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   Fallout 3 Location Lists  

This page lists the locations of several items/people of interest in Fallout 3, such as:


A more detailed guide of followers can be found here.

Former Vault 101 dweller and bully Open Vault 101 in the Trouble on the Homefront quest. You will find Butch in the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City. Neutral
Brainwashed ghoul Charon's contract can be purchased of Ahzrukal in Underworld (Museum of History) for 2000 caps None
Brainwashed slave She can be bought of Eulogy Jones in Paradise Falls for 1000 caps (or 500 if you use speech) Low karma
Dog Dogmeat can be found wandering around in Scrapyard None
Mercenary Can be hired in Megaton Low karma
Star Paladin Cross
Brotherhood of Steel paladin Cross will offer her services when you speak with her. High karma
Intelligent super mutant Fawkes can be found in Vault 87 in the course of the main quest, free him and he will meet you at the gates of Raven Rock after you escape. High karma
Sergeant RL-3
Mr. Gutsy military model RL-3 can be bought of the robot merchant Mister Tinker who wanders around the RobCo factory. Neutral karma

Bobblehead - Stats

Sheriff Lucas Simms' home in Megaton, second floor bedroom
Museum of Dave in the Republic of Dave
On a table at the entrance of Deathclaw Sanctuary
Cloning lab in Vault 108
Dr. Li's Table in the Science Lab in Rivet City
Goo-covered office in Greener Pastures Disposal
Northern house of Arlington Cemetery North, in the basement below the stairs

Bobblehead - Skills

Evergreen Mills, in the back of Market Bazaar behind the Raider Trader that does not attack
Big Guns
In the basement of the CO Quarters at Fort Constantine
Energy Weapons
Raven Rock, sector 2B, on Colonel Autumn's table
Sealed cistern in WKML Broadcast Station
Bethesda Ruins, Bethesda Office East, top floor on a desk with an active lamp
Your dad's desk in Vault 101 (available both before you take the GOAT and at your escape)
Melee Weapons
Mall maintenance room in the Virulent Underchambers in Dunwich Building
Evan King's House in Arefu
Second floor, medical bay in Vault 106 living quarters
Small Guns
National Guard Depot, equipment storage (use power switch to open)
Yao Guai Tunnels, in the eastern portion of the Den
Paradise Falls, on a table in Eulogy's Pad
To the west of Casey Smith's garage, Rockopolis, next to Argyle's body


Fat Man
  • On a Brotherhood of Steel paladin (killed by Behemoth) in GNR plaza
  • In the Rivet City Market, Flak & Shrapnel's weapon store
  • Evergreen Mills foundry, locked storage room
  • Germantown basement
  • Ground floor armory of Germantown Police HQ
  • Fort Bannister main, locked storage room
  • Fort Constantine, bomb storage
  • Old Olney, sewers, southeastern safe storage room
  • On Talon Mercenary in the Capitol during or after fighting the Behemoth
  • White House, utility tunnel, on concrete island near skeleton
  • On a dead Wastelander in a random encounter
The experimental MIRV mini nuke launcher can be found in the National Guard Depot after getting all 5 Keller family transcripts (see below)
Mini Nuke
  • Random encounter: inventory of Lucky Harith
  • Random encounter: dead wastelander with Fat Man also has one mini nuke
  • Agatha's House: in Agatha's Locked Ammo Box
  • Auto Shop, exterior parking lot, on the body of the Behemoth
  • Bethesda Ruins: Bethesda Offices West, top floor, by chest freezer
  • Bethesda Ruins: Bethesda Offices East, between two filing cabinets in the room just inside the exit to the exterior balcony
  • Bethesda Ruins: Bethesda Underworks, storeroom
  • Broadcast Tower KT8: drainage chamber, under floor hatch
  • (3) Capitol Building: in the Talon-Behemoth fight, one Talon Merc and the Behemoth carry a mini nuke, there is a third in the weapon cache
  • Cliffside Cavern: inside the tent
  • DeathClaw Sanctuary: entrance chamber
  • Drainage Chamber: underground office
  • Enclave Camp: sometimes located on Enclave troops dropped on bridge by a vertibird
  • (5) Explosive Alley: part of explosive trap
  • Five Axles Rest Stop: inside one of the truck containers
  • Fort Bannister: there is a mini nuke near the Fat Man
  • (3) Fort Constantine, in the same chamber as the Fat Man
  • (2) Fort Independence: lower level, Outcast weapons room
  • Franklin Metro Utility: flooded end tunnel, underwater
  • (4) GNR Plaza: on the body of the fallen Brotherhood Knight
  • Hallowed Moors Cemetary: on the table
  • Hamilton's Hideaway: in Three Dog's cache as part of Caching in with Three Dog quest
  • Irradiated Metro: just outside Irradiated Metro on ranger once Reilly's Rangers quest is complete
  • Jackknifed Truck: back of container truck
  • Jackknifed Truck: inside tipped-over container of truck
  • Jury Street Metro Station: west of Jury Street Metro, the Behemoth carries one
  • Jury Street Metro Station: Gold Ribbon Grocers as part of Rube's Gold Ribbon quest
  • L.O.B. Enterprises: East Wing, on top of light fixture in CEO's bathroom
  • Megaton: possible reward in The Wasteland Survival Guide quest
  • Meresti Trainyard: lower mezzanine, northeast corner, on the elevated platform roof above work bench; dislodge with gunfire or explosives
  • La Moison Beauregard: lobby, pool table
  • The National Archives: sub-basement, tunnel junction
  • (5) National Guard Depot: in armory with MIRV
  • Oasis: in the Sunken Caverns
  • Old Olney: sewers, generator room
  • Outpost: on a shelf near a gun cabinet
  • (2) Overlooked raider shack, in the bathtub
  • Raider Wharf: base of bookcase
  • The Roach King: rocket throne
  • Ruined Chapel: by the pulpit
  • Ruined Farmhouse: shelf at the rear of the building
  • Ruined Farmstead: in barn inside the open tool cabinet
  • (2) SatCom Array NN-03d: on Super Mutant mannequin
  • Super-Duper Mart: inside locked storage room
  • Super Mutant Bonfire: on the concrete ground, near Health and Ammo stash
  • Tenpenny Tower: Dashwood's Safe
  • VAPL-58 Power Station: on top of the light near the door
  • VAPL-66 Power Station: on the floor to the side of the desk
  • VAPL-84 Power Station: in the container truck outside
  • Vault 106: science labs
  • Wasteland Gypsy Village: in the shack with the tree stump left of the door
  • Wastelander Pylon: at the base of the pylon
  • (3) White House: near the Fat Man
  • Wrecked Vehicles: Raider's Jetty north of the vehicles
Keller Family transcripts
  • 3rd power mast north of VAPL-58 Power Station, in a bookcase
  • Hallowed Moors Cemetery church, on the pedestal
  • Grisly Diner, on a desk at the back of the building
  • A shack at the top of a cliff west of Rockbreaker's Last Gas
  • A tent north of Anchorage Memorial, inhabited by a Super Mutant master, centaur and captive


GNR plaza, a Behemoth appears during the main quest
Evergreen Mills, an captured unarmed Behemoth is trapped behind an electrical fence and can be released by disabling the generator or alternatively sniped from behind the fence. Disable the generator from a distance to have the Behemoth attack the raiders.
Capitol, at the west entrance a Behemoth is figting Talon Company mercenaries
West of Jury Street Metro Station, look for a bunch of wrecked train cars, then look for a shopping cart with a teddy bear in it in one of the train cars. Take the teddy bear out and hide near by, a Behemoth should appear. Alternatively, trigger this Behemoth's appearance in the Searching for Cheryl quest
Takoma Industrial Factory, a Behemoth is to the north of this factory amidst some wrecked cars. Active the switch near the water tower to get some artillery help.