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This is a quest guide for optional quests not listed in your PipBoy. Quest names are taken from the Prima Game Guide and are as close to official quest names as we're going to get. Freeform quests that are a part of main quests or optional quests are not noted here. Follower recruiting instructions are noted on the Followers page.
Trade Quests are repeatable trade arrangements - not necessarily trade in the literal sense, but repeatable occasions where you can hand in something and get something back.
Because the quest names do not appear in the actual game, (starting) NPCs and locations are tagged on to the quest names.
Locations mentioned can be found in our maps section.

Freeform Quests:

Trade Quests:

Freeform Quests

   300 pieces of Silver

Silver can be found in an abandoned ranch house in Springvale. Either Moriarty will send you to her or you can just go in and speak to her.

  • Take her 300 caps for Moriarty (or yourself)
  • SpeechBoy: get her to give you 400 caps
  • CombatBoy: kill Silver

   Bittercup Runneth Over

Talk to Bittercup in Big Town, politely greet her, tell her no one understands you either, pick any of options 1-3 and she'll hit on you, respond by telling her you're not in any sort of relationship. You can now return to her once every 24 hours for a usually useless present (Squirrel-on-a-Stick, Nuka-Cola Bottle).

   Biwwy's Wazer Wifle

Biwwy can be found in the Great Chamber of Little Lamplight. He will offer his laser rifle (Biwwy's Laser Rifle) for 500 caps. You can haggle him down to 250.

   Bully the Bully

Ask Princess in Little Lamplight about her nickname. If you freed Sammy, talk to him about Princess, win a speech check to find out MacCready punched Princess when she tried to be mayor and she has a secret crush on MacCready. Return to torment Princess, the higher your Charisma the more you can torment her.

   Caching in with Three Dog

To trigger this quest, do not return to Three Dog after reaching the final step of Galaxy News Radio quest until you have already spoken to Doctor Li in Rivet City or found your dad in Vault 112.
Since his info is now useless to you, Three Dog offers you his cache key instead. The cache is in Hamilton's Hideaway, and contains a whallop of loot.

  • Stimpaks/Chems (3)
  • Stealth Boy
  • Assault Rifle
  • Random ammo (7)
  • Frag Grenades (4)
  • Guns and Bullets
  • Mini-Nuke

   Council Seat

Speak with Bannon in Rivet City and he'll hint he'd like to see Seagrave Holmes discredited. In Seagrave Holmes' room (pickpocket key from Seagrave, lockpick the door or follow him in when he goes to sleep) you'll find a letter indicating he did business with slavers (under the bed). Talk to Danvers and either shows her the letter or tell her Bannon is trying to blackmail Seagrave.
Whoever you side with will give you a 10% discount at his store, and whoever you sided against will charge 10% more in trading. Bannon will also give you a Deathclaw Gauntlet schematic if you side with him.

   Economics of Violence

Pronto's inventory is rather poor. Bring him 20 Chinese Assault Rifles in any state and his inventory will become much more diverse in 24 hours time.

   Election Day

The elections of the Republic of Dave are today but the adults haven't voted yet. Talk to Rosie, Jessica, Shawna and Bob. Bob will vote for himself if you're unpleasant to him, Rosie will vote for herself if you just ask her to vote (she will vote for Dave if you are pleasent to her or pass a speech check).
Normally, Dave wins (by a landslide unless Rosie/Bob vote otherwise) and pays you 25 caps.
Alternatively, you can rig the elections: after Dave opens the ballot box but before he counts the votes, you can take out any votes you want, thus making Bob, Rosie or Dave win. If Bob or Rosie wins you can get access to Dave's safe by speaking to them, the safe contains the unique Ol' Painless hunting rifle.

   Gallows Humor

Talk to Knight Captain Gallows in the Citadel, but say nothing in the dialogue. Talk to one of the other paladins and ask him/her about Gallows to find out there's a betting pool for the first person to find his name. A speech check will see Gallows reveal his name to you. Talk to Glade and ask for the reward before revealing the name for 1000 caps.

   Grady's Package

To trigger this quest, listen to Grady's Last Recording in Marigold Metro Station (mezzanine near entrance).
Find and open the fire-hose box in a room in the tunnels connecting to Doctor Lesko's laboratory to get the key. Grady's Chamber is half-hidden by a subway carriage in the eastern end of the tunnel and can be spotted by the rotating beacon flashing by the entrance. Lockpick or hack the door, inside the room is a Ripper and a First Aid Box, and inside Grady's Safe is Naughty Nightwear.
When you exit you will be challenged by Lug-Nut, who wants the Nightwear. Convince him to back off with a speech check or kill him. Take the Naughty Nightware to Girdershade and hand it to Ronald for 300 caps.

   High Plains Drifter

In Dickerson's Tabernacle Chapel you will likely have a runin with a lone sniper. Kill him and knock him off his perch (blow him up with gunfire and just search a piece) for a hint about the Oasis location and the highly useful Reservist's Rifle.

   Jiggs' Loot

There are 3 terminals in the Museum of Technology that contain hints about a stash. The first is in the atrium and will show an entry #000, which contains an opening message. You're supposed to match up 3 codes, the answer always being the prime number.
Click the atrium console again to get #001, the code being 019. The console with #002 is along the wall near a scale model of a vertibird, code 053. The third is at the bottom of a staircase near the Virgo II exhibit, code 113. The last computer you enter a code on will give you a passcode, go to the security room to open the safe there, then head for the planitarium to open up the gun cabinet with the key you get from the safe.
It is also worth it to check up on Prime, who can be found in Dot's Diner near Jury Street Metro Station once you're done in the Museum of Technology. He is dead, but his body has some nice loot including 500 caps and the Xuanlong Assault Rifle.

   JP Stash Note

Go to the Sewer location, an underground area you can get by climbing into sewer grates in either Seward Sq. Metro or Penn. Ave metro. In the southern-most room is a note pointing to a stash in the debris to the southeast. Among the loot found in both locations are a laser pistol, ammo and a Tumblers Today skill book.

   Just for the Taste of It

On the body of Winger Mercier in the large office of the second floor of the Nuka-Cola Plant is a note on the Nuka-Cola Clear formula. Grab this formula from the safe in the research department and head back to the Red Racer Tricycle Factory, where the rest of Sudden-Death Overtime is waiting for you.

  • Sell them the formula for 250 caps
  • SpeechBoy: sell them the formula for 400 caps
  • CombatBoy: kill them (before or after selling the formula). This is a note-worthy option because Goalie Ledoux's Hockey Mask is the best headwear in the game

   The Kid-Kidnapper

Once you've discovered Little Lamplight, ask Eulogy if he's ever thought of kidnapping one of the children there. He'll agree. Head over to Lamplight and talk to Bumble, convince her (speech check or Child at Heart perk) to come back with you to the Slaver waiting outside. When you return to Eulogy, he'll give you the Boogeyman's Hood.

   Light-Fingers Hargrave

With the Child at Hear perk, you can convince James Hargrave in Rivet City to steal ammo for you. He will have ammo for you 12 hours after the initial dialogue, then again every 12 hours.

   The Lost Initiate

Enter the Falls Church Metro area through any of the metro entrances and Paladin Hoss will approach you with the request to help save an Initiate. You can negotiate a reward of 100 caps. Clear the entire area of Super Mutants and pick up Initiate Pek from inside the office building.

   A Manhandled Manservant

You can hear about Dashwood and Argyle's final adventure on Galaxy News Radio. Ask Herbert Dashwood in Tenpenny Tower about it and he'll note he refuses to believe Argyle is dead. Find Argyle in Rockopolis and return with the bad news to Dashwood, and he will give you the key to his safe.

  • Mini-Nuke
  • Bottlecap Mine Schematic

   Merchant Empire

Talk to Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons. With high speech, high barter, 250 caps or Black Widow you can convince him to encourage a tigher organization amongst the travelling merchants, become the main point of contact and allow investments.
You can invest up to three tiers with returns in three days: the traders will have a wider selection. On top of that, each trader's repair skill will jump (max skill shown) and he will give you an investment gift if you're fully invested:

  • Crazy Wolfgang: 75; 5 Stealth Boys
  • Crow: 65; Crow's Eyebot Helmet
  • Doc Hoff: 65; 5 Stimpaks
  • Lucky Harith: 70; Mini Nuke

   Museum of Dave

Go to the Museum of Dave at 2 P.M. Listen to the tour, then convince Shawna with a speech check that you have your own souvenirs from Dave's past to offer. She will now buy stuff of you.

   A Nice Day for a Right Wedding

Talk to Angela in Rivet City to find out she's madly in love with Diego but he is unwilling to give up his aspirations to priesthood.

  • Tell Father Clifford Diego is sleeping with Angela (negative karma)
  • Treathen Diego by telling him you'll tell on him to Father clifford. Diego will stop seeing Angela (negative karma)
  • Give Angela Ant Queen Pheremones (bought from the Quick Fix or taken off a dead Ant Queen) and she'll seduce Diego, who will marry her. The marriage won't happen until you attend it at 2 pm on any day, and you will gain positive karma but only after you attend the marriage

   Our Little Secret

In Andale, talk to Old Man Harris to get wind of something being fishy about this place. Talk to the other residents for more hints about the "family business". To get to the bottom of it, lockpick your way into Smith's basement or Wilson's shed. You can get the key to Smith's basement from the master bedroom in Smith's house or by pickpockiting Jack Smith. You can get the key to Wilson's shed from the master bedroom in Wilson's house or by pickpockiting Bill Wilson.
When you exit the shed or basement, you will be confronted by Smith and three others.

  • SpeechBoy: bluff your way out of it by pretending you were in for a chat
  • SpeechBoy: admit you were in the basement/shed, note there were a bunch of bodies in there and you'll get an easier speech check
  • CombatBoy: kill them all


Paulie Cantelli is a chem addict. Give him Psycho and he'll overdose and die, giving you negative karma.

   The Preacher

In an alley to the west of Reilly's Ranger Compound is a lunatic preacher who trapped the alley and is spouting insanities over an intercom. At the southern entrance of the alley you can find a Wastelander who you can ask about the situation, if you approach from the north chances are the preacher blows himself up before you see him.

  • SpeechBoy: convince the Wastelander to go talk to the preacher, who will then blow himself and the Wasteland to kingdom come (negative karma)
  • CombatBoy: snipe the preacher
  • StealthBoy: sneak around, disarm and gather up the traps. You will likely need a Stealth Boy for this.

   Rube's Gold Ribbon

Near Jury St. Metro, head into Gold Ribben grocers. There is an overly complicated trap here. Set it off by stepping on the pressure plate, and stay there. After the complicated trap is finished, an ancient skeleton drops down with the following items:

  • Nikola Tesla and You
  • Tumblers Today
  • Missile
  • Mini-Nuke

   The Runaways

Talk to Tammy Hargrave in Rivet City, then talk to James Hargrave. With a speech check, mock his mother and then convince him to just run away. He'll take C.J. Young with him across the bridge and head south (not far). Track him down and you can bring them both back. Convincing James to leave nets you negative karma, bringing the kids back means positive karma.

   Searching for Cheryl

This is a quest with a few (optional) steps.

  • In L'Enfant South, find a Burial Mound and read the note there
  • Access the Outer Terminal at the Ranger Compound to read about the Canterbury Search Party. The Terminal can be unlocked by Reilly or is a very hard hack
  • If you've completed step 1 and 2, the Western Ruins can be found to the west of Lincoln Memorial, north of Potomac Bridge. Uncover a second note on a second burial mound there
  • Now go to a grave directly northwest of the Sewer Waystation. Read the note you can find there once you've completed step 1-3
  • Just west of Jury Street Metro Station you will run into a group of Super Mutants. On top of that, a Behemoth will appear when you enter the container with a corpse in it. In this camp you can find the corpse of Manny Koch, who led the search. There is some loot on his body, but the main item here is a Mini-Nuke on the Behemoth

   Slave Hunt

Talk to Mei Wong in Rivet City to find out she's an escaped slave and scared of Sister, who is a Slaver.

  • Tell Sister Mei Wong is an escaped slave and he'll take her back after a while (negative karma)
  • Tell Sister Mei Wong is an escape slave, then tell her you told him. She'll commit suicide (negative karma)
  • Give Mei Wong 15 caps to buy a gun (positive karma)
  • CombatBoy: kill Sister

   A Sticky Situation

As you enter Little Lamplight, you will see Sticky getting kicked out for being too old. He'll ask for an escort. He'll wait for you at the entrance to Little Lamplight no matter what you say. He'll wait a week, then head out on his own and die. Before that time's up, you can pick him up and escort him.

   Suicide Watch

Mister Lopez can be found on the observation deck at the top of tower bridge in Rivet City every day from 8:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00, contemplating suicide.

  • Agree to push him off (negative karma)
  • Talk him into jumping (negative karma)
  • Talk him into taking Tedd Strayer under his wing and finding a purpose in that (positive karma)

   Tales of the Wastes

Talk to Knock Knock in Little Lamplight. Ask for a joke, then laugh, lie and laugh (speech check), or otherwise stay on her good side. She will ask you for tales from the Wasteland, you can tell her about your father, about his sacrifice after The Waters of Life quest and about your escape from Enclave after The American Dream quest.

   Ticking Timebomb

In Red's clinic in Big Town you will find Timebomb lying in the operating room. Kill him or heal him if your Medicine is high enough. He'll give you 5 caps when he's up and will give you his Lucky 8-Ball if Big Town survives the Super Mutant attack.

   Water Treatment Plant

Walter in Megaton wants you to fix three leaky pipe joints for 200 caps. You need a repair skill of 30 to do so.

  • One leak is down the steps from the entrance, near the Brass Lantern
  • One leak is below Nathan and Manya's House
  • One leak is on the roof of the church, leap from Craterside Supplies to reach it

   Worst. Doctor. Ever.

If you ask Sawbones in the Citadel for healing he will ineptly end up wounding you instead. With a high enough Science, you can run a Level 2 diagnostic to fix Sawbones and receive free healing, though Sawbones won't be happy about it.

Trade Quests

   Collecting Holotags

Scribe Jameson in the Citadel is looking to index the fallen Brotherhood members. You can find dead Brotherhood soldiers around D.C. or possibly kill them yourself. Each Holotag nets 100 caps and 25 XP.

   Fungus Deal

In Little Lamplight, Lucy will trade Cave Fungus for Buffout, while Eclair wants Strange Meat. Talk to Mayor MacCready to set up a trade deal; 2 Buffout or 2 Strange Meat per 1 Cave Fungus with Barter skill or 1 Buffout or 1 Strange Meat per 1 Cave Fungus with the Child at Heart perk.
Alternatively, you can close the quest by threatening MacCready to blow up the entrance to the cave. He'll give you his personal stash of 10 Cave Fungi (negative karma).

   Geomapping with Reilly

Once the Reilly's Rangers quest is resolved, Reilly in Reilly's Rangers Compound will offer you a GeoMapper that can copy locations from your PipBoy. She will pay 20 caps per location you bring in (85 POIs are available in total). You can download all locations you already have into the GeoMapper at the end of the quest.

   I Want to Drink Your Blood

If you resolved the Blood Ties quest peacefully, Vance will buy your Blood Packs for 15 caps each.

   Murphy's Bombing Run

You can sell Sugar Bombs for 15 Caps (30 with a succesfull speech check) to Murphy in Northwest Seneca Station. Bring him enough and he'll sell you Ultrajet.

   This Old House

Winthrop in Underworld will trade your Scrap Metal. He will give you a RadAway or Stimpak for every 5 Scrap Metal. This is a less attractive deal than with Protector Henry Casdin.
With high enough Melee Weapons, Energy Weapons, Big Guns, Small Guns or Strength you can treathen Winthrop for some RadAway and Stimpaks, but this quest will be closed.

   The Outcast Collection Agent

Be polite to Defender Morgan to be given access to Protector Henry Casdin at Fort Independence. He will trade .556 Ammo, Frag Grenades, Stimpaks or RadAway for any of the following items, giving more depending on the item's worth

  • 2 Scrap Metal
  • Sensor Module
  • Power Armor
  • Power Armor Helmet
  • Enclave Power Armor
  • Enclave Power Armor Helmet
  • Tesla Armor
  • Laser Pistol
  • Laser Rifle
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Alien Blaster
  • Alien Power Cell
  • Pulse Grenade

   Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit

After completing Those! quest, Doctor Lesko in Marigold Metro Station will ask you to gather Fire Ant Nectar. Prior to the quest fire ants can be found in Grayditch and the Marigold Metro tunnels, after the quest they can only be found in the Metro Tunnels. Workers drop nectar 40% of the time, soldiers and warriors 70% of the time.

   Mississippi Quantum Pie

After completing The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest, you can trade one Vodka, one Flour and one Nuka-Cola Quantum to Sierra Petrovita in Girdershade for a Mississippi Quantum Pie.

   Ryan Briggs's Wondermeat

Find Ryan Briggs's laboratory in the Jury St. Tunnels, connected to Jury St Station. The laboratory is in the northwest, Briggs is there but hostile. When he's dead, you can combine Wonderglue and Mole Rat Meat in the Wonder Meat Maker to make Mole Rat Wonder Meat.

   Strictly Profitable

After getting the Mesmetron in the Strictly Business quest, you can enslave most any NPC in the wasteland. The Mesmetron has a low success rate, meaning it'll often anger NPCs or make their heads explode instead of mesmerizing them, but if they do: pop on the slave collar and tell 'em to head back for 250 caps a head, collected from Grouse. Since Grouse only gives you on collar at a time, you have to head back to Paradise Falls after every capture.
Additionally, NPCs can die on their trip, in which case you can get a free collar once with a speech check but will have to pay 100 caps per collar from then on out every time a slave dies. Chances of survival seem to be pretty random, I once sent out a Brotherhood soldier from DC and he died, while a Wastelander sent from the same area survived.

   Walter's Scrap Metal

Walter in Megaton will pay you 10 caps for every piece of scrap metal you bring, or positive karma if you refuse payment.

   Yearning for Learning: Scribe Pre-War Books

Scribe Yearling in Arlington Library will give you 100 caps for every undamage Pre-War Book you bring her, plus you will gain 10 XP for every book. There are 10 books in Arlington Library alone, and 111 Pre-War Books total spread over the world.

   Zip's Nuka Fix

You can trade one bottle of Nuka-Cola (not Quantum) with Zip in Little Lamplight every 24 hours. The quality of the items he gives in return depend on your barter skill (possible rewards listed, you don't get all for one Nuka-Cola):

  • <30: 10mm Bullet (1)
  • 31-50: 10mm Bullet (1), .556 Ammo Bullets (24), Mutfruit
  • <51-70: 10mm Bullet (1), .556 Ammo Bullets (24), Mutfruit, Mentats (1), Stimpak (1)
  • 71+: 10mm Bullet (1), .556 Ammo Bullets (24), Mutfruit, Mentats (1), Stimpak (1), Micro Fusion Cell (20)

   A list

And to turn it all around, here is a list of all collectible items you can trade/turn in/use for schematics. Some of these items are useful by themselves but most are useless. This is a good list to keep handy while playing, as you might run into these items anywhere and should consider storing them somewhere:

  • Abraxo Cleaner: Nuka-Grenade Schematic
  • Alien Blaster: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Alien Power Cell: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Blood Pack: tradable to Vance
  • Brotherhood of Steel Holo-Tag: tradable to Scribe James
  • Buffout: tradable for Cave Fungus to Lucy
  • Cherry Bomb: Bottlecap Mine Schematic
  • Conductor: Rock-It Launcher Schematic
  • Crutch: Railway Rifle Schematic
  • Deathclaw Hand: Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematic
  • Enclave Power Armor: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Enclave Power Armor Helmet: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Fire Ant Nectar: tradable to Doctor Lesko
  • Firehose Nozzle: Rock-It Launcher Schematic
  • Fission Battery: Railway Rifle Schematic
  • Lawnmower Blade: Shishkebab Schematic
  • Laser Pistol: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Laser Rifle: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Leaf Blower: Rock-It Launcher Schematic
  • Leather Belt: Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematic
  • Lunchbox: Bottlecap Mine Schematic
  • Medical Brace: Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematic
  • Motorcycle Gas Tank: Shishkebab Schematic
  • Motorcycle Handbrake: Shiskebab Schematic
  • Nuka-Cola: tradable to Zip
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: Nuka-Grenade Schematic, 30 needed in The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest, tradable to Sierra Petrovita
  • Paint Gun: Dart Gun Schematic
  • Pilot Light: Shishkebab Schematic
  • Plasma Pistol: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Plasma Rifle: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Power Armor: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Power Armor Helmet: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Pressure Cooker: Railway Rifle Schematic
  • Pre-War book: tradable to Scribe Yearling
  • Pulse Grande: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Raidscorpion Poison Gland: Dart Gun Schematic
  • Scrap Metal: tradable per one to Walter, per two to Protector Henry Casdin and per five to Winthrop
  • Sensor Module: Bottlecap Mine Schematic, tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Sheet Music Book: tradable once to Agatha after Agatha's Song quest
  • Steam Gauge Assembly: Railway Rifle Schematic
  • Strange Meat: tradable for Cave Fungus to Eclair
  • Sugar Bomb: tradable to Murphy
  • Surgical Tubing: Dart Gun Schematic
  • Tesla Armor: tradable to Protector Henry Casdin
  • Tin Can: Nuka-Grenade Schematic
  • Toy Car: Dart Gun Schematic
  • Turpentine: Nuka-Grenade Schematic
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Rock-It Launcher Schematic
  • Wonder Glue: Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematic, usable in Wonder Meat Maker