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World Map - Interactive World Map - Item/NPC locations

   Fallout 3 World Map  

This is the full world map of Fallout 3 with all locations. See below for a table describing each location.

Credit goes to Novemparodius for the map, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.


Abandoned Car Fort
1E Abandoned fortified area, contains a heap of ammunition crates
Agatha's Shack
31 Lone shack with lone inhabitant, tied to Agatha's Song quest
Alien Crash Site
S1 Not a POI, location of alien blaster
91 Small idyllic community of cannibals
AntAgonizer's Lair
28 Dungeon filled with giant ants, home of the AntAgonizer, tied to The Superhuman Gambit quest
2C Small besieged settlement, tied to Blood Ties quest
Bethesda Ruins
41 Ruins, infested by raiders
39 Settlement of Little Lamplight outcasts,under siege by super mutants and raiders, tied to Big Trouble in Bigtown quest
Broadcast Tower KB-5
11 Broadcast tower
Broadcast Tower LP-8
2A Broadcast Tower
Canterbury Commons
29 Small settlement, tied to The Superhuman Gambit quest
Charnel House
47 Ruins, infested with raiders
Chaste Acres Diary Farm
0E Diary farm, infested with raiders
Chryslus Building
44 Ruins, infested with super mutants
Cliffside Cavern
90 Dungeon, filled with raiders, leads to Yao Guai cave
Clifftop Shacks
08 Super mutant camp
Corvega Factory
3A Factory, infested with giant ants and a giant ant queen
Deathclaw Sanctuary
12 Dungeon, filled with deathclaws
Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel
13 Ruined church with lone sniper, contains hints about Oasis
Drowned Devil's Crossing
1C Raider camp
Dunwich Building
8C Ruins infested with a lot of ghouls
Everglow National Campground
36 Campground
Evergreen Mills
58 Building, raider area
Faded Pomp Estates
1F Ruins
Fairfax Ruins
83 Ruins
Farragut West Metro Station
4C Metro station
Five Axles Rest Stop
26 Ruined trucks with raiders
Fordham Flash Memorial Field
37 Memorial field, often with a few raiders around
Fort Bannister
42 Talon Company outpost
Fort Constantine
05 Abandoned outpost, contains T-51b Power Armor
Fort Independence
82 Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts HQ
F. Scott Keytrailer & Campground
8B Campground with deathclaw and deathclaw hand schematic
Germantown Police HQ
22 Building where super mutants keep their captives, tied to Big Trouble in Big Town quest
6B Small settlement, tied to The Nuka-Cola Challenge quest
6C Abandoned settlement, tied to Those! quest, infested with fireants
Greener Pastures Disposal Site
16 Disposal site, filled with toxic waste
Grisly Diner
17 Diner with some raiders
Hallowed Moors Cemetary
2F Ruins, with super mutants
Hamilton's Hideaway
2E Dungeon with a few raiders and creatures, tied to Galaxy News Radio quest (possible reward)
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
3D Dumping grounds, irradiated
Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop
7F Shack
Jury Street Metro Station
48 Metro station
Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast
3F Ruins, infested with raiders
Little Lamplight
3C Settlement of little children, needed to get into Vault 87
Mason Dixon Salvage
14 Shacks, infested with super mutants
MDPL Mass Relay Station
27 Relay station with a few raiders
MDPL-05 Power Station
03 Power station with some loot
MDPL-13 Power Station
1D Power station infested with feral ghouls
MDPL-16 Power Station
0F Power station
MDPL-21 Power Station
07 Power station with some loot
59 Major settlement, tied to main quest and Power of the Atom quest, location of Jericho
Meresti Trainyard
30 Trainyard, tied to Blood Ties quest
23 Town held by lone sniper, filled with mines, tied to The Wasteland Survival Guide quest.
Montgomery County Reservoir
9C Water reservoire, infested with raiders
Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema
38 Outdoor cinema
Mount Mabel Campground
19 Campground
Northwest Seneca Station
2D Metro station
Nuka-Cola Plant
9B Building with a few mirelurks, protectrons and the only location of nukalurks
02 Oasis of trees hidden amongst rocks, location of Harold, tied to Oasis quest
Old Olney
0A Abandoned town, infested with deathclaw
The Overlook Drive-In
9A Drive-In
Paradise Falls
21 Slaver settlement, tied to Strictly Business and Rescue from Paradise quests, location of Clover
Raven Rock
01 Enclave HQ, can not be entered except through main quest
Reclining Groves Resort Homes
15 Ruins
Red Racer Factory
92 Building patrolled by super mutants and feral ghouls under control of a mad scientist, The Surgeon
Relay Tower KX-B8-11
18 Relay tower, will send out Signal Oscar Zulu when activated
The Republic of Dave
0B Small settlement, self-declared republic led by Dave, tied to You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest
RobCo Facility
8F Facility infested with molerats and radroaches, tied to The Wasteland Survival Guide quest
Robot Repair Center
34 Dungeon filled with robots, lair of the Mechanist, tied to The Superhuman Gambit quest
Rockbreaker's Last Gas
2B Ruins
Rock Creek Caverns
45 Dungeon, filled with mirelurks
S2 Not a POI, bobblehead location
Roosevelt Academy
20 Ruins, home to super mutants
SatCom Array NN-03d
06 SatCom array, held by raiders
SatCom Array NW-05a
04 SatCom array, held by Talon Company mercs
SatCom Array NW-07c
10 SatCom array
32 Junkyard, location of Dogmeat
Sewer Waystation
5A Waystation
25 Dungeon with a small colony of friendly ants, under attack from bigger, unfriendly ants
The Silver Lining Drive-In
1B Drive-In
Smith Casey's Garage
57 Building, access point to Vault 112
4A Ruins
Springvale School
43 Building, held by raiders, with a giant ant nest in the basement
Super-Duper Mart
4B Building, infested with raiders, tied to The Wasteland Guide quest
Temple of the Union
24 Fortified holding of escaped slavers, tied to Head of State quest
Tenpenny Tower
8E Luxurious settlement, tied to Tenpenny Tower quest
VAPL-56 Power Station
3E Power station
VAPL-66 Power Station
80 Power station
VAPL-84 Power Station
81 Power station with some loot
Vault 87
35 Vault tied to main quest, unreachable directly due to radiation, contains G.E.C.K. and Fawkes
Vault 92
09 Vault, infested with bloatflies and mirelurks
Vault 101
49 Traveller point of origin, location of Butch
Vault 106
40 Vault, filled with hostile dwellers and psychotropic drugs in the air
Vault 108
3B Vault, filled with hostile Gary clones
Warrington Station
99 Metro station, metro tunnels filled with feral ghouls, leads to small ghoul settlement tied to Tenpenny Tower quest
Warrington Trainyard
8D Trainyard
Wheaton Armory
33 Fort occupied by raiders, with an impressive weapon stash behind a very hard locked door
Wilhelm's Warf
5B Small warf with a single inhabitant
WKML Broadcast Station
1A Broadcast station, will send out Signal Kilo Bravo when activated
Yaoi Guai Tunnels
46 Dungeon, filled with Yaoi Guai


Alexandria Arms
95 Building with some ghoul traders and loot
Anacostia Crossing
97 Metro crossing
Anchorage Memorial
5E Memorial statue, with dungeon underneath with mostly mirelurks, tied to The Wasteland Survival Guide quest
Arlington Library
9D Forward point of operation of the Brotherhood of Steel, tied to The Wasteland Survival Guide quest
Arlington Cemetary South
6E Metro station
Arlington Cemetary North
5C Metro station
The Capitol Building
79 Capitol Building ruins, infested with super mutants
Chevy Chase East
4F Metro station
Chevy Chase West
4D Metro station
The Citadel
87 Brotherhood of Steel HQ, tied to main quest and closed until a certain point in the main storyline, location of power armor training and Star Paladin Cross
Dukov's Place
61 Home of Dukov, tied to You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head quest
Dupont East
62 Metro station
Dupont Northeast
62 Metro station
Dupont Station
60 Metro station
Dupont West
5F Metro station
L'Enfant Plaza
89 Metro station
L'Enfant South
96 Metro station
Falls Church East
82 Ruins
Falls Church North
83 Metro station
Falls Church Metro
84 Metro station, site of a super mutant-Brotherhood of Steel battle
Flooded Metro
9C Metro station, connects to Hubris Comics, filled with feral ghouls
Flooded Metro
5D Metro station, filled with feral ghouls
Friendship Heights
4E Metro station
Georgetown East
64 Metro station
Georgetown North
63 Metro station
Georgetown South
70 Metro station
Georgetown West
60 Metro station
GNR Building Plaza
50 Galaxy News Radio building protected by Brotherhood of Steel, tied to main quest and Galaxy News Radio quest
Hubris Comics
93 Building reachable through Flooded Metro, filled with feral ghouls
Irradiated Metro
88 Metro station
Jefferson Memorial
9E The Jefferson Memorial, site of Project Purity and a point visited multiple times during the main quest
Lincoln Memorial
72 The Lincoln Memorial, occupied by slavers, tied to Head of State quest
The Mall Northeast
76 Metro station
Mall Northwest
73 Metro station
Mall Southwest
75 Metro station
Mama Dolce's
6F Food processing plant, formerly serving as the base of operations of Chinese Remnant forces, infested with Chinese Remnant ghouls
Marigold Station
6D Metro station, tied to Those! quest
Mason District South
94 Metro station
Metro Central
6A Metro station
Museum of History
72 Entry point to the ghoul city Underworld, upper levels infested with feral ghouls, tied to You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head and Head of State quests, location of Charon
Museum of Technology
7A Museum infested with super mutants, tied to Galaxy News Radio quest
The National Archives
78 Archives, infested with feral ghouls
National Guard Depot
54 Building guarded by robots and turrets, contains experimental MIRV Fatman
Our Lady of Hope Hospital
67 Hospital full of medical supplies and super mutants, tied to Reilly's Rangers quest
Penn. Ave East
7C Metro station
Penn. Ave North
69 Metro station
Penn. Ave Northwest
77 Metro station
Penn. Ave South
7B Metro station
Ranger's Compound
7E HQ of Reilly's Rangers, tied to Reilly's Rangers quest
Rivet City
98 Major settlement, tied to main quest and The Replicated Man quest
Seward Sq. Southeast
8A Metro station
Seward Sq. North Metro
7D Metro station
Seward Sq. Northwest
7D Metro station
The Statesman Hotel
66 Building infested with super mutants, tied to Reilly's Rangers quest
Takoma Park
55 Metro station
Takoma Industrial
56 Ruins, infested with super mutants
Tepid Sewers
61 Sewer filled with molerats and raiders
Vault-Tec Headquarters
52 Building, guarded by robots
Vernon Square East
53 Metro station
Vernon Square North
51 Metro station
Vernon Square Station
65 Metro station
The Washington Monument
74 Ruined Washington Monument, held by the Brotherhood of Steel, tied to Galaxy News Radio quest
White House
68 A crater, with a handful of Glowing Ones