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Fallout Tactics Chat - 3 July 2000

<Galad> Thank you, Please Bold it :) What about Gun fights, will it be %100 Turn baised or will there be Real time things, Such as Pinning down a door so None can get in or out?

<Ed-MicroForte> Galad: We're doing both Turn-Based and Continuous Turn Based. Two different modes of play. You'll choose to play one or the other. So, tactcis may vary a little between the different modes, but we're trying to unify them as much as possible.

<[VE]ChrisO> !topic type /msg Miroslav|NMA to submit questions

*** ChanServ changes topic to 'type /msg Miroslav|NMA to submit questions'

<[VE]ChrisO> !topic Type /msg Miroslav|NMA Your question here to submit questions!

*** ChanServ changes topic to 'Type /msg Miroslav|NMA Your question here to submit questions!'

<Miroslav|NMA> oh a good one... will there be an opton to save a multiplayer game?

<Miroslav|NMA> <fireloard> think it will make a 2000 release date?

<Miroslav|NMA> hi Phase!

<[VE]ChrisO> Thanks, Phase.

<PhaseBurn> Miro???

<PhaseBurn> Hey ;-)

<FalloutsChris> The people answering should put a GA (for Go Ahead) at the end of the answer.

<FalloutsChris> The release date is hard to talk about.

<Miroslav|NMA> <Kreegle> OK, what is the current status of Fallout: Tactics

<FalloutsChris> There are so many things that could happen. Like all other software titles, we plan to make our date. GA

<Ed-MicroForte> Kreegle: "current state of FT" - That's a complicated one. I'll let someone else answer.

<Tony-MicroForte> Miroslav: You won't be able to save during a multiplayer game but you will be able to save the characters and re-use them in other muli-player missions.

<Miroslav|NMA> when can I save them? at the end of mission? That way we could advance... and cheat :)

<Tony-MicroForte> Miroslav: Current state is and this is just approximate; tile graphics - 90% , characters graphics - 90%, level design 80%, code 80%, level building 50%

<Ed-MicroForte> Miroslav: The multiplayer game will use a balancing system that checks the "value" of your character against the value of other characters. So even if you hack your character, it will still be valued ata ludicrous level, and you'll only be able to play against other squads of equal value.

<Karl-MicroForte> You can save them at any time, both in single player and multi-player from the character stats screen

<FalloutsChris> GA

<Tony-MicroForte> Miroslav: You will be able to save characters at the end of the mission and re-use them. I guess you could cheat but we have a balancing system which limits the characters you cna use in a mission

<Miroslav|NMA> Hey Tony, just don't rush the game... don't make it patched before it is released :)

<Karl-MicroForte> GA, next qestion..

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> will they have any kind of weather effects?

<Karl-MicroForte> Yes, some.. we are still experimenting with what the engine can do

<Tony-MicroForte> Miroslav: If we feel the game is not ready for release we will delay it. It's in nobody's interest to release a shody product

<Karl-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <Therin> will there be terrain effects? like will being in say a swamp or something cut down movement and agility?

* FalloutsChris agrees with Tony.

* Miroslav|NMA misses Chris' nicknames :)

<Karl-MicroForte> Probably not, water might. We have yet to try it.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> one from me... are you adding sound interrupt? like I hear someone comming from the back... this would be a good thing to add terrain movment noise here

<Karl-MicroForte> There will be footsteps. Not sure what you meant? GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <Therin> have you guys taken more care in make the game faster, speed was a big issure in Fallout 2

<FalloutsChris> It currently loads more art off the disc faster than FO2 (from what I can tell).

<Karl-MicroForte> (Engine Speed): Slower or faster depending on what detail options you choose. (Gameplay Speed) CTB mode is faster for those that want it. (Load Speed) Faster.

<Karl-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <Galad> Any Idea on what kind of Vechicals we'll have? Bikes? Tanks?

<FalloutsChris> No bikes. Yes, we have tanks.

<FalloutsChris> You cannot see the characters riding a vehicle, thus the reason for no bikes. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <Dule> Why was the armor of the BOS changed?

<Karl-MicroForte> Parrish..

<Parrish-Microforte> eh?

<Ed-MicroForte> A vehicles restriction: they have to be enlcosed, otherwise we'd have to render every vehicle with every character in every armor. So, there will be no open-topped vehicles or bikes. Lots of heavy vehicles, tho

<FalloutsChris> I imagine the entire room is now looking at the artist... :)

<Parrish-Microforte> hmmmmmmmmm

<Parrish-Microforte> er

* Ed-MicroForte looks at Parrish

<Parrish-Microforte> ask Ed

<Miroslav|NMA> Phase: I'll be here, although this is killing me :)

<Miroslav|NMA> Ed? :)

* FalloutsChris claps Miroslav on the back. You can do it!

<Karl-MicroForte> Miroslav.. You ok or did you want someone else to moderate?

<PhaseBurn> I'll do it...

* Miroslav|NMA doubt that, but hey, let's give it a shot

<Miroslav|NMA> <Dule> Will there be movies throughout the game, or just at the end and begining

<Ed-MicroForte> Okay. This is a new faction of the BOS. We got the opportunity to do some new things with them, including changing a little of the way they think. That in turn let us change some of the design principles behind what they build. SO, we came up with a new set of armor, and all sorts of new equipment. It seems to have stirred up some controversy, tho. Some people like it, some people don't. Long response, answering very little.

<Parrish-Microforte> We are working on some real cool movies. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <Dule> Will the cars and such need fuel?

<Karl-MicroForte> Maybe, or maybe not. Depends on what plays better. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> what about music implementation? I heard that you were going to do something with MP3, so we could select the music we wanted to hear inside the game

<Karl-MicroForte> The game plays music from .mp3 files. Also due to popular request, we will make it you can choose a folder to play them randomly from. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> MicroForte guys: Do you guys communicate much with the Bigworld team? And if so, do you get any technical support from them concerning internet play?

<FalloutsChris> Karl is a nice guy.

<Miroslav|NMA> by Kreegle - last question

<Parrish-Microforte> whats BigWorld?

* FalloutsChris chuckles.

<Karl-MicroForte> Wow.. bigworld. There is actually little communication with the bigworld team. We are so busy. 

<Miroslav|NMA> <Greg> Some time ago, you said that the game was upgraded to have more mission flexibility. Could you be more specific on this? For example is previous Fallout games there were several ways to finish quests. Whould this apply to Tactics and if so would the player be able to take different "paths of storyline?

<Karl-MicroForte> The bigworld team works in Sydney, we work in Canberra

<Ed-MicroForte> We talk a little with the Bigworld team. They're in a separate studio, in a separate state, though. We'll be implementing our own network code [won't we Karl?].

*** roman has joined #fallouttactics

<Miroslav|NMA> oh yeah, I forgot about GA :) sorry

<Karl-MicroForte> GA :). Ed will answer the mission one...

*** Somebob has quit IRC (Signed off)

<Ed-MicroForte> Greg: Re missions. The mission paths have eveolved since our first announcement. Currently, there will now be 25 core mission that must be completed advance the plot of the game. Instead of side missions, we're now properly implementing the random encounter structure that everyone knows and loves from the original Fallouts [after much badgering from Karl].

<Karl-MicroForte> Grin :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Eavch mission will have one or two very strong objectives, but there will be several ways of going about it. The differeing results for what you choose to do will mostly be refelcted in the ending of the game.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> Will there be a limit to the number of weapons you can carry into battle aside from the natural strength limitations? <Miro add-on> something as prestige :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Aside from Carry Weight restrictions, then I'd have to say no. Whether a weapon is available is another question.

<Karl-MicroForte> Also..

<Karl-MicroForte> In single player there is cost of items. Whether you purchase from BOS or other traders....

<Karl-MicroForte> More powerful items appear later in the game in the BOS inventory....

<Karl-MicroForte> In multiplayer there is a point cost associated with everything...

<Karl-MicroForte> So you can take heaps of stuff, but it will cost you. Hope that answers your Q. GA

* Ed-MicroForte bashes himself in the face for not being thorough in his answer.

<Miroslav|NMA> are prices stable or they change regarding to karma? is there karma in Tactics?

<Tony-MicroForte> Some items will only be available by salvage

<Ed-MicroForte> SO, other than >those< restrictions, then no. Maybe. I don't know anymore.

* Parrish-Microforte bashes Ed in the face just for the fun of it!

<Miroslav|NMA> <Galad> Anything plan For off screen Sniper Rifles and Zoom options?

<Ed-MicroForte> Prices will not be static.

<Karl-MicroForte> No zooming.

<FalloutsChris> Sniper rifles are very deadly already. I don't think we will be increasing their range beyond what they already have (which can shoot off screen already).

<Tony-MicroForte> No zoom mode as such but you can pan the camera around and as long as you have the range and line of sight you can target a character. whether you hit it or not depends on your and the weapons stats

<FalloutsChris> You can achieve the zooming effect by drinking a lot of beer before playing.

<Karl-MicroForte> Hehe. GA

<FalloutsChris> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <SollerTree> will there be a fallouttactics video preveiw thing like there was with fallout 2 before its release

<Miroslav|NMA> Chris said yes, so we should change the question to WHEN! :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Chris?

<FalloutsChris> We have a gameplay movie. It is going out on a press CD.

<FalloutsChris> When that actually goes out is between PR and marketing.

<Karl-MicroForte> Grrr. 8)

<FalloutsChris> And I don't like going over to that side of the building. It scares me. People in suits. Ewwww.

<FalloutsChris> ga

<Miroslav|NMA> could I get a PR cd? :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Could I get a PR CD?

<FalloutsChris> Heh.

<Miroslav|NMA> <aa_MatuX> In the random encounters, we will see any encounter related to a Fallout community? Like in Fallout 2 with the Unwashed Villagers

<FalloutsChris> Could I get a PR CD?

<Tony-MicroForte> People in suits are much more scarey that people in power armour! :)

* FalloutsChris agrees with Tony!

<Karl-MicroForte> Ed?

<Karl-MicroForte> Chris?

<Ed-MicroForte> I'd like to . . .

<FalloutsChris> I'd like to see some general Fallout community references without the specifics.

<FalloutsChris> Tho' I'd really like to poke fun at Dave Hendee a little bit.

<FalloutsChris> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> will there be a potential to forsake the BOS and convert to the enemy camp?

* Karl-MicroForte Feels sorry for greg

<Ed-MicroForte> Nope. You can act like a bad guy, tho, and there will be people within in the BOS who'll turn a blind eye.

<FalloutsChris> GA?

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> when will we see one of the Fallout games take place outside of the Americas?

<Karl-MicroForte> - Last question.. It would be no fun to tell you guys about special community references anyway.. best that you play and find out. 8)

<FalloutsChris> When we do the "Invasion Canada" expansion pack! (Just kidding...)

<Tony-MicroForte> When hell freezes over!

<FalloutsChris> There are no concrete plans at this time for a Fallout that takes place outside of NA. GA.

<Miroslav|NMA> yeah, I don't think most "patriots" would be fond of it

<Miroslav|NMA> <magao> Ignoring actual release dates, being in Australia are we more likely to see a release closer to the US release than many games get?

<Ed-MicroForte> Hey, we've got Mad Max and stuff. I'd love to do an Aussie one, but the whole 50's Nuke Scare theme is very much an American thing.

* FalloutsChris agrees with Ed.

<Tony-MicroForte> One day early!

<Karl-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> will you be able to split up to achieve different goals in some missions

<FalloutsChris> Any problems with an Australian release date with be completely in Interplay's hands... GA

<Miroslav|NMA> ie. would you be able to finish both goals?

<Ed-MicroForte> LordHoabn: Hell yes. Splitting your squad will be integral to some missions.

<FalloutsChris> I can tell Ed was excited to answer that question.

<Ed-MicroForte> Hell yes! GA

<Miroslav|NMA> err, why if it's not a secret?

<FalloutsChris> I feel sorry for Greg, too.

<Miroslav|NMA> <Kreegle> How often do MicroForte and 14DegreesEast communicate? Does being on different sides of the world cause any difficulties?

<Tony-MicroForte> Some missions will be designed that way

<Ed-MicroForte> Miroslav: It's not a secret, just that some missions will be harder without you splitting your squad [but not impossible].

<FalloutsChris> We communicate via e-mail and we try to have weekly phone calls.

<Karl-MicroForte> Its hard, much trust is required. You cant just walk to the other side of a building and annoy someone. Mostly we communicate thru speakerphone !

<Ed-MicroForte> Or semaphore. GA

<FalloutsChris> Me and another guy from Interplay will be going down there for a week, too.

<Miroslav|NMA> what? Chris annoys you guys?

<Ed-MicroForte> Woohoo!

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> What sort of melee weapons will we be seeing? anything new, or the same ol' from fallout/2?

<FalloutsChris> And MicroForte has been bang up about stuff, so it's pretty easy to work with them... :) GA

<Ed-MicroForte> da5id: Weapons - 75% old weapons, 25% new weapons? Something like that. We're working on recreating the graphics and stats for lots of the origianl weapons, but we're taking the opprotunity to put in new ones as well [with totally new effects].

<Miroslav|NMA> chris, just give then beer and they'll be easy to work with :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Beer good!

* Karl-MicroForte laughs

<FalloutsChris> I agree. Beer is good. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <WildSyco> Are There possible diferent endings of the game????

<Ed-MicroForte> Different endings: yes.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <WildSyco> In what languages will the game be realeased?

<Parrish-Microforte> Do you know why Australians put 4 x's on beer cans?

<[VE]ChrisO_Eminem> Chris: What about Jack Daniels?

<FalloutsChris> Currently: English, German and French.

<Tony-MicroForte> German, French, Spanish and English GA

* Miroslav|NMA thinks that IPlay needs no other versions than US

<Parrish-Microforte> because they cant spell BEER!

<FalloutsChris> Doh! Yes, Spanish is planned, too.

<Miroslav|NMA> <SCUZ> Are there items in lockers and Shelves like in the previous games? Or is everything bought and salvaged?

<FalloutsChris> I have had a really bad night with my friend Mr. Daniels, and I refuse to talk to Jack anymore.

<Ed-MicroForte> SCUZ: Yep, there are items on shelves and in lockers as well as stuff that can be bought and salvaged.

<[VE]ChrisO_Eminem> That's what they all say. And every night we find 'em sipping Mr. Daniels.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> Will drugs feature as prominently in Tactics as they have in the previous fallouts?

* FalloutsChris chuckles and yells GA.

<Ed-MicroForte> Drugs. Yes. Many drugs.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Karl-MicroForte> wooo!

* Miroslav|NMA is having a bad ping, chris don't be mad :)

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> what are the current minimum system req's for the game?

<FalloutsChris> Course, we're not allowed to call them drugs. GA

<Karl-MicroForte> Ooops.. chemicals!

<Ed-MicroForte> Sorry, Chemicals. Again, we're keeping some of the old chems and inventing some new ones.

*** Ken_Kaniff has quit IRC (Signed off)

<Ed-MicroForte> Karl's answering the min specs one.

<Karl-MicroForte> Pentium II, 266. 4MB PCI card. 500MB minimum HDD space

<Tony-MicroForte> There will be a variety of options you can turn on or off to get enhanced quality graphics on better machines

<FalloutsChris> Da5id, can't remember off the top of my head, but they should be posted on the Interplay website. We haven't changed them recently.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> here's a good one

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> Will there be a little 'lovin' (you know, the bathing place :), like in FO2?

<Tony-MicroForte> No but there will be brothels

<Tony-MicroForte> And ladies of the night :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Hey, you can get lovin at brothels, can't you . . . I wouldn't know.

<Miroslav|NMA> shame on you :)

<FalloutsChris> Something like: 266 or 300mhz+, 64mb RAM, Win95/98/ME. 3d card not required but supported. Karl, correct me if I am wrong.

<Karl-MicroForte> Yeah, thats right. 266Mhz. 64MB

<Karl-MicroForte> GA..

<Miroslav|NMA> <WildSyco> What about he "Ask me" fuction (from old Fallout1), will it be back??

<Karl-MicroForte> Win2000 works as well

<FalloutsChris> GA

<Tony-MicroForte> I think the phase "Win2000 works" is a contradiction in terms? :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Wildsyco - Nope, no plans for "Ask Me"

<Miroslav|NMA> <Chris_Taylor_owes_me_12_bucks> Will there be any kids on the battle field? Hostages maybe?

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Ed-MicroForte> No kids, but there will be civilians that can get in your way, or that you have to protect.

<Karl-MicroForte> Hehe, we develop on Win2000 BTW. :)

<PhaseBurn> I run it here, and it never crashes... great devel platform... I also have ME installed, and hate it... but it does Quake nicely where Win2k fails...

<Miroslav|NMA> <SCUZ> Will there be any aircraft? Like a helicopter or something?

<Miroslav|NMA> they're just too fast, so I'd presume no :)

<Tony-MicroForte> You wont be able to get in to any flying vehicles...

<FalloutsChris> No aircraft. GA

<Karl-MicroForte> That would be too much hell-raising - barn-storming fun :)

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> will it run under NT?

* Ed-MicroForte punches Parrish while he's not paying attention

<Karl-MicroForte> Possibly. Depends on how much QA time we put in. NT4 probably yes. Win2000 (NT5) definitely.

<Miroslav|NMA> Do you plan on porting to Linux?

<Miroslav|NMA> Linux community is large, I think you should give it a shot

<Ed-MicroForte> WE don't plan to, but that doesn't exclude a third party from doing it. Ask Interplay.

<FalloutsChris> No official plans from Interplay to do a Linux version, but someone could always contact us.

* PhaseBurn recommends Lokisoft

<Karl-MicroForte> I would like to. But officially no. Thats interplays decision.

<Miroslav|NMA> do you think I would get an answer from IPlay? :)

<Ed-MicroForte> As good an answer as I can give you, anyway.

<FalloutsChris> If it's to ask if we are doing one, then the answer would be no.

<Miroslav|NMA> ok, another one...

<FalloutsChris> But if someone like Lokisoft wanted to talk to us about porting it -- we would talk.

<Miroslav|NMA> <Kreegle> What are the chances that extra scenerey packs will we released for the editor after Fallout: Tactics is out?

<Karl-MicroForte> .. There is no *technical* reason against it.

* Parrish-Microforte sees Fallout scenerey in his Sleep

<Ed-MicroForte> Parrish-Microforte sees farm animals in his dreams

<Tony-MicroForte> Depends on how succesful the first release is. We would like to do expansions cos there is a lot of potential in the engine which we will not be able to exploit in the fisrt game

<FalloutsChris> That's not a bad idea. Interplay would have to work something out (ie, pay for it), but an art expansion pack is something that I could ask Brian Christian about.

<Karl-MicroForte> BTW, there is heaps of scenery already (Parrish? 15K tiles? )

* Miroslav|NMA thinks that Parrish is not the only one

<Parrish-Microforte> yup

<FalloutsChris> I still remember getting the first art submission from MicroForte and there being something like 2500 pieces of art in the directory.

<Ed-MicroForte> and we're not done yet.

<Tony-MicroForte> Releasing the editor should open up the game considerably

<Karl-MicroForte> GA?

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> will the melee attacks be more varied? Like different fighting styles, so improving like you did in FO2 would get new types of attacks depending on style, and results...?

<Parrish-Microforte> I cant wait to see some fan created levels

<FalloutsChris> I sat down with ACDsee and went through each and every one of the 2500 pieces of art... Dang. Good stuff... :) GA

<Tony-MicroForte> Problem with melee stuff is the extra animations which are required so probably not :(

<Karl-MicroForte> .. chris: Same here, one minute there was no tiles, next thing the artists had thousands, spend hours looking at them :)

<Miroslav|NMA> <Greg> Is there any chance that a utility will be releaced to edit art along with the map editor.... just to skip the whole cracking and hacking step? :)

<Karl-MicroForte> Most likely we will release the sprite and tile editing package. You will still have to render/draw your own art though. GA

* Miroslav|NMA wonders if LordHoban is in love with Melee fights

<FalloutsChris> Interplay doesn't mind if that utility gets released, btw. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> could there be like a trait that would change the type of melee attacks you could do (or perk that you could get from a special character)

<Ed-MicroForte> LordHoban: Probably not. Sorry. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <aa_MatuX> what commercial products are you using to built up the game? For example, MS VCPP for the engine, 3DStudio for the graphics, etc...

<Ed-MicroForte> Various people will answer . . .

*** Kranrev has quit IRC (Signed off)

*** Subkiller has joined #fallouttactics

<Karl-MicroForte> MS VC++ 6 for programming (grr). We use CVS for code repository

<Parrish-Microforte> The Artist use 3D Studio Max, Photoshop Deep Paint and a whole host of other stuff.

* Miroslav|NMA politly ask LordHoban to back off with melee questions :)

<Karl-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> Will the same basic skills carry over into Tatics, and will there be a need for stuff like the "steal" skill?

<Tony-MicroForte> And good ole windows 2000 is our trusty operating system :)

<Ed-MicroForte> the same basic skills, yes, plus some new ones. Stealing is still an option.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<FalloutsChris> Stealing is good. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> what 3d API will be employed?

* Ed-MicroForte steals from Chris

<Karl-MicroForte> Direct3D 7. No OpenGL or Glide support. GA

* FalloutsChris bashes Ed. You have improved your skill at Ed Bashing! (4)

<Miroslav|NMA> I ran out of "real" questions :)

<Karl-MicroForte> Hehe, I understand that joke all too well :)

* Ed-MicroForte prefers the term "Ed 'itting"

<Miroslav|NMA> unless you'd like to answer another one from LordHoban :)))

<Ed-MicroForte> Sure!

<Miroslav|NMA> <Chris_Taylor_owes_me_12_bucks> About the interface... judging from screenshots, it's just a recycled version of the F2 interface... will this change?

<FalloutsChris> The interface has already changed from that version that was used to make the screenshots.

<Ed-MicroForte> ALL UI artwork that's in thsoe screen shots is placeholder only. I've had to patch that up out of extracted graphics from F2. We'll be rerendering that before release.

<FalloutsChris> We now have real "Change Stance" buttons, for example.

<Miroslav|NMA> so we won't see the new UI on screenshots before the game is released?

<Karl-MicroForte> .. shhh. Dont tell anyone I made those buttons ... 8)

<FalloutsChris> The UI of a game in development undergoes change for quite a while. This is no different on Tactics as on any other game. GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <Kreegle> Has 3D sound been implemented? Eg: Saving Mutant Ryan?

<FalloutsChris> Yes, you'll see new UI in the newer screens, but it won't be final UI for quite some time.

<FalloutsChris> "Saving Mutant Ryan", I like that.

<Parrish-Microforte> Art wise we like to render the Ui last because it goes through so many changes.

<Karl-MicroForte> Yes, we have 3D sound in right now. Actually the E3 demo had it as well.

* Miroslav|NMA sees a problem with his 105mb monitor...

<Karl-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> What kind of penalties will occur if you slaughter your squad, then complete the mission proper?

<FalloutsChris> (And I'd like to know the who/what/where/why I owe 12 bucks... :)

*** Galad has joined #fallouttactics

<Miroslav|NMA> are you guys confused with the last question or is it again my ping? :)

<Ed-MicroForte> While you can't directly target your own squad members, you can force-fire on them or they can take splash damage. Coming back without your squad can drop your rank, lower the avialablity of items and weaponry, etc. You'd be better off bringing them back alive if you can [besides, who else is going to carry that haul of equipment?].

<Karl-MicroForte> Eds typing like crazy

<FalloutsChris> Ed types like a madman. It's scary to watch.

<Ed-MicroForte> I am crazy

<Miroslav|NMA> oh yes? and how can you see him?

<Ed-MicroForte> like a madman

<Ed-MicroForte> Mystic portal

<Miroslav|NMA> <aa_MatuX> Are you gonna release the so so so soooo wanted Mapper from Fallout 2 in BOS????

<FalloutsChris> I've seen him type. He gets all hunched over on the keyboard.

<Tony-MicroForte> Toy can see ed typing form all the way over there Chriss? That is scarey

<FalloutsChris> MatuX: Mapper will never be released, but we will release the similar type of tools for Tactics.

<Karl-MicroForte> Mapper is completely different thing for fallout2...

<Miroslav|NMA> ok, another one

<Miroslav|NMA> <Chris_Taylor_owes_me_12_bucks> Will there be in game cutscenes, like in torment?

<Karl-MicroForte> We have a spanking new Editor that will be released GA.

<Miroslav|NMA> no one ever mentioned them...

<FalloutsChris> Just FYI: Mapper cannot be used to create a complete game. It was only one tool. GA

* Miroslav|NMA asks Karl to mail him THE editor now

<Ed-MicroForte> Cutscenes: We'll have both "in-game cinematics" where we use the game engine to show a story or plot point. Plus there will be slide-shows [ala F1 and 2] between the stages.

* Karl-MicroForte wishes he could.

<Miroslav|NMA> <Kreegle> How 'bout a Fallout: Tactics party? :) For tradition's sake, of course.

* Miroslav|NMA was just kidding... he's actually a nice guy... beleive it or not :)

<FalloutsChris> I wouldn't flying back down to Australia for the release party... :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Come one down! or we could meet in the middle somewhere [ocean?].


<FalloutsChris> Ocean sounds good. We could have it in (on) Sealand.

<Tony-MicroForte> is that "I wouldn't mind" or "wouldn't want to"?

<Miroslav|NMA> and that is how enclave was founded :)

<Tony-MicroForte> I don't even want to think about Chriss and Ed forming Enclave on there own :)

<FalloutsChris> Heh.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA?

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> Will attrition play a factor? will you need to scavenge from the dead to make ends meet, and collect supplies to fund r&d/build new toys?

<FalloutsChris> The short answer is Yes.

<Miroslav|NMA> yeah, I allow some weird questions :)

<Miroslav|NMA> <Chris_Taylor_owes_me_12_bucks> Will there be credit quotes like in both fallouts?

<Tony-MicroForte> Yes as the game progresses characters will disapeer from your pool of characters, if they die in battle and equipment too

<Tony-MicroForte> Scavenging will be a n important part of the game play both in the core missions and random encounters

<Ed-MicroForte> Quotes - we've got our own quotes file going, but they're pretty freakin' weird. Need some from you guys too, Chris.

<FalloutsChris> That's up to MicroForte, Chris_Taylor_owes_me_12_bucks. If they have been keeping a quote file, they can put it in.

<FalloutsChris> Unfortunately, we don't have Scott "By Americans, For Americans" Everts working on this project. He supplied most of the quotes for both games.

<FalloutsChris> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> Chris, what's the long answer? <Will attrition play a factor? will you need to scavenge from the dead to make ends meet, and collect supplies to fund r&d/build new toys?>

<Tony-MicroForte> Yes!:)

<FalloutsChris> Yes, it will. <=- the longer answer.

<Tony-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> got him there:)

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> Will slavery play a part (like we bust up a couple slave trades or whatever for the good of the BOS)?

* FalloutsChris thinks we should go on for another 15 minutes, and then he has to play some Combat Mission.

<Ed-MicroForte> Slavery was a theme from Fallout 2. While it's a fair PA thing to develop, I wans't going to touch on it in FTBOS.

* Miroslav|NMA agrees... after all, it's 3.25 am here :)

<Ed-MicroForte> PA means post-apocalyptic, sorry. GA

<Tony-MicroForte> Tony agrees with Chriss - the team have got a little bit of work left before the game ships !

<FalloutsChris> A more in-depth answer to the attrition factor: Yes, you need to scavenge equipment. It's also possible to barter for it, but you need to be scavenging.

<Miroslav|NMA> <Chris_Taylor_owes_me_12_bucks> What will the basic, armorless, character model look like?

<Ed-MicroForte> Like a basic, armorless human. No vault suit.

<Miroslav|NMA> <Greg> were any of the models (in game sprites) diesigned using softimage (which no person can independantly afford) or was that 3d Studio also (sorry if this sounds repetative)

<Miroslav|NMA> looks like we have more "mod guys" here than gamers :)

<Parrish-Microforte> All characters are made with 3D Studio Max

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> will it be possible to develop new weaponry? or it's up to BOS

<FalloutsChris> Within the context of the game? (Ie, in game not a mod, right?)

<Miroslav|NMA> in game I presume... not modding

<Ed-MicroForte> Weaponry availablity is usually up to the BOS. You may find some unique and otherwise unavailable weapons when you scavenge [or take them from the lifeless hands ofyour enemies]. Some nifty weapons won't be available until later in the game.

<Ed-MicroForte> GA

<Miroslav|NMA> game balance that is, we get all the goodies after the final cinematics :)

<Miroslav|NMA> <Kreegle> What is the in-game music like? Is it like the 'creepy' atmospheric music of FO1/2, or is it different?

<FalloutsChris> Music is still being worked on.

<FalloutsChris> I'm pushing for the ambient music style, like FO1/2.

<FalloutsChris> There is a faction (here at Interplay) that would like a more "aggressive" style.

<FalloutsChris> I am dealing with them.

<Miroslav|NMA> who's working on music and sound effects? Microforte ot 14 degrees?

<FalloutsChris> Interplay and 14� East.

<Ed-MicroForte> If we can get something that's of the same quality as F1/2 I'll be ecstatic [parrish just asked for yodelling].

* Miroslav|NMA says "go get them all Chris!"

<FalloutsChris> Yodelling is not an option, silly... :)

<Miroslav|NMA> <Chris_Taylor_owes_me_12_bucks> Can we expect voice acting?

<FalloutsChris> Yes.

<Miroslav|NMA> <da5id> is there any way to listen to the fallout/2 music tracks without the game itself, IE convert them to mp3 files?

<FalloutsChris> For Fallout Tactics, they will all be .mp3.

* Miroslav|NMA could try to make something available for download

<Miroslav|NMA> <LordHoban> Will they have a tune, like 'I can't get no, satisfaction', when the action starts heating up? (music changing depending on what happening on the screen)

<Karl-MicroForte> No

<FalloutsChris> For the previous Fallout games, they are in a private format. Someone did a conversion however, on the net. Use and search, I suppose.

* Miroslav|NMA thinks it's over fellows

* Ed-MicroForte can't feel his legs anymore.

* Miroslav|NMA thinks you should visit

<FalloutsChris> Heh.

<Miroslav|NMA> I just had to :)

<Ed-MicroForte> Fair nuff. How's the FAQ going, Kreegle?

<Karl-MicroForte> *Cough* plug *Cough*

<Miroslav|NMA> should we chat about beer now?

<Miroslav|NMA> I'm gonna publish a book "How to waste 90 minutes" :))))

* Miroslav|NMA thanks again to Chris and Microforte guys once again

<Ed-MicroForte> You're welcome everybody. Thanks for coming. Sheesh, that was 90 minutes?

<FalloutsChris> Torment is good. Icewind Dale is good. Mission Combat is good.

<Karl-MicroForte> Thanks everyone.

<FalloutsChris> Thanks all. Have a good night.