AM_Hedek, yes. :) ga
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes absolutely, we expanded SPECIAL to include Racial stuff :) GA

<JC_V13> <Narg> the screenshots doesnt contain any detailed info about the there going to be detailed info for all the weapons for example not pistol,but Desert Eagle?
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes, in the same way that Fallout Did, when you bring up the inventory, you can get detail about anything. GA
<FalloutsChris> You can get detailed info on items in the inventory screen. ga

<Miro_NMA> <AM_Hedek> Will each "race" be limited in their technology when it comes to multi-play? (will BOS only be able to use BOS armors and weapons)
<FalloutsChris> Various critters are limited in their weapon and armor selections, yes. Deathclaws can't use mini-guns, for example.
<FalloutsChris> (They try, but the trigger guard is too big for their claws... :) ga
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes, some races cannot use some weapons or armor. GA

<JC_V13> <Edgecrusher> will there be a timelimit (hope it ll be timelessness)?
<Karl|MicroForte> No GA

<Miro_NMA> <Eight-Ball> Adding on to that racial thing, will different races have special perks, traits and such?
<Karl|MicroForte> Yep, and some very interesting ones too :) GA

<JC_V13> <Gabriel> Will the pyrotechnics effects have 3D-card support?
<Karl|MicroForte> Well, the alpha blending effects will be faster with Hardware, so with 3D support they will perform better. GA

<Miro_NMA> <Tynkkynen> the inventory system from fallouts could use some tweaking by the way ;) have you changed it to some direction?
<FalloutsChris> Inventory has changed -- multiple columns, sorting system. LAFO. ga
<Karl|MicroForte> A few things, easier scrolling, multi-column, categories... Yeah what chris said :) GA

<JC_V13> <Smez> how many new weapons will be in fallout tactics? can you give me a precise number?
<FalloutsChris> Heh.
<FalloutsChris> No precise anythings! Er...
<FalloutsChris> Lots. Many.
<FalloutsChris> No, those are precise.
<FalloutsChris> Hmmm.
<FalloutsChris> The current count is over 100, but I don't like releasing precise numbers for that, since things may change before we release. ga

<Miro_NMA> <Europa> how will Mplayer handle the game? how (on Mplayer) will it be different or similar to other games which are currently being palyed on Mplayer... will Mplayer have universal stats for each player? if so, then will they be made publicly available?
<Karl|MicroForte> Cannot talk about MPlayer yet. Sorry :) GA

<JC_V13> <LtKubeta_TBC> Will teams be dynamic? In other words, will we be able to make an 11 man team vs as 6 man team, or 8 vs 10..etc..etc..?
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes, currently you can, it is completely up to the people setting up the multiplayer GA
<FalloutsChris> Players are limited to six characters each, but can team with any number of other players (well, any number up to total number of players minus one, I would assume.)
<Karl|MicroForte> Yeah what Chris said :)
* FalloutsChris would like to add that the maximum number of characters in a game is 36.

<Miro_NMA> <Eight-Ball> Ed, what's the 411 on coop play?
<Ed-MicroForte> You can ally yourself with other players, but if you mean cooperatively playing through the single player missions, that's a no-go, sorry.

<JC_V13> <AM_Hedek> Will I be able to throw grenades inderectly? (ie: not have to aim at a character to use them)
<Ed-MicroForte> Yep, you can force fire at the ground [with any weapon, not just grenades].
* FalloutsChris dives on the grenade, and takes one for the team!

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> are there any visual effects that can't be used without a 3D card?
<Karl|MicroForte> 3D Cards: Our software renderer is capable of doing all the effects that the hardware can, with a good enough processor. GA

<Dan_Wood|DAC> Does this mean we can rocketjump?
<Ed-MicroForte> Rocketjumping: Well, you can have your guys throw themslvbes into the air using explosives, but they don't come back down in one piece.

<JC_V13> <Engeldestodes> How about cutscenes? Will there be any or just mission briefings?
<Parrish[MicroForte]> In terms of cut scenes we've done 5 so far
<Ed-MicroForte> Engeldestodes: Yep, there's cut scenes and slide shows.

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> Will there be special multiplayer maps designed for just 2or3 people? And if so, will there be any NPC on them besides the players? (i.e. merchants or rats)
<Ed-MicroForte> Duke: That will depend on the mode of mulitplayer you're in. Certainly, we can have maps that let you fight versus human players and NPC critters as well.

<JC_V13> <Sigard> who done the music for game? do you guys think that music will be same level like it is in fallout 2?
<FalloutsChris> The music is still being worked on. ga

<Miro_NMA> <Edgecrusher> is it planned to have different Ammo types for each weapon to increase penetration and so on
<Ed-MicroForte> Ammo Types: Hell yes. Robin has worked up the code for ammo, so we have the usual AP, Ball, JHP, etc plus some new ones.

<JC_V13> <Edgecrusher> is Fallout Tactics going to have more filled detailed Maps and more infostuff for the PIPBoy
<FalloutsChris> Yes and yes. ga

<Miro_NMA> <Doguts-UV> is there any chance of Ppl in the old style Brotherhood armor, without the helmets? (Like that one guy in Fo1)
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes GA :)
<Miro_NMA> yes for old armor or last question?
* FalloutsChris looks at Parrish.
<Karl|MicroForte> No, we don't have that old amour. GA

<JC_V13> <Narg> will there be the ability to take drugs like in Fallout1-2?
<Karl|MicroForte> There are plenty of "Chemicals" GA
* FalloutsChris takes Mentats, personally.
<Ed-MicroForte> I like psycho, but I come down with Voodoo

<Miro_NMA> <Europa> will there be a FOG of WAR option?
<Karl|MicroForte> No fog of WAR. GA

<JC_V13> <Avidin> I have seen some polls and such around concerning releasing fallout action figures with the game, any comment?
<Ed-MicroForte> Action figures: I WANT THEM SO BAD.
<Karl|MicroForte> Action figures == Cool
<FalloutsChris> We're working on deals, but nothing official has been announced. The future is very unclear, sorry. :) ga

<Miro_NMA> <AM_Hedek> Will the map-editor be only used to create multi-play maps, or can we use it to generate more single player maps also?
<Ed-MicroForte> I believe we're releasing the cmapaign editor also, so you could make a single-player campaign.
<Karl|MicroForte> You can make single player maps, and use the campaign editor to string-em together. GA

<JC_V13> <LtKubeta_TBC> Will there be Artillery? I remember there was some discussion as to letting in indirect fire weapons...
<Ed-MicroForte> Artillery: Not as standard issue, but it may play a part in one mission.

<Miro_NMA> <Presto> when playing multiplayer, will everybody start off in the same city and wander around, or will it be played like ultima online where you pick what city you want to start in and travel?
<Karl|MicroForte> Multiplayer works more like games like starcraft etc. All within one mission/map GA
<Ed-MicroForte> Multiplayer is a strictly one mission deal, so you'll all start in the same map and play out the combat there,

<JC_V13> <Souma> Will it be possible to have more than 2 teams in multiplayer?
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes, up to 8 teams GA

<Miro_NMA> <Mertzinger|UV|TO|> Is it easier to aim for the head when shooting from a 3rd floor then on the ground?
<Ed-MicroForte> Being higher than your target gives you a binus to hit, so yes it is easier to hit overall.
<Karl|MicroForte> Well, youre chance to hit is increased in general when higher than your target. GA

<JC_V13> <AM_Hedek> size of the maps : bigger or smaller than in F2?
<Karl|MicroForte> Maps can be considerably larger than those in F2. GA
<Ed-MicroForte> Size of maps: We can do VERY big maps, but I guess a comparison would be 1 entire Fallout town = 1 FT map

<Miro_NMA> <Mutant_freaK> Can you and your allys defend a fortress versus another party? Multiplayer maps of that kind would be neat :)
<Ed-MicroForte> Multi Maps: Yep, capture the flag, deathmatch . . .and maps to support them

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> I noticed some voice talents were in both Fallouts. Are there any plans to have some of them return for Tactics?
<FalloutsChris> We have a pretty good sized budge for audio talent in FOT, and we hope to get some of the same guys back again.
<FalloutsChris> It depends a lot on schedules, however. *crosses fingers*
<FalloutsChris> We should be doing the first audio recordings soon. ga

<JC_V13> <Gabriel> Will the game include any new character abilities (like strengt, agility etc) ?
<FalloutsChris> Ohhh. No, it's the same SPECIAL system you've seen before. Some new traits, skills, and perks, however. Base abilities stay the same.

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> will there be fixed weapons emplacements? (i.e. large gatling guns, etc.)
<Ed-MicroForte> Fixed Weapons: Nope. Not that you can use.

<JC_V13> <Engeldestodes> Is there any communication between your charakters?
<Ed-MicroForte> Communication: can you be more specific? GA
<Ed-MicroForte> Commincation: Not planned, no.

<Miro_NMA> <Drakehash> what is the name of the armor in the wallpapers?
<Ed-MicroForte> Power Armor: Power Armor :)

<JC_V13> <Azrael-TBC> what about Stealth. What will happen if a character walks in front of another while using stealth, will he simpley appear invisable?
<Ed-MicroForte> Karl can answer stealth ones
<FalloutsChris> Stealth makes the character for translucent. If you get noticed, you will know it... :)
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes, you will become visible to everyone again. GA
<Karl|MicroForte> Oh, It depends on youre sneak skill of course..

<Miro_NMA> <Falloutboy14> when will the regular game (not demos) be released
<FalloutsChris> No set release date for the final. We are saying: Q1, 2001 (first quarter of next year). ga
<Ed-MicroForte> Release Date: . . .
<FalloutsChris> Q1, 2001. Q1, 2001. (Unless that changes)... ga
<JC_V13> <Guest71513> When playing MP, will every character start out basically from scratch or will those that survive carry experience onto further MPlayer missions?
<Karl|MicroForte> No currently you cannot carry over experience to other missions.. GA
<Karl|MicroForte> For multiplayer I mean
<FalloutsChris> Heh. Good catch, Karl.

<JC_V13> <Souma> About how many team colors will there be to select from in multiplayer (hopefully more than there are teams!)?
<Ed-MicroForte> We're going to do a color picker that lets you choose from the usual huge range.

<Miro_NMA> <Sawtooth> Does the adult entertainment industry have a presence in the, you know, increase a soldier's morale?
<tony_oakden> We have brothels if that's what you mean!
<Karl|MicroForte> Haha
<Ed-MicroForte> Brotherls: For boys and girls [and people who like ghouls, and maybe brahmin]
<tony_oakden> Yeh we've got Live Girls and Dead Girls!
<tony_oakden> And something in between
<Ed-MicroForte> Waaaaay too excited there, Tony.
<tony_oakden> Just give me some of that sloppy ghoul action!
<Ed-MicroForte> eeeeeeew

<SCUZ_V13> <Mars-TBC> Will the maps in Multiplayer be Earth sized or just one city?
<Karl|MicroForte> Maps: Well no, they are not earth sized. More city like. GA

<Miro_NMA> <Tynkkynen> any chance of getting an expansion pack or something that would allow mission based multiplayer games? eg. first teams would fight on neutral ground and after fight was over the loser would have to defend some kind of target like radar station or town of some sort, for example?
<FalloutsChris> Talking about an expansion pack is premature at this time.
<tony_oakden> remember that this is basically a mission based game - with a world map which links the individual missions

<JC_V13> <MadLeaf> How will fuel be handled for vehicles?
<Ed-MicroForte> Fuel: Vehicles use fuel.
<Ed-MicroForte> Not much else I can say. GA

<JC_V13> <Edgecrusher> will different weapons and armors change the modelskins for more detailed visuliation of an character(like in Diablo 2)
<tony_oakden> All main characters are rendered with a variety of weapons

<Miro_NMA> <Presto> what role did movies play in the creation of the fo series? (such as damnation alley, dr.strangelove, or how i learned to stop worying and love the bomb, atomic cafe, etc)
<Ed-MicroForte> That's one for chris. We're all inspired by movies of different types.
<FalloutsChris> Movies influenced the original Fallout, obviously. Mad Max, A Boy and His Dog, City of Lost Children... Strangelove, naturally. Road Warrior, too. ga

<JC_V13> <Sirimo> How many areas of the multiplayer game are going to be customizable (ie clan logo on the back of your jacket perhaps?)
<Ed-MicroForte> Clan Logos: Not doable on the sprite [obviously have to overlay it in 8 directions, lots of animations].

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> will there be more ambient sound then the other 2 Fallouts, like wind and people talking?
<Ed-MicroForte> Parrish is a big fan of wind noises.
<FalloutsChris> We have a large ambient sound effect list. ga
<tony_oakden> Too large!
* FalloutsChris agrees with Tony.
<tony_oakden> But it does add to the ambience of the game

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> DirectX has been mentioned. Will DirectX 8 be used in the game?
<tony_oakden> Go Karl!
<Ed-MicroForte> Karl?
<Karl|MicroForte> We are using DX7 for HW acceleration GA

<Miro_NMA> <Golliath> Will there be a stealth boy?
<tony_oakden> We have a stealth boy
<Ed-MicroForte> We have PILES! GA

<JC_V13> <Azrael-TBC> What's up with starting equipment in multiplayer?
<Ed-MicroForte> Starting Equipment: To make sure the game is balanced, all equipment has costs. The players will chose the max cost for the game they want to play, then assemble their squad and equip them using that cost.

<Miro_NMA> <Shok> Will we be able to buy Iguanas-on-a-stick again?
<tony_oakden> Tastes like chicken
<Ed-MicroForte> Foodstuffs: Most of the original ones [iguana included] plus a batch of new ones.

<Miro_NMA> <Europa> can you scroll up the map to see where your ememy is located, like in StarCraft? or is it similar to FO and FO2.. where you can only scroll up so far without walking further?
<FalloutsChris> If you can scroll around, but you cannot see enemies unless your characters can see them.
<Karl|MicroForte> You can scroll wherever you want. But you will only see the enemy if they are within line-of-sight of your guys GA
<Ed-MicroForte> Scrolling: You can scorll wheerrve you want, but you can only see fixed structures. Any movable entity won't show until you have line of sight. We figured you need to see the whole map in order to make tactical decisions.

<JC_V13> <Golliath> Will there be any attack modifiers? (i.e. rocket vs tank)
<Ed-MicroForte> Attack Modifiers: Whaddya mean?
<Ed-MicroForte> Different weapons do different damage and have different effects.

<JC_V13> <AM_SilverStake> Will we be able to get weapons that fall behind desks? In fallout1/2 this was a problem
<Karl|MicroForte> Um, that question didnt make sense to me?
<Ed-MicroForte> Ummm . . errr. Shouldn't happen in our game ? :
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miro_NMA> <Europa> can voice chat programs (like BattleCom) be used in FOT... i am guessing there isn't one built into FOT?
<Karl|MicroForte> No built in support. GA

<Miro_NMA> <Avidin> How are you going to deal with piracy? Leave it upto Mplayer or include some sort of serial number system
<Ed-MicroForte> Piracy is a Tony question, I think.
<tony_oakden> No I think it's a Karl question
<Karl|MicroForte> Uhh, don't look at me, thats interplays decision :)
<Ed-MicroForte> Man, can we pass a buck or what?
<FalloutsChris> What? I forgot the question.
<Miro_NMA> a free copy of Tactics would be great! :)
<FalloutsChris> Nofreecopyforyou!

<JC_V13> <T-900> how big will the creatures be
<Ed-MicroForte> Creature size: Ranging from small dog-szied to large rhino sized [that's critters] GA
<Ed-MicroForte> Not that we have small dogs or large rhinos

<JC_V13> <Rudy> will there be a key to highlight all the dropped items, like diablo 2?
<Karl|MicroForte> Highlight: Its is possible we might add one if focus groups decide we need it. GA
<tony_oakden> Dropping items out in the wilds is a bit daft if you ask me
<Ed-MicroForte> Highlight: Yeah it's not very Fallouty, but if we need it it will go in.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miro_NMA> <Presto> will the enclave make an apperance?
<Ed-MicroForte> NO Enclave [and no Frank, either].
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<JC_V13> <Souma> Has the intro song for FOT been decided on and the rights acquired yet? If so, can you announce what it is or is that too big a spoil?
<FalloutsChris> No comment. ga

<Miro_NMA> <Mertzinger|UV|TO|> Can you catch flu like being radiate in FO
<Ed-MicroForte> You can get radiaition sickness and poisoned. GA

<JC_V13> <Greg_V13> Will Tactics have more of fewer cinematics than FO:1 and 2?
<Ed-MicroForte> More. I think we already have more, but there's the option for even more [time willing]. GA

<Miro_NMA> <zeke> How customizable will the weapons be in the game? Will you be able to do as much as adding a scope, silencer, muzzle break...etc..?
<Ed-MicroForte> ICATATT :
<tony_oakden> It's limited but you can modify some weapons

<JC_V13> <Sawtooth> Can you place traps ON weapons and ammo that are in the world, or do you place the traps on the doors and ground around items?
<Ed-MicroForte> Traps: Trap anything that can be used: weapons on ground, bodies, doors, lockers, vehicles, .. . . .

<Miro_NMA> <Drakehash> Any new monster in the game (like the deathclaw)
<Ed-MicroForte> New Monsters: We dropped those pesky litrtle rats, and added in some new things [like the giant wasps]

<Karl|MicroForte> Yes GA :)

<JC_V13> <LtKubeta_TBC> Its common knowledge that tanks are going to be used in FT, but what kinds of weapons have you included that are capable of realistically destroying them? Are there many?
<tony_oakden> Yeh but no spoliers I'm affraid
<Ed-MicroForte> Sure, what would you normally use to destroy a tank?
<FalloutsChris> Dogmeat's Furballs! (to answer Ed's question)... ga
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> how demanding will multi-player games be on your internet connection?
<Karl|MicroForte> We are still testing that.. GA

<Dan_Wood|DAC> Will there be Dogmeat?
<Ed-MicroForte> Not THE DogMeat, no.
<FalloutsChris> (In the official Fallout universe, Dogmeat was killed during the events of Fallout 1.)

<JC_V13> <AM_SilverStake> in JA if you shot a team member on purpose or shot someone they knew you would lose control of them and they would turn on you. will this happen in FT?
<Ed-MicroForte> Nope. One rule: no loss of player control. That's why the player AI or Sentry Modes will never move a player's character for them.
<FalloutsChris> (In the official Fallout universe, Fallout was killed during the events of Fallout 1.)
<Ed-MicroForte> That stopped us from putting in morale, also.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miro_NMA> <The_Slayer_OT> How will the dying in multiplayer work?
<Ed-MicroForte> You will die. Usually spectacularly.
<Ed-MicroForte> Respawnign for an ongoing deathmatch is something we're looking into, but I'd prefer to play where your character died for good.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA
<Karl|MicroForte> Yes the dying animates :) GA
<FalloutsChris> I liked Ed's answer. It made me laugh. Laughing is good.
<tony_oakden> The dying is very funny!
<Miro_NMA> yeah, you should try once :))))
<Ed-MicroForte> I chuckle when I can. Dying in our game makes me laugh.
<Ed-MicroForte> I intend to go out in the most humorous way I can [probably without pants].
<JC_V13> death will most likely involve a blender in my case...
<FalloutsChris> Is that because Parrish will steal them again, Ed?

<Miro_NMA> <The_Slayer_OT> No I mean will you re-spawn or something like that?
<Ed-MicroForte> Slayer: Respawning in deathmatch is a possibility, yes.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miro_NMA> <Miroslav of NMA> what's your favorite beer? :)
<Ed-MicroForte> Parrish wears my pants on his head as a sign of respect.
<Ed-MicroForte> Beer: Crown Lager, followed by Carlton Ice. GA

<Miro_NMA> <Mertzinger|UV|TO|> You guys took some illicit substance? ;)
<Ed-MicroForte> In case you didn't know, NO ONE drinks Fosters here.
<tony_oakden> Red Back is nice
<FalloutsChris> Guiness!
<Ed-MicroForte> Arrg. The unholy Guiness. The meal in a can! The black brew! It's not bad, I suppose.

<Miro_NMA> <Mertzinger|UV|TO|> Theme song: Ride Of The Valkyries? Will there be full support for NT4 SP5 users?
<Ed-MicroForte> Karl, NT4?
<Karl|MicroForte> NT4, Yes it runs in NT4 GA

<JC_V13> <Souma> What screen resolutions will the game support?
<Ed-MicroForte> Screen Res: 800x600 and 1024x768. GA

<Miro_NMA> <Gabriel> Will the game include a "big bad ending enemy" like Fallout 2 did ?
<tony_oakden> Oh yes!
<Ed-MicroForte> The main bad guys in our game are all big and bad, but the every end bad guy is extra BAD. You have to have a climax.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miro_NMA> <Falloutboy14> what exactly is enviormental armor?
<Ed-MicroForte> Environmental Armor: Weaker in protecting from kinetic damage and the like, but powerful against corrosives, poisons, radiation, etc.
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<JC_V13> <Presto> will more about the nuclear war be told in the tactics storyline?
<Ed-MicroForte> Story: AI guess you'll find out a little bit more about what went on before the war [it helps set up some of the action in our game].
<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> about scren resolution. Will you be able to switch from 800x600 to 640x480 to speed up the game, or is it fixed, like in Fallout?
<tony_oakden> You can change res and turn on /off options like alpharing at any time
<Ed-MicroForte> But you can't change to 640x480. Sorry.
<FalloutsChris> You can even swap between TB and CTB, as long as you not in the middle of combat, during a mission. It's quite flexible.

<Miro_NMA> <Drakehash> Secret levels in the game?
<FalloutsChris> Secret what? :) ga
<Ed-MicroForte> Secret Levels: In the random encoutners, there are unique encounters just as in FO1&2.

<Miro_NMA> <Mertzinger|UV|TO|> What i ment with flu: you go in snow dont move too long, low endurence, get could, sneeze, can be stealth too good...
<FalloutsChris> No sneezing, sorry. ga
<Ed-MicroForte> Mertzinger: No, no flu, sorry.

<JC_V13> <Golliath> Will there be any bombs and mines?
<tony_oakden> yeh bombs and mines are a major part
<Ed-MicroForte> bombs and Mines: Yep. Different types, too.
<tony_oakden> very amusing when your character blows themselves up
<Ed-MicroForte> HA
<Ed-MicroForte> sorry, GA
<tony_oakden> and most of the squad too
<Ed-MicroForte> Yes, grenadier is not a popular guy back at the bunker. Keeps coming in alone.

<Miro_NMA> <AM_K-Man> Will there be blow up dolls for the other races? Such as a Deathclaw or Mutant blow up doll?
<Ed-MicroForte> WTF?
<Ed-MicroForte> Um . . . erm . . . jeeze, I hope not . . .
<tony_oakden> How long do you think a blow up doll for a death claw would last?
<Dan_Wood|DAC> tony: Barely through foreplay.
<Ed-MicroForte> If I knew how to laugh with stars in front of my name, I'd laugh right now.

<JC_V13> <Souma> What is the most unusual new item to be found in FOT and whose idea was it?
<Karl|MicroForte> Hmm, there is a very unusual item, but I cant say what it is :)
<tony_oakden> We have some new unusual perks too
<Ed-MicroForte> Most Unusual Item: Too many to list and don't want to spoil. How about the "Stinky Meat Platter". GA

<JC_V13> <Falloutboy14> are there items that you can only get in random encounters, like the alien blaster and stealth boy
<Ed-MicroForte> Items: Very few items are reserved for the random encounters.

<Miro_NMA> <MadLeaf> CAn you please ask. Will we have exploding ammo for the .223 pistol?
<Ed-MicroForte> Ammo: We may do exploding ammo, but it probably wouldn't be restricted to one calibre.

<Miro_NMA> <The_Slayer_OT> Will you be able to be a super mutant or other creatures in single player?
<Ed-MicroForte> Super Mutants and other creatures: Yes, if you're skillful.

<Miro_NMA> <Duke> Will armor be full body, or come in pieces like Diable2?
<FalloutsChris> Full body. ga

<Miro_NMA> <Falloutboy14> will you be able to get maried, or have a gay affair
<Miro_NMA> <Robin-Microforte> Questions like: whatchya doin tonight sweetie ?? *chuckle*
<FalloutsChris> Parrish can answer the gay marriage question.
<Ed-MicroForte> Your place or mine, Rob?

<Miro_NMA> <Shok> Could it be possible to make super-mutants out of your squad members by dipping them to FEV or something? That'd be cool ;)

<Greg_V13> ... I want to thank everyone for coming and of course the MicroForte guys and Chris!!! THANKS EVERYONE
<Ed-MicroForte> Hey guys, we've got to go.
<FalloutsChris> Thank you all for coming tonight!
<Ed-MicroForte> Thanks to everyone for coming. Remember to post your questions to the interplay forum, and we'll answe them when we can!
<tony_oakden> Thanks for the support guys
<JC_V13> A HUGE thanks to the MF guys and Chris
<tony_oakden> Bye!
<Ed-MicroForte> Bye now!
<Parrish[MicroForte]> cya
<Miro_NMA> Later Parish!